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1st for best girl


best pair

Would you a Menmako?





This makes me uncomfortable

Orange top and bottom looks retarded on anyone, I don't get why Nardo didn't just use bule or black bottoms.

Also Blue and Yellow are much better complementary colors than Orange and Yellow.

As it should

Post more Menma, m8


Looks like Obito and Kinkaku

Only other Menma I got


Menmako then?



I'm not so sure about that, since they are adjacent to each other on the wheel, I think they fit fine together. The top and bottom being the same color is inexcusable though.

I want to marry Sakura-chan!

Then hand her a full turkey baster and leave for a couple of decades?

No! I want to stay with her!

Then clearly you are not the type of person she likes.

do the snakes care about anything? are they chill like the frogs?

is that LOSS?

Manda was a shithead, the others summoned by Anko, Kabuto, and Sauce seem chill

is there a good naruto roleplaying forum

I don't get why Menma is popular.
The film he was from was utter shit. He's not even properly the Mirror Universe version of Naruto, the bad guy we saw was practically Obito projecting himself into that illusion to manipulate it.
Is it just the novelty of an edgy faggot WITHOUT a sharingan?


I can more or less remember some anons discussing something along those lines a couple threads back. If you check the archive, you might find something good, m8.

It never ceases to be funny that Pinkshit's retard strength is always played up when basically any number of power-ups give you strength that either matches or proves itself greater than hers and Tsunade's.

Plus the strength given by Sage Mode means you don't even actually have to hit your enemy. Or the Susanoo gives you a fucking battle avatar. Or even a simple chakra cloak from a Bijuu gives you protection, flexibility and power in a great enough measure that it would probably be all around better.
Well, I guess the retard strength is still better than transforming intoo a big three headed wolf that does nothing.

It's not supposed to be anything more than explosive impact strength either.

Since Tobirama made so many knockoff MS/EMS/Rinnegan techniques, is it possible to have a knockoff battle avatar, without it being a bijuu or wooden statue?

Maybe using a seal to gather sage energy to keep a water golem alive?


Battle avatar? Not that's show. Susano'o or a Bijuu is needed to have a full-body avatar. While I suppose it would be possible to make one out of chakra - as that's all that the Susano'o is - you'd need chakra reserves large enough to leave Hashirama gasping for breath if you wanted to keep it activated for any length of time. Susano'o gets a pass because it's specifically tailored to those with the Sharingan. As to how Kakashi kept it up for so long, call it shitty writing and the Rule of Cool.

Anyone can gather Natural Energy if they've got the discipline and strength of body. Orochimaru couldn't manage it because his host at the time was weak and decaying. It's possible that now that he has an immortal, infallible Zetsu body he could learn it.

Do eye techniques not use chakra or something?

It would explain why Sauce seems to spam them endlessly, I guess.

They do, but as shown with Kakashi, a Sharingan in an Uchiha body uses SUBSTANTIALLY less chakra than a Sharingan in an Uchiha body (or Shin's body).

However near the end of the series - or even half way through - Kishimoto just stopped caring about chakra pools. It's how Kakashi went from needing a week of recovery after half an hour of base Sharingan use, to being able to use the Sharingan, and the Mangekyou, for days upon days upon days, followed by Perfect Form: Susano'o, and not only staying conscious, but stay alive.

Again, it's shitty writing and continuity which is nothing new to Kishimoto.

Holy shit I'm tired.

A Sharingan in an Uchiha body uses SUBSTANTIALLY less chakra than a Sharingan in a different body*

Someone needs to change the last two panels to Sakura vacuuming in front of the TV, all the Uchihas telling her to move and she says it'll be just a second, and then you have a close-up of her ass and the next panel has all the guys with activated their Mangekyou Sharingan

I like to think Sasuke had his Sharingan activated whenever he fucked Sakura so he could remember it in perfect detail and used it as fap material while he was away.

>implying he ever stooped as low as actually performing a physical sexual act with her

Sakura ass game too stronk

Look I'm not even that big of a SasuSaku fan, but I like to think they're happy together. They're both autistic and emotionally stunted, but they do the best with what they have, and they're both working at it as best as they can, to give Sarada the best possible life.

I just like happy endings, dude.

wrong pic

> they do the best with what they have
You mean him not visiting his family at all for twelve years and her being a single mother, at best using her retard strength to shut up and intimidate her daughter into silence when she asks the simplest of questions?

