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He Is Burning Edition

>Latest news
- DMM changes (death more forgiving, teleport instantly out of combat and unskulled)
- Gem reward bag added to MLM shop
- Catch implings barehanded and possible chance to receive clue scrolls from them
- Bank placeholder update
- Wearing ice gloves will automatically cool bars in the Blast Furnace
- Actual OSRS related OPs for threads

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>I haven't played in months, what did I miss?


>Prices & money making

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nth for Hook is cute.

hi :)

nth for wiki girl


man this impling update has made me realize how few impling spawns there are around the world

now there is no chance they'll add more since they buffed them


I literally don't even play this game anymore. I only watch Ice Poseidon's streams

cyberfatty needs to leave

stop talking shit to my rsbf or I will destroy you with my 1337 bridding skillz


don't impersonate me kid, you're permed. reply with your ign

nth for Hooking is cutest

reminder that Barrows KC matters

my ign is "sprite" pm me in game and I will fight you

Wait so the things you kill for KC make a difference?
What about the 14 KC meme

have you tried reading the picture

>14 KC meme

there's your answer

you answered your own question

If you weren't too retarded to read, you'd see that at 14 KC you have the maximum effective killcount.

fuck off idiots

What about the chance of getting elites?

1/200 chance per brother killed, 1/33 when all brothers are killed.

>not fishing out your clue scrolls


>wanting less than 1 elite an hour

what is wrong with her arm

>taking 2 minutes per barrows run

she's a lesbian


>no link for the last thread


for what

So I can see what I missed

haha lol

it was a shit thread with a horrible OP

you didn't miss anything

Friendly reminder to ALWAYS know what items you'll loose on death, and what items will protect over your valuables!

you're so fucked in the head I'm not surprised you would rag
shame on you, what would your shitty waifu have to say????

why has the meaning of rag suddenly changed in the last couple months?

There has always been two meanings to the word rag
1. pking with very low risk (using moonclan for example vs just bringing xerican or mystic)
2. Attacking people just to piss them off

>"heh not even ragging bro xd"
fuck do you even think ur doing pking in the wildi idiot shouldn't ur fucked in the head self be bug abusing more bosses for pets

>very low risk

I see 200k risk at the minimum

Numbers are arbitrary, just use decent gear like you're not a joke.
Ragging is a slippery slope to 1 item nsing

Youre only helping his point

Hey I got an occult so you can shush!


Friendly reminder that pking is a violation of the non-aggression principle and is immoral.

More people would do that if there weren't 20+ man clans scouting every world at all times.


stop exaggerating idiot, the teleport out is literally right there

To be fair, mystic is only 150k extra risk which isn't a whole lot. If I was using a serp helm/tent then I'd actually be risking something worth while.

Not to defend myself for using trash mage "gear" tho, I just like how moonclan looks :x

>he thinks I'm exaggerating

rot shill fuck off

>mystic is only 150k extra risk which isn't a whole lot
Mystic is what makes pking worthwhile.

Its singles retard
I like how you look in moonclan ;)

you're welcome osg

what does singles change idiot?

how does that make me a rot shill? fucking idiot throwing around reddit tier memes
the lever is right fucking there, if you see a team or anyone in max login, just run idiot because obviously you'll get fucked in that raggy ass gear

literally fucked in the head, go back to pvm idiot

Sound of Ceres - Nostalgia for Infinity

another blue winds tier poster fucking hell

I;m not fluffy you fucking retard lmao!

Clearly ever never deep pked solo though so stick to agility you fucking spaz.

thats the average osbuddy poster tbqh

>Clearly ever never deep pked solo

>literally fucked in the head, go back to pvm idiot
That wasn't me :c

I guess, but I could still be using a lot worth gear with a lot less risk. Like I said though I just like how moonclan looks, I'm not a serious pker by any means and I didn't even know that

just proved me right


using osb isn't an excuse for shit thread etiquette imo

>Clearly ever never

define "deep"

just as fucked as fluffy it would seem. come 27 lever and we'll see who's all anonymous talk

me in your dad last night

literally can't think of a reply.
get fukt

it kind of does

meet u there faggot

just stop posting and come idiot I'm waiting

>Clearly ever never deep pked solo
What did he mean by this?

i'm here

What are you guys doing?



im very excited for this drop coming up soon

loser won't come LOL

gonna go eat some dinner

What are some good woodcutting xp quests?

>Trying to be eligible for Lost City

took too long spastic I didnt see anyone and Im at 44s now, doubt you ever showed. post pic if ur still there and Ill come back, if not stop being edgy and stop fucking posting




nice no items learn to crop fucking idiot
g0 back 2 reddit with your rot meme bullshit

l0l scared of a level 82 zerk? baka you noob

do you think blue winds is embarrassed to be blue winds?

desu he got dealt a pretty shit hand imo

more like blue balls lmao

He got turned down by venus doom and syua, not much point in living at that point

i don't know why he stays around, pretty sure everyones just laughing at him at this point

q cc loves him

no we don't
we laugh at him just as much as you do


literally cringe omg

Both times I was drunk as fuck so w/e

When was the last time a girl wanted to fuck you

>talking about sex and drugs in a oldschool runescape clan chat

you're cringe most of the time, don't blame it on the alcohol


>Dark Souls OST - Moonlight Butterfly/Dark Sun Gwyndolin

>the literal homosexual who chimed in bluey