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Unapologetic Sunderman here.

After looking for a long, long, long time, I finally tracked down the Sunder (U) at Prism Freeport. And not only that, but I managed to track down a Tachyon Lance in a Shadowyards Blackmarket, weirdly enough. Now to see if a Sunder U with Tachyon, 2 phase lances and range upgrades can one-shot frigates.

In this time I've taken on three 800 K Blackrock Deserter fleets, and haven't managed to capture a single fucking Nevermore.

So, until I can finally - FINALLY capture one, and thus start capturing pirate bases, what would be a good next mission? Get all Hammerheads? Perhaps a fleet of nothing but Phase Ships? Or maybe a fleet of nothing but D-Class ships?

So, does anyone know whether sticking with Stasector+ 3.4.0 is alright? Or do we have to change to Dynasector?

>Tiandong update never



How many Hammerheads there are? Normal, D, IBB, Thiandong, Imperium?

From the mods I have:

Imperium (I)
Phillipshead (IBB)

And I think there is another one. I don't think there's an S.

Amusingly, if I had tried this mission while trying to find the Sunder U, I would already have the whole set.


Wait, Hammerhead XIV??? Where does that come from?

...Wait, I think I'm wrong on that one.

Although I think it's weird that they get a fourteenth Sunder, and not a fourteenth Hammerhead.

I might do something about that someday.

In the meantime, maybe you could try all variants of the Falcon/Eagle?
Normal, D, IBB, Imperium
Normal, D, Imperium, Tiandong, IBB, XIV, black, white, Kestrel?

Oooooo that would be an interesting step up. Although it might be a bit difficult without commisions. Heck, the only places I've seen any of those are the Imperium Market...and that's it.

And where are the black and white Eagles from?

They came with an IBB but I don't know if they are available for buying.

Previous thread died at 200+ post, man. It's time to move to /v/.

Nah, it's just that Starsector is relatively seasonal. During Fri-Mon, everyone is playing the game. Tues - Thurs they aren't due to work, and thus they post. So...posting this thread now was an honest mistake, I guess.

Because instead of shitposting like in other generals you know, we actually play the game.

And honestly, i can't fucking stop playing this damn thing, i literally got addicted to starsector.

Or a more plausible reason: there's not a lot of us to sustain a thread on Veeky Forums for long periods of time. These threads were barely hanging on and was only kept alive by bump posts.

Just face it - all of you have a shit taste and this game is shit.
And never be finished. Damn you Alex.

Best ship for PD tasks?

I run few Beholders atm. wondering if there are better destroyers suited for that task tho.

Anything you can fit several tactical lasers with and Integrated PD.

Enforcer covered by Flak? Two double on the sides for fire-rate, three singles in the middle for range.

Yeah but their turn rate is shit even with auguments and don't want to risk that AI will use the drive boost and charge in into enemy fleet.

Which happened before even with Timid officers leading to their demise in seconds because LOL FUCK YOU.

Why not use a monitor then? Sturdy as a destroyer but smaller and won't fly around recklessly.


I was thinking of Dusas or Gorgons too but they eat those supplies like retarded.

I till try those, implying i will find any.

Haven't seen a single one to buy in 3 campaigns so yeah...

>try the new split SS+ mods
>see this

I knew something was wrong when I saw a Hound with a Grave HMG that shot 3 times faster than normal. Now I see this Wolf that has "3" Phase Lances it does not have the flux to support.

I don't want to imagine fighting something like an Onslaught that has triple the amount of TPCs.

So its shit?

Haven't noticed any other bugs yet, but fighting frigates with several times more firepower than some destroyers is a bit of a pain. It has this Mod-Conquest I think I'll really like, at least.

>3 phase lances
>vibrating beam
>2x Thunderbolt

*Sprite, sprite, sprite...*

>dat sad face in the middle
Why so sad, space pupper?

How good it is? Still sitting on 7.2a since without SS+ and Nexerelin this games worth shit.

This bug is strange. Only applies to frigates from what I've seen, and only to pirates. I should try to do a normal campaign despite not being able to have stuff like 6 Dual Shard Cannons on a Brawler and see if this weird issue appears more often. So far its every encounter only on enemy frigates.

The pirates clearly don't give a fuck about your self-imposed rules.


So, only got the Laelaps left to go for the frigates, but I'm not sure how to rework it yet.
Currently strongly leaning toward A or a mono-engine B.

Seems like a weapon group issue desu senpai.

>IFed revival never

Top part looks like Neutrino stole SCY tech.

Comparison of stats, using (XIV) since vanilla is just removing hull mod adjustments. Don't have the Hothur, but that Mod-Conquest I remember having much superior shield/flux stats, and slightly different (and a couple bigger) weapons.

>Change Log
>Version 1.0.1 (April 22, 2016)
>- Fix an ID change
>- Improve weapon grouper system

Makes sense, at least it wasn't as crazy as it could have been. I actually kinda hoped to see a 6 Chaingun Enforcer or something.

dusas need IPDAI AND hardened subsystems but they work nicely
Sunder with HIL works too if it gets escorted properly
an enforcer with two dualflak and assault chaingun, and two HMG works well.

personally I think A or C fits, partly because my head processes the images as 'slim ship=Fast ship'.
I also notice that it's getting reduced missile slots and getting universial/hybrid(or is it ballistic?) except for type D, any particular reason for it?


