/ssg/ - Soccer Spirits General #240

/ssg/ - Soccer Spirits General #240

'JP onry' edition

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Why does ardor get a cute dark player?BB?

I fucking hate choi

I hate virgil

I love Noa.

Ditch the e-sports and play waifus.

>0 teamwork

I love Yuri's smile. It reminds me that some things are worth fighting for. Some airheads are worth fighting for. And it reminds me that it's okay if a girl is a bit dim-witted as long as she's cute.

Cucked by BB hard.
I bet you can't 99 clover her too.

None of the players there can be replaced with a selfish player like Dale.

>I posted it again mommy!

>tfw no Silla

Alice. Dale-Meta-Jheet is stronk. It's what EfJun used for the legendaryless galaxy team


Arguable, Alice is very important for the slow and always-on reflex/hp debuff. Jheet alone cannot beat IC or thunder mid.

a-atleast its a lot less legendary than cookie cut

Oh right. She's so blasé that I don't even thought of it. He used something else.

skill set for verister? has 10 points

>yfw it's bb's strategy to make everyone too used to the cookies to even notice them anymore, much less complain about.
>yfw months later everyone will treat william being on every team just like meta a common occurrence.


is it just me or verister is pretty lackluster? she doesn't bring much to the table aside from that measly 20% HP/Reflex totem.

Yeah she's pretty garbage

>10% action bar from passive after ab recovery nerf
Make it 30% or something.

I want to jaw lock Milky's mouth using steal beams and cum in her throat.

Donut die.

I want all the 5*-6* only qt girls

Milky or Meiran as frontline totem?

Striker and passer?

Bea and Neraizel.
I'm trying to get Linmay but for the time being those two are what I have.

Go with Meiran.

Milky's active is too conditional.

Meiran. Her global totem is amazing, she's a nice penetrator in mid also, and her totem is always useful.

Linmay is really useful and as support you can move her back mid or front depending on needs, her flexibly is enormous.

T. Someone who used a teammates ww team to sweep an entire club earlier

pls help me build a better team i just don't know what to put where in midlane and frontlane

And the available players

Will do.
I don't have her EE'd yet because of team cost and I don't have a point in her totem so I didn't get a chance to test it either.
What stones should I be using on her? And 3/5/5/5 correct?

Yes. Meiran's a leader/tank so light HP, green DR or AS, and green reflex. I don't remember her stone slots though.


Given what you have, looks fine to me. Just ST Tarsilla and wait until you get a real striker/GK.

you can't make me draw, my crystals are for askeladd only

Is it actually possible to get the tickets from the secret shop event? been constantly draining all my points since day one, and i still need another 10k.

I am waiting for Zibro though i have Kei in scout but have only ~900 GP so yeah.

maintenance in 12 minutes

Free tickets?

what's it for

Galaxy league bug where you couldn't lose. Even if you were beat it still counted as a win.

I've been abusing all morning to get to Galaxy. 200 crystals of just quitting games and getting free gold and points

Probably the draw event fuck

holy shit

You're team is so inconsistent. You have beth lv. 60 and Jheet EE, and then you have a 3* GK and five 4* players

But she isn't greatly boosted :^)

Thanks for telling me what i already know.Unfortunately i don't have rainbow elementals or better 5* players to use that are actually useful as you can see my available players below my post.

one day she will be.

I mean, I probably won't get her anyway, but gambling is fun and I've run out of use for crystals

>I could have reached champs

I like five pts in active, crit dmg is really strong for winning trades with raw damage. Like they pen into you and get blown up, makes everyone a mini-cynthia

league gets a lot easier in the last two weeks, you'll get it anyway.

>finished watching Dota
>gonna finish dailies real quick


>watching Dota
Get a life loser

That's what you get for being a fucking cancerous normie

>not doing your dailies the second they reset
>watching videogames instead of playing them


>bullying people for their shit taste
that's ok
>using petty insults like normie on Veeky Forums
get out

I am lethargic. I sometimes finish my dailies thirty seconds before reset. A couple times I missed them by a minute or so.

It's fun, an evolving drama to follow. Gives some luster to my boring life. It's almost like being into a sports team but nerdier

The worst to-do is the story mode one.
I enter match and quit, enter and quit, enter and quit. that's boring as fuck

>sports team
>watching without playing
>a pathetic mindless activity for pathetic mindless individuals

yeah but I watch/play league not doto

>not using them to farm chains

I'll watch dota when they bring back Bruno

Speaking of chains, I'm nearing my first 900 dstones. No Meta, Beth, Bell, Jin, but did get lucky with my level 30 with William.

Is Meta without Beth as strong as Bell alone? Or should I grab Meta anyway for CM and hope for Bell/Beth next?

>not farming easy gp

Get Bell, you won't regret it.

Beth is a better single purchase IMO. Just having her brought me 5 CoD levels higher. She's just less reliable for PvP because a sometimes the match just skips her turn entirely.

Bell is fucking disgusting.
Beth is the "weak" one among those three for pvp at least.

you won the game
Also, bell is a best

That's where I'm leaning, especially with the option of Mono-Thunder later.

Unfortunately, I'm one of those shitty scrub Williams, with EBM.
Ardor combines have yielded 4 IC, 1 EBM, and 1 BE. Blood eludes me.

Maintenance is over too.

I used to watch league but switched to mostly doto. It's just a lot more fun and exciting to watch with incredibly strong spells and more strategy etc. I did really enjoy CLGs recent win over TSM though

>4 IC

stop taking my share you fucker

4 EBM, 2 BE

>2 IC
>1 TB
>1 BE
>0 EBM

EBM never ever

>mfw 0(zero) unique stone

stop spending gold for scouts, you shitter

>About to combine for another light unique
>changed my mind and try for ardor unique
>IC get

Take your fucking normie talk to /r/dota faggots

u mad bro? XD

I don't even have enough GP for a 5* anymore.I was looking for Zibro then got Lucy instead.

>already bitching after 4-6 combines

Stop complaining, it took me 11 thunder combines just to get an SC.

why not just get the same 5 stones and get a guaranteed unique?

I tried that for an Erma. Didn't worked, bud.


Well that's dumb then.

>Dota is normie

Playing games in general is normie. Go out and socialize.

All my X and D's

>Playing games is normie
>I play SS
tfw I'm normal.
if I'm normal I already go out and socialize

Going out is the abnormie thing to do now, since the normies are playing games.

>maint premium ticket

>Do you need Choi for this match, user?

I once got only 3 snail with increasing level from left to right.I was baffled.

here it is


>last 4 tournaments i've faced had Lucian
Is this a sign...?

>only chinese choi is galaxy

Sign of what?

That I should get a Lucian

It's actually a sign for you to get Lord Vitos.