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Rance 01 OVA Episode 4 - 24th June 2016

Rance X - Announced

Just Released

Beat Blades Haruka (ENG)
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Recent Releases

29th Jan 2016 - Tsumamigui 3 (JAP)

29th Jan 2016 - Rance 01 OVA Ep 3 (JAP)

Released Last Two Years (See FAQ for downloads and info)

October 2015 - Blade Briders OVA (JAP)
August 2015 - Rance 03 (JAP)
June 2015 - Rance 01 OVA Episode 2 (JAP/ENG)
April 2015 - Evenicle (JAP)
January 2015 - Mamatoto (ENG)
December 2014 - Rance 01 OVA Episode 1 (JAP/ENG)
October 2014 - Blade Briders (JAP)
September 2014 - Kichikuou Rance (ENG)
April 2014 - Rance IX (JAP)

On permanent hiatus unless localised by Mangagamer. Late 2016 at the earliest for the next Alicesoft game after Haruka.

Rance 5D - 100% translated,100% edited. Never to be released

Rance VI - 88.4% translated.

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Quest is 63%, by the way

Might as well be 0%

Also Evenicle one year anniversary this thread

What? It has been 1 year since its release? It felt like it wasn't long ago cause of the playthrough of the user learning japanese.

Wait really? Fuck that year by quickly

200 threads ago, Kichikuou translation was being released.

Yeah. I remember because it was ANZAC Day weekend in Australia.

Rance IX two year anniversary which feels even weirder

So who else absolutely loves that song?

That was a fun playthrough, I really hope there's a sequel.

I'm slacking super hard on playing 03.

Don't worry, you're not the only one slacking. And currently it's exam times for many so it's fine.

So many best girls in one game. Evenicle 2 when?

Sometime after X

Just finished mine a few days ago, actually. I've never felt so tired in my life - my sleeping schedule is so horribly mangled now.

I really hope I can just find the energy to sit down and play it soon, now that I have time again.


I love it

Really liked most of the overworld themes as well

Not that it matters

5D is 0%, VI is 0%, and Quest is 0% in the grand scheme of things.

Fuck, I'm awful at Japanese and could produce a workable translation for VI or Quest (neither of which I've played) before any of them get released - that's how much time we have on our hands.

Rance is more likely to have impregnated Gele than that 5D translation getting released

Well my sleep schedule is fucked up so I'm going to sleep for a few hours

I haven't slept for 2 days and it feels great! You're not alone brother.

You and me both. Going to sleep at 4:30 AM is normal, right?


Do it user.

Sen x Rance x Arms literally when?

Not soon enough.

X, hopefully. We can only pray for it.

probably never


I am glad Japan liked Arms

Japan can have good taste sometimes.

So, what's the deal with Yarashidou in BBA? I've tried baiting him with cute schoolgirls, but nothing's come of it. Is there event any hint that I need that partimer girl?


>awful at japanese
>workable translation

To be fair he's given himself before Rance 5D, VI and Quest are released in English.

He's probably got near a decade to get good

The next demon posted in this thread dies




That's exactly my point.

I've said it before, but I'm poking at 01 and Daiakuji a bit. Waiting until I finish the Rance series as a minimum before I actually fully commit to something, and even then I should probably practice far more.

I just replayed Rance 2 and Shizuka got wet pretty quickly.

How cool it would be if she actually kills him?

I'm off to sleep. Don't die on me

I would be pretty unhappy if it wasn't Rance

What is your preferred party in Quest?

More like meme bears, amirite? Amirite, guys?


Mem bers
Meme bears
I did, like, a thing.




You died

What is going to happen there?

Arms fucks adventurers for money

I'm off for six or so hours

This is canon in my eyes.

Orion is getting carried away.

>Tourin is 19 years old

I had the impression he was a bit older than that

Tourin is 42

Does she actually, though?

Woops, I mean Hojo Souun

Good thighs though.

How text heavy is 5D? Because honestly I'm left wondering why one of us here doesn't just do it.

It's a short game, but that's not the problem.
The problem is that it's RNG: The Game, and most people don't like that.

It's not that text heavy, its why Arunaru had such a fast progress. If you see in the OP, its actually almost if not done

And then that Haruka thing came around


No idea, but it doesn't seem like it's very long. Anyone have it installed to grab the script size?


>The problem is that it's RNG: The Game
Can someone tell me a bit about that? I've heard it mentioned here many times, but nobody has ever explained it to me.

Play it for 2 minutes and you'll completely understand.

Battle wise:
For ever character you six slots with one skil in each and a number from 1-6. In a battle you can see that every enemy also have six slots numbered 1-6.

