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1.1.1 WHEN edition

>Can the game be considered a full release?
No, for all intents and purposes, KSP should be considered still in early access state. The game is nowhere near being able to stand on its own legs both from a gameplay perspective (career mode is definitely not ready and balanced) and a stability perspective. There are still major bugs and memory leaks that shouldn't exist on a finished game.

>Are there big issues with the game?
Bugs and instability are still real and frequent problems, as with every product still in beta. Ask in thread for details.

>What are the devs doing?
Modified versions of popular mods are being included in the stock game while the game engine is being upgraded to its latest version. The next major update (1.1) is supposedly going to bring a complete overhaul of the GUI, be 64bit friendly, have a refined physics/heating/aero model and generally perform better. An external team with heavily questionable experience (Flying Tiger Entertainment) is being tasked with porting the game to PS4, XboxOne and Wii U. They seem to be rushing for an imminent deadline and they are also working on a version of the game that will be obsolete in a few weeks/months.

>Should I buy the game?
KSP is very enjoyable at first, then it usually needs to be modded to retain some sort of longevity, but doing so may dramatically decrease the stability of the game. You will be very familiar with the word "Oops!". The Developers, Squad, have shown many times that they can't handle the project and are trying to squeeze all the money they can with the least amount of effort and with controversial PR tactics. The general consensus at /kspg/ is that you should torrent the game, not because the game itself is unplayable, but because most of us agree that Squad does not deserve your money.

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abandonia.com/en/games/183/Buzz Aldrins Race into Space.html

Previous thread: >Trailer:

>Dev Stream:


>Game site

>KSP mods
dropbox.com/s/atzhizfw7pxjdoa/RLA_ProbeParts.zip?dl=0 (RLA probe parts, it's a /kspg/ exclusive!)
forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/50701-c (full mod list)
forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/forum/36-add-on-development/ (mods still in development and WIP)
spacedock.info/ (community-maintained mod repository)


>Party-approved rendezvous and docking tutorials

>Some useful calculators
alterbaron.github.io/ksp_aerocalc/ (doesn't work with new aero)
ksp.olex.biz/ (phase angle calculator, use this to plan trips to other planets)
i.imgur.com/iXtul2v.png (1.0.5 deltaV map)

>Official forum

>Hotkeys for operating your craft that are never mentioned anywhere else.

>Official /kspg/ fan fiction

>List of IRL launches.

>View from the ISS:

>Race Into Space

>Original BARIS for DOSBox scaling and filters and shit
abandonia.com/en/games/183/Buzz Aldrins Race into Space.html

BARIS, Orbiter, Space Engine, OpenTTD, Take On Mars, Project CARS, ULA posting, Aurora, TRUMP 2016, scatterer-san, and planes are also welcome ITT. MAN and turning the thread to shit are not.

Are there any mods that make configuring a gamepad less of a chore?

I've never been this early to a KSPG thread. Let the shitposting commence.

/r/ing webms of the last spacex landing plz


Fresh warm bread in time for bed. How the hell did it end up 6am?
Sweet dreams, /kspg/

>How the hell did it end up 6am?
porn probably

Let's move to /egg/ guys. I'm sure they will understand.

No, probably had more to do with Cities:Skylines, got sucked in, again. Still way too late(early?) Off to sleep!

I love you all!

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Anyone here looking forward to GoT, season 6?

a lil bit

Yeah, about the same with me. I'm not as enthusiastic about the show as I once was.

i am for twd


Although I still watch the show, I lost all confidence in it's potential to turn out good, after the recent season-finale.

I guess it can't get worse than the 2nd and 3rd season so I still think it is a good show

Hmm, not sure where you might find those. If I were to guess, there's probably a few on SpaceX's subreddit.





yeah well I wanted to be spoon fed a bit
I saw someone posting them here but I forgot to save them

Is this part of a song, or do you have insomnia? If the latter is true, then I can relate.

Yeah, that's certainly true. I just wish that they'd explore more into the origin of the zombie virus, rather than focus on the relationships of the main group, although I do understand that that's one of the show's biggest selling points; I guess the show's just not meant for me.

I am going to play career and there is nothing you can do to stop me

The latter.

I don't know how closely they are following the comic with the TV series, does that happen at any point of the comics?
I mean, the research into the zombie virus

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Damn. Well if it makes you feel any better, I had a case of insomnia last year that was so bad I l didn't sleep for about two months. The only form of rest i got was lying in bed with my eyes closed. That's the only reason my vital organs didn't just say "fuck it" and shut down.

[schizophrenia intensifies]


I just meant that I feel like the show would be more interesting, to me personally, if the explored the origins of the apocalypse, even if it meant deviating from the source material.

What seems to help me with my insomnia is taking note of my diet during the day, which will enable you to identify a potential food intolerance, contributing to your insomnia. For me, some preservatives found in bread keeps me alert when all I want to do is sleep. So I really suggest you start there.

() meant for

I agree with you on that, but I can't think of a good way to do that without deviating completely from what we have now.
I mean, they are a bunch of survivors struggling to stay alive and with access to basic sheltering and survival tech, I can't see anyone setting up a lab to study the virus a-la I am legend or like they did in the first season.

