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>Whats New:
Balance patch:

>where do I find you kinky faggots
/join Veeky Forums

>Do you faggots have a discord?

>What hero should I buy?
Find the ones you enjoy playing and buy those. Don't buy cheap heroes just to get into Hero League, it's not worth rushing into.

>Links nobody visits anyway
Official Site: us.battle.net/heroes/en/
General News: heroesnexus.com/
Tips & Tricks: heroesofthestorm.github.io/tips
Hero Rankings and Statistics: hotslogs.com/Default
Talent Calculator: heroesfire.com/hots/talent-calculator/
All of the hero voice lines: rpboyer15.github.io/sounds-of-the-storm/

Previous thread:

Where the FUCK is Maiev????

vikings buff when

Murky delete when?

Love your LiLi

How to beat Tracer

Just dodge her bomb
Just blind her
Just shrug off her damage
Just shrink her
Just pick high hp heroes
Just stay in position
Just immune the bomb


Or you could just run two supports or two warriors or Cho'gall or Li Li or Uther

>I'm a bad, bad man

what could he have meant by this

Did Gamal#1902 ever find his trap to play with btw?

Where the FUCK is Superman?

I stand for the light

When will we see second Arthas added into HotS as a hero? Would be cool to have Arthas paladin dispensing justice and cleansing the realms of the Nexus.

The Crown Prince Arthas skin could be remodeled into a Death Knight Arthas without helmet. Additionally they could give the paladin hero Arthas for free to those who have purchased Crown Prince Arthas before.

Arthas is just too badass to be a single hero in HotS. There need to be two Arthases/Arthas/Arthasae(?).

>encouraging dark pit

they should just rework him and give uther an arthas skin

that could be an option only if they rework uther and that would happen only if they rework how supports work in this game. i rlly wish it was possible for more diversity like full healing, retri uther, etc

most supports in this game are combatants lol kharazim bruce lee uther paladin rehgar gladiator

EU Pro players MingLee EleGiggle

Don't forget front line bait and blind LiLi

>post yfw elite leaks are true

>play vs vikings

fun game

>Heroes being worked on but not on the release schedule
Fake. If they were going to add him they would've done it already.

>play as vikings

fun game

>be me
>lvl 13 zeratul, never played with vorpal blades
>go quick match to try it out
>missclick talent on lvl 4
>go feed so game ends faster, dont need qm
>teammates angry

>garrosh and grom
how would that work? 2 shirtless brown orcs that use the exact same weapon and are warriors?

grom would be a fast paced assassin (not a bruiser, but an assassin) with high single target dmg. kinda like greymane i guess, but in permanent worgen, no escape, so i guess would have more hp and burst dmg

garrosh would be a tank, simple.

What the fuck do I need to do for this game to run at 144 fps?
It doesn't even look particularly good but I get ~70 fps at 'High' with a R9 390.
Is this one of those pieces of garbage that mostly use your CPU instead of GPU?

The SC2 engine really is the biggest burden for hots.

>Teammates take bad fights out of position or 4v5
>Can't into objective
>More feeding
>I spend the rest of the game clearing lanes and backing over and over
>They focus 100% of the salt at me
It's always nice to give them a reason to not blame themselves. I hope they never learn and stay shitters for life.


>playing this game on a Saturday
What was I even thinking?

lol i dont care about qm, i go 1 vs 4, 1 vs 5 if i feel like it. really dont give a shit about that game mode, i go there sometimes to test some shit for a game or two, play hl all the time

>Play tank
>Win fight
>Leave for a camp or save a fort getting slammed by huge wave
Maybe you should stay with me Kohai

they will use his wod form

garrosh will be either a tank or a high damage bruiser. why? because he is huge, he is bald and he is the big boss since like wotlk.

grom will be an assassin, or a bruiser at best to compensate his absolute lack of escape. i think they will add him brown skinned and he will his own kind of illidan's metamorphosis as a heroic option, turns him into blood crazed n shit.

Grom would be green since most heroes in HotS are based on their WC3 or ealry WoW self rather than most recent WoW expansions.
He'd probably be an assassin rather than a warrior. He could have some form of rage/bloodlust mechanic where he becomes more ferocious the more damage he deals/takes.
Also his heroic would be drinking the Blood of Mannaroth which turn him red and even more angry than before.
>WC3/Vanilla Jaina
>pre-Legion Sylvanas
>WC3/Vanilla Thrall
>WC2 Cho'gall
>WC3/BC Kael
>WC3 Muradin
The HotS team clearly prefers the classic look of heroes to their current WoW appearances.

