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You might want to post the sale price in the OP as well.


$18.99 for base game is a good deal.

Oh hey, it's an /esog/ thread. Was looking for discussion about Elder Scrolls Legends but stumbled upon this.

I'll be on the lookout for these threads because I still play and I like talking about it, but I ain't gonna bother bumping lmao.

I was in the /esog/ threads a few months ago but they eventually died out. Hopefully this one gets going and stays.

Is it worth it on the ps4? It's on the flash sale and I've been wanting to play this since the beta on the pc.

Yeah, go for it. I've sunk a shit ton of time into it and I still have fun playing.

Thanks, I'll be sure to add it


Sure, I play it on PS4 pretty much every day. If you decide to get it and need anything in-game feel free to send a message (PSN: kibukj)

So i stumbled upon this dark brotherhood trailer today and saw the best thing ever in the patch that comes with it:

>VR removal

Holy fucking shit you nigger devs why did you wait so long to do this?

Anyways, how does the VR removal work? will they just set everyone with VR to level 50 or will they downgrade you depending on VR?

I'm really interested in starting to play again because of VR going away. I remember have hundreds of tempering alloys and yellow thingies, are they still worth anything?

That sale price is tempting.

All VR players will become level 50, and you get a certain number of CP for each VR you had.

I just went ahead and did it. It's only $20. Bought a copy for me and my GF. Going to be questing tonight. Might get married since that actually gives you a xp boost it seems when you party toghter.

I have this game in my library since the release of teso to steam on the pc

i maybe leveled to 7 tops and quit the game

is this shit worth anything really? i got bored way too fast

>you need to buy thieves guild dlc
oh well now im sure im deleting this

Cleared this dungeon pretty quick with pubs, it was bearly any trouble.

I really need to get back into it, I've had it since near launch but there is still so much I haven't done.
Got a few characters but only 1 of them is in the VR ranks, and only level 2, glad that shit is gonna go.

Need to do more shit with the guild, pretty sure I've talked to you guys before but done nothing with you.


Me and a friend have only played this game to about level 30 when it came out and we were wanting to try it again.

Where can we find some builds that are up to date and decent for leveling?


Deltiagaming has leveling builds for all classes I think, You don't really need a leveling build its not to hard.

Its good to have a self heal, keep one bar for single target, one for AoE, chances are you will have room on one of those bars for things like buffs so put them there.

any place to look for builds? I want to look at some dragonknight tank build


thank you kind user

I fucking hate how he's totally not structured. He sometimes tells you what armor to use, sometimes not, sometimes tells you what to put attributes points into, sometimes not... it's a mess and the explanations for his builds are incredibly long for what they explain.

I'm bored of leveling, how do I skip to VR1. I'm 30 and it's my first character and have only about 20k gold, if it matters.

Is it worth getting the special edition that comes with 5000 coins? In the sale it is cheaper to get that and use the coins to get the Expacs right? I've seen some people say just to get the subscription.

Imperial City = 2500 crowns
Orsinium = 3000 crowns
Thieves Guild = 2000 crowns

So, 5500 won't get you all of them (if you even want all of them). If you get the optional sub you unlock them as long as you have it, and you get 1500 crowns each month.

Note that I think it also comes with the Imperial Edition stuff, so that's another 2100 crowns you are getting if you wanted the race/special horse/special pet and 1000 crowns from the Pledge of Mara. If you aren't sure if you will get the sub (and keep it for 5-6 months to get the same amount of crowns), get the special edition.

Don't follow Deltia, he has no idea what he's talking about.

Go to Tamriel Foundry, they have builds for each class. Just look for recently updated ones.

Don't follow Deltia. The theorycrafting section of the Tamriel Foundry forums is what you're looking for. All in text so it's easy to parse, I hate watching long videos when it's so simpler to read things.

You still should do the main faction quests because they give skill points. Also get every sky shard for more skill points.

For pure exp grinding the each of the five cyrodiil towns has daily quests, but because they're so spread apart it's better done if you have a fast horse. Or go cracked wood cave or some other delve and grind the mobs (do it in a group of 2 for 10% xp bonus). Be warned if you grind this way you'll be low on skill points.

Personally I bought the base game, then bought crowns when they were 40% off. ($20 base game, ~$24 for 5500 crowns). I doubt the special edition is worth it.

I finally broke down and bought this game in the PS4 sale, any quick tips I should know starting out? I don't really want to read any guides and ruin the experience, but just shit that would hurt me long term if I messed it up would be nice to know ahead of time.

