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Remembering Jorund edition

Hearts of Stone and patch 1.12 is released!
HoS developer stream: twitch
Trailer here: youtube.com/watch?v=ffdxS9R6NTE
Patchnotes: wpc.4d7d.edgecastcdn.net/004D7D/mkt/document/Changelog-1.12-ENG.pdf

>Latest patch, free DLCs, The Witcher books(first 5 are official, the remaining fan translations are of varying quality) and short stories

>slightly newer pastebin, containing Witcher gear locations and TW1+2 info
>Console Commands
>ded Gwent Browser Game
>Where do I find Gwent cards?
>Witcher lore series for newfriends
>Redirect to the current thread

Cyberpunk 2077
>First trailer
>Creator about Cyberpunk 2077's world

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>General dying again
Trissfagas, look at what you've done.

did it die by no-activity? Or was it Veeky Forums servers?
I woke up, turned on the browser and the link said Veeky Forums servers were cucked. Then checked the archived threads and it was there. So had to create a new one which will probably be shitposted again quite soon



bamp for father & daughter love

No, dumbass, that's Toussaint

That's just a doppler who looks like Ciri! ;_;

there is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing love by intimately kissing and cuddling your daughter.



Triss is kind and gentle and perfect!





Those damn Trissfags, killing out thread, we should just organize and kill them all, fellow Yen fan. It's what Mr. Sapkowski would have wnated.


Yencucks are literally the same that Trisfags

Daily :3

Cute but ugly


Just ugly then

I'm inclined to think, that you don't really believe that.

I just met her and I think she is incredibly cute.
Although is a bit creepy, she is like a college girl and you are almost 100 years old...

she's ugly

Better don't read the books in that case.

You're never going to stop, aren't you?

>Better don't read the books in that case.
Welp, I'm starting the second one...
She is not! Is adorable.

>Welp, I'm starting the second one...
Sword of Destiny?

Hearts of stone is giving me a ''Witcher books'' feeling. Is weird, but you know, the ambient, stories, etc makes me remember Nivellen and the other short stories

It definitely felt like short stories.


Man, that bit was railroaded as hell. It was very jarring considering the rest of the game.


Yen > Triss



Ciri looks like 60% butt on this picture.

Thanks guys, I needed that validation.



>Yennefer will never tease you after the trial of taxidermy

Support my initiative to get back the old design of the Swallow potion please.


Triss has a gorgeous smile!

That was cute!

Triss is adorable when she's tipsy!


i always feel the urge to lick the exquisite honey i find on those party tables from her neck
is it legal in the public?

Yes, go ahead.

finally i can do something meaningful today.
okay then


Stupid Vlodomir...
Making me think that beardless Geralt is sexy too...

I'm going to force Yennefer to bite my toenails!

everytime somebody rolls dubs witch hunters get closer to her. 3 strikes then gets staked.





kill rape fuck marry

My Geralt likes protecting Triss from the witch hunters!

>she's my whore
Just what every girl wants to hear! :3

Yup, Geralt is a romantic fellow.

God, that one on the right.
I want some of her.
And she looks like she wants the D.


i want to keep her warm and make her feel loved every night for the rest of my life.

That's very nice of you, but I don't think Geralt would like you warming his wife.

Yen and Triss fans out.

This is a Phillipa thread





>kiss me



Triss is amazing!

Triss is an angel!

My Geralt doesn't sexualise the daughteru


Thought it might be fun to try my hand and 100% the Witcher 2 achievements.

However, the Madman one keeps me at bay. Some sources say you can beat Dark Mode, but some only Insane.

Please tell me you don't have to beat Insane. The idea of having to replay like hours and hours of content if die if you die just seems mind mindbogglingly frustrating to me. And I've played quite a few Hardcore characters in games like Diablo.

>shes strutting around showing off her bra like it's a bikini and she's walking down Miami Beach



I'd mindbreak the two on the right, turn them into slovenly whores that can't live without buckets of cum. I'd just lock the two on the left up in a dungeon and let the guards have their way with them.

If Ciri wants to be a slut, there's nothing wrong with that!

someone record the shani sex scene already

My Geralt loves Triss and he always will!

Wow, thanks a lot dear friend, this is the ultimate validation I needed, I love it when our hatred unites us. Kill Triss and all the Trissfags! Only then we'll be happy.



Triss is a beautiful sorceress!


Triss is exceptional.

Use mods?


Lovely. This is what makes me come back here everyday.
Maybe, but we expected a bit more from her. Like, you know, being empress of Nilfgaard
> Lion qt of Cintra

Triss is a nice person!

Ciri puking on Geralt when?

Daily reminder that Roach is a GIRL!

ciri is ugly, she has old woman hair a large nose and chin and without the eyeliner her eyes are also ugly

Please don't do that!

well, Geralt reefers to her as she

nice reminder

Triss is a cutie pie!

What would you like to do to me /wtc/?



Triss is an incredible woman!