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literally just a porn dump in here

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May 5-9, If Pre-Ordered May 3-9

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>made an account to upload my shit to MEGA for you guys
>had to go ahead and install whatever that bullshit it wanted me to install was just to speed it up when it didnt even realize it was installed
>took 2 and a half hours to upload it all aswell as literally killing all internet on my ps4 and the CAPTCHA not letting me post anything on Veeky Forums
>ready to post here for all you guys and have all the work pay off
>about to get it ready to post here
>"sharing folders is only for registered users. would you like to upgrade now"



eh generic moeblob shite

TOORASERU is a cute name though

Tracer is the best girl in the game.

how offensive and disgusting whoever decided to model a butt for a female should kill themselves

>her character is the fact that she has a British accent
>taking it away makes her a million times cuter

The Japanese accent makes her sound like shit, though you weeaboos probably will kill me for saying this.

im not a weeboo.
but her being a jap sound cute

>tfw Britfag
>tfw I like her accent
>tfw she is my waifu

I just want to cuddle her.

Same here fellow Britbong, I hated those common as shit accents before.

>tfw kiwifag
>tfw no kiwihero
>tfw no john key in Overwatch
I just want to cuddle him.


>asian tracer

>tfw short hair is frowned upon in my region
>tfw called out as a faggot for liking it
I just want to cuddle death

What region user? Also, Tracer a cute.

>tfw no boy tracer


Eh, Tracer only really works as a girl, sorry love.

Just curious, why's that?

She looks andro.

Because she's filled with spunk?

Post waifu


I lost count.

What are the next supposed heroes?

I heard about Sombra from Reaper
Pharas' mother, the supposed support sniper
Gerard, maybe? knowing blizzard, every relative of a hero is heroic in some way


>inb4 "short hair"

This pose makes her legitimately look like one of my friends he's a guy

Why is Tracer the face of Overwatch?

She certainly isn't the coolest character, or the most interesting. She isn't even the hottest girl.

Seems strange that they're forcing her so much.

hey guys help me get views. i make original content videos about overwatch!

She is the wackiest and most random though!

She was originally the face character in Titan.

Is it just me or does every Overwatch girl have a nice ass?

Perfect for sniffing and licking

Because she's the coolest, most interesting character. She's also the hottest.

Give me the Omnic pussy, Blizzard.

All are equal but some are more equal than others.
pic related.

Obligatory thread Sam gif.

Whoever posted that comic or D.VA and Mei in the last thread do you know if there is a translation anywhere?

Because she's cute. CUTE!

Because she became the most popular one, simple as. They actually had no plans of using her as the mascot:


>And while she wasn't particularly created to be a starring role, if you will, we felt on the team, the more we got to know her and play her, she was kind of like this Spider-Man type character for us. She's so rad, and it feels good to leverage her in the front of story ideas.

Titan didn't go far enough for it to have "face characters." Tracer was a faceless class back in Titan.

i had a dream i was able to play overwatch last night.

How was it?

it was good. i logged onto a modded server with different heroes. i was playing with spyro and it was surprisingly fun. his kit was actually pretty good too. his ult was a super charge ram that lasted for a couple seconds, really good at clearing out a area.

Sounds pretty neat although a bit imbalanced.


It all makes sense now.

Is this game any fun? I really can't tell.

It looks more fun than TF2, and I fucking love TF2

So I'm gonna lean towards yes personally

Wait a couple of weeks and judge for yourself in the open beta.


I actually have the game and it is NOT more fun than tf2.

so when are they going to fix this game's ranked? never?

Maybe I'm just a sucker for the wider character variety and unique special abilities then

As well as, from what i can tell at least, is greater emphasis on mobility and verticality

>greater emphasis on mobility
It definitely has more movement-based abilities, but greater emphasis overall? TF2 had stuff like rocket jumping and sticky jumping.

my biggest issue with this game is that ive played thousands of hours of tf2 to the point where every time i play tf2 i get this burnt out, boring feeling
i was hoping for overwatch to take this feeling away but the games are just similar enough that the burnt out feeling stays when i play it, and im certain this applies to a lot of ex-tf2 players
i dont even come to this general i just saw it on the front page looking for ps2g and thought id throw in my feelings about this game

>Jinx vs. Junkrat vs. Peacock;
>who wins?

does this game use mmr in QM?|

It's not more fun than TF2, but it has better waifus.