I agree on the happy endings, hell, I'm sort of down with even Orochimaru getting redemption of sorts and being happy, but those two are some of the most despicable awful people in the show. They deserve much worse than what they got, so I am not feeling obliged to interpret what I've seen positively.

Plus what I've seen hardly seems to suggest much to go on if I want to see happy stuff.

Especially Sauce is just out of place in any sort of situation where actual human interaction happens instead of DARKNESS or plain old insanity.

I agree that he could've fucking visited during that time, I chalk him not visiting to Kishimoto simply taking his edgy character traits and turning them up to 11. To him, not liking a girl when he was 16 translates perfectly into not wanting to see his wife for 12 years. And he doesn't think that's a problem.

Personally, I think they could both be good characters, but they're only despicable characters because Kishimoto kept trying to double down and 'improve' them, and failing. Maybe they're liked more in Japan because of the different ethics and family values, I don't know.

I like how they look and act in the Boruto movie. I hope the manga expands on their good traits, and they act like human beings. Emotionally stunted and autistic human beings, sure, but I would like to see them genuinely work on being better people.

It's really weird that we all call them shit, or good, or bad, considering it totally is up to how they're written. Kishimoto writes poorly, so they're bad characters. It's not like the characters act poorly on purpose, hahaha.

>>Personally, I think they could both be good characters, but they're only despicable characters because Kishimoto kept trying to double down and 'improve' them, and failing.
That still does not make them good, though. Star Trek 5 COULD have been a good film, but it was utter shite, yet people seem to defend that or aborted characters like this for some reason, which baffles me.
If you like them we have a disagreement, but that's okay. However in that case then argue on the merits they do have, which make you like them, rather than what you wish they had.

>I like how they look and act in the Boruto movie
Haven't seen it, largely on the grounds that I heard it had a lot of Sauce in it, and I can't stand him or the story/fans just going HE' OKAY NOW GUIZE.
The manga had seven hundred fucking chapters to make me care about the fucker or even just give him some measure of traits that makes him worth redeeming. It had more than ample space, and did fuck all with it, same goes for Pinkshit.
I even find her being nice and sympathetic to Hinata's position in The Last a bit jarring and out of her character, but could have gone with that, if not for Gaiden having her as her crazy old self that's gotten even worse.
It's like at this point in time they might as well just be completely different characters that happen to carry the same names.

Plus I must admit, I like justice fall on awful people a lot more than happy endings.

Are you the same person you were at 16, user?

The truth is that 16 year olds are retarded, and giving them superpowers doesn't change that. That's why Nardo wasn't Hokage until his 30's when he was no longer a stupid kid.

I know they're not good, dude. I said they could've been, and I'm upset they weren't. Both of them could've been handled way way way better, and made both deep and interesting. Kishimoto just sort of created a mindset at the very start of the manga, and just didn't move on from there. That's what I'm saying - I'm agreeing that they're bad, because they are. But I can also see how much better they had a chance to be, an I'm sad that they weren't taken in that direction.

I'd recommend the Boruto movie. It seems to be a turning point for the characters. I'm not saying it completely overwrites his previous clusterfuck of a character, because it sure as shit doesn't. However, I think it DOES mean he (and she) might be getting the character development they've needed for a decade or more.

>Are you the same person you were at 16, user?
I do not recall joining a terrorist organisation or plotting genocide even at that age, or trying to murder basically everyone who has ever given half a shit about me.

Or breaking into the G8 meeting, fighting Putin and making him have to chop off his own arm, then the head of the UAE and finally have my shit slapped and teased by Merkel.
Then proceeding to kill Obama by stabbing through the body of one of my allies (the last remaining of the three I came with because the other two I left behind to die), ask another of these crazy loyal women following me to kill off the dying previous one, then finally try and once again attempt to murder my old teacher and the one person I ever thought of as a friend.
Oh and after that pluck out the eyeballs of my dead brother and shove them into my own eye sockets too.

I think I would remember trying to pull shit like that. Although I would be willing to roll with shit like that if people constantly called Sauce on it instead of enabling his bullshit. Maybe if we saw him do pic related all the time I'd be less disgusted.

>Both of them could've been handled way way way better, and made both deep and interesting.
>ut I can also see how much better they had a chance to be, an I'm sad that they weren't taken in that direction.
Couldn't you say precisely the same thing about any other botched character in any other series? What makes them so special and deserving of quality?

