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New Empress Edition
>Can I make enough ISK to PLEX during the trial?
If you have to ask, you can't do it.

>I just started, what should I do?
Do the Opportunities then find the Career Agents & run all of their missions; they give you ISK, ships, skillbooks and teach you basics. Talk to players and try to find a corp. The game is only as boring as you are.

>Is it too late to start playing EVE?

Read the /eog/ pastebin: pastebin.com/t9Af7NJY
Focus Group Logs: focusgrouplogs.tech.ccp.is/

>Apr 27: Citadels Expansion & cap rebalance
>Apr 23: Fanfest - info about "Not Legion" game replacing killed Dust.

>Apr 19: GSF camped into Saranen
>Apr 10: Drone Walkers flipped all Razor's space, then DRF (at GSF's request) attacked; DW now flipping DRF systems as well

>Apr 12: GSF begins absorbing Imperiusm corps; FCON and SMA bail and SMA moves to Outer Ring
>Apr 07: More CFC CSAAs have been destroyed than caps destroyed in B-R
>Mar 28: CFC is dying. CO2 reset. IWI funding the MBC to burn down goons
>Apr 07: White Legion. recruits UNITAS. (ex SMA)
>Mar 25: CSM IX voting closed (and Apoth withdrew)
>Mar 18: Guristas Hunt event (Shekel Madness: 3D)
>Mar 09: Project Discovery launched + massive mod tiercides that broke a lot of fits. Elo Knight creates White Legion.
>Feb 18: Last CSM X Summit: community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/the-second-csm-x-summit-meeting-minutes-included
>Feb 20: Carrier gameplay slides from Eve NT imgur.com/a/wppLG
>Feb 12: FAX will use the racial carrier skill and carrier w/triage fit will convert to FAX
>Feb 09: SP trading live.
>Nov 26: Fozzie confirms OGB removal in ~1 minute
>Oct 25: community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/reworking-capital-ships-and-thus-it-begins/
>Foozie makes a bunch of stupid pointless changes (don't ever remove this from the OP, because it is always true)

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youtube.com/results?search_query=eveiseasy kestrel

Fact: Catiz>Jamyl

wtf are you even talking about


Catgirls are used as weapons of war. Boarding parties may assigned a squad of combat trained catgirls intended for deployment in situations where more valuable lives might otherwise be endangered. Analogous to a modern k-9 unit.


Catgirls are trained as butlers and servants for the elite and wealthy. There are whispers of sexual misuse, especially among the religious authority and heads of state.


Ownership of catgirls is illegal and commmonly considered to be the same as the Amarrian subjugation of the Minmatar race. What few catgirls exist in Minmatar society, typically escapees from Caldari and Gallente space, work for minimum wage performing manual labor and service jobs.


Catgirls are privately owned all across Gallente systems and particularly those neighboring Serpentis territory. They exist as sex slaves, outlets for a voracious Gallentean sexual apetite left unfulfilled by the tendency of Gallente drone and AI culture to make human to human interaction (and thus, coitus) unlikely.

Hi everyone. I'm sorry I'm getting to this thread so late, and I'm sure this won't be seen.

For one, the outreach and support from this community has had me in awe all day, and it's exactly why I stick with this game. Many of you don't know me, but support me, and I want you to know that means the world to me.

I want to address a few things here. I for one, despite this trolling, don't hate the goons. I don't think a minority represents a whole, which is something you learn as a streamer. I think there are some truly toxic people in this community and they try their hardest to make my life hard. I refuse to let them make me quit.

Many people compare me to mintchip, and while I'm not sure of her story, here is one thing I want to make clear. I will not be bullied away from my community and my career. I love streaming, and a few assholes won't take that away from me.

Some people have linked the stream where this happened and said I wasn't that upset. I wasnt. I lost my great grandfather, but as I clarify later in the stream, I've already grieved years ago. I lost him to dementia several years ago and haven't seen him because he no longer had a recollection of who I was and was very inappropriate towards me. I didnt want to remember him that way, so I chose not to. I love my great grandpa with all my heart and have find memories of us, but as I said, I've grieved and lost him several years ago. That's why I wasn't more upset. If anything, I was upset at the pain this caused my grandfather and my father.

Lastly. I want you guys to remember that Eve is a supportive community. Don't bash the people who did this. Let's not go on a hate brigade and complete this cycle. I think we're better than that. It's my theory that the people who want to hurt me are probably hurting much worse and have no healthy outlets. If this is what they need to do to feel better, then I truly hope they can find the help and happiness they need.

That's all.

As promised.