It would need a huge plot device to justify them suddenly having the appropriate tech and personnel to conduct scientific research in such a situation.

I would also like to see what happened to the rest of the world. Is that only an American thing? Is it worldwide? Did they just quarantine the whole continent and let it rot while the rest of the world goes on as usual?

Yeah, I suppose what you said in your first paragraph is the main thing holding the show writers back from this idea. I still think it's possible, however, for there to be a functioning society consisting of a military-like hierarchy in some isolated, well defended area. This kind of environment would make it possible for such research to happen.

Who else is waiting for RSS/RO/RP-0 to update?

Launching tiny broken rockets around a tiny planet is fucking boring

Try playing on a completely unchanged 'hard mode' difficulty setting in career mode, and try to see if you can get over the initial difficulty hump. It's been very challenging for me, as I've included a bunch of realism mods, like remote tech and USI life support.

MAN x Yuri fanfic when?



Does this new update run like shit for anyone else here? Previous version of KSP ran significantly better, albeit still like shit.

I have green clocks where I had yellows before, so it runs better for me.

Only issue for me is a certain right-click windows remain stuck even though they are not pinned and require a reload of the scene to solve, but that is nothing game breaking

Is it really?
On a scale from 1 to v0.20 how much of a clusterfuck is the current update?

I have the same issue with the controls locking up, only problem is I can't reload the scene as I disabled quicksaving/reloading.

Unless you are in the atmosphere you can still go back to the KSC and reload the craft again, no need to revert.

The problem for me persists even after leaving the scene and returning to the KSC, or anywhere else for that matter. Maybe it's just a bug introduced by a mod I have.

Eh...it works fine for me, I still haven't tested them because I'm not into planes or rovers but people say wheels are all kinds of fucked up.

So far I only had it happen on a couple of right-click menus for engines. If I click the pin icon and then unpin it, I suddenly lose the ability to right-click anything and the window stays pinned no matter what I click or do.
Reloading the scene solves it for me.
I have a bunch of mods too so it might not be a stock issue, not that I care since it's just a mild annoyance and it's easily avoidable by not pinning windows while in critical situations.

Ah, at least yours is an easy fix. I'm not sure how I'll fix mine, aside from removing mods.

Yesterday's thread was so glorious we are now 10 deep in billies defending squad

And to be honest my family I am not seeing a lot of comfort in this thread.

You know what's comfy? Talking about how Maxmaps personally committed treason against Mexico and is individually liable for 30 million dollars worth of Mexican tax fraud and defrauded consumers by using their $100 million in investments for a completed PC game to create a still-in-alpha proof-of-concept Console edition that no one asked for or purchased.

Squad's best bet is to come clean and vow to spend at least 75% of their hidden money on actually making KSP great again. But if we had to pay $100 million not to get a game, but just to see Maxmaps go to jail, then that is $100 million well spent.

Do the classic "remove half the mods > see if the problem solves > remove half of the remaining mods if not solved > repeat until you find the batch of mods that solves the problem when removed and investigate that" technique.
It's far quicker than checking every single mod

The True Paradigm is simply a framework for a better future for KSP

The True Paradigm is about the soul of KSP


Right, I might have to try that. Thanks for the tip.

So what is kspg doing in this wonderful Saturday?






I'm about to pick up some magic mushrooms and take them

debating whether to post visions of a truer paradigm here, looks like would like to hear it.

Setting up a RT network that I will never use because I will be bored of the game long before taking advantage of the sat coverage, just like always


>GC stutter is constant and sharp
Literal garbage.

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What kind of paradigm do you want your children to live in /kspg/?

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I haven't played KSP in a long time and just recently started up 1.1 and I was wondering why solar panels show through the vessel (picrelated). It's a NEW bug, isn't it? Also, what does enabling/disabling suspension on the landing strus do? I don't notice any difference when the thing is standing on a surface.

remind us why you're here again?

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I can't see the solar panels you are talking about in the pic, but suspension lock is useful when landing tall crafts.
If you don't land on a perfectly flat surface the craft will lean on one side, putting more weight on the suspensions on that side.
If you leave them unlocked, the suspensions will collapse a bit under the weight, making the craft lean even more and potentially causing it to fall.

If you lock them properly (like locking the leaning side and leaving the others unlocked), they stay extended and can help you keep the craft as vertical as possible.

Keep in mind a locked suspension will not absorb the landing impact well and will make you bounce if you are not landing really fucking slowly, so lock them right after touchdown.

I don't think you need to lock them on your craft unless you want to be sure the docking port stays at a certain distance from the ground, in which case you should lock them all

>Implying I bait MAN

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You should write something similar with MGSV's last trailer.

No, I was wrong. It is the E3 2015 trailer.


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Nuclear turbojet is a godsend, but I feel like I'm to explode at any moment.

Also, no 2.5m interstellar fuel tank.

>not being in control of your paradigm

>tfw i'm still at tier4 tech and I didn't have a chance to embrace the autism of reactors yet