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QTest edition.

Patch preview 0.5.5:

Stat tracker/Stalk your favorite wowsg

>Useful Information:
pastebin.com/nuWhcW1K (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed)

>In-game chat channel
EU Channel: "Official Veeky Forums channel", password is "vidya"
NA Channel: Search for 'Veeky Forums' channel by Antibully ranger
SEA Channel: Veeky Forums

NA: [KUMA]: na.wargaming.net/clans/1000021519
EU: [NOFUN]: eu.wargaming.net/clans/500011239/

Previous Thread:

>proper alignment in previous threads

nth for based OP

who wants free premium




stop begging faggot


I can't get the ARP ships anymore right?

i saw this post when it didn't have any replies and now i'm stuck with no atago

i thought someone was baiting

>T5 CA in a game that's almost entirely T7 with a couple of T6s
>the nameplates above ships and planes are laggy to the point of almost being useless
>my minimap is completely gone for the entire game
>have to keep zooming out the the big map, which also has broken ship icons that don't update properly
>somehow manage to win and not be completely useless

how is your minimap even gone

you probably would have made better use of it than Mongoose or Rapax. Mongoose is back to Tanks and Rapax never got past t5

>tfw Jake senpai said I was "alright"

I tried reinstalling the minimap mod with the extra info because it caused my minimap to almost never load into the game, but clearly nothing changed and it's still completely unusable.
But it's okay I didn't want the only useful mod anyway.


dont fuck with me, it works for me so you're using some shitty mod breaking it and you don't want to admit it

>have all of my chatrooms minimized
>open Veeky Forums chat
>all this cringe

truly the splitting image of anumati

Stop bragging about your stats like a fucking autist and come back to EU you bug using, greedy, money grubbing, hook nosed kike.

I kinda miss you

Maybe you should respond then. I know aim assist is hard to use for EU monkeys, but you can manage.

The only stuff I'm using is from Aslains, I have that minimap mod, one of the team list ship icon mods, the historical flags mod, the colored tracers, and the clock/damage counter mod.
It's been completely unusable for me for several patches now, no matter what combination of mods, including with nothing else installed.

german baBBies when? they should let us roam between servers, it's 2016 already


Win7 64


>waww i hate him for not playing with me

Goodbye sides

no idea what to tell you desu, it works for me and i'm using the same mods as you are

have you tried reinstalling the game completely?

>german baBBies when?


But first they have to buff CVs, nerf CVs, buff them again, nerf them to complete uselessness, buff them back to god mode and nerf them again.

Thats how wg creates its content. Who needs new ships anyway?

iku made an unpacking tool some three weeks ago, the problem is not unpacking the files, it's unpacking the new gameparams

>People unironically want to play with an egoistic, egotist drama queen just because he's good at ships.
>Even gifting him money

Jesus /wowsg/, you're now behaving like a battered, abused housewife. And then you wonder why the quality of the threads has gone to shit.

I did a complete reinstall of the game when it wasn't working with 5.4.0.
No idea what the issue is, all of the other mods have been fine so it seems to be the only one I can't use. I guess having a minimap with less info is better than not having a minimap at all.

>quality of the threads has gone to shit.

You miss the rape spammer dont you? Fucking fag

Post some Rin.

post a screenshot of the mini map editor

the only one with an ego is you

nobody misses that faggot

Sorry CV night time operations are not allowed.

Gonna start USN cruiser line soon. Two questions:
1. Is there any ship worth keeping?
2. What captain skills should I take?

People are lazy and stupid. What did you expect to happen.

>"I hate him for not playing with me!"
>didn't even bother to PM in-game

Having a hard time coping with your ego faggot?

Why don't raptor try getting something easier like Prinz?

Any use of searchlight?

T3-t5 are decent ships.
Stop after that and go IJN or RU.

Stop at the Cleveland for the sake of sanity.

AA specced Cleve is actually fun af since you can bully CVs. Demo expert is fun on the cleve. just pick the normal CA stuff, not much you can do wrong

>Americans are lazy and stupid. What did you expect to happen.



why not just play the ships and decide for yourself?

I only kept Cleveland so that I could cuck CVs

Prinz isn't confirmed for spring event I thought? I'm farming like a mad man regardless just in case but if she isn't in the event I'm just gonna quit playing

>wah someone calls me for being a gigantic faggot of a tool
>better get butthurt because you know you pathetic
Anu was right

>55 hits
>21k damage
>in a montana

What the fuck did you do? Shoot HE ?

Raptor was the one with 22k dmg

I don't. But we had the brief and nice respite of a drama-less /wowsg/ after both he and anumati left.
But of course, we can't have nice things so a new drama queen stepped up to fill the void.

I'm not mako. I'm not even sure he's awake by this time.

he's spectating the montana, not in it.

the only faggot with ego is you, fucking parrot

you of all fucking people whine about drama and ego? this is why the west is forever cucked because primates like you get to vote

Is Mako the new luger-chan?

