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>alfred meme
pls. wheres memecolash.


is falchion wanting bro still around? because i'll give you one if you are

can someone help me clear unseen village and the one? pass is blacked

So far the worst thing about DaS3 is the invasions. I'm actually playing offline, something I've never done before.

It's pretty cool though the things you see and have to do yourself with no bloodstains or messages to indicate anything.

I can't be the only one here who didn't realise you could run upstairs and kill the chime maides during the One Reborn fight...right?

As soon as I entered the fight I was reminded of the tower knight from DeS but I didn't see the stairs until after I killed him.

First lamp?

I finished One Reborn my first time. I just walked up to him, smacked him a couple times, backed up, heal, repeat.
Didn't even realize the Maidens were a thing that could hurt me

Doesn't matter anyway because you can just sit in him and kill it faster.


Unlike Tower Knight, I just ignored the fireballs and rallied the health back.

Yeah, I was playing rather cautiously because I thought a huge slow thing like that would one-shot me but even if he somehow manages to hit you he's still weak as fuck.

I just saw someone use fire paper on a fire on the defiled hot dog

Was it someone on bbg? lol.

So, I just fucking beat Ludwig...
Is it normal to feel drained?
And have a boner

You gotta fight fire with fire.

It was a random player

Ludwig is one of the best bosses across all the souls game. Enjoy bro because the other dlc boss fights are up there too.

yargul user spawn at the chapel lamp


>co op fps drops down to 10

There is a useful key in the area with the respawning women.

Remove matadors.

Lazer Amydala, you should be more specific.

>Kill One Reborn
>True boss appears
>he explodes
>2 fps have to sit there for about 10 seconds until the "Prey Slaughtered" shit finishs playing
Hardest boss in the game.

what key?

Key to the Choir.

>second attempt

Had 2 vials the first time lad.


Its not hard to die to One Reborn, especially if you dont take out the chime maidens first

Oh no, 80 damage you can immediately rally back.

Do you lose health when invading in DaS3?

Do people really find the One Reborn that easy? I managed to die like five times against it, more than almost any other boss in the game not counting some chalice bosses or vicar amelia

i dont think ive ever died to him, he has an easy cheese anyone can do even if you dont want to fight him straight up (though honestly i find just running up and hitting him easier than cheesing him).


Yes. He doesn't do a lot of damage, he telegraphs his attacks from a mile away - not to mention mostly just attacks from the front - and the chime maidens fire low-damage fireballs once every thirty seconds.

Just hack at him, he's not aggressive in the slightest. Bit of a letdown, really.

To die to him you have to go in very unprepared or unequipped.

I guess it's about me being bad at the game then, I never had problem with the smaller bosses but then I actually got stuck at Amelia for ages, couldn't beat her without a summon on my first run. After doing some chalice dungeons and getting used to fighting the bigger ones, I doubt he'll feel that hard on a ng+ run.

>lost 80k blood echoes to father gascoin

fugg this game

He's a joke, I don't understand why they made his stagger animation so long.

You'll be fine, user.

Just play aggressively with Gascoigne. Fast, quick, strikes to stagger and combo him.

Remember don't bother trying to mash/trade hits, just roll if he gets a hit on you, and second phase is a case of punishing whiffed combos.

amelia is hard if you fight her the second you meet her. i always go kill the witch and level up my weapons and stuff first now, which makes her a lot easier. i probably died to amelia 30 or 40 times before i beat her my first playthrough.

but also everyone has some bosses that are harder and some that are easier.

This is at least one fun thing about the Soulsborne games, different things always get different people.The only non-DLC boss in BB that got me was Gherman. In DS3 I don't get how people have trouble with Champ Gundyr.

>die to Maria a good 12 times
>Get Orphan of Kos 1st try

It's fun comparing.

how do i make my farts smell better bbg?

