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less we not forget edition

Season 2 is live, patch notes here:

Anton + 86 Cap will be live soon, patch notes here:


>Liberation weapon FAQ:


Fatigue Points(FP) resets at 9AM UTC

>Official Links
facebook com/dfoglobal

>PVP playlist channels

ask in the thread


>Avatar Simulator(Set to KOR)

>Skill Planner (Entirely unnecessary)

>Pixiv Tags
アラド戦記 – Arad Senki

>JP Priest voice

>DnF Original Soundtrack Symphony World
>Touhou Music Pack
the many drinks of arad edition

>Mods Installation Guide

Other urls found in this thread:


first for opening ebin pots on low level alts saves you the time of running hells or not

>dfog actually died
let it rest


>letting memes die



I'm going to marry Vetala!


>so alive it reached bump limit with 100+ posters

Fill in the Blanks:
____Passes, ____ Invites, ____ Epics FK U NIPPLE!!!!!!!!!

It got pruned before anyone made and linked to a new thread. If that's not dead, I don't know what is.

Who is ryan cokes?

Fslayer when?

one person in my guild said he's going to save invites for the x2 epic drop event
does that event exist?


Never happened in the other versions.

I changed around the bingo again

ya it reached bump limit and no one was able to post links, thats how threads work. its literally the opposite of dead but youre actually dumb so theres no helping you.

okay thanks

Just because it couldn't be bumped didn't mean someone couldn't post at all!

hes gone

Stop giving these people my belt.

nice desu but it isnt a goddess dagger...

Investigation Group, Grim Seekers, or Advertures Guild?

I've never done hell mode grinding before

What am I in for



don't even ask my man

Are you going to disassemble this too?


Jesus Christ I am so fucking bored running these hells. Neople should just make hell a literal slot machine so I can dump my challenges quickly.

I can get the mastery bonus in minigames! Not that I will ever do minigames though.

Chink raid runners hire people to run hells for them.


>people getting bis in less than 1000 invites

>didn't link the last thread

>thread is dead

i guess everyone's fighting becky and getting their bis too...

600 invites 1 okay weapon fug u nipple!!

zelva is red right now and this time probably not because of the 200 hr honey pot


>CuteYaoiAss v. Trannymisu going on right now

Time to grab that popcorn folks

>so a heroin addict and a tranny get into a shouting match

Never seen this before


>Veeky Forums

>please give me attention
>why did people stop being rude to me wtf i have to call them basement dwellers
>heheheheheh i'll get my discord circle jerk to say i'm a nice person over megas that'll get them

this so much
make hells appear on the first room or at least make a retry button when you beat the hell party for god's sake this shit is too repetitive

>why isn't anyone giving me attention wahhh
That nigger really is a degenerate

Is there anything good mercs can get from castle or just keep sending them to requiem?

What shops people from stealing their account?

you can restore it with phone number

>get some korean nerd to pay me to play his game for him
>grind his target epics so he keeps paying me to play his game

they pay you for the epics you find dipstick

>goblin security

What do they get from Requiem?

>get paid to run some guy's hells for him
>grind every epic and say he had a dry run
>cash in the demon eyes and send them to my account for EZ money


Goblin pad is useless since you could just go in the menu and change it yourself

also you could just not pick up the epic when it drops
are chinks retarded?

There aren't any scammers in KDFO. thus, therew no issue with sharing account info with strangers.

kndf is more secure than dfog which is a security laughing stock

>that fucking lag when you exit a hell in Zelva because of the amount of people in the entrance
>game freezes
wake me the fuck up

Join a dead channel. I'm always on Oceanic B because the channel is almost always empty so I never have to worry about lag or stability problems.

is anyone else randomly disconnecting?

>all those fanny flustered chinks in echos telling people not to buy reinforcement tickets because they're overpriced

Was awhile ago, probably cause too many people on the servers

>haven't started my hell runs yet
>don't want to force myself
>this is literally the best time to run hells though

i hate this job

Congrats on the hell orb Tessa!