>the cuck tale between that yolo swagpussy, rahne and rocketx?
>all the cucks defending a mediocre trash womyn who got leverytrolledxD:-DDd

>there would be no catgirls in eve
>because cats didnt survive the eve gate closing

stop it you fag

crasskitty is doing an amazing job of feigning hurt feelings to lure more desperate retards to her camwhoring stream.

her viewercount will go up by 300+ as sex starved reddit teenagers flood in to lend their cheeto dusted shoulders to the poor vulnerable girl who's been preyed on by the evul bad guys

and hey guys, this isn't a goons vs everyone issue. i despise goons and have been shitting on them in video games for over a decade. this is just you playing into a professional attention whore's cellulite covered meat mittens.


M8 pls, this is about goons spilling their /b/-tier humor where it doesn't belong. Fuck them both tho.

Well there are canon dwarves and elves, you just gotta keep hoping it'll never happen though

ok goon.

>I'm sure this won't be seen.

>*writes four paragraphs of sympathy droll*

how to spot a low-skill manipulator

>tfw there is still one day of fanfest left
>there are people drunking hard
>tfw people will start fighting over shit
>tfw metagame xD

so wait was really that YoloSwagtron guy?

>love of my life
>search for rahne
>this pops up
ugh m8 I can put on a wig and be better than her

if you can read this: 1st rule first, women in games who appear to put a lot of voice into "hai I am gurl xd" most likely play with the sole purpose of getting more rails than Guristas rats in null anoms

you dodged a bullet, now go out and live your life OK?
Fly with me and the /dog/ m8s if you want to, don't leave EVE, we can be your "partners" too :P

>this is how it is done, reddit
but seriously cheer up boi

personally i think people should insult dead players more

everyone bought into the dumb lie that you have to be super respectful or some shit


Nah it makes some sense. They're dead and can't advocate for themselves. That said, it's usually taken to far

>muh vile rat

would you watch a catgirl stream /eog/?

A legitimate catgirl, like some genetic freak of nature with cat ears? Who wouldn't?

but would you whiteknight and protect her user?
Think carefully

inb4 mods let me post waifus

Honk honk! :^)

>would you whiteknight and protect her?

I'd like to say no, but probably yes.

Oldfag here looking to return to the game after a super long hiatus. Are Rifters still good for pvp? I heard they had been needed so badly that they are completely outshined by pretty much every other frig.

Also I'm a frig guy, what are some of your recommended ships and fittings?

They haven't been nerfed, but everything else is a lot better now. MWDs in nullsec, ABs in low. Tristan, slicer, Comet, Tormentor (low), Kestrel (null). Assault frigs are pretty bad.

I'm not sure what got nerfed about rifters but yeah they're no longer the go-to newbie frig. Dramiels are also nerfed a lot. Plex is 1bil.

The current go-to newbie frigate is kiting tristan I guess, and the go-to Dramiel replacemenr (ie. 'elite' frigate pvp) is garmur which is a retarded scram kiting mary sue missileboat with lightspeed missiles championed by ccp_sexual_anarchy_therapist to kill solo play so that the game can turn into a pseudo facebook.

Also there are jita whores now.

Kestrel? Really? When did that become a thing and how?

That Garmur shit sounds horrible. Also not really a fan of gallente boats...but maybe I'll check the Tristan out

It was popularized by one dude autistically flying nothing else for months
>youtube.com/results?search_query=eveiseasy kestrel

Garmurs die to rapid light caracals, though.

saw this for the first time yesterday couldn't help but laugh. ccp would give them a mobile depot skin that makes it look like a pleasure hub

Took goons all of 1h to dox him, ayyyy

I know nostalgia and all, but does exodus really deserve Elder God Tier? Really?

Goons are such hypocrites lmao


Ayy lmao, eve is not p2w they said.

Not much effort needed to dox if you use the same email as your social media.

it looks like they aren't so disorganized as they made out to be

Much good that did him. For the isk it cost to do that someone else funded the war on goons.
It's the thought that counts ))


Why the fuck is this STILL not fixed? Along with the speedmeter breaking and not fixing itself until session change, sometimes not even that?

Pleasure hub in citadels should be a thing. Make it give some kinda rested sp or some shit, i dunno. I mean fuck it, at this point you can buy sp and daily missions are coming so may as well.

>SP in Evasive Maneuvers

You didn't give me ur money caleb, give me ur isk cunt.


>"[Not] a movie – EVE is the size of Game of Thrones, and you couldn't make a movie about Game of Thrones, it's just way too big. EVE Online is at that scale, so I think a TV series is something that makes sense."

