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>Recommended new player's first mod:
DIPLOMACY vanilla or this one (adds upstab and more)
mediafire.com/download/7ex3306kg24jjd9/Diplomacy Modded.7z


user's mods and upstab guide:

>/mbg/ Steamgroup

Module Recommendations:
>Swedish Mayonnaise
>Carribean! Blood and Gold (on Steam)

1st for gsanders and his autism.


This is Bannerlords greatest feature.


Vaegirs are the best faction

ABV shitposters go spread your propaganda elsewhere

Reposting for the sake of a civil debate.

who /200 strong army of women/ here?

orgasmic 2bj

Just a reminder that Swadia are the true rulers of Caldaria. We even have some kick ass feasts.

>constantly switches between talking in the third and first person
is this more annoying than just talking in the third person?



>so you know I'm a normal dude and not thinking I'm someone's "royalty".
would you follow gsanders into battle, /mbg/?

Who's gsanders ?

"Friendly fire" would occur.


How the fuck is that going to work?
Magic points to make others do your biding?
Despite your previous actions against them or their personal attitudes?
I remember Nova Aetas having that system

>Oh greetings lord Cuckmyshitup while it may be true that i raided your fief,directly oppose your moral beliefs and raped your sister last night i still demand that you do follow my orders since i am in possession of 200 magic influence points

why is one upside down?

The last character you played in any other game has to fight your Warband party.
Who is more fucked?

how do I view the territory map on floris?



The guys from banner saga 2 could maybe handle my party of hardened iron age irishmen.

As long as there aren't any hallucinogenics around, not fucked.

never played NW
how does reloading in parts work?

if you interrupt the reload at certain points you don't have to do the whole reload again, it starts off in the middle or almost at the end

I cant remember . It is in one of the bannerlord videos when the demonstrator asks a NPC lord to accompany him to a battle. I presume relation with the Lord applies a multiply, so little influence would be needed to get your bff to follow you but an acquaintance will need alot more.I presume its also used to have fiefs awarde to you as well.

I conjecture that the influence system is a method to make the fief awarding system more transparent. How many times have you seen peolpe in /M&B/ bitch that Ragnar ekpt the fief you conquered for himself?

How many vs how many are we talking user

Who's this cuck anyway?

Best at losing miserably, yes

A really autistic guy who is doing the coding for Perisno and Warsword.

>Ragnar keeping fiefs
Tell me about it, My latest game isn't as a nord, but the fucker has 4 cities under his belt

Invasion plans have already been drawn.
You better think real careful about what your next words are gonna be.

How many Vaegirs does it take to conquer a castle?
None, because they can't succeed anyways.

This happened in my Floris playthrough under Doge Graveth.

That's it.

Prepare to be liberated, Rhodoc scum

Ah the infamous question of dividing by 0.

A cold winter gets even colder when your castles burn down, swadiana

First off, Rhodok Republic best dominion. Second off attrition isn't even a thing in Mount and Blade. Third neither is razing castles.

And Fourth to burn down castles you need to have some yourself.

how come there's barely any mount & blade rule 34?

last warning, bud

Because there are no women in M&B that are above 7/10

Or what you'll invade against me with your shit-tier shields/LACK OF SHIELDS? Perfect for my crossbowmen.

What's the difference between a vaegir army and a band of taiga bandits?
The taiga bandits actually have something worth fighting for.

singles and O N E D A Y is the new Warsword meme. N

I have failed.
I shall now exit this general.

Find singles near your post today
commit sudoku


there are mods that qualify

>army of 113 between Nord Huscarls, Rhodicks Sharpshooters and Sarranid Mamlukes
>against this Pokémon team


delete that

>arma 3 dude with an M240L vs 200 Napoleonic french grenadiers


post memes pls

I'm posting Cao Cao in honour of the poster who was posting in honour of the original Cao Cao poster until we get a good Romance of the three kingdoms mod.