>847 versus 831 points
>can easily win by taking out Zao and and staying alive
>somehow at 80% hp (pretty sure he dropped down to 70% after his whole team got massacred)

I don't accept that.

Prinz will always be there just like the last 2 events so you can despair for not being able to save her :^)

>being this butthurt because you got called out
go the fuck away

Whats wrong with Luger?

The only real drama that happened was when we went from CBT to OBT and a flood of newfags came in.

no. former's ego is huge and wants to statpad and the latter is a nazi on welfare checks :^)

>mfw coffee lover Graf with a design and lines I love keeps denying me.

She's like the only ship I'm missing now. ;_;

Should have ran the map over 200 times. Like me.

>there will never be german baBBies
>german engineering will never be a thing (nazi cruisers dont count because they all suck unless you play k-berg and you're top tier)
>russian bias is strong so slav carriers will come out first

Oh I did. TWICE

I am usually very lucky in KC. Got all the LCS crafts in

>russian bias

Yeah no. German AP normalization is getting buffed in 5.5

>Call everyone a shitter if they're not within "your circle"
>Create lists with you on top of everyone once a week
>Self-proclaimed as the best player on a fucking video game general

Tell me Anumati, how do you call someone out you hypocritical faggot?

>>there will never be german baBBies
WG promised they are next line. (sometime in summer)
So spend some shekels and it will come true.

>Raptor ded
Why am I not surprised. What a noob.

they're going to say "Merkel refused us to look at the documents" and then there'll be slav carriers or battleships))))))

Now that you mention it
Does lunatic and slaymad have Graf?
t. aman

I don't have a smug anime loli smug enough to hold my contempt for you.
Get the fuck out.

>tfw no taihou
end me
t. StayMad

Good thing you took your medicine autismo~

>dispersion on my shells causes them to all fall in a perfect circle around a ship with almost no hp
>we lost to points a few seconds later because not one of them hit
I love it

Let me guess: North Carolina?

Stop acting like the biggest faggot in /wowsg/ and leave. Your damage control is shit.

>I don't play this game but I will continue calling everyone and the game shit



Is Anumati a good player, cause it doesn't seem like it and it looks like he disabled public stats sharing :^)

t. old EU player

>Graf at lvl90+
why? plan ringing her?

he's still in the top 50 damage dealers on NA so

Don't you get triggered by non level 99 ships?
t. rankfag

I get trigged by ship levels that don't end with 5 or 0

You don't ring girls you dont love silly.

Holy shit, Raptor should just end himself.

he was quite normal when the skill ceiling for carriers was low enough for baddies to constantly delete ships but once it got harder, he started to chimp out.
i wish he could search professional help instead of constantly shitposting about me for months because one day, he'll snap

i could watch this for hours

How do I play RU DD?


He just has to get over the fact that when he palyed CVs they were OP as fuck.

Instead, he goes on and on and on about how CVs should always delete all other classes.

It's kinda sad. He's an OK guy and carriers made him into this angry autistic hostile being.

But I want my Kiev with QT lifeboats

Behold, this is autismo's stats page before he opened it for a few seconds last month.
As you can see, the only ship he played apart from Midway was Umikaze and Arkansas Beta (he also wasted free xp to get North Carolina for some reason).

>29 OCT 2015


I searched for your three most used words which is "shitter" "carrier" and "midway".
Is that all you can do? Avatarfag and call someone "autistic" because that's what you're diagnosed with and you've got nothing else to say? Fuck off already

get a room

When your parents decide to cut your life support, you're gone. Hope you know that toddler.

>killing your starter
Oh wow kys

At least you didn't choose the qtest starter.

Quick question. When I'm in a german cruiser or russian destroyer or some other "hold down button to just piss shells all over the enemy" ship, am I supposed to be using HE to set everything on fire or AP to try and hit the citadel or something else important? Because both seem to work, but I just haven't played enough to tell which is better.

>tfw one shot bot Iowa

my greatest pinata. how do i into webms? i'm using webms for retards and nothing seems to do me any good

DDs ARE the hardest class to play properly tho.

What encoder do you use?

Shooting at:
HE unless they're presenting their broadside to you and they have poor armor (i.e. IJN/KM/Russian), then you can go for AP.
HE, though 6+ inch AP can also fuck up their superstructures really badly.
HE. Your HE can also citpen them a lot of the time.

OBS (the regular one, not the one with a black "GUI" :^)) and "webms for retards".

your webm is definitely more rich in quality than mine

>DDs ARE the hardest class to play properly tho.
Yes but not in the low tiers. Consider the fact Autistmati made that post when he barely had any battles in Umikaze, that's one good destroyer which nobody should struggle with.

Wait, wait, wait. Am I understanding this right? I'm supposed to use armor penetrating ammo only if they have poor armor. Isn't that the opposite of what AP is supposed to be used for?

Yea I'm using webms for retards too but anything over 10 seconds require 1000k bitrate and 720 reso and looks like shit.

Mate, at low tiers every class is easy.

You don't get it because you're new but I'll let you in on a secret. Autistmati used to claim he could play any class at any tier even though he never played anything other than carriers.