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Burial at Sea - Episode
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First for a good start.


Guys can you help?

Im trying to make a swimsuit for Liz and im gonna copy this design, but what I need is this in a 2d garment diagram. My head cant get around how the fuck it works. Can anyone draw it out?

>ded again



You post this on every thread. Why? You don't contribute to the thread. No images, no text, nothing. It's as if you aren't mentally capable of posting beyond the reply button. You only make this place look worse than it already is.

Can't help m8. I have no idea.



What's going on?

Yes, it looks very simple.


14th for Rosalind



I don't know.

No posters.


What is she doing?

It's a single fitted piece of clothing. Not too hard.

Not bad.

Could you make it less lewd?

That defeats the point.

Rosalind version when?



But you must keep balance.
>tfw no Rosbros can unto 3D modeling





Ros night.





What if Wilfred was in Bioshock Infinite.


Liz morning

Low energy.

>tfw Daisy wasn't a qt Irish girl
Why didn't this happen?

its time to go back to /reddit/ kiddos, this is fucking Veeky Forums. we have no emotion, we are cold, calculating psychopaths. if you actually feel bad for this pathetic bitch of a whore Elizabeth you are a weak willed degenerate beta.

we do not forgive and we do not forget.



What is it, Liz?

Corset Liz with old Liz hairstyle.

Yeah, I can see that. But why is she reacting like that?

She's probably explaining time travel and alternate universes.

If you could call it that.

Liz pussy

Liz tits


I love Liz.



Are you playing as a woman? Is this a DLC or a mod?


I only played the base game of the three games, I don't know about anything else. IIRC, there were some missions you played as the daughter in Bioshock 2, but I don't remember using any weapons there.

No these are Booker's hands.

Its the Burial at Sea Part 2 DLC where you play as Liz senpai

dont buy it

Liz you got a booger.

>tfw no posters


This thread always dies when I go to sleep. I can hardly find it still up when I wake up


Can't you just not sleep or something?

It's all over, was nice to know you.

Is anyone up to anything?

In what way do you mean? OC or general knowledge about about user?

OC and the like.



Doing more work on the swimsuit.




Those are creases from the seams. I see what you mean, though.

I remember someone making Liz and Booker in swimsuits a long time ago. Was anything ever made with them?

No, I never finished that project.

>infinity symbol
poetry porn

>not the Cage
It's like you don't want her to break free from Comstock.


What are you doing up there, Liz?