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ACNL Basics Guide - thonky.com/animal-crossing-new-leaf/
AC Wiki - animalcrossing.wikia.com/wiki/Animal_Crossing_Wiki
The "pthhhpth" pastebin (FAQ) - pastebin.com/jU4CeWhu
Brand New Catch - animalcrossing.us/animal-crossing-new-leaf-brand-new-catch-april/

>Furniture & Collectibles
Item database - moridb.com/
Item image gallery - animalcrossingnl.mooo.com
Museum Checklist - mediafire.com/download/0p18zy41jkxsy8a/ACNL_Fossil_&_Art_Checklist_RC2.xlsx

>Customization Guide
Image/Pattern Converter - thulinma.com/acnl/
All Furniture Customizations - customnewleaf.tumblr.com/
Image2QR code - mediafire.com/download/d0g3vj88g0gk1pf/Version 0.4.zip
Pro Designs Android App - play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.nefastudio.android.dmoridesigner
Image2QR recognition *shit* - acqrfactory.com/
QR Paths - pathmagic.tumblr.com acnlpaths.tumblr.com/ acpath.tumblr.com

>Happy Home Designer
All villagers & items - happyhomedesigner.wikia.com
FAQ - pastebin.com/f8pnU0wr
Amiibo Cards - nintendo.co.jp/3ds/edhj/amiibocard/index.html

>How to play ACNL online with /acg/
People need to add each other's FCs in order to visit faraway towns.
Put your name and FC in the name field to save time.

>Villager Birthdays
22nd Phoebe
23rd Booker and Miranda
24th Walt
25th Bertha
26th Kevin
27th Katt

>Upcoming Events
Earth Day (April 22nd)
Weeding Day (April 30th)

Town tune list - newleaftunes.tumblr.com/tunes
Camper Reset guide - i.imgur.com/meQutqI.png
Dream Town List - pastebin.com/W4FQW6ZW
What is the void? - pastebin.com/9KPbdnSY
ACNL OST - pastebin.com/bPyY03LK
Upload to Imgur via 3DS browser - webrender.net/imgur/

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First for shitposting


Shit we livin now



Adopt someone





>drawing on your pet




Why not, user?

You still play HHD from time to time, right /acg/?

You also still collect the amiibo cards too, right?

I dont have HHD but I am really close to collecting the cards.


First Monster Hunter, then this. These Isabelle crossovers are getting out of hand.

I don't know what you mean.

Please keep the thread alive overnight, guys


This is the most image ass thread we've had in a while.

Why is she so perfect, lads?

The last thread ended with the topic of images, so I guess it just carried over.

She isn't, pic related IS perfection

I think I've had too much internet today.

Not possible.

Morning /acg/!!!

What event is that?

Anyone on who deeply desires a shit ton of fossils? They're unassessed and taking up so much space.

I need fossils for my new town. I would love to get some more

Daily reminder: Ricky is moving out on the 26th and is looking for a new home.

FC is 4356-1102-5271
Want them dropped off or to be picked up?

I was going to dig out some Japanese stuff and let you catalog it, but I'm on the island atm. Not all of it is orderable, and I forget what is among it.

FC: 2981-6106-2117
dropped off would be fine with me!

That'd be neat, thanks a lot~
Just let me know when you're ready.

Do you want me to make a list of DLC items I already own?

That would help. I can't remember if I let you catalog the diver's hood. I'd have to order the sushi platter again unless you have that already.

Thanks for taking the pile of bones!

No, thank you!

I don't think this stuff is dlc, might be regional. I need to get some sleep.

O-oh. I just finished a list of all DLC items I don't have yet. Havn't checked for regional-only items yet.

What time is it at your place?

Also this list might have some errors. There are lots of websites about DLCs and all have different information.

Past 2 am. Off the top of my head there is the Hagoita, dango, bamboo grass, and hot plate.

You should really go to bed then, senpai.

Falco, it's saturday, come get your new neighbour Keaton.

I'm also looking for cheap and nice 2x1 tables, does anybody have some in their cataogues?

Also, Katie and Katrina are here.

That's very cute, I like it! A small suggestion, I wouldn't make the lines so thick.

neat here i come, adding open your gates friendo

I forgot, my FC is 1006-0571-1586.

i'm on my way i had to update

The open is gatened.

Ava needs to collect signatures for her Ban Bubble Gum on Benches petition.
Anyone willing to let me take 6 signatures from their villagers?

You can come here, I'm BK

Oh I already have you in my list. Tell me when the gate is open.