Every turn a 6 side dice is rolled, All characters, friend and enemies, use the skill that is on the slot that. For example, if the result is 3 on the dice, then all your units and enemies one use the skill on the 3rd slot.

Outside battle you play a roulette and the result of it will decide if you do an story event, find a treasure, fight a monster and so on. The game has time limit and every time you use the roulette and do some other actions a bit of the time is used. If times runs out before you do all events, you lose. But as I said, doing events depends on the roulette.

There are also some minor things that are random in the game.

Now that aside, There are some items you can use and choices you can make that let you control the situation a bit. If you also understand how the system works it's not hard to avoid losing because of luck. But if you get very unlucky, then it can still be your doom.

All in all, it doesn't even feel like a game system as there isn't much you can control. It's a system that for most people isn't fun and a hassle for those who only want to experience the story of that game.

I wonder, how long does a good speedrun take?

>Play it for 2 minutes and you'll completely understand.
Well... it looks like this is the only gameplay of it I can find online, and fuck me, I understand immediately.

Probably not that long

Yeah it's RNG dependent but the Game gives you plenty of options to push the RNG in your favor

It's low-priority, but if you get all her events (including one in District Chapter) and the one where Rouga treats her, Yarashidou should appear.

Also, the SU has to still stand.

Oh, that's not too bad.

Maybe a quick TL of 5D in a few months would be the perfect first project.

user don't get my hopes up for nothing.

I mean, I really do want to TL some games - I'm just disappointed I didn't learn Japanese sooner because they won't be great translations, and that makes me a bit hesitant.

Err, didn't start learning Japanese sooner*

I can hardly claim I've learned it when I'm still so bad at it.

This being thread 500, we should probably look back on things.

Let's rank the AS games we've played, sadly I'm English only, so I can't do much. All I've got so far is:

Out of what I've played so far, it would be:

Sengoku >= BBA > Evenicle > 03 > 01 > 4 > 2 > 1 > Haruka

Haven't played enough of Daiakuji to give it a fair rating.

For me it's:
Great: IX, VI, 03, Evenicle, Daiteikoku, Blade Briders
Very Good: RQM, 01
Good: SR, III
OK: KR, 02, IV, 5D
Weak: 4.X, I

Excellent: IX, 03,
Great: SR, Daibanchou, KR
Good: VI, 01, RQM, Galzoo, Daiteikoku
OK: 02, 5D, IV, III
Shit: I, II, 4.1, 4.2


Let us remember every fap we've had thanks to AS games.

You've played I and III but not II?

Not him, but considering 02 came out considerably earlier than 01 and 03, it's not hard to believe he played I, 02 and III.

I played 02 right away, with vanilla text. The new art at least makes it ok. Also used an walkthrough from the get-go as I knew froim others the system was pretty bad.

What the hell?

What? That's the normal state of kalar.


Haven't played very many, but
SR >= III > (the digests I guess?) >> IV
Loved SR, so I went to the digests, which were perfectly adequate I guess. Then I played III which was great and only worse than SR in that I haven't replayed III thrice. I started IV, but it was such a disappointment after III. Ended up reading a Let's Play of it instead, and of 4.1 and 4.2. They didn't seem all that great, gamewise, either. I was so bored by IV that I haven't moved onto Kichikuou yet even though I hear it contains the qtest qt of them all (and hopefully an H scene better than the one in IV which was really kind of meh).

How much change was made from the original in 03? I see people here rating it pretty highly in general, and it's possible I might know Japanese well enough to struggle through it with a dictionary, especially if the plot goes pretty similarly.

Why is Rance so shounen here?

All of the remakes are shit.

03 changed quite a bit, most of which I view as positive, but the basic storyline is pretty close to the same. While original III can be played through in an evening, 03 took me a week. I'd recommend it.

>the qtest qt of them all (and hopefully an H scene better than the one in IV which was really kind of meh)
Who? Guessing from that, I guess you are refering to Julia?
Eitherway, I really recommend Kichikuou and, if you can play 03, go for it. It vastly improves on III in pretty much everything.

Will keep in mind
Will do
and yes.
>she's in 03, says the wiki

It's worse in every way except gameplay.

>every fap we've had
They always turn out to be many hours longer than my normal fap, and end with me giving in, getting out some of my typical fap material and finishing to that, since I can never really cum by the time the H scene is over.


My biggest gripe with the remakes is the total lack of portraits and good sprites.

I want to see Rance's funny facial expressions, goddamnit. I hate the silhouette.

after godzilla and robots, of course the next boss is gonna be a titty monster.
sometimes I forgot that I was playing an H-game.
with that said, OPPAA~I.