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Dead thread edition
>What is this?
A mobile city builder/tap-and-wait game where you build up your campus and "educate" your students, and wonder why they spend so much time "relaxing". It's basically waifubait and the most entertaining dialogue done by Marvel this side of Damage Control.

>Is it free?
Yes, although there's a lot of waiting unless you wanna fork over your shekels.

>Official trailer:

>Current event:
""The Guardians of the Galaxy have landed at Avengers Academy for a special limited-time event! Defeat Ronan and defend the world! Team up with Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, and and many more in an all-new combat mode!"

First for fuck Ronan and fuck this game.

I am about the start streak 7, I am not prepared

Streak 7 Ronan just one shot my B team, jesus christ

What team?
And how did you fare against streak 5/6?

SL, Nebula and Yondu. A team is Wasp Gamora and Drax now that I upgraded his health a bit. Took me almost all day to beat 5/6. I was lucky though, I got to 4 before they buffed him.

What level are your Wasp/Gamora/Drax?
And did you spend any medkits against streak 5 or 6?

I need all info I can get before I decide if I should continue the streak or drop it and get stronger.

I did use medkits for those ones. Drax is 6/3 Gamora 8/8 and wasp is 8/7. They all have rank 1 in their party skill. Ronan is two shotting me at this point, even if I use my remaining medkits I don't think I will get him down.

>Drax 6/3
Fuck, I guess I can't even think about beating Ronan.
My Gamora is 7/6, Wasp is 6/7 with rank 1 in party skill and Drax is still 6/1.

They buffed him way to much, he was easy before the buff but now it's just insane how hard he is.

>rank 1 in party skill
did you not grind for skills, or did you just unlucky?

>grind for skills
>implying anyone has enough orbs for that shit

Unlucky, I it dropped me 1 time for each character and twice only for Wasp.

If you can even call it a grinding.

>Game keeps crashing and resetting my training tasks without me noticing

>not saving up orbs on week 3
my A-team has all 2-3 in party skills

Yeah that happened to me a few times

I sure as hell hope the CW is more relaxed than this one

No extensions and this probably means CW event starts when the movie is released

A good medium I think is early GoTG event, and Red Hulk event. (or reduced Pepper event)

Something that still requires some work, (ie, having to do the fighting and shit for Rulk) is perfect. Having to do shit like get X amount of ridiculous mats, on top of other mats to even get to certain points to continue is backwards.

I think it's just that this week's goals aren't clear. What if groot only requires 3 seeds, and 4/10 for tier 2/3? People who can clear Streak 7 would rank it to 3 instantly, while the rest would grind books/gold after the event to rank up.

Yeah, if we knew what the fuck we needed for the locked items it would be better.

If its not extended why the hell do they care if P2W cleared Ronan? Grinding isn't going to benefit them anyway.

>What if groot only requires 3 seeds, and 4/10 for tier 2/3?
It says "bird seeds help to unlock Groot".
In case of rank items it says "help unlock Rocket Rank 3".

I think last 4 buildings will require seeds. There's no reason for them to make Groot alone require that many seeds.

Episode 5 is clearly not an extension and something planned since the beginning. Unless all the stuff missing drop really soon I won't worry.

It's still technically used to unlock Groot.There's no item dropped from Ronan that states unlock and rank up in the same line.

Man people really are in denial about all this. The last few items will probably be released on monday

What about the "one more big battle" after Ronan, as mentioned on the interview? Maybe it'll just be gotg part 2 after CW. Who knows.

Maybe, but the facts are there's mention of an episode 5 in every update they did since the beginning, there's a lot of stuff missing, every other events have been doable without paying and there's a precedent for stuff like this in their Familly Guy game.

Everything they do is based on making people panic and buy stuff they wouldn't actually need.

I think that was mostly a reference to a fight with Thanos in another future event

What's the point of thing Ronan used to be standing on then?

To have Ronan stranded on it?

Maybe the ending cutscene or something.

Has anyone actually got the milano yet? I'm not quite halfway to it with the armours, but do you see the next buildings once you unlock it or what?

I don't think any of weeks ever did that

That was never confirmed for this event, just that it would be used to lead into another one and that we would find out who Ronan's boss is. I imagine we will get a second space event, with the other students that landed on Earth mentioned in this event. One will most likely be Captain Marvel

The next buildings are not in the game yet. Just like Star-Lords and Rocket rank ups or the combat simulator rank 3

So my Wasp is 7/6/1 and my Drax is 6/1/1 They both use the same spot to train health. Should I just keep leveling up Wasps's health and ignore Drax, or is it worth it to leave her at 6 and try to get Drax up there?