>You wouldn't make a movie about LOTR

yet they did, and they're the most awarded movies of all time

unless they'd actually argue middle earth is smaller (in terms of narrative definition) than westeros or new eden

It objectively is.

>it's totally not a throwback at the World of Warcraft movie guise

besides what stories are you gonna tell? EVE lore is great but how you gonna present it to uninterested people CCP-trailers style?

just make it an action movie about a squad of pseudo-american freebaser grunts fighting for corporate caldari jews and eventually turning on them

add some explosions and there's your movie, 100mil opening weekend

Each of the movies had like 4 hours or so nigga. Nobody gonna watch some unknown adaptation of an unknown game.


Anyone know where I can find the list of shop items for the Project Discovery credits? Google is giving me nothing.

SoE LP store.


there you go, dock into one and check LP store

Alright, saw the Citadel trailer like 20 times and now I really want to resub. Tell me, should I?

Why isn't there and option to hide the UI but leave the artificial horizon on when in 1st person mode?

What are you expecting to do?

Everything I did before and more. I was really active in Spectre Fleet, but now I want to find either a faction warfare corp or maybe a null group and join up with them.

>Closest one that doesn't take me through Goon space is 25 jumps away

Well then, guess I don't get to check it out after all then

You moron, there are SoE stations in hisec.



What shithole do you live in?


Do you not have a jump clone in hisec?

>doesn't have hisec alt

No, because I'm (still) a noob and didn't think of it before I abandoned hi-sec.

Scan down a highsec hole or find a connection. I'm sure a corpmate can help you.



Just grab a shuttle and fly to hisec.

I don't get it.

Just liquidated all of my assets, so I can easily move into whatever I want.
How have null ratting and wormholes changed? I'm looking to basically just watch anime and make money for a bit, then look into small gang or maybe joining the war

Hisec incursions are the new cashcow.



New since they were introduced.

If by "new" you mean "years ago" then yes, new.

>Release Date: November 30, 2010

Those were around when I last played, but I don't have near the SP to do them

Dude, I trained an alt from 0 to incursion ready in about 2.5 weeks. I bet you have the SP already.

if you can sit in a battle ship and have tech2 shield tank you can fly with WTM

You don't need SP to do them anymore. Rattlesneks are low sp low cost high dps.

rattlesnakes aren't really a incursion boat. sure you might get in wtm but they let all the meme ships in

I can fit T2 shields already, I was training to fly Tengus, but my only battleship skill is Caldari Battleship at 3. Weapons wise Im 3mil into Missiles, 1mil into Guns, and 1.8mil into drones

What are you talking about? Just assign the two sentries and watch anime. There's nothing easier for isk/hour.

One or two skill injectors is all you need.

sound like you don't do many incursions friend

Why do goons still care about vile rat?
Shit was ages ago

Sitting in a rental empire and afk farming rats is probably easier, no other players to cater to schedule wise

he created the blue donut, why wouldn't they love him?

So, who got to hit that ?

Recruitment channel in game and forums are what I'm looking through now, anywhere else I should be searching for a new corp in?

Uhhh, unironically ask eog what you want to do and they can give you a hint at what corp you should join

>war of sovless aggression

I just want to casually make some money while I get back into the feel of the game, was thinking making null ratting in a corp out there, then transition into fighting Goons after a bit.

>tfw u will never be a lesbian catgirl flying in eve online with ur gf shooting at pirates while living forever

Are you new to the game?
Do you have a trial invite?
Honestly go and join pandemic horde, they will give you a bit of shitty ratting space if you need isk, they will also give you free ships and skillbooks, they will also show you blob warfare and how the game works. I have sent like 5 recruits to them and they all seem to have enjoyed what they did, or Test if you can stomach reddit

>tfw you'll never be able to walk in stations
>you'll never ever be able to flaunt your genetically perfect Serpentis-engineered catgirl butt to passing capsuleers windowshopping a jita whore for their evening leisure

Not really, I'm rejoining on a character I've played the game with a couple times before, but never really got too involved. Last attempt I got into a low wormhole corp with some /v/ dudes and that turned out to be a huge clusterfuck. Mostly Caldari/Missile/Drone trained though, with a decent Galente background. Sitting on a total of about 17m SP now

I mean pandemic horde might be good for you still, what corp did you play with, tengoo, oruze or all-out? If you were just risk averse go and join pandemic horde, there will still be shit to do for you and prolly loads of fun honestly if you never really pvped

None of them, it wasn't a corp that was really advertised much here. Ill look into PH, seems like a decent fit. Thanks m8

feels bad man
I wish it was real