If you have any interesting in crafting, start deconstructing and researching ASAP. I think at level 5 you get the option for a proper tutorial but you can probably figure it out just looking at the UI on the crafting stations, and the sooner you start the better, research takes a looooong time.


just doing dungeons with randos. Seems like there might be some new PS4 from this flash sale, but they might not be on for a while considering how big this game's download is


muh 'chievements but it gives me a dye colour so I can't complain

does anyone play this any more?

Yo where can I find just a regular old Merchant in Ebonheart, or anywhere on Stonefeld?

One that I can buy some armour and weapons off or sell some of the shit I have? As well repair some of my stuff?

I deleted Dota again hopefully for good.

Now I've reinstalled this game again. Previously I was getting wrecked by two of the Maulborn guards down in that down with the disease going through. In southern Stonehelm I think. I kind of gave up at that point then. But after giving it another try I realised those guards were twice my level. Kek. I also just realised that Greener quests are your easier ones while redder ones are harder

It seems the game, kind of, forces you to slowly do quests from East to West as well. Rather than the other way around, which I was trying to do.

Anything I should know before jumping into the game in 12 years when it finishes downloading?
Which is the best faction? What is a good class choice for a solo player?

Daggerfall Covenant for life senpai.
Also any class can do well solo, as if your class has no self heal or you don't unlock it till later you can just pick up a restoration staff and get a self heal from the get go, lots of people straight up suggest using a resto staff till level 15 when you get you second weapon slot.

I play EP.

Research early, half of your best gear comes from crafted stuff. If you don't have enough traits researched usually if you join a guild someone will craft the item you want for free as long as you provide the materials.

Usually people pick either magicka or stamina to specialize in. But respeccing is cheap so do whatever you want.

All classes can solo, but magicka based builds tend to have better sustain. If you're going stamina you want to unlock momentum/rally in the two handed tree, that helps enormously. If you're magicka keeping a restoration staff on your off-bar should allow you to solo your way easily.

Just keep some combination of aoe, single-target, and sustain on your bar and soloing should be simple.

If you see columbine or namiras rot, they're worth a lot to players so pick them up.

Oh yeah, don't bother repairing your armor, it's a waste of gold until you get to max level. You constantly get better gear as you quest through, obsoleting your previous gear.


hah, I think I had trouble in the same spot my first character. You usually only want to be fighting enemies that are +/- 5 levels from you, because anything else doesn't give you XP or loot (besides materials like leather scraps from animals)

The "east to west" isn't always true, in that area (Deshaan) you are really going west to east. Overall you sort of go north to south on the map in the Ebonheart Pact (Stonefalls, Deshaan, Shadowfen) but then oddly enough you loop around up to Eastmarch and finally down to The Rift. You can actually get from Stonefalls to The Rift by going under the bridge near Fort Virak, but that's usually not a good idea since you're going from the second lowest level area to the second highest level area (besides the VR areas).

DC = Master race
EP = Skyrim babbies
AD = Piss (but has Kate Beckinsale)

As for classes, sorcerer is considered the easiest out of all of them. You can cast a ward on yourself to never take damage, and if you do take some damage, you can cast a healing ward to get you back to full health (but every magicka class has access to healing ward).
They have ez rotations for damage dealing. When you have enough ultimate, you just left click and you produce the highest dps out of all the classes.
They also have 2 pets that you can summon. People have soloed veteran dungeons using this, which usually takes 4 people to complete.

What do you all play?
My main is a magicka nightblade and I fuckin love it.

Am I the only one who thinks this game is too easy for soloing? Literally no challange, just kill everything in 2-3 swings. Even quest bosses, like Doshia are quite weak now.
this guy is right
fucking VR removal should have happened ages ago. I am really excited about the Dark brotherhood stuff. It would be good to get to assassinate players as well.

For everyone who is considering buying this game, as long as you not buy it from steam for like 50-60GBP, its worth it. Plenty of content in the base game, and you can buy the DLC-s anytime you want. This model proved very good in the secret world as well.

Main is a magicka sorc.

I also have a magicka nb, dk and templar sitting on vr1, waiting for vet removal.

For people that have orsinium/ imp city, is it worth for the ez grind? I can grind fine but if you get more xp and more mobs buying either DLCs then I might pull the trigger.

templar with magicka, I like focusing on healing/support.

I found soloing this game easy, but I am a big gamer. I know people who have had difficulty playing through the base game, so I can't really fault zenimax for making it not difficult. The real challenge for me was stam nightblade veteran maelstrom arena.

Yeah I agree with not buying in on steam. No reason to give valve a 30% cut, and the launcher was never designed for steam in the first place, so people have complained about bugs related to steam.

