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Elin album: imgur.com/a/PdM3t

>Elin lewd SFM

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>the most efficient way to get BiS gear is to play FWC all day
>tera is now a 15v15 moba

good thing I like pvp, and have a brawler

And they leave the poem and portrait in your inventory! How thoughtful!

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>And they leave the poem and portrait in your inventory! How thoughtful!
I'm starting to get tired of this bullshit desu. It seems like every story line has someone important dying.

Time for a newfag question, what are glyph? The one you get from those boxes I mean.

press 'K'. All those locked glyphs? gotta unlock glyphs.

Glyphs you can get from boxes are either glyphs you can't unlock by leveling OR glyphs that you have with minor/major improvements. Like less point cost to use, increased dmg, more resource generation, etc.

Guys, newbie here.

Where can I farm godsmarrow and dream binding?





No, you first.


post elin butts!


Do you think I have not tried?


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From what I heard I'm now into limbo, though at the moment it's because I'm retarded and only found out about the free tier 5 armor right now and the extra skills I guess. So do I go through the recommended dungeon for tier 7 gear or is there some other things I need first?

Join Dump! Endgame is more fun with people.

Do the quest chain in highwatch for basically a free set of schisma. Then do Kalivan's Dreadnaught Normal Mode (KDNM) for dreadnaught gear. When you're done with that, let me give you a hug.

weapon armor and some extra stuffs

By quest chain you mean the raider challenge?

>die in fwc and are so disgusted in yourself that you down a glass of alcohol
this is going to be a bad night

>get your item level to 401 or better
>move with a group only
>cc and aoe their zerg group
>rack up assists
>collect your KS credits

You don't even need to win to match the starfall mats per hour played of doing dungeons.

Tera is now a MOBA

except that 3s are faster and far more fun.

It's more like my entire team got wiped and then 200000 people descended onto my body. Not even kaia's shield can save me

>I'm lost in all the new tokens and other shit I get

i'm glad my malfion meme caught on

>I will never be in a guild again.

not even once

Why am I awake

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I don't see you complaining

I'm looking for an MMO where I can just mindlessly grind on mobs for hours, is Tera like that?


Yes, mob grinding is an efficient way to level DPS.

>3 char slots
>make 3 dps
>max level all by mob grinds
>buy a character slot with in game gold
>max another character by grinding mobs

Our based ace managed to get to level 60 by just grinding

Cool, thanks.

Fix it for me user, it's 4am,sleepy time for me

Are those pastebins up to date? Is MT (the PvE server) still well populated?
Is the RP server PvP or PvE?
And is RP of the not sexual kind popular?

MT is PvP, it's the most populated.

Not really. MT is the PvP server and seems to be well populated but I have no idea from a firsthand experience. The RP server (CH) is PvE, the non-sexual RP is not VERY popular but you can find it if you look.

>FWC game bugs out and half the people can't get in
>instead of being a fun game and the other team being cool they hunt us down and fail to kill us for 11 minutes when we only have people on our team

great fun community here guys honest

Only have four*
I had fun just running around and hiding in the water with archers and gunners desperately trying to kill me so I guess it was alright. They should have been nicer considering we could have just disbanded last minute as a "fuck you"

>+15 slayer
>Takes fucking years to kill my schisma priest
>Practically brags after
Amaterasu really are gear carried, aren't they?

>queue for FWC
>before I can even finish buffing everyone, the leader immediately asks if somebody else wants to be leader instead
>nobody says anything
>this has happened 4 times in a row
>I suggest just heading to mids, staying in a group, and then going south at 3 minutes or so
>leader continues saying nothing as the match starts
>opposing team has a bunch of +15 brawlers and just people in general who know what they're doing
>only targeting me and the other priest
>rest of the team keeps running off without a word to god knows where while we get butchered
>later, when our score is miles behind the red team's, the leader (who hasn't given a single command since the match began) starts bitching about how we're losing because the priests haven't been using shakans enough
>I call him retarded; the other priest says she can't buff when nobody's protecting her from the 15 red members targeting her, and the other guy tells the leader to give us a place to actually regroup at
>this guy goes on, keeps insisting that if we just use kaia's shield, we'll be safe from knockups and multiple hits from the opposing team

This shit's fun when you're lucky and you get some nice people who aren't afraid to work together, but it's an irritating nightmare 80 percent of the time. Then you get these same toxic morons wondering why PvP is dead.

