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There is no porn of Cardmon edition.

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What an adorable little bastard. Digimon from Card Battle?

Cardmon from Digimon World 2003

30 Stam has been a piece of cake since getting Mugendramon up to speed.

Is that par for the course? Once you get one Ultimate getting the rest become easier?

Oh wow. Thought for sure he would've been in the car battle game.

Whoever was in charge of game balance in Next 0rder did a terrible job.

>Hard Mode speed run
>only getting stats from fighting and end up as balanced as this shit could get until the end
>reach last dungeon
>enemy mobs ok except that one invincible platnume
>reach Gaio&Kuzuha, tough fight, but guard command saves lives
>Attacks do 1 damage, use Muscle Charge, Upgrade, Hi-Tension on both digis, Omnipotent Booster S. Attaks do 40~60 damage.
>Meanwhile he has 7500 damage AOEs with seemingly 90% Crit rate and kills me if I don't send down a constant stream of healing progs
>Give up, fight some BlackMegaloGrowlmons for 200 more attack for a total of 2400
>Attacks still do 1 damage, his attacks still wipe me out on 4 hits with no chance to revive
>Reapply all those buffs
>3 fucking hit KO that broke at least 20k on each hit, Alter B down before he can get two hits in

Like holy shit, the damage formula looks downright exponential

50 Compensation Gems in Linkz for the 24 hour maint.
There's an app update that is required to play.
Current advent quests have been extended by a day, they have double drop rate and are up all the time until the 25th at 00:00.

best girl bump

Night /digi/. Be easy and enjoy those free gems and 2x drop rates.

Night man!

I keep seeing this lock in every evolution guide but I can't figure out what it is.

Of course. Considering that an ultimate's stats are rought 50/70% better than a perfect's, the odds of them dying are much lower and their higher firepower is very appreciated

You can lock any of your digimon from your list. Makes it so you don't accidentally use them for something.

Digimon World 2 sure aged like shit, but not nearly as bad as DW3.

Which guard team should I choose?

If you want an easy start, Vaccine, normal Virus, boring Data

Do no get the MetalGreymon early, only the only advantage it has is Horn Buster. His stats are shiiiiiiiiiit and if you jogress with him it'll make yours shit. Also. he only levels once each three dungeons so no free lv up heal for you.
Save the Toy Plane for other shit.

Vaccine gets the strongest starter and Kabuterimon, Virus can get the tutorial dungeon Gazimon&Gizamon without farming Toy Cars, which have WAY higher stats than they should and therefore are great to Jogress with.

Data gets nothing.
Literally nothing.

Their LEADER, which is implied to be the strongest of the 3, does not use data since they're THAT shit compared to the other two. She uses Vaccine.

I've already completed DW2 a few times, was just asking since I couldn't decide.

But now that you mention it, most of the Data lines end up going into vaccine lines after enough DP.

Can you still meme enemies with Megalo Spark, Bug, and DG Dimension?

I wish there was a hard mode for DW2.

None of those are in the game.
Well, DG Dimension V3 is a thing but it blocks all tamer actions, so, it's shit.

But yes, assuming you can hit them hard enough to knock them down and have enough Order Power, you can stun-lock enemies with constant Buster Dive/Elec Cloud/Mach Jab/Thunderstorm/Mechanical Claws.

These moves have very little cooldown, as well as near instant startup, so as soon as you you execute them, order your digis to use them again, and before you get out of the fucking menu they're already doing it.

That said, bosses that you can stun with one hit are already gonna go down in 20 hits, and that's the worst case scenario, so it's not like you'll no damage everything, at least not till you hit around 8k stats and use buffs.


>There is no porn of Cardmon edition.

Someday, user, someday. Where there's a will there's a way

These fuckers right here are part of what makes 02 great

weekend ded

We'll live again, one day.

kind of like those two

*is having to wait ANOTHER flipping week to get a blasted memory card because I can't into research*

Its Team Rocket only the cat is an autism driven otaku who wanted to go visit digimans.
They are the best thing in 02

>They are the best thing in 02

I'm glad they're dead.

Archnemon and Mummymon lost plenty of times until BlackWarGreymon started carrying their asses. They weren't the Royal Knights from Frontier.

Oh, I know. I just hate the comic relief villains who pose little to no threat for half a season.

Being alive in the Frontier universe was the perfect fate for them.

There is now unfinished porn of Cardmon.

Incredible. The unthinkable has been done.

That's one lewd cardmon


>the keramon line is free type in CS

why? I don't mean to be stereotyping, but shouldn't they be virus?

They are keeping in line with the card games for some reason.

They were always Unknown/Free.
Whichever is available, Unknown if both are.

I think it's like Free, has no up or down, but Unknown > everything, or something like that.

but isn't that entire line known for hacking and fucking shit up? like how a virus would?

It just wants to eat, play, or as of recently make dolls.
That's not malicious.
It does get pretty pissed if you get n its way and since digimon are data he sort of wants to eat them maybe, but that's just a basic instinct.

Also, he wasn't a naturally born Digimon, he was born in the internet and not in the Digimon World, which could also explain the Unknown thing.

By the way, just a curiosity, but Meicoomon is also Unknown.

Arguably, Free types can be more terrible than Virus types. While a Virus' objective is to corrupt, a Free type simply executes a program behaviour outside the attribute triangle and may simply outright overcome such limitations. The Keramon line doesn't care about dominating or corrupting, simply about utter destruction.
Makes one remember the D-Reaper.


i don't want /digi/ to die

It is fate.

Then lets fight against fate

how do we go from this....

to this....?

The blood(?) inside the circle at the top looks like poop

I want to cum inside hina

This is what happens when a man is partnered to a womon.

She grew up. Nobody stays innocent their whole lives, and odds are that Lunamon lived some serious shit to become that much of an assassin

>when a digimon dies their body breaks down
>when a human dies their body breaks down

Nah, she was born a lunatic.

She was born an innocent little white blob that became a teddy bear and then she became edge the rabbit.

psh.. nothing personell kid

At least Coronamon turned out well and sane.

Wasn't he psycho on Xross

That was some sort of sentient virus who acted as a split personality and made him be evil

Apollomon cant get away unslandered.
If anything he's a dudebro normie.

That sounds more like Bacchusmon, the guy who drinks and parties 24/7.

I wonder if bacchusmon lets underage mons and humans get drunk

Games dont age.

He's a packaged pair with Daianamon, probably turned into a rational and logical, apollonian, person being around someone so crazy all the time. The lone sane man in the den of crazy that is the Olympus XII.

Forty-one gems later, BADDABOOM

What underaged? Give it to them like mother's milk. One is never too young for the experiences of life.

Eighteen gems later, WHO GIVES A SHIT! Seriously though, he's so fucking ugly. Looks like a lemon drop, which is a terrible candy too.

x2 Event / Mugendramon and a Princemamemon event ends Sunday at 11am EST / 8am PST.

.Does anyone have a download for the latest version of Linkz?

Poor Apollomon.


It's fine, he's probably already used to apologizing for his twin's mass killings.

Funny enough, all that patching yesterday and they didn't fix the fucking baby farm glitch that causes the game window to break / causes you to have to restart the app. Oh well, at least they fixed a lot of the abhorrent loading times.


Add both my accounts on Linkz if you play, so we can both unlock the train and get thirty gems.

RenaLuv - 2129-0077
LuvRena - 8705-2951

Dark version of me? Depends on how you want to look at it. If you want a total opposite, and I still have a dragon digi, then I would find the beast related digis to be the most common antithesis of them. They'd probably have a dark dog-related line that ends in Plutomon. Dark reflection of me? The D-Brigade.

>Tfw surrounded by crazy hedonists


What's he suppose to do, he's got no legs.

Why do all womons that show their eyes have to be crazy bitches

Vulcanusmon is literally right there he could make him some mechanical legs for him and all his fish I dont see anything going wrong with that.

Having a weapons otaku lead a project like that is a recipe for comical disaster.

Oh you.

Junji Ito as digimon writer when?

An army of walking fish led by an exhibitionist would be way less horrifying that the walking, hungry, zombie fish.

You want me to believe Vulcanusmon wont weaponize them "just in case" only to find an oversight whoops! That's a bunch of dead people and digimon shit someone pin this on Titamon before Juptiermon gets back.

she did nothing wrong

It wont be less disastrous, just less horrifying. Most of the Olympus XII would probably watch with popcorn too.

She's guilty of giving me a raging boner


Upcoming crossover?

I would rape both

I kinda want to get back into this again, but my last experience with this was really bad so I'm not really sure if I should.

Actually, I might not be in the right place for this.

can I purchase cherubimon vice and beelzemon blast mode or was it only a preorder bonus?

But you can still get that DLC if you buy the game on European PSN apparently.

bummer, im on NA
thanks anyway


You can make a Euro PSN easily though.
If you're on Vita switching around is a fucking pain, slightly less if you got multiple mem cards.
But for PS4 it's not hard at all. I think. If it's anything like a PS3 it ain't.

Been considering Cyber Sleuth purely for nostalgia purposes. Is it possible/how viable is it to play through with just one digimon in your party?
I want a Wormmon (and it's following anime evolutions) and carry it through the full game alone, but am worried that's going to be nothing but hellish grinding.

I miss them /digi/

Provided you don't play in hard, is theoretically possible. However you will need to turn your wormmon into different digimons to pick the necessary techniques to advance through the game and if you want to follow the anime evolutions, you will need to train a Veemon as well.

Solo runs suck on CS.
Like, a lot.

I quit around chapter 16, it's just not fun.

Viable? Sure. Especially if you add an exception and use plat digis when grinding;
You'll need at least 3 other digis on the backrow ocasionally anyway, for Firewalls.

But it's just too dull.

Thanks, good to know. Think I might pass then.