Had more fun with the game than the thousands of hours I clocked with TF2.

oh god, I can' stop laughing,
this is horrifying
just look at his face; he probably hasn't smiled like this in years

well the thing is the movement in OW is basically just the "press X to parkour type"

it doesn't require much of any skill compared to for example bunnyhopping in CSGO or strafe jumping in quake

yeah it's just hidden

they might have tweaked it after adding ranked though

I had more fun playing Mercy in coop vs AI games than I ever had playing TF2.

Everything in Overwatch just works, the gameplay is about as smooth as it gets. Just running around maps is entertaining.

Blizzard really knows how to make a game feel good.

even though we got one comic I'm still thirsty
which brings me to another point;
I think they said there'd be more animated features:
now we got 'Alive' and 'Recall'- does the 'moment in crime'-feature count as animated?
which means we'll only get one more or do we still get two
>technically those were just still pics

I believe were getting 2 more before release.

Probably one just before open beta and release.

>drone, the post

>implying having a positive opinion is being a drone

Did you play much co-op vs AI tf2?

I had more fun in the stress test than I had with most of TF2.

And I was playing solo. I bet it'll be way more fun when I play with my friends.

I would use that pose

>being excited about a game

Fuck you, the past 5 years has been so fucking dry. Overwatch is the first game in a long time that I hyped myself beyond reasonable expectations for, and was still blown away when I finally got to play the game.

I actually cancelled my Legion preorder because I know this game is going to suck up all my free time for at least the next 6 months. Ive already invested at least 600 hours into watching streams in the past few months.

I dont remember coop vs AI existing in TF2, but I quit around when Demoknight became a thing, so who knows what they have now. The only reason I sat around in bot games in Overwatch is because ive become a shut in thats afraid of playing with people.

>bait, the post

>in coop vs AI
>Just running around maps
>Blizzard really knows

What point are you trying to make? You missed a couple words.

I love pa but their art has seriously gotten worse over the years.

>people think overwatch is an arena shooter

Yeah, and that was just about it.

Overwatch has a lot more than just that.

Mei is

everything is an arena shooter if you try hard enough.
Except 2k16 Doom, that's not an Arena SHooter

Well she is the least mobile character.

Her weapon makes it so she doesnt need to run.

>Who is Bastion

Omnics dont have fat, so I was excluding them.

I wish mei could use her m1 to make a slippery path that only she could use like iceman. +ms on ice should be part of her passive.
>i'm not even meifag

>Hey user, let's race!
>Whoever loses has to do something funny!
What are the stakes?

>if I win
I get to fuck her.
>if I lose
She gets to fuck me.

No time travel shit either.


>You seem like an OK guy, user, but I don't like you that much
>Don't get me wrong, love

Fuck you, you're not the boss of me.


>white reyes
this triggers my autism

Alas, it was before it was known he was Mexican.

if you had to absolutely pick a dude to share room with who of the male Overwatch heroe's would you choose to be your room mate

>everyone claiming the bicycle hero tracer
>no mercy waifuing
Don't mind if I do

let's post these again

Mercy is boring, Tracer is where it's at.

Probably Genji. That way I'd have the bathroom all to myself, he'd have cool Shimada bros. stories to tell and I'd unsuccessfully try to explain the appeal of video games to him.

>Tfw won't be able to pocket heal Tracer


>implying Tracer isn't best waifu

Please aquire taste. I hate to tell you, but yours is shit.

Roadhog or junkrat easy, they seems like nice guy's when they're not killing people. Roadhog seems like the kind of guy that is actually really good at cooking and other domestic jobs and junkrat is the banter king.


Now If the Reyes skin proves him to be of latino descent. But the original Reaper skin shows him having Caucasian white biceps.

Who's to say that his skin color didn't change when he was "resurrected". He's a dead man walking. I like to think that Reaper Reyes skin color is now that of a corpse.