Marvel Future Fight General /mffg/ - HE Edition

>/mffg/ FAQ:

>What is this?
A mobile/tablet 3D beat-em-up where you collect and train Marvel heroes. Includes multiple game modes, levelling up and skills, and fairly frequent (monthly) updates.

>Is it free?
Yes, the game is free to play with microtransactions.

>Official trailers:

>2.0.0 trailer:

>Alliance Name: # of inactive days before being kicked: Weekly alliance xp required to stay
Mobile Muggas: 5: 5000xp
Veeky Forums co: 5: 5000xp
Symbiotic: 5: 5000xp

Apply and leave in game name in thread
>REMINDER to please do Alliance Battle everyday! Just do the best you can and it will add up.

>2.0.0 Patch Notes

>MORE Limited Sales 04/22~02/27

>Sneak Peak 4: League Distributions in 2.1.0

>Guess that Skill: Quiz Event

>Sneak Peak 3: The Others

>Prepare to meet HIM (Login Event)
>10 Proxima bios

Previous thread:

>Ability to reroll the quality and stats of Mythical/6* cards. Will cost another Mythical/6* card and will reroll all stats except the first two
>"A lot of effort" is being put into the 1 Year Anniversary. They are looking to "give back to the community". Anniversaries/milestones are apparently very important in Korea
>"Update isn't going to be rushed. There will be one this month, but it will come out in it's own time."
>There are "plans" regarding T1 characters. "They're not going to be useless"
>Not all future characters will be T2
>T2 characters are being "looked at"
>Web Resist issues will be fixed
>Proxima World Boss stage will be optimized further to improve performance
>Characters during Autoplay getting stuck on the environment will be fixed
>Gearing up between 5~15 will be changed. Upgrading gear from 6~10 will require only GUKs and Gold. Upgrading gear from 11~15 will require GUKs, Gold, and Debris
>ALL story/gear upgrade materials will be removed from the game. All mats will be sold at x10 their normal selling price automatically
>Notable increase to story mission biometric drop rate
>Thanos, Supergiant and Ebony Maw added
>DD se2 uniforms for Punisher and Elektra (not confirmed for 2.1.0)
>Alliance Battle entry will only be consumed AFTER completion
>Inventory Cap increase from 500 to 700
>TL will be separated into 5 leagues
>"Improved" TL matchmaking
>Issues in TL with passive skills will be fixed
>*You MUST log in between the update going live and the weekly TL reset to be placed into the appropriate new TL league for the next week, otherwise you will be automatically placed in the lowest league (Bronze)

>HOT TIME ends 24th
>BW ends 24th
>'Guess that skill' quiz ends 26th
>Proxima check-in ends 26th
>Sales ends 27th
>Gold 1+2 ends 27th
>1+1 crystals ends 29th
>Update HAS to be before weekly reset

>Update isn't going to be rushed. There will be one this month, but it will come out in it's own time.
>Yeah the update isn't that small, it has a decent amount of stuff in it. There will be a few more small teases then the big patch will come.
>There are a few reasons why this one is a little later than usual, and I'm guessing most people could probably work out why that is.

MFF promo art for an event in a Taiwanese shopping centre

Dead on arrival, huh?

Well it is 3AM for everyone in the civilized world.

gotta keep grinding

If BW doesn't have luscious locks on her in-game model and portrait, we riot

I'd be surprised if she got a new uni considering it's not really any different from her default. Same with UniVision in the back.

>not really any different


They could give her skill reworks with those electric batons

For reference

Her hair on both default and AoU is basically her Avengers style

Watch them be lazy and not update it

But the thing is, the costume is exactly the same as Avengers 1. The only way they could justify it is to perhaps add the electric batons or give her skill reworks. Otherwise it'd be the exact same as her default but with longer beautiful locks





Hey dudes, I just got this game. What is the optimal strategy for now? Which heroes should I train (or level up to 3 stars using the free rewards).
Is there a tierlist of heroes?

from the thumbnail I though he was like a biker here for some reason

Silk, Loki, Grimm, Yellowjacket, Hulkbuster, Blingpin are all top memes if you wanna be OP

Elektra, Lash are trash

Save crystals
Go for the memes if you want, see Feel free to ask the general if you're unsure on anything. There's a FAQ in the OP

watch black maw be better than thanos

How viable are recovery iso sets without the old ~100% recovery gear?