>can't do hell runs because campus internet is shitting itself

Im going to start tomorrow taking a break after doing a couple stuff to hit 86

Deploying to Requiem can get you any material that drops in Ancient/Requiem Terranite, Evil Spirit Whispers, Kartel Munitions Cards, etc.), any quest reward material (Refined Terranite, Impostor Reports, Counter Sea Spells, etc.), a rare chance of getting level 85 Unqiues and a very rare chance of getting a Legendary or Legendary Recipe.

Rolling for next level 85 character to reach 86
1-2 - Asura
3-4 - F. Spit
5-6 - M. Brawler
7-8 - Summoner
9-0 - Chaos

Use your smart phone as a mobile hotspot.

running hells has got to be the stupidest fucking thing ever invented

Hope his dataplan is great.

>100% insane day
>megas flooded with the same unoriginal shitposting
>megas flooded with "werrs da bezzt plac 4 hellzz?????!!!!" and "wut difficulty 2 run hellzzzzzzzzz on?????!!" and "lol iz dis epig gud????????!"
kill me, god

>running hells
>realize something
>i don't need any more gear to beat anton
>i don't need any more gear to beat people in pvp
>i'm running hells for no reason
>to play

Let me be the reason that you keep playing user.


DFO isn't data intensive. It'll be like 1g every 2 weeks.

i just want to make a character that procs crap all over the place or one shots true ancients or some shit

why is are they so stingey oh yeah because this game is shit and they gotta keep everything behind 7 layers of rng AND a time wall

>t. my first korean mmorpg

>people who link epics they can't use for just to say "hurr durr going to the grinder" or "hurr nipple don't give me epic i want fku!!!!!!1111111"

fuck off ragna

The thing I hate the most about the game is the people that play it. I absolutely hate everyone and if I had known these were the people that I'd be playing with I would have jumped ship and hoped dfo died back when it started.

I hate you all
myself as well

Quick question about that "I want you" event, Can returning players pair up with returning players? Or does it have to be Returning+Current and New+New?

i'd play fgrap if it wasn't for wolfmiridia ruining the entire class

I just finished patching and am a returning player. Wanna find out?

Gonna have to pass user, I already have a certain witch that I want to "Befriend".


Apparently you can pair up with anyone, but you don't get point bonuses (1000 Pts for joining the event, x2 FP-to-Pts conversion while playing together) if you don't follow these rules.

>That faggot who is currently baiting the shit out everybody over Anton in Megas

I can't tell if he's serious or not but this is entertaining

It's pretty obvious bait. He's just doing what nigger lives matter try to do to unis but replacing the demands with dfo related stuff

dont die on me

i enjoy video games

tfw will see another general die before my very eyes

Not today friendo

D-Don't die yet thread!

I'll "Save" you!

Crack is Over

I finally feel your cold hand
over the bright moon-light
the times we spent together looking at the stars
its gone like the dust only remaining in the dream of ours
As I gain my strength and by the time I was shining over my powers
it also brought me the same amount of sorrow.

Crack is Over
The looks I gave you, changed everything as I turned to the others
my warm heart is gone,
and my eyes are cold

"THEY call me the SONS of Sirocco (that's right)
the spear through your body what you gon do? (yeah)
No mercy in the battle the freedom is near,
(ayy ayy ayy) I got nothin' to lose no chance to the monster. (ayy ayy ayy)
You better run like everybody else does (ahh) I trust nobody cuz the trust is done (ahh)
revenge is coming you better hide the pain won't stop until I take away your life (HAHAHAaaaa....)"

As I gain more power and shine...
The only thing left are left is cracked times
Crack is Over
The looks I gave them,
It no longer breathes in my heart.
It only remains beside you
in my cruel tears I drop
As my eyes became colder,
it will remain as a tear drop there.