It's probably easier to port their WC3 models and touch them up.

Easy whenever a match starts Grom does something stupid and feeds so Thrall sends him away to collect lumber until the battle is over.

>he thinks they're importing 200 tri models from 1999
You're kidding.

I started playing this game a few days ago so I might just not be seeing his weaknesses, but is Zeratul overpowered? As long as you're not stupid with your blink/wormhole it just feels like you can do whatever the fuck you want with him and always have a get out of jail free card.

Hahaha. What the fuck is he holding? Is that supposed to be an axe or a hammer? Or maybe that's some sort of infernal cannon. That's fucking ridiculous.

But I'm not. You can easily port WC3 models to the HotS/SC2 engine.

>blizzard weapons
>not ridiculous

why are you here

he is op against shitters who can't spot cloaked heroes and are bad at positioning. in hl and competitive he is very good but hard to master.

You're looking at two things.
There's a standard on a pole protruding from his back, ala burning blade style.
He's also holding Gorehowl in his left hand

I'm a fucking programmer and I know that it's wayyyy easier to just make a new model from scratch than to try to "touch up" such an old model. The differences between then and now are so vast it's not even funny. And this is all assuming that the WC3 models were made with some sort of compatible software instead of some archaic program that everyone's forgotten about by now.

I hope Grom will still have the banner on his back if he's ever added into HotS.

Should I buy Rehgar or Brightwing?


brightwing if u play HL. counters illidan. but if u just wanna play support, then probably rehgar. he is the best atm and you will have much more success if u spam him than bw.

Literal fucking faggots and the playerbase that's ruining this game. Hurr durr I throw the game, but its not my fault because I'm not being serious. You're the reason this game is going to die out sooner than its already projected to.

Pic related its you.

.mdl's were what wc3 engine used.

That's what hots uses too. All they are are vertex lists.

It's easier to make a new model regardless of format. It's not like blizzard only has 3 high school graduates working in their art department for fucks sake.

go buy more skins

I don't buy any because I'm not a cuck or a moron. Why would I waste money on a game with such a self-destructive, shitter filled, retard emporium for a playerbase?

Oh now i see it. :D

>Being anally fucked for most of the game
>A lot of shit talking back and forth between everyone in the team
>Almost dead, core at 45%
>People stop shittalking start defending
>We end up winning

Wow, turns out if you play instead of stop to write shit you can win the game


plz no

Not really.
Lots of famous heroes are still missing from each of the three franchises.
Warcraft is still missing Grom, Varimathras, Kel'Thuzad, Gul'dan, Kil'jaiden and many more.
Diablo still has no Baal, Mephisto, most D1&2 heroes and more.
Starcraft is also missing a lot of big names like Fenix, Tosh, Duke, Mengsk, Overmind or Stukov.

Did Chen's drinking get nerfed at some point?

I just tried to pick him up again and it was a real feel bad. I remember you used to be able to drink through the damage of a single hero. That doesn't seem to work anymore. I don't understand how this hero can even have a 50% winrate like this.

Sounds like you are just bad.

>be me
>one of the best KT players of all time, never fucking die, NEVER
>some faggot steals my kt pick, has x6 less KT games than me. writes "you mad?"
>i pick robogoblin gazlowe and continue the game as 6v4 against my own team

my people will be avenged...

>more baseline DPS than butcher
I want whatever the balance team is on

You sound like a faggot.

think his shield is like 10% less now.


All I'm seeing is li ming has 2698 hp more than she needs at lvl20.

According to this, butcher and greymane are going to be nerfed.

Shield is stronger early game, 10% weaker late game, but that change was made months ago.

It also depends on which hero you're trying to tank through. You can easily tank through multiple low damage heroes, but if a greymane is sitting there meleeing you in wolf form with inner beast on you're going to have a bad time.

Chen's more or less fine right now. There are just a few annoyances that blizzard could fix without changing his balance and he'd be perfect.

Looks inaccurate. I mean they write out the "dps" of tracer without counting her reload. How the fuck is that dps then? If you reduce it by 38% like you should then you get her actual lvl 0 dps: 150

Butcher also has twice the health, a +25-35% Attack Damage buff to build, etc.

Guys, I hope I'm wrong but we just might not get any new heroes for May.