Gonna need at least 40% from obelisks m8
20% is worthless

feel free to ask anything m8

is felicia the finest one of all


getting ready to perform for you

hats update when

I still have 2 recovery rate special gears with 96%...
who should I use it?
I was planning on using one on carnage, but who do I use the other?

Where do you get these gears? Is it just random?

they are from before 2.0
the golden age of special gears ;_;

tfw too autistic to get into a /mffg/ guild

any open spots?

One spot in Symbiotic. Just apply in game and post your name here.


Bullseye 6* when?

Are you the guy that wrote the bullseye story?

5 days until the update. What are the chances that the new T/L ranking system completely ruins T/L even more than it already is?

Yeap. What's up?

This game will probably die before he ever gets his 6*

What story?

M-maybe he'll get his 6* this month to go along with Elektra's? R-Right?

It makes sense



It's a shame the awakened White ISO I got was Physical attack. I wanted to give it to Star-Lord

I really hope the new league thing in TL makes it more fun. It's just the same teams over and over again. Memes everywhere and only the occasional team without a single meme character but all,of them have at least one

Just compete for the lowest league :^)

Opening a Destroyer rift at the start of hot time, or in about 1 hour 15 minutes.


is it time

it is

Guys hang in there, update is in a couple of days ;_;

>the antimatter generator has overheated

Wait what.

Netmarbuu~ doesn't like you.

Tangentially related, but has anyone here seen The Rogue Cut of DoFP? How different is it from the actual movie?

More Rogue

Nah I didn't get it, look like a bit of a cash grab. Apparently Rogue was a bigger part of the story originally, she's in the theatrical cut for like 2 seconds


>tfw need 3 more bios to 6* Gwen but the daily isn't giving me one

desire sensors, bro

>Whedon being a cuck and cutting her hair

Based Russos will save us



>YJ doesn't have a 6 stars skill

I'm upset.


honestly true

I haven't the slightest clue which set to give to Ant-Man. Spy-Tactics? Prince of Lie? I'm clueless. Maybe a shield one

SCD sets aren't really worth it now due to cards
Honestly, after 2.0.0, I'm thinking healing sets are the best, especially for WB

Ant-man doesn't have enough health to make use of a shield set and SCD sets are useless on most characters now that cards give you enough to get full rotations.

You could try for Prince of Lies, but it's pretty hard to get. I'd go for Hawk's Eye.

I don't have good cards though

He doesn't really need one. As is, he's an ex-meme. If he's given a good 6*, he could jump back up to meme status.

Get them

YJ isn't a meme anymore?

Who should I farm?


Black Cat ... farm with your wallet

What exactly makes him non-meme anymore?

He's not Loki or Silk

Hopefully there's a token event for the 1 Year Anniversary with a 6* rank-up ticket


I bet she's really thinking about that ad revenue


>stopped buying Stark Stash about 2 months ago because shitty updates
>haven't cared about special sales since, just do daily stuff
>currently at 5000 crystals

I could've been at 10000 crystals, damn. Not that I regret it

Haven't renewed my STASH for 2 months too but only have 1100 crystals right now
Let's see what unis 2.1 will bring in the coming days

what's the best iso-8 for Ultron, YJ, Nico and Daisy?
Is there any guide online that I can use for this?

I think there's a few guidelines but I dunno if anyone's made a straight "use this"

Attack sets
Or healing

I checked the one on pastebin but it doesn't seem to be updated, so I don't trust it.

For every one of them?
s-so, Stark's Backing on Nico is good r-right(it's my current set on her)?


3 more days until the update.


>tfw actually getting hype despite knowing I shouldn't
It's a hard feel.

Scarlet Witch when?



Most likely never.

But why

How silly of an idea would be to save up 4000 crystals and then buy the 5* hero pack, just to get lodsa biometrics? Currently on 1000 after a week or so, so maybe i can get to it in a month or something.

What 5* hero pack?

I misspoke, i was talking about the 10x Hero packs, which has a guaranteed chance of having a 5* hero in it; but after checking, i'll be better off with the 5x hero pack, since it's constantly on sale.

Probably because of the X-embargo. If they were going to add Scarlet Witch, then it would have happened already. Alternatively, it'd be part of the Civil War update and the fact that the leaked MFF Civil War ad doesn't have her on it seems to point to that not being the case.

But hey, I could be wrong. I'd certainly love to have her in the game, and we're in desperate need of more blast characters.