Alpha as fuck

What did Naruto even do in all of Shippuden while Sauce was busy being a terrorist?

He didn't ask if you mirrored Sasuke's actions. He asked if you were the same person you were at age 16. You dodged the question and went off on a massive tangent.

As for why they're more deserving, it's because they're primary characters. They are intimately linked to the main storyline. As such, it's expected that main characters be fleshed out and better written than background or tertiary characters. As it is, Hinata - to me - has far better character growth and development over the series than Sakura does, even though she's a secondary character with a fraction of the panel time that Sakura had.

To each their own, though. People will defend Sasuke and Sakura - way more than I do, which I don't consider 'defending'. Some people like Sakura more than Hinata, or Ino more than Temari, or Lee more than Naruto. I don't really care what others say - I have my thoughts and opinions, and as you've no doubt seen, people don't change their minds based on what anonymous imageboard people say.

Naruto is just a shitty a character as Sasuke though.


Again, you're welcome to your opinion.

Maybe I'm just not as cynical as most of you and enjoy giving second and third chances to characters that perhaps they deserve. You're not convincing anyone any more than I'm convincing anyone. When it's opinion-based and not factual, when you like a character over another because of how they're written rather than their canonical abilities, it's hard to convince others that you're 'right'.

On the plus side, it's discussion and argument like this that'll keep the general alive, so even if I don't agree with you, I'm all for it.

My opinion in this case is fact.

Nardo has become arguably one of the worst main characters ever in the history of shounen. His character from Part 1 and his character from Part 2 feel worlds apart. As Part 2 goes on, his character actually degenerates more and more. His main goal of becoming Hokage he decides to link into his goal of saving Sasuke. Citing how “If he can’t save one friend he does not deserve to become Hokage”. Never mind the fact that as I am currently writing this post, this retard has already saved several of his friends(Gaara and Sakura) and his entire village on top of that.

Hell, his entire fixation on Sasuke is beyond disturbing and goes far beyond what any “friendship” could possibly excuse. Here is a guy who has murdered, attempted murder on you and the girl you like multiple times, was excited about killing your teacher and even wanted to destroy your entire village. This isn’t including how he basically attacked four other representatives of other nations and tried to kidnap one of those representative’s brother. Sorry kiddo, but your mind is fucked up for not paying any of that attention just because “he is your friend”. The double standards in ethics for how he treats Sasuke in comparison to most everyone else has been down right sickening just because he is a “friend”.

Even worse is that their friendship in Part 1 was hardly there. They spent a good deal of time just squabbling with each other and fighting each other out of dislike. This strong friendship that Kishimoto is trying to portray is hardly there and mostly an illusion. Sasuke himself doesn’t even want to be fox boy’s friend and has treated him like shit 90% of the time they were ever around each other. Each time Naruto chases after him Sasuke literally has to smack him with a lightning coated hand just to get the fuck away from his stalker. Naruto, showing that he understands shit about Sasuke’s motivations, somehow got surprised that he wasn’t coming back to Konoha when he got rid of Orochimaru. You fucking dunce, he fucking told you why he was leaving and what his goal was. Why the fuck would you think he is returning without accomplishing that task? Of course Naruto’s response to Sasuke not coming back is *drum roll* to chase after him again and capture Itachi. Brilliant! Sasuke even finally asks the kid what the fuck his problem is in one of the latest chapters and Naruto keeps on regurgitating the same old shit. “Because you are my friend”. This unhealthy obsession has prompted many in the fandom to question Naruto’s sexuality because of just how hung up he is on Sasuke. Likening him to an abused house wife who just won’t leave that husband who treats her like shit. While some fight over Naruto’s sexuality, I believe the abused wife syndrome is indeed a good comparison to this hang up he has on Sasuke.

On another frustrating note, although not as frustrating as Sasuke, is the amount of ingratitude Naruto’s character displays. Hinata for instance helped to save his life by putting her’s on the line yet he doesn’t even have the fucking decency to go and thank her. Never mind the fact that he hasn’t answered her confession at all. (No, I am actually not a fan of Hinata but this is rather fucked up on his part)

This pacifist crap that he has assilimated post Pain arc has possibly been the worst turn his character has ever taken. He has been groveling to other people and whining like a big baby even more than he has before. Letting Karui beat the shit out of his face was an undeniable low point of his character. Groveling to the Raikage about not taking the completely justified action was another low point. Hyperventilating over finally realizing Sasuke is a wanted criminal and the world is going to take action against him was the lowest point yet. That was completely ridiculous and unnecessary. He should have known that long ago but being the retarded ninja he is, Naruto is the last one to arrive to the party. By this point, most people really should have lost hope in this sad excuse for a main character. But Naruto being Naruto even decides to one up himself and bring up this bullshit about both he and Sasuke dying because they are zomg powerful. Right, because Madara and Shodai who were also unbelievably powerful enough to create a crater called vote ended up dying in their confrontation…oh wait neither of them did.