The match making should actually make some effort in balancing the teams with +15's, so that there's always the same amount of +15's per team.
Whichever team has the most +15 wins, last game, we knew the game was over after like 20 seconds, barely even made it to mid before everyone was wiped. DPS ran in, and melted, they were gone as quick as they attacked.

MT is PvPvE, CH is PvE/RP

you can find ERP on both but it's more common on CH, and far more openly discussed and accepted.

Healing in FWC is painful. The true gamechanging strategy is to just farm pyres the moment your team does shittily so at least you get some points. Honestly I have no idea why I'm doing FWC on a healer, being a DPS gets you kills which gets you more points and you get to complain every match about HEALERS?!?!!?!?! when you dive into a group of 60000 people

Oh, are we complaining about fwc now?
>queue and get in about 10 minutes later
>a good chunk of our team is in fodder gear
>our leader sarcastically thanks the low ilvl players for joining
>an archer says "ur welcome"
>leader basically calls the match a loss before the gates have even opened
>we head to mid with most of the team expecting to lose since the fucking leader just threw in the towel from the start
>of course we get our asses kicked because of a gear imbalance
>instead of suggesting that we focus on the bams/pyres and just keep moving in large groups rather than focus on beating these people at pvp, the leader instead calls the people on her own team stupid for queuing with an item level below 401
>with only a minute in the match, she declares it a loss and decides to not even give any orders
>I suggest that giving up on your team before the fight's even started is a pretty shitty thing for a leader to do
>she keeps bitching anyway
>in the end about six of us form a group and just roam around picking off stragglers and capturing zones
>we're able to recover about 2200 points this way, but by then it's too late since our fearless leader decided that we couldn't win and basically killed the whole team's morale from the start
>half the team just afk in the water because they figured it was a loss since the leader said it was

I've seen so many neurotic people in the pvp community. I want to just get in and get out before I turn into them.

There is almost no non-sexual roleplaying in CH at this point. You can go to the tavern in velika and occasionally see some, but most of the RPers have quit.

ERP on the other hand, is still here.

Oh well, does the RP server have a half PvE going? I likely won't have time to play in a guild that is serious about raiding.
If so I guess I can join the RP server and if I can't find people for RP I just do PvE.

If you want PvE just go to MT. Higher population and more players that can actually clear content.

There is PvE on the RP server and it does get cleared when people get groups together, however the PvP server does have more PvE just due to more players and, as with PvP servers on other MMOs, tends to be more competitive/competent players.

Drops from last boss in Balder's Temple, but it's useless. Takes forever to get enough to craft Dreamkeeper equipment, and the free gear you get for starting the airship quest is better.

Elins are cute!



I just reinstalled this game after some years, are the EU servers really dead as fuck? I couldn't find a single player even in Velika.

if you gonna play
play in na
or dont

they have static times to do somethig, around aternoon and evening servertime in eu

which server?

Shit this game is so fucking erotic, the more items I get the less clothing my character has, also the female castanic run animation is arousing in a weird way.

You'll get used to it eventually~

I'd need a third hand to deal with the effect of making scantily clad women bleed from my oversized weapon.

NA is below average in population, KR is average, JP is in the danger zone (dropped 3 servers last year to 2 server in total, might have 1 by now, not sure, temp-lock) and EU is a bizarre joyride of up and down at 140mph

Please tell me I didn't waste my time getting full starfall and it's going to be useless next patch for pvp.

So you don't want honesty?

You better spam FWC as much as you can, before the new gear comes.

Well, that's a shame. I'm not too sure about whether I'd get playable latency on NA.


You didn't waste your time getting full starfall AND it's going to be useless next patch for pvp.

The new gear is crafted with bg credits?

According do Diversity BiS PvP gear next patch is going to be vm7 weapon, starfall chest, and new pvp chest/boots. Its an odd combination. The new pvp chest and boots will be easy to obtain. You already have a starfall chest. All you need to REALLY work for is a vm7 weapon and getting it to +15.

Bleh i meant new pvp GLOVES/boots. My bad.

>tfw no bunny pet irl

Shit I can't believe that but alright. I guess I will be giving my shit away later today or tomorrow before I quit.

Try to make it an interesting give away!

is the +12 PvP set even gonna be able to compete against +15?


>mfw when i don't have a bunny tail butt plug for playing tera

feels bad

get a regular plug and pretend! i'm wearing a collar even though i'm an owner


You babbs dont have ninja yet?

What a complete mess...


What exactly is healers supposed to use? Stuck with dreadnaught?
Switch to shitter gear just before you kill last boss, so you get vanguard quest completion?

You use dn and then before finishing boss you switch to your sch so better start farming it