Back in Blizzcon 2014, they revealed Jaina (December), Thrall (January), TLV (Feb), and Sylvanas (March). They then skipped April before we got Kael'thas in May.

A year later, at Blizzcon 2015, they revealed Cho'Gall, Lunara, Greymane, and (indirectly) Tracer. Everyone teased in that event has since made it into the game and they just might use this chance to catch a breathe.

Again, I hope I'm wrong, but if I'm right, it could mean two Warcraft heroes in June for the whole Alliance vs. Horde thing in the movie.

Yeah. I love it how people in moba's have a way of acting like that. Some people keep screaming till the last minute that they are going to feed or something like that then suddenly they are all buddy-buddy with you, or just shut up like happened with you.

I didn't really understand people like that before, but lately, after i got a couple of people like that as my friends in different games, i'm slowly starting to get a general idea.

This one guy in special seemed really "impulsive", for the lack of a better word. The match was going pretty shitty for the first half and he was just being a general asshole towards me. He started to act more civil when the match started to go our way though. Another match which had us just straight-up losing he acted like an asshole for the entire match, but at both of the times, he said he was sorry after.

I ques some people just have no filters.

you're not wrong, but one of them is ranged and the other is melee and she's still OP

They're not going to skip a month for no reason. At worst it'll be a week or two late. They've kept to a 3-4 week schedule between heroes for quite a while now.

>make a character like zeratul, but give her three blinks, ranged dps and a reset

Do they actually test the fucking heroes?

>Do they actually test the fucking heroes?
No user, it's obvious by now that they do not do extensive testing on heroes. This is what the community is for. Kael got patched so many times I lost count.

not again pls. Butcher is just barely playable with Silence on Lamb and Greymane has no safety net anymore.

g4tT will be impactful'd so more people pick marked for the kill

SuperTracer skin when?

>pick hammer
>our team just rolls over them
>end the game with top hero and siege damage and 0 deaths
>our illidan with 4 deaths and lowest damage out of all our dps goes "man, i don't get why they didn't ban illidan he's so op xDD"

fuck off with your twitter pepe

>pick illidan
>get 19 kills
he thinks he's me clearly

dong is OP but yeah in the hands of a shitter he can flop hard

They skipped May to focus on the game release IIRC.

After how many OW heroes we will see a play 2 games as OW hero daily, what do you think?

pick valla
lvl 1
get one shot by tracer

Fuck you Blizzard

Don't pick:

Until Blizzard remembers they exist and gives them an update for the current state of the game.

They do as much testing as they can, keep in mind that they can't do nearly as much testing as the playerbase can.

Hard to lose. We will see nerf 26 and another one two weeks after.

Yeah, i think they have stated a couple of times that they are more focused in making the game fun and having interesting heroes, than making the game balanced.

Most of the time this works well and we get crazy shit like Cho'Gall. But naturally this way of doing things has it's obvious cons also.

Q build valla can 1v1 her in most situations.

hungering arrow build can 1v1 most heroes. People just don't wanna accept it.

>pick hero
>any map
>the lost memes as teammates

I'd rather heroes feel different and designed to be fun and then made viable/reasonable after the fact.

Otherwise you end up with a bunch of heroes that all do the same things and slap eachother with pillows.

But I would prefer they didn't balance around pub stats.

It uses up so much mana. It needs to be fixed for how unreliable the arrow is.

Now I had the opposite situation
>Dominating the whole game
>We have them down to 2 forts
>Our ETC does a really stupid useless mosh and gets killed
>people start talking shit and we end up losing

but useless on solo q imo

Dusty did say that. He also said that he makes the job for the balancing team pretty much impossible.

Even so 80% of the hero pool is viable in competetive. Wich is leaps ahead of any other ASSFAGGOTS

Stall objectives and DONDIEE, enjoy having 4 levels of advantage the whole game
But people don't really know how to roll with the vikings, they don't go for ganks when you already have lane soak everywhere and whatnot, people play normally and it's a character that demands you to mostly forget about the laning game and just cockblock the enemy team. But again is the ultimate teammplay hero because if your allies don't do stuff while you soak might as well get em all 3 together and gangbang a nigger

Is Raynor any good? I might come back to and play this game if he is.

>Na'vi's Chen

Hes fine, and wrecks tracer.

but Anub'Arak is good you complete idiot. also one of the like 5 heroes in the game that has more than 1 viable build.