How are my bitcoin holders doing?

how are my bitcoin holders doing?

not bad, but could be better.. BTC is failing to break past $680.. converted half of my BTC to ETH.. 14% surge in the past few days alone

coinbase now allows transfers to etherum

I m scared to transfer it . I just dont believe it in the long term

30% user

why not? yeah might be good for short term gains, since i actively trade coins. I could dump ETH if i get some good profits in the short term

Ive just been bored with bitcoin not making any headway. Not to mention, nothing happened after the halvening, but i think its just meeting heavy resistance at $700 while ETH still has some room to grow in the short term

Im not going to do it. Im going long on bitcoin. Maybe 5-10 years

nothing wrong with that

bought my BTC when it was $500, would make $140 easily if i sold now.. but i do intend to longhold them too.. Actively Trade 20% of my coins, make a buck here and there, and buy dips (if they ever happen again)

That's a mistake.


Getting scared t b h

There's nothing much stopping an altcoin with an unrestricted block size taking over as the payment network.

it just needs a few of the big payment and wallet providers to say fuck it and agree to adopt one

Serious question guys, is Ethereum usable as a currency? Or would it be more likely to be Dash or Monero or what? Litecoin?

Yeah, I wanna hear fellow BTC holders opinions, since they probably won't be pumping one of these.

What coin will you move to, if Bitcoin becomes no longer usable as a day to day currency?

(note: I'm not saying anyone will move permanently to another coin - BTC still may have use as the digital gold, and I certainly won't sell all my coins... But I believe an open payment system is a great part of cryptocurrency's potential)

YFW ETH surpasses bitcoin

To this day I'm still supper butthurt about btc, literally could have been rich by now.

The 21m btc is a good thing,it makes it a deflationary currency.

I'm keeping a close eye on ethereum but in the long term I don't think it's going to surpass Bitcoin,as for other altcoins litecoin is the oldest and most stable crypto.

I know this fucking feel.

MFW mined a few hundred back in early 2010 and ended up throwing the HDD away weeks later.

Buy ethereum

who just throws away a fucking HD? Surely you'd store it away at worst. Lies.

>The 21m btc is a good thing,it makes it a deflationary currency.

Litecoin, Monero, Dash afaik are the same.

Not that dude, but I done the same when they were at about 6 pence each.

I was following them, and I reckon they went from about 4 pence, up to 10 pence, then back down, so I bought £10 worth of them.

Could never remember the password for my bitcoin wallet on my old PC.

Fuck it.

Would kill myself.

I would imagine the person I bought them from at the time would feel even worse now.

They sold them to me for 6 pence each when they were panic selling.


You still have the wallet.dat? How many coins? Any idea the password length?

Passwords can sometimes be brute forced... There are recovery services. Make damn sure it's a trustworthy one...

Or send it to me and I'll happily sign some contract for a 25% cut or something :^)

...and you're not just one of those deluded idiots who thought they might have mined some Bitcoins but really they were playing with Linden dollars on second life...