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"At this point would it be better to just let the general die/merge it and then bring it back for new translations/ paradox part 2?" Edition


This general is for the discussion of games containing Monster Girls, main game of discussion is Monster Girl Quest, but people are encouraged to introduce new games.

Monster Girl Quest (MGQ):
Monster Girl Island (3D game):
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can /mggg/ get any worse

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fucking hell it's too early for this shit

So, last thread there was interest from the evening crowd in signing up for Veeky Forums League 6. A few of the oldest and most busted names were cleared out for updated versions, or the best shit I could remember from the last few months.

Some of the names are still pretty ancient though (Mud Pussy, PENETRATION) and some I'd personally just love to get rid of (yao posters please stay dead forever). If anyone has any players they want for the team, feel free to bring them up. ESPECIALLY Monmosu Online or MGI stuff since I don't keep up with those at all.

Well, while you're at it, you might as well fix the typo in Beelzebubs.

do mods start deleting general if they keep dying?

>can /mggg/ get any worse

>mgqg now is mggg
wow when does this happens?
also there should be a pastebin with a list of monster girl games i know a few can anyone help me


i didn't notice it either
sneaky bastards

Was the 404 from the FF14 posters?


It's been like this for over a month. There was a vote over the new name and everything,

>FF14 posters?
whats that
some sort of spam?
i dont pay attention to the rest of vg

its either one retard or a group of them, just making a new FF14 threads and forcing a handful of slower generals to 404. Some one has a screen shot of it

>Pegasus 10

Pegasentaur MonMusu in the DMM game when?

you wouldnt a sheep

Fucking Chi Pa Pa! broke my game.


>there should be a pastebin with a list of monster girl games
You can do it with the ones you know, we'll add on them later. We're actually looking for someone to take care of the pastebins, but these fucking NEETS don't want to do it.

MGQ Paradox crashed for me when grinding in the Forest of Spirits. I'm pretty sure it was because of all of the Chi Pa Pa! drops. Got rid of them and the game hasn't crashed yet.

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I would something else that sounds the same


>he wouldn't a ship

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Dragonball Z


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i wonder if this guy going to give some closure to the yandere moth story, or if its just implied the infnite loop will keep going

Is it possible to play MGQ if I am an S?

a what?

i did but i played it for the story not so much the girls


if you self insert as the girl which i did

a saiyan

>page 10

I self insert as a terrible and powerful god that is directly hijacking Luka's mind and forcing him to partake in the most extreme and lethal acts of debauchery for my own amusement.

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It can't be helped. I want to see monster girls doing what they do best and I can't do that if I don't have a naive hero who can I force into situations.

Is MGI developer in this general, or did he leave after giving us the first demo?

he moved on
like you should

>like you should
I check this place thrice a day at most.

Moving on is too painful for some people. Monster girls are life.

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Now now, be nice. We probably have some prudish heroes here who are scared by the prohibitions or proactive monster girl dating.

What time have I for sex when I'm busy purging the earth of monster girls?

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>not recognizing violated hero IV

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I wouldn't know. I've only ever broken the bones in my hands when I punched halfway through a wall once and I can't remember if there was any sound.

We're signed up, friends. Ilias save our souls.

Team page is

The roster, logo (pls someone I'm so bad at /gd/) and music are all open to be changed right up to deadline. When is the deadline? Good fucking question. I don't know.

whats going on?

>Deadline that nobody knows about

Sounds effective.

whats this?

Nevermind, I'm just illiterate. The deadline is May 25th, the games begin June 3rd.

I don't have the time to be here all day like I did in my younger days, but I'll drop by every few days to see if anyone has any suggestions for the team, and I'll be here ahead of the cup to raise hype.

Veeky Forums League 6, inter-general tournament to decide what teams get slots of the Veeky Forums team for Veeky Forums Cup. (which has it's own general, /4ccg/)

In other words, a mountain of autism contain within an even larger mountain of autism.

Veeky Forums Cup -
/mggg/'s team -
VG League 6 (the upcoming one) - Forums_League_6

VG League 4 results, where /mgqg/ was an entrant can be found here: Forums_League_4
and watched here:

>The new general assimilates all Monmosu Games under one thread and increased the regular postership from six guys to, like, SEVEN guys.
>tfw the seventh guy

go away 7th guy

I've been gone awhile myself.

Which song should we change the goal horn too, the current one is shit?

I relistened to the OST after finishing the game when part 3 got fully translated cutting ties with anything MGQ related, the nostalgia kicked hard. I used to browse /mgq/ alot when part 2 was getting translated, fun times.

The final boss's true form's theme is great, I completely forgot about that one. Too bad the whole game before it was completely lackluster compared to part 1&2.

Also, bring back Field 2.

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Hey anons. What do I do?
Is there something else missable like Granberia's special attack that I need to get? Or did I just miss an ending/s?

prob missed the ilias scene. get I think 50 evaluations

Nope. Got that. Got all of the Alice rape scenes too.
Guess I'll just compare what I have to the CG dump.

Did you do Anal with Chrome?

Turns out I missed out on a rape scene near the beginning of the game.

oh the tail pussy one? i guess that one would be easily forgetten

OH NO! Black women and Men and SJWs are thrown into the Monster Girl Quest world, how fast will "Internalized racism" be spread through the minds of both monsters humans, and angels?

black man gets eaten first

I don't understand, what is that thing on the upper part of his mouth? His lip, teeth, a mustache?

it depends on where the "Black women and Men and SJWs" are dropped if on sentora or hellgondo most likely they are fucked but on illias continent maybe they'll live for more than a day

They're dropped in the ocean.

top kek, friend

>Ilias Continent
>Not purged on sight due to the idea that only monsters have shown non-white skin among them

At least ideally. MGQ humanity is so cucked they can't even prevent pisspoor slimes and harpies from settling in the most anti-monster continent.
At the same time the "GOOD GUYS™" couldn't even beat said people even after 1k+ years of the last world war equivalent, until mr god mode appeared.
That war was probably like watching two retards colliding.


I don't get this picture

It might be picking on the fact that Trumps' wife was not born in 'Murica, but actually Russia and thus, making her an immigrant.

Not saying it's good, but that's the only explanation i can think of

>Pick on a candidate using his waifu's immigrant status as ammo
>Not picking on the actual immigrant candidate

I see.