At first I was happy about VR removal, but then I realized that means they can start releasing items with higher CP requirements. Right now VR16 = 160 CP, but what's to stop them from releasing 170 CP mats and items? I don't want to refarm all my legendary tempers again, shits expensive.

Got three V16 characters, all on EP. A stam nightblade, a magicka nightblade, and a DK that I haven't decided what to build as precisely (some kind of tank but I haven't decided what sets to use yet).

I don't seem to understand or be very good at PvP, anyone got some info to help me out?

Once I got 501 CP and all legendary gear, it became much easier. I'd suggest playing on the no CP server if you have a low amount of CP.

The thing is if you don't have 501 CP you will deal 25% less damage and take 25% more damage and have 2k less hp/mana/stam to work with compared to people who do.

Similar situation with legendary gear as well.

If you just want to get AP and don't have good gear, equip a restoration staff and follow a zerg around spamming rapid regen/mutagen. You'll get partial credit for kills by anyone under the healing effect, which lasts like 20 seconds and since it's spammable you'll get partial credit for just about all kills.

It's a scale of 0-501 CP, so 0-25% more dmg, etc.

PVP is actually a really long topic. It's more about sustain than burst. Dodge rolling, blocking, and break free are very important. If you run out of resources, you die.

Roots are very good in PVP (because they can only be broken by rolling or purges), and so is hard CC. Even if you don't have good items, you can equip annoying skills that will make you effective in PVP. By annoying skills I mean things like piercing mark on NBs, any roots, crowd control spells, things that interrupt enemies and make them deal less damage. You'd be less concerned with damage and more concerned with the secondary effects of skills.

we were doing a lot of pvp when the game came out. stealth mechanic says it all - we were doing ganking squads with friends 1v1 2v2 - taking on enemy quest hubs and cutting off reinforcements. Awesome fun.
some general tips for you:
>do a proper pvp build
>dont shoot the tank, shoot his friends first
>rack up on good potions and good food buffs
>just play as your build supposed to play. If you are a glass cannon, don't be on the frontline with the target mark above your head
>pay attention to spell effects - block, roll, dodge, remove cc and be careful about your stamina - its a very important resource in pvp.

I'm trying to convert my current dungeon tanking build to a remotely-usable PvP build.

Would this work for zerg (EP) PvP?


Sorry, I don't play templars and can't offer advice.


Thanks for the tips amigos. Any tips for a nightblade stam build?
>tfw only just halfway done with the download after 9 hours
Jesus this game's data is ridiculous

I played this way back at launch and wanna get back into it. Does anyone from back then even exist anymore? Does Sorc Tank still work? Is Ebinheart still cancer?

nobody plays this gay game

only since launch on consoles

My current stamblade PvE bar is

Vigor, Grim Focus, Siphoning Strikes, Caltrops, Double Take > Bolstering Darkness
Evil Hunter, Vigor, Killer's Blade, Surprise Attack, Steel Tornado > Flawless Dawnbreaker

Try level all your skills up, keep the ones you want to level but don't use on your off-bar and switch to that before you turn in quests for the xp. I eventually levelled dual wielding, bow, and 2H while getting to v16. Try get sword/shield as well, it has some applications. You definitely want to experiment with whatever skills you got.

I remember using a lot of brawler, piercing mark, and soul tether to get that extra bit of sustain when I was levelling. Refreshing path was good too.

When you get to lvl 10, go to Cyrodiil and do the introduction quest. This will get allow you to unlock rapid manoeuvrers which I get on every character because it makes walking/riding around the place so much faster. I guess number one priority is getting 10k gold for a horse, then remembering to feeding it to increase speed, then capacity, then stamina. I think I got my horse by the 2nd zone, but I don't quite remember.

If you play PC there are a lot of good addons I can recommend.

Relentless focus is the morph for grim focus, and razor caltrops is the morph for caltrops.


how's those downloads coming?

Am I the only one that likes taking screenshots?

Been looking to get into this game for a while now. I am going to get it for the ps4 since I have a friend who plays it there.

My question is, is there a good paladin like build (AKA sword/mace and Shield with holy spells/healing). Also how is the wizard class in the game, does it feel like a powerful spellcaster?


I think Templar is exactly what you want. Any class can use healing spells with a Restoration staff but Templar has many powerful ones tied to the class (so you can use whatever weapons you want), and they are more "holy" themed than the normal Restoration spells.

All the classes can be magic-users in their own way, Sorceror has dark/shock/conjuration magic, Dragonknight has fire and alteration magic, Nightblades have shadow/illusion magic, and Templar has light/"sun"/fire/restoration magic.

hmm okay thanks Templar will most likely be my first class then.