It already is.

thanks again friendo, i'm so glad i'll finally hang with keaton again, total bro

You're welcome dude.

How do you people still play this game daily?

This game was released 3 1/2 years ago and has little change day to day once you talk to someone 3 times and collect everything

Because I started playing a few months ago.

it's comfy.

I had a stupid light blue mailbox that I had to change. First time seeing it I thought it's not that bad. Now it looks out of place with my current house look.
That's why I had to check your Tom Nook and change it with anything that is darker colored. My town didn't had any mailboxes to fit with my home today. So thanks!

Rearranging my verges is tough, I already destroyed 5 axes.

No problem dude, I still haven't started to customize the outside of my house, but I should someday.

Aww, the acoustic birthday song is so cute.

So, how is everyone's catalog going? I'm at 1642 items now according to my online catalog.

I'm too far along to start keeping track now...

That's no excuse. I just spent about 2 hours making my online catalog.

I also don't want to have to go through the arduous process of translating everything.



This would have been nice to have a while back. I've made my own poor-man's solution with an access database.

There also is an app some other user mentioned a few threads back. I think it's this:

Not using it myself though

yea it's annoying what language?

i'm using it, it's pretty good

Sahara gave a rare wallpaper - Meadow Vista and rare carpet - Sahara's desert. You can't buy them through the Nook's Kiosk so if anyone wants them to catalog/use you're welcome to pop over and take them.

Spare Fossils
Diplo Neck
Raptor Torso
Mammoth Skull
Dinosaur Egg

If anyone with the frogs are on, I'll take em. I miss my frogs.

Her appearance matches her personally really well. It pleases me.

I take it slow and discover new things along the way.

Do you want anything in return for the wallpaper and the carpet?

Not really, but if you have any Pine/Cedar saplings or Azalea/Sweet Olive shoots I'd appreciate it

I really should pick up HHD, but ACNL keeps bringing me back in.

I have all of Series 1 and I'm almost halfway through series 2.

Alright. I have a couple of Azaleas you can have~

Your town or mine?

I'll bring them over once you open up. I still have hydrangea shoots to rid of if you would like one or two of those

I'll still take Margie tomorrow. Just double-checked to see if my town still has a vacancy.

Do I have to convince her to move in before she goes to sleep tomorrow night, or do villagers in boxes never sleep?

If you happen to have any blue ones I've love to take them.
The shop had a couple of pink ones the past few days, so I'm good for a while.

I miss Whitney so much. I always have a spot open just for when she comes back. ;_;

same here with pic related. i'd give anything to get her back ;_;

Your list has a few errors, those are unorderable:

Blue Argyle Tank
Fedora Chair
Afternoon Tea Set
Kimbap Plate
Tteok Plate

>couldn't play for a few days
>come back and Cherry leaves
>same happened with Phoebe and Charlise

My luck with uchis is so bad. I hope Fuchsia doesn't leave me too.

Could I maybe take the Mammoth Skull and Dinosaur Egg? I have an Autumn Wall you can have for them.

she's pretty cool too. i really like the phoenix vibe she has

Ignore my last post It was an Autumn Floor I have, not wall, sorry for the typo.

Sure thing, I'll add you and I'll bring them over once you open your gate

Ok, gate is now open.

Now coming, I had to put some pasta on to boil

You want Henry? I've still got him going in the next couple days

Samson, my little friend will be in boxes the 28 if someone wants him.

Cook for me? I burnt my taquitos.

OH GOD HE'S SO CUTE. Yes I'd love to claim him.

Shore, I'll let you know when he's in boxes.
He asked to move a couple days back so it should be soon.

339/1271 furniture
46/124 walls
42/118 carpets
Long way to go for me. Too lazy to make a checklist of clothes and accessories.

By the way Nitrox: Do you have those 3 japanese DLC items? Forgot to ask earlier.

I kinda do. I forgot to empty my mailbox so they didn't arrive this morning, but they should arrive in 1.5 hours. Sorry.

Whoa jesus, I did some weird TT shenanigans and he instantly left, would you like me to come over and try to scoop him from my void?
To my knowledge, he's the only guy in there.

Nice try T-Bone

Where I can see how many furniture, things in general I have?

don't worry! I'm not in a rush.
Since I can order them, I just need to catalog them. This way you can keep them for others that need it.

After you check what you have according to your in game catalog, and save your selection at the bottom of the page, it's gonna tell you how many items you have of the category you selected.

Not sure if there's other checklists better than this.

They don't go to sleep. They stay up until just before midnight to pack and then leave at midnight.

my island is selling the toy hammer. if anyone wants it you're welcome