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devil summoner translation

sure is dead around here

smt if translation

Let me sleep, please.

Im going to be productive, some keep the thread alive please.

But I didn't get enough sleep last night.

But I haven't slept in over 24 hours.

But I'm going out for lunch.

But I am a demon.

You should consider getting new ears. Whiny and annoying: yes. Chipmunk: no.
Almost forgot the mandatory kill yourself.

I don't know if you guys were joking but I really do need to sleep. Please don't die.

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/smtg/ will endure.

>I never asked for this

To the user asking how to do the Vocaroo, just sing it/shout it/chant it however you want to. I did mine while listening to the song in headphones and you should probably do that to keep yourself in time.

majin tensei translation

Fuck off, Fake Akito.
Fake Akito is actually my favorite. His ruses give me a nice feeling of false hope that I can laugh about afterward.


Fuck off, leave it as a one time thing.


Manlets, when will they learn?

Should i have gone with Naoya's route on my first run? The final boss is destroying me

babel's not that hard, get to lv. ~65 and fuse up some nice demons with a focus on avians, genmas, and wilders so you can traverse the are quick. make sure you bring some tyrants and some demons with drain so you can last the whole time

Probably not. He was tough on my first run without being on Naoya's.

Why was Nagi such a shitter? She always messed up and let her qt High Pixie die. Dumb slav

Because they probably wanted to make her endearing for japanese audience.

>no real interest in it

I think there wouldn't been so much backlash if more important people from Atlus staff worked on it. Doi for character/mirage designs, soundtrack by Koduka/Tsuchiya/Kitajoh etc.

Also not SMT.

Fuck. Was so close to getting this until I found out that the case only fits the regular 3DS, not the XL.

Get it anyway.

I'm posting it again and nobody can stop me

Where did you even see it for sale?

Does it make me weird if I want to titty fuck Satan?

No, it makes you fucking crazy because you'll be eaten alive if you try

Not really. Tits are tits no matter who they belong to. Or the color.

Boobs are boobs.

for what? A cleaning cloth and a pen?

makes you a reposter

Hope my if... manga comes in soon