Oh and how can I forget that this kid ends up being some child of destiny/prophecy. After all the talk in Part 1 about making your own destiny and not letting yourself be controlled by fate, it turns out that Naruto himself is someone automatically “destined for greatness”. What a crock of shit to introduce at this point in the series after driving home the importance of deciding your own fate. Not only that, he is the son of one of the most powerful shinobi in his village’s history. It just feels downright retarded that this was kept under wraps from him for so long and even revealed to Naruto himself in an anti-climatic matter on top of that. So all of this crap about “hard working Naruto” gets less impressive when you get confirmation that he has some of the finest genes anyway.

Again, it's not fact because what you consider 'good' in a character is subjective. This is proved by Sasuke and Sakura consistently topping out the most like characters in the series when it comes to Japanese readers and audiences. Because their morals, ethics, family and friendship values are all so different to what we consider 'normal' in the West, what we consider fucking stupid or idiotic, they understand and consider, if not normal, then believable.

Fact is something that cannot be disputed, regardless of upbringing or personal belief. Since cultural impact clearly does play a part in how well-liked and understood the characters and their motivations are, what you said is not fact.

Naruto’s fighting style is boring to read. It is basically Kage bunshin and Rasengan. It was sort of alright when he learned Sage Mode but it was basically back to making more clones and bigger Rasengan jutsu with it. Fucking boring and unimaginative. This is supposed to be the main character yet I actually dread seeing him fight more than most other characters. It would be one thing if his Rasengan variations actually did different things, but the majority of them all are only bigger and just blow more shit up. The Rasenshuriken being tossed is a slight improvement but considering how much chakra it eats up and its limited usage, it is best reserved as a finisher at best. If it isn’t that, it is down to massive rage and popping Kyuubi tails. I really love the diversity here.

is it possible for a nukenin to be pardoned outside of absurd situations like sasuke did? in konoha in particular. kiri would kill you regardless

Also, holy shit that was an essay and a half. I'm too tired and tipsy to read it all - which is a shame because you clearly put a lot of thought into it.

If I remember when I wake up, I might reread it all, but as it is, it's going in one ear and out the other.

End of the day though, as I said, you won't convince me that X is better/greater/worse than Y. Hell, I'll probably even agree with you on some points, but how I've been raised and how I interpreted the manga directly leads to what I consider 'good' and 'bad' outside of clear canon (e.g. Sasuke is stronger than Kiba)

It'd be up to the individual Kage. That doesn't mean the rest of the Village would fall into place, though. If a less-than-godlike nukenin got pardoned, other ninja might still want to bring him down for his crimes anyway.

sasuke would lose bad to kiba during genin years since its 2x1 inside smoke bombs and taijutsu

>He asked if you were the same person you were at age 16.
Well, I am the same in enough ways to say that yes. Had I murdered people or did any of that crazy shit, I would still be responsible for those, and the passage of time does not magically free me of the guilt for past sins, especially if I never show even a hint of regret for having done them.
He mentions a journey of redemption but we never see what it involves, and frankly it is more fitting for the character to go on it purely so that people would finally leave him the fuck alone for once. Does he forego the Zetsu arm, saying the Raikage should have it? Does he blind himself in grief over all the damage he's caused, hoping to prevent any future evil on his part? Does he try and connect with Gaara about having finally seen things other than DARKNESS? All he does is Itachi's little 'fuck off' gesture to Pinkshit, and walks off.
If you are eager to forgive him, then sure, go ahead even on that much but for me that's fucking nothing.

And on the primary character issue, I get what you are saying, but that's merely a placing of the character, not a merit. There is very little to further explain, unless you invent brand new shit to go into with Pinkshit or Sausage. Each new layer of Sharingan powers and knowledge about the family makes me dislike them more, and Pinkshit hasn't really done anything between being the flesh puppet for that grandma against Sasori and punching Kaguya lightly on the head at the very end but try and pull off a failed false confession and then a failed murder attempt. It may be expected that they are fleshed out, but not deserved for one thing and needing so much work that you might as well just write a whole new character.