>follow the warsword thread on the forum
>see new armors and models looking good and read about skaven getting some armor and FUCKING IKIT CLAW soon
>get really excited, finally they won't look worse than quake 2 characters
>see screenshots today
>they still look like shit
Oh well back to talbletop Age of Sigmar I go

Go fuck yourself, worthless rhodok. Whenever something happens you go up to your little castle pick up crossbow and shoot a few bolts, thinking you are the best, laughing behind your walls, flapping these adipous cheeks of yours while your swadian butter drips all overy your XXXL surcoat. Fucking pederast. You rotten, disgusting slug, bucephalus leech. I hate you and your entire country smells like feces. Do you have any idea of how long you have been there, standing inside that same castle that because of some unknown miracle managed to withstand your massive weight? You have been there for weeks, months, locked up in your room that smells like Butter and Rotten meat, jacking off to your Sword Sister wallpaper and posting vaegirssuck.jpg on this fucking imageboard. I don't even know how you manage to type with your thick, greasy fingers, or how you still manage to find your tiny penis among all the fat flaps on your belly and groin area. You pile of shit, bipedal sperm-whale!!!

my sides

fuck Rhodoks

>this V*egir is so deluded, he thinks Rhodoks are the only ones that hate him
V*egirs are like sarranids, but the wrong colour by accident


>actually considering playing with vermin
Are you some sort of degenerate?

>Age of Sigmar

Blood and Steel again.
Hit "everyone charges!".
Cavalry stand still.
Ebin mod.

I wish there was an ability to burn down wooden castles as well as possibility to set up your own forts. Making sure castles would have supplies could be pretty cool too.

there's a bug with cavalry sometimes

you have to tell them to use weapons at will and then they'll follow orders normally

dunno what causes it

Can my 80 sarranid mamlukes and 30 nord huscarls beat this edgy faggot?

They've got a snowball's chance in hell.

>using sarranid mamlukes

why doesn't floris have female cheers?

it's so quiet when I win battles

women by default don't have cheers

>not using mamlukes

Now that's just sad. I hope he'll get better

Looks like someone needs to get crusaded again

there aren't any free to use female cheering sounds that don't sound like garbage is why

>but what else could i do, they invited me
>he was a slut anyways

Air Filter Q. A. 151

>still no blog post

post knoights from current saves

Make me

Knights are dead, Senor Don Quixote.

After having conquered all of Calradia under the Kingdom of the Varangians. Not a single filthy non-white Sarranid or Khergit lord was allowed into my service, but they're such cuckolds that they keep coming back to my court begging me to let them in.

This was with my edited Silverstag btw, and my conclusion is that Vaegir troops are way too overpowered, and there's way too many cavalry troops for all factions, so I'm gonan do some further balancing.

What's the best armor? Heavy and slow or low and mobile?

in SP? heavy and slow
most mods don't have armor weight set that high and the AI can't lead shots anyway
but you should use a shield


>being sperglords

fug I thought this was /mbg/ not /soc/

>rhocuck edition

is there any way of playing silverstag outside of the script extender?
I like having my hours recorded on steam

>~50 Vaegir Marksmen, another mixed fifty of Vaegir Guards, Hired Blades, and mercenary Spearmen
>The Ginyu Force
how susceptible are Slavic men to posing

>not undressing your claimant slut
>not having her whore herself out to improve the morale of your 50 swadian knights

Its been 350 days, how am I doing guys? Finished up my own little civil war with the Tuetotnic order, I have been crowned by the pope, and trying to finish off the pagan curorations in their last stronghold.

Where should I expand my kingdom? I wanted to revive the Roman Empire but started in the wrong area.

>playing as cathocuck

Sorry, user, but the protestant reforms didn't occur yet. He would have to be a catlick, orthocuck, or some other religion that doesn't believe in Jesus.

Will he be able to bench as much as all of them combined if he absorbs all of them?

all christians but the orthodox are cucks.


No, Catlicks, Orthoducks, and non-Baptists are cucks.

Elbing :DDDDDD Just elbing XDDD


best not be some filthy coptic

Arianism > Orthodox > Protestant religions > Catholics > religions that don't accept that Jesus was the son of God.

I am Baptist. We are the true believers of the Lord, Jesus, and the true believers of G-D.

I have no fedora, and I must tip