At least get him to Level 4.

Right now you have to spend 8 training sessions to get Wasp on higher level and that will give you around 100HP.
Drax level up will take 2 then 3 then 4 sessions.
And at lvl 2 he has over 400 more HP.

>level 1 party skill
you're fucked anyways

Party skills really do help a lot

There ain't NO WAY I'm beating Ronan streak 4. NO WAY.

Just gonna focus on training with my shitty rank 6 teams.

Yeah, I don't think I should bother frankly.

In saying that, it's probably cause I'm losing interest in this game

Holy shit this is flat out being a little bitch. If anything, as a consumer you bitch the shitty service they're providing and how you'll take your business away from them.

I think I will be able to get Rocket tomorrow, should help with fighting Ronan.

Ok so... wtf just happened this week. I just started getting everything. I got almost all the buildings. Fought Ronan a few times managed to go to streak 4 without any problem and I stopped in streak 5 to get stronger, now I'm at streak 2 again. I almost made Gamora rank 3 and I only need to get, 7 swear jars for Rocket.

Well you're certainly doing better than I am (although I only need 2 swear jars) as I'm having to fight Ronan a third time just for streak 3 and don't have the mats for Gamora rank 3 :/

The irritating thing is that I was fighting the chitauri that dropped the purple armor last week and they would stop dropping it, with only yellow armor dropping... BUT NOW THEY HAVE SO MANY FUCKING THINGS THAT REQUIRE PURPLE ARMOR THAT IT'S JUST!!!

Anything in the code about when the rest of the items will show up?


Milano Starship also got nerfed to 20 purple armor.


17 bird seeds... You get 10 in the 11th streak... So you need to get to that one twice?

Drax got nerfed to 12 ramen for rank 2.

Checking it...

Holy shit is real. Unlocked now.

New Chitauri Conquereor. Drops 3 Medkits.

Chitauri Conqueror (L6)

55 purple armors ok... wtf.

What the fuck

>Hard to get ressources get suddenly really easy
>Somehow this is surprising
Remember when people where complaining about the crystals?

How easy are those L6 fuckers though?

Now, about those bird seeds...

Conquerors are great, if you have a good team you an fight them until you run out of orbs because they give medium medkits

There's always gonna be something harder to get to get you to spend shekels on them and they always get easier...unless it's the last one in which case they just stay there. Have fun against Ronan!

Everyone who thought there was gonna be an episode 5 btfo

There's also some new buildings in the pawn shop.

Well, I got screwed over. Bought the Milano minutes before this update hit. Wasted 40 armor and some number of ronan coins.

So instead on an episode 5 they lowered the requirements, big deal.

So now you can fight the conquerors, reset until you only get hit once (Above 50% hp), and medkit to fight again instantly. Good way to burn all your orbs.

It's what I did.

Milano ship price is also down!!

Any changes to Ronan?





What sort of lvl are your fighters to be able to handle the conquerors?

You can easily beat them if you can beat champions. People are saying they are easier. Just don't try the x3 one.

They're 2k health but only like 400 attack. If you can take champions you can take conquerors.

>tfw still 15/30 drax challenge

Btw, is challenge 4 unlocked?

Nice, that's reassuring cause I can take champions out, will try after I finish streak 3 Ronan lol


I'm at 16/30, feeling like giving up on it because fighting conquerors seems like a better use of my orbs now

What is it?..


Has Ronan been nerfed at all?

>almost spilled my coffee.

Groot cannot fight apparently.

>They've already got groot level 5


Not surprising, you need to beat Ronan to get everything for him. After Ronan there is nothing to fight so he does not need to.

It took me 3 fights to beat Ronan streak 4 at 6/6 Gamora, 6/6 Wasp, and Drax 6/1, with only Drax having a level 2 3rd perk.

I'll probably reset for more training.

Tall, can't fight and covered in flowers?
He's like a tree-hugging pacifist!

did ronan get nerfed?


Don't think so. But your team should be a lot stronger after farming conquerors.

why do they drop more than one perk?

They drop medium medkits, meaning you can farm them for as many orbs as you have.

oh noice

Boy am I glad I used most of my orbs this morning before the update went live