No, AI is retarded to the point they'll use the drive and RAM themselves into fucking enemy fleet.

Even timid officers pull this shit of.

Just the feeling that is was under used with only 4 small missiles and a PD turret. Also the AI has some troubles to calculate its ideal engagement range if it isn't equipped with at least one non-missile non-PD weapon.

>Burn drive
>tfw AI always uses it to get itself surrounded and killed
Mid-tech Enforcers with Maneuvering Jets when

Why would you need a specific ship to capture planets?

>mission bounty fleet with a modded Onlaught
>its just a luddic path version

Wait until you face the second one.

bleh no drive to mod the game anymore

Keeping thread alive for robberfly-chan and seski-chan :3

Someday I got to try my hand at that...

*fires Javelin MRM salvo*


You should have fired some (g)-rapeshots...

>Robberfly-chan easily dodges the slow MRM attack and petulantly wiggles her butt at you

>tfw you finally learned how to pilot Falken

tfw you realize the Cabal is real

>tfw you realize all their ships are expensive as fuck for only a 5% increase in stats


In the end I went for mix between A and C from It could use a polish pass too but meh, good enough for now.

Speaking of, how the fuck do i join Cabal?

Currently can't. You can become friendly, however. They also don't have their own stations but come from Tri-tach stations with Cabal as their military market option.

It made the game boring because the base game isn't as fun as the Falken.

>Fly a phase frigate with near cruiser level of firepower.
>Complain it made the game too easy and boring.

>reading comprehension
>not having it

Sorry, I didn't saw the part where you made a point?

I fucking love playing "pshh nothing personell kid" the ship.

I said isn't as fun. Falken turned the game into RedLine in space.

You need to play some Whiterock Crack Yards bruh

the fuck

New SS+ made pirates have more dakka

Neutrino lance dishes the EMP for more damage. 4k per burst vs 2.4k IIRC. My sunders frequently oneshot frigates with it. Also comes with a satisfying BANG.

Then there's that Silver Lance with 16k damage per burst... I only saw it once and didn't bother buying.

it shoots through shields but has a massive flux cost

Why bother? We died

I bought an Conquest and it's shit, I flew it one time and it just got trashed.

On the plus side, I tried the Onslaught and I like it. The Burn drive gives it wild manoeuvrability for such a big ship. I cover it in long range turrets all the small ships. Still, compared to the Paragon it's flimsy.

The Paragon is effective, but so dull to fly. I like to cover it in beams and let the AI handle it.

Install mods nao.

Yeah I mean how anyone could play their post apocalyptic Sid Meier's Pirates in space WITHOUT animu robots corporation or space crusaders flying around in literally crosses?

Obviously if you ONLY look at the lore unfriendly factions you will be disappointed.

You are missing out on a ton of content. Just ignore Neutrino/Templars/ApproLight and you are fine.

I have nearly every single mod I could find for 7.2 installed. What are you talking about user?

how come whichever one of you idiots making these doomed threads can't put /sfg/ in the fucking subject line

Veeky Forums was a mistake

Neutrino is getting better with their balance and Tempalrs are supposed to be an endgame boss faction. I agree though on avoiding Apposhit though

no u

Is there a way to force the game to offer a higher variety and better ships in the markets?


What other big ships are as fun an maneuverable as the Nevermore. I've been using a Nevermore for most of my BRDY campaign and would like an alternative I hear the Scylla is amazing but cant ever seem to find one.

mimir has a pretty fun ship system

addship ms_scylla

Off the top of my head, Eagle, Chronos, Revenant, Mimir are big yet fairly maneuverable ships.

>space crusaders flying around in literally crosses?

I fail to see the problem.

>talking shit
>about diable

I will find you and i will cut you.


Wow. It's like you faggots don't know the meaning of ship superiority.

I just reinstalled a bunch of mods for 7.2. No new factions except the usual, mostly a reinstall for all the mods SS+ got split into (dyna sector, Underworld, graphics lib, music lib, ect.).
Fixed it up with 64 but Java and memory increase as well but I'm getting an error when I try to start a game. Can't recall what it was exactly except for something along the lines of 'cargo expansion not found.'
Anyone have a fix? I can load Starsector up in a bit and get an exact error message, I'm just not home yet.

Cargo Expansion was was a hullmod in SS+. Maybe DynaSector dumped it out and your savefile or a mod dependent on it is referencing it.

double ded


Sounds like you might have NGO enabled. Might want to turn that shit off if so

Cargo Expansion is still in DynaSector from what I'm seeing. Only thing is the skills and weapon rebalance are no longer there, and probably won't be coming back until someone takes over Rev's work. So all those hull mods are available without any requirements, but it also means RIP additional leadership skills.

That's an easy fix. It took me a bit of exploring but removing the Wodan's built-in Mobile Headquarters hull mod solved everything. Should hold until the next update, kinda like the unofficial THI patch.