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>Wiggins makes a thread edition


first for mcgarnagle is fat

If you make a cover and disk art, I can print some physical copies of this for ya (or whoever made that picture. Fresh?).

it wasnt fresh
but im working on it son

>making a thread 30 posts earlier

Let the frogs settle down into the earth



>Bank improvements
HOLD THE FUCKING PHONE, how did this happen, because it certainly wasn't Moderator "If you improve the game, you die" Pikols.
Does this mean.... Latent actually codes?


Buying gold ore 150 gp ea

wtf why is ore so fast????? mods fix the exploiter

bobster owns the bank


take off your mask and measure again, faggot

>that favorable camera tilt

spotted the manlets

>Witchwood Icon not in slayer stores
Does this mean no Black Mask?

It is.


its a system update episode

why is my bank so skinny now?

literally unplayable, plz fix.

The bank update is shit.

We got one extra bank tab, but yeah I want the old bank back if this is going to stay skinny.

REAL banks have CURVES.

baka desu senpai

Literally how do you exit the Mos Le'Harmless gate? Also fix this.

>He doesn't know

Mods, please bring back the old bank. The soon(tm) search feature is honestly not worth it when exchanged with the new interface.

>10 columns reduced to 8, making the bank cramped
>bottom menu (modes and withdraw as) cut off some pixels off the last row of items
>the cut off looks like shit when scrolling
>black dividing line near the item tabs looks objectively awful
>on the first page, the tab dividers are way too close to the items

List more items if you want; these are the only things I can recall for now. The "infinite" tab is a good feature, but couldn't that be implemented in the previous bank? The additional bank space as well.

What baffles me is the fact that they still haven't expanded the friends list but increased bank space twice.

Don't pretend like you have more friends.

I have about half the list full of actual friends but the rest are all ded or trading partners whom I can't be assed to remove. It shouldn't be hard to increase the list amount.

>It shouldn't be hard to increase the list amount.
t. someone who doesn't code

>thin bank

Hi latent. Could you listen to player feedback for once?

I don't like the bank either, user. It fucked up my autism tabs.

But it's not going to change so you can stop wasting your time complaining.

It's my fault for expecting more than shitposting from you desu

who /normie shit but wanna play vscape/ here

Trying to fix what was not broken was the downfall of realscape beginning around 10 years ago.

Mark my words, """""Mod""""" Latent will be the death of us if his bullshit continues.

derek why did you cut your hair


>the frethmaker
>thmoke thtaff when

lets keep the thread bumped yeah

I'll bump you desu

go to work chuckus


it's a saturday


delete this IMMEDIATELY

Dear Mr. Anonymous:

We represent Hubcap in connection with the above-referenced matter. Anonymous is hereby warned and notified to CEASE AND DESIST making false and defamatory statements regarding Hubcap and its ongoing matters with Anonymous.

It has come to our attention that false statements were made by Anonymous.

The statements made by Anonymous regarding Hubcap are false, defamatory, constitute tortious interference with business, and as such, are actionable under Sharia law.
If our client is forced to commence a lawsuit against Anonymous in order to stop continued false and defamatory statements, be advised that we will seek recovery of all attorneys’ fees and costs incurred herein as a result. While we certainly hope this is not necessary, we are prepared to pursue whatever avenues are necessary on behalf of our client to stop the continued false and defamatory statements made against Hubcap by Anonymous.


hey uhh, i promise i won't do bad things anymore. also... how long is my ban? i kind of want to do the new quests

come back next month

t-thanks for the heads up

why'd you get banned?

i complained to the mods about people griefing my heroes as i was thiefing about it. latent showed up and told me to eat shit. i reported on the mantis bug tracker that latent was being a little bitch and that latent should go kill himself.

needless to say, latent got butthurt and decided to ban me. obviously there's nothing wrong with griefing in this server cause most people on vscape are literal autists. it was my fault for playing this game / expected common decency

tl;dr curry30pukes got btfo for being a little bitch

Worst mod desu

You can bitch all you want. Just don't do it on the mantis. It's for bugs, not for you to blogpost and complain about me. You cleverly left out the fact this wasn't the first time you did it and I warned you after the first one and let you off the hook.

But it looks like you found the correct place to file your shiposts now. It looks like the ban actually worked for more than giving me a laugh.


Didn't bans get doled out to people closing doors on Thebigdong during his smithing grind? How are heroes different?

Damn it Chuckus go the fuck to work you lazy derro

I don't know. I wouldn't ban anyone for that and I'm not interested in babysitting/working you through your internet feuds. I'll simply follow the same philosophy I have for real life; if you're getting bullied, you probably did something to deserve it.

Oi nah fuckin relax aye

Alright lads, was thinking about playing vscape. How's the population on the server?

Fair enough

Lions are getting shat on kek

everyone's an autistic cunt


Say what you want about Latent, but he has done the server a great courtesy not only by banning this cancerous shitposting faggot, but by coding us up some spicy quests and fixing a lot of niche problems.

Going to play this game (the server, specifically) for the first time
Anyone have a 99 Magic guide? I want to try going for a mage with 1 attack and strength.

whats your ign?

I know right

>inviting vibes

but I'm still at the newbie island

i'll pm you in game in like 5 mins

1. buy a million mind runes
2. wear full iron and d'hide vambs
3. wear an air staff
4. set it to autocast wind strike
5. turn on auto retaliate
6. attack a rat

where is carse

Anyone want any of this
its free

Some of you are alright, don't go across the Keldagrim river tomorrow.


i do
ign -gent

if you wanted the runes they are gone

>if you're getting bullied, you probably did something to deserve it.
While that may or may not work for a runescape autism server, that's a pretty horrific policy to have in real life. Bullying irl is like 99% due to the bully's issues - not the victim's.

liberal detected

Nothing I said has anything to do with left or right, but you couldn't be more wrong.



So you're a fascist then?

opposite of a liberal =/= fascist

says the fascist

Latent is aactually my favorite mod :^)

He's the worst mod but my fav player.



>involving ded mods
look how old i am guys haha this was a 2dub post

What is the going price of Pure Ess?

400-500 each

Some people also trade nature or law runes for pess.

is there enough of a market to make mining it worth it or is demand mostly filled on an individual level?