How do you feel the immersion is in the game? It feels like lately MMO's have been straying from this more and more.


I think it's great. You have the same third/first person camera control as in Morrowind-Skyrim and a lot of the HUD defaults to only appearing when needed. There's very MMO-ish things like respawning enemies that you don't have in the singleplayer ES games but it's better than most IMO.

respeccing is cheap i thought it was the contrary, very expensive and that is why they sell scrolls on the shop.

Can anyone explain a bit more how respec works?

You have skill points you gain from levelling up/completing quests/finding skyshards that you spend on skills (abilities, passives, or morphs of abilities). You also have attribute points (1 per level gained) that you spend on health/stamina/magicka.

To respec you simply pray at a shrine to Stendarr/Stuhn and make an offering to reset all your skill points. You can also pray at a shrine to Auriel/Akatosh/Kyne and make an offering to reset all your attribute points.

It costs 50 gold per skill point/attribute point spent to do the respec.

I'm downloading this game and going to play it tomorrow.
Most of my friends are already playing this and have quite the bank build up.

What can I do to catch up to them?
Also, I'm thinking about making a woodelf, NB archer


The first Vigor should say Rally.


less "adventure", and more "shopping" so far today

So how is the end game currently? Are there raids? Believe it or not I prefer dungeons over raids, too chaotic and boring for me.

You have Dungeons (4 player activity) and Trials (12 player activity), and PVP of course.

im not a big 'muh immersion' person, but its seriously good. if you want to lost in the world, 1st person is a big addition as well as voiceovered quests.

New weapon classes when?
I've seen lots of people kick around the idea of a Runes weapon type, which would basically give you stuff like pick related, bound weapons and staffless magic, which would be cool, but I don't know the lore well so no idea if they would be good lore-wise, but I could go for a new magic weapon of some sort for sure.
I'd prefer to shoot fire from my hands instead of a staff.

I would like to see
>2h spear (or spear and shield)
+FALMER STYLE crafting


Actually pretty excited to buy this game. I hope it is still on sale tomorrow.

Also is the Special Edition worth it?

>Also is the Special Edition worth it?


I'm so fucking lost, I played like 2 hours on PS4 and have no idea what I'm doing. Like I'm pretty sure I already fucked up by making my sorcerer an argonian.

Is there just a general new player guide that explains some of the basic mechanics?

>Like I'm pretty sure I already fucked up by making my sorcerer an argonian.
Not at all, Argonians are less naturally gifted in magic than races like Bretons or Altmer, but you can still be a good sorceror.

I don't really know of a particular guide, but some tips:
- Do the "starter island(s)" first. Nowadays you actually start off on the second area level-wise when you leave the Wailing Prison. There should be a quest right outside where you speak to the Prophet that points you to a Boatswain that will take you there. These give you an easier tutorial and even provide a little extra intro to the main alliance story, though they are technically optional. If you are in the Ebonheart Pact, the Boatswain is by the docks in Davon's Watch and takes you to Bleakrock island.
- You can join the Mages and Fighters guilds right away in the first city, and they each have their own skill line and special quests for each area of the map.
- If you are level 5+ you will see signs in some cities that talk about Crafting Writs, take those quests and complete them, they are tutorials on crafting.
- You can travel to any part of your alliance's section of Tamriel at any time, but the enemies in the areas don't level scale so it is probably better just to follow the quest line in one area at a time.

There's probably a lot more to say but maybe someone else can think of better tips. If you need any in-game help or maybe materials or something, feel free to message me (PSN: kibukj).

Thanks for the help, I think I'm just going to restart and try it again with a high elf, the more I look at these racial skills the less appealing they sound.

Is the only way to chat in game in the PS4 version with voice chat? Or is the chat window hidden somewhere?

No chat window, for some stupid reason the devs didn't think it was needed and its been requested ever since.

It is coming at least. It wasn't mentioned in the preview for Dark Brotherhood, so maybe the update after that. ZOS mentioned it was coming in January, but I don't think they've been more specific.

Oh really?
Well thats good I guess.

I have tried to get in to this game. I really have. But for some reason I can't find any quests whatsoever to level up and it's just so trying to grind through shit. I'm barely at level 15 if I remember. I'm not really liking this game at all. Is there any redemption to the game if I hate MMO's and only like Elder Scrolls type sandboxes? I like how the game looks and how it's got a lot of land to wander around in.

I have no idea how you are level 15 and can't find any quests, there are more quests then you need to get to VR content.