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Hey buddy, I think you got the wrong general. /slg/ is two pages down.

xth for honk

Holy fuck, is this game dead or what?


>You will never be adored enough that some German tries to impersonate you.

Thanks null

>can't put a vinyl roof on the manana

oh well, maybe whenever they decide to roll out the benny's version

at least matte paint provides a reasonable facsimile

Xth for not banned anymore

who /welldressed/ here?

Xth for flying towards certain death

Not you

A man can dream

It's still pretty great either way.

Crew session is going on, since we got blown up in last session.

t. MpJens


does what mp stand for?

æm pé

does what mean?

I was thinking of creating a black character, or latino character for slot 2. It seems like I have way more options in terms of clothing. Right now I have a limited selection of clothes because my character is an old man. I like the look of the character, but not many clothes is appropriate.

It means m p.


It was just fun to say to people on CounterStrike Source.


Why aren't you playing with mods?


Is gta online down on pc for anyone else? Rockstar's site says it's acailable, but it isn't working for me.

Nessi is...

that one person that's making it hard for you to like them

Blater is...


a worthless NEET

an enigma to newfriends

Is there any money glitch on old gen?


MPJens is...


that one chill person that's often somewhere but you can't really connect them to anything in particular (?)

Citroën PR

How are you doing this fine evening, dear brothers?

>has an asthma attack when his car takes damage
Don't think so

these are fun, do more

Please cockstar. Ill forgive you for everything if you add one.




Jens is fun and a nice dude who appreciates the comfy things in life

someone you shouldn't speak about

the supreme leader

a friend of joacimot


Horris is...

Hardly ever see him but he's usually chill

Help, I'm stuck

Ryu is...

Nuclearpowerguy is...


Very talented in combat, he's chill

anyone else hoping for a Mad Max style update?

a hydra pilot

older brother of based child

a savage pilot


kazreetsu is...

How the fuck do people do missions?
Im forever stuck grinding other activities because no one joins missions. I've been waiting 15 minutes to do a fucking shitty lamar mission thats hard as balls too.

Crafty is...

LewdYuri is...

Not giving us enough time to reply.

a person who has a miley cyrus haircut

a friend

a gunner every last thursday


Ara is...

my bf


Ara ara


I see the circlejerking is in full force today

>Playing with /gtag/ since April last year
>Never mentioned or appear in any screenshots or webms
What the fuck

What happened to the chaotic hacked servers rife with money falling from the sky? I quit playing for a couple months, come back, and full servers are just boring people doing boring things. Did R* kick their ban-game up a notch or are people just not hacking anymore?

played a bit alone, there was a fucker shooting rockets out of his minigun.

then there was another which wasn't doing anything except spawning chrome cars

>good hax are paid now
>only rich kids spend money on hax
>rich kids are spoiled brats
>spoiled brats just fuck with everyone
also dropped moneybags are high-risk now

It's better this way, you're pure still and when I see you in a session I'll say hi and compliment your car or something and you'll say thanks and we'll enjoy our day!

Don't kid yourself, I would just roll my eyes at some nobody talking to me and move to another area

high risk as in...?

fuck you too

What kind of shithole are you from?

how high-risk are things like Cheat Engine changing car sell prices?

Banwave and reported bans from getting money from money bags.
dropping bags got replaced by $15mil impromptu races.
paying 10 dolans for a ban is a terrible buisness.

where does one find said $15mil impromptu races?

It might be only $10 for the menu but it's another $60 for a new copy of GTAV

>pay $10 for fun
>no regrets
And then you get banned and have no reason to play gta whatsoever
Cheating is only a good thing

ask someone that's hacking to add money to himself, then bet it on a impromptu race?

>try to link my PSN to my Social Club account so I can transfer my character
>get this no matter how much I refresh

I'm looking at $30 copies right now and still
>a lot

Stay on PSN

No blater no care

if i get banned only my account gets banned right?
i can create a new account and play the game again?

yeah, pretty much like valve's CSGO system.

your acc only gets banned, so you go and buy another $5 copy to keep shitting on others


And you only get temp banned the first 2 bans
Cheat until you get bored unless you're an autist that will be playing the game a year from now


It adds up
I spend like, $40 a week on coffee but I know that I'm not going to have my coffee revoked halfway through drinking it and have to buy it again

If it bugs you in that way just call it an entertainment expense

Man I wish the content creator was better, I'd go make a race where a bunch of people in those style cars chase after 1 person in the Duke O death

How to spot an underage 101

>I spend like, $40 a week on coffee
Dumb Starbucks shitter, you deserve to get ripped off.

this still applies?

a nice person who got me returning player content

a kissu whore


Fuck off

You're dumb

a literal who and

The van man.