It was pasta

Sharingan could pick out the subtle movement differences between Kiba and Akamaru. Sharingan also allows minimal viewing and colouration of chakra, meaning smoke is no issue. He's faster than Kiba. He has way more chakra than Kiba and a greater grasp of jutsu than Kiba. Sasuke topped out Kiba in nin-, gen- and taijutsu in the Academy. Sasuke is objectively stronger than Kiba.

I'd say Naruto was a pretty good protagonist all the times that Sasuke or any other Uchiha weren't around or the main topic, which is why the Jiraiya's death/Pain arc is easily the best one in Part 2.

>If you discount the entire second part of the manga/anime, then he's not so bad!

Painshit was bad too, and Pain himself was the one to ruin it by bringing everyone back.

Nardo forcing his beliefs onto everyone else was a cancer that had become a blight by this point.

It wouldn't free you from the personal guilt, but he was officially pardoned by the Hokage. Any other Kage was still well within their rights to keep the bounty open, and if Naruto had done anything apart from help Sasuke defend himself, he'd cause another international incident.

Again, I'm interested to see how they're done in the new series. You can't erase the old bullshit, but you can always add new stuff, hopefully better stuff. There could be scenes of true regret and redemption in the new series, with a new writer and artist. I hope there is.

You're legitimately sounding like you just dislike the entire series in general, in which case, why are you here? Are you an /a/ sleeper agent?
> I don't like the main character
> I don't like the main female
> I don't like the secondary main character
> I don't like one of the biggest antagonists in the series
> I don't like the writing
> I don't like the combat style of the characters
> I don't like how the characters were portrayed in movies where they were legitimately different

What DO you like?

>I agree on the happy endings, hell, I'm sort of down with even Orochimaru getting redemption of sorts and being happy, but those two are some of the most despicable awful people in the show. They deserve much worse than what they got, so I am not feeling obliged to interpret what I've seen positively.
>Sakura and Sasuke being worse than Orochimaru

This is bait right? Sasuke you could have a point with, but how the hell is pinkshit anywhere close to Snekman?

At that point he couldn't use anything other than taijutsu, He would've gotten wrecked..

Stupid sexy Kakashi kept bringing me back, and the games are fun.

>Sasuke wearing lightning nigger vest

At WHAT point? When are we even talking about? The preliminary third exam? Sasuke had two-tomoe Sharingan, Lion's Barrage, a multitude of Fire Release jutsu, incredible shurikenjutsu abilities and the Cursed Seal. Back in the Academy? Then he canonically topped the class in ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu, making him canonically better than Kiba. In Part 2 they're not even close to being on the same level.

> Stupid sexy Kakashi
Maybe you're not all bad.

Chuunin exams third stage prelims, I don't quite remember the situation, but I remember that he was limited to taijutsu at that point.

Sakura said so, don't bother her about it.

I am not talking about deeds, exactly, so much as character.
Pinkshit was simple, plain old horrible as a human being.
Orochimaru has gone so fucking far into nihilism and immorality, did so much unspeakable evil the series merely hinted at, but somehow made it all work and had all his horrible shit coalesce into something still evil, but an evil that's gone all the way around the moral spectrum, breaching a barrier where I am enjoying his shit much too much to actually get upset or take it seriously.

Much like how all the retarded sharingan powers and the eyeballs driving the plots and unique snoqflake designs and powers provide most of the personality for the user pisses me off, but I am oddly okay with Madara.
Largely because what Madara did compared to real ninja combat is what shitposting is to earnest and real communication.

It becomes so bad and so much a parody of itself that not only can I not hate it, I kind of even enjoy it.
Sakura, by comparison, is just Pinkshit.

He was limited in that he SHOULDN'T have used the seal, because he would've been immediately disqualified because holy shit he's willingly using Orochimaru's power shut that shit down NOW. If he opened himself to the seal, it would've hurt, but he would've also gotten mad stronger - he just fought the seal down because he didn't want to get disqualified.

In a flat fight, as of the preliminary third, Sasuke would drop Kiba like a bag of fucking bricks.

He wouldn't have gotten disqualified, otherwise, Naruto would have been for using the fox chakra in the actual Third exam fight against Nedgy.

It was also before anyone was aware that it was Orochimaru's seal, so he could pass it off as being a technique or bloodline.

He couldn't even turn on the seal if he wanted to because he had nochakra, that goes for Nin, and Genjutsu as well.

So Orochimaru is evil as fuck, you just don't care because he's entertaining/beyond serious outrage?

Didn't he have a sharingan?

Kind of, yeah. Pinkshit is still on the human realm of morality so I can judge and treat her actions as a person better. She is an awful person, deserves everything bad coming her way, and then some, it's a done deal.

Orochimaru getting away with everything on the other hand is fucking hilarious.
Ideally I'd of course have kept Orochimaru as one of the main villains and had him take over Sasuke's body or something, or even just kept him dead, but I am not writing the show.

>So Orochimaru is evil as fuck
he is now parent who loves his kids and wants best for him

Hiruzen and Kakashi were already aware Orochimaru was around, and at least Hiruzen knew about his Seals. If Sasuke used it, Hiruzen would know.

I can't remember the end of the fight exactly, but did anything outwardly show that Naruto used Kurama? Like against Haku there was a massive Fox aura. Did that happen against Neji?

He could've still activated the Seal. It's just that instead of swapping Sasuke's chakra for Orochimaru's Senjutsu chakra, it would've injected straight Senjutsu chakra into a body that couldn't handle it. Hence the crippling pain.

Anyway, again, flat fight with no advantages to either side outside their specific powers at that time. Both with full chakra. Both fully rested. Kiba with Akamaru and soldier pills. Sasuke with Sharingan and Seal. Sasuke would win. Easily.

Huh, alright.

That's not as pants on head retarded as pinkshit having committed worse crimes than Orochimaru, so I guess I'm done.

for them*

> wants the best for him
> wipes his mind half a dozen times
> creates an older clone of him just to fuck with his mind
> if the kid didn't do what Orochimaru wanted, he 'failed', his mind was wiped, and it was run through again, until he got it right
That's proper fucked and not healthy parenting.

If he uses the seal he'd win, sure, but he makes it clear that he doesn't, or just won't use it.

Using the Sharingan or any Fire techs would have activated the seal since he was low on chakra.


It's like you keep skipping 'flat, even fight with no advantages'

Kakashi and Hiruzen said that they would disqualify Sasuke if he used the seal.

But why the fuck isn't he allowed to use some sage power but Naruto is allowed to let loose the power of the evil demon fox that nearly destroyed the village against Nedgy?

Naruto didn't willingly activate Kurama's power - rather, it was pushed through in a time of stress. And since nobody else was a Jinchuuriki, he could say he didn't have control and nobody could say otherwise.

Sasuke, however, would've had to willingly reach for the power and activate it, making a conscious decision to use something that he knows comes from Orochimaru.

When else would they have fought? I'll be honest, I didn't follow this convo from the beggining, all I saw was Kiba's fight strategy highlighted and assumed that it was some scenario that has Sauce fighting Kiba during the exam instead of Naruto.

The seal activates on it's own.
4:46 in

I'm talking a hypothetical battle, staged at the time of the preliminary third exam, with no advantage one way or the other - they're equally rested, at full chakra, with no advantage in terrain or over, based only on their own abilities at that time - Sasuke with the Sharingan and Seal, Kiba with soldier pills and Akamaru.

And he forces it back. Naruto could reliably make the point that forcing back the Cursed Seal is nothing compared to having to reassert control over the malevolent chakra of a Tailed Beast.

Kiba wins by having Akamaru piss on Sauce's eyes

gg no re

> that fucking training panel of Kiba telling Akamaru to piss while spinning in the air
Jesus Christ Kishimoto what were you on, you glorious goddamn fucking train wreck of a human.

Double headed wolf fang over fang would also be a one hit kill

> implying Sasuke couldn't forsee and dodge with the Sharingan
Even back then, two-tomoe Sharingan was ridiculous, especially against other Genin. I just can't see Kiba winning. Didn't Naruto say he was getting his ass beat so badly was because he was running on fuck-all food after five days in the Forest of Death?

The wolf can't be dodged, it follows the piss trail, that's even if you set aside how it'll be way faster than Sauce.

If you know where something is going to be via predicting it's movement, you can dodge it. Not to mention I don't know how happy they'd be charging into a Fire Release: Grand Fireball Jutsu.