Why is armour so boring in DaS3? There's no style, no flair. The only thing that looks remotely pleasing to me is Northern Armour, Pyromancer garb, and the Archdeacon robes, pope robes are probably the best garb in the game by sheer virtue of not being Tattered Chainmail #3 or Plate Armour #6. They're the only thing I've been switching to and from..

I really hope I come across something that catches my eye. Really disappointed with the sets in this game.

Is this place dead after DaS3 came out? Do you still fightclub on saturday? I was pretty busy and couldn't follow bbg for some time.

Because a lot of them are reused assets from DaS1 and DaS2. Did you see solaire's armor? They didn't even bother updating it. No swag clothes in DaS3.

nameless is a 10/10 set, but yeah, DS3 suffers from the quantity over quality more than DS2 did because half the quantity is regurgitated from previous titles and what new assets there are weren't given much attention at all.

>nameless is a 10/10 set
Only when Nameless King himself wears it.
There's no fun in wearing boss armor.

We're very much alive. A little quieter, but people are waking up to the disappointment of DaS3. Give it a week or two and most will have completed the game and will come back to BB full time.

We're still doing FCs on Saturdays, too.

im really bored people, do you guys need help with anything ? where is the FC ?

not really. Kind of burned out on BB, currently fucking around with pyros in DS3 and not having much fun.

What's the point of this post?

>user asks if anyone needs any help
>gets an answer

>user requests co-op
>reply with blogpost

>tfw rather clean my room than play DaS3

yeah, losing motivation to play pretty quickly. There's so much they have to change and they're making as few changes at a time as possible.

where is the fc this week ?

>Tonitrus is obtainable
>Tiny Tonitrus is obtainable
>HUEG spiked Tonitrus isn't
Bad game.

I'm tired of fighting these guys. Anyone for living failures? Pass is bbg3.

That's not a Tonitrus, man.

>post yfw the shark well

>dying to living failures
>using 20 vials
must be a living failure.


'Tis trying to progress in BB DLC to relieve stress after a 16h work day followed by 8h of school. I'm not playing remotely well at all.


>using the shaman blade

So is this


Thanks Steely Dan. I've been at it for a bit. Time to bully Maria.

>tfw she bullied me back

Wow, that's weak.

yes that is
this game sucks. Meanwhile DS3 has its short, thin Tonitrus that's so good that everyone's using it

Maria is hard the first couple of times you fight her.
Then you realize that she's really, really easy.

I did pretty good the second time for a dude who's been awake over 24 hours. Maybe I should sleep before I bully her further.


You aren't bullying anyone user

I sure ain't if I keep dying like this.

>Guy named Guts
>Isn't cosplaying Guts
Really he has no excuse: he should be able to have a decent getup going by untended graves.

I don't want Dark Souls 3, I want Bloodborne 2.

I don't want Bloodborne 2 because every sequel From has made sucks, I want a sci-fi spiritual successor to Bloodborne.

I can't decide what to do. I could probably beat the game with the character I have now, but I also want to restart and go pure Pyro, but I also want to go pure Sorcerer. I also want to go Int/Fai and use the Moonlight. But I also want to go Dex.
I just love the early game progression, damn it.


I liked Dark Souls 2

I don't believe you.

You do not do 24hr days. Shut up.

If you say so. I am a living failure at the moment regardless.

Eh, could have been worse, honestly.

I'd love to hear MAJESTIC

>Don't like Berserk at all
>Somehow end up with a Guts cosplay (but with a pointy hat) anyways

Greatsword is just really fun and the Farron set looks nice with it.

Oh wow that fucking sucks, English VAs a best.

>and the Farron set looks nice with it

It just looks nice period.

No, we want more DLC. More one-off areas, more weapons.

God Bloodborne's just so much better than Dark Souls.

can someone help me with memekolash
pass is


If it's not a NG+3 there's no excuse not to beat him on your own.

pass is kosm

What system?

Why are the English VAs so great in the whole Souls series? I never heard of the majority of the VAs in the series and they do a better job than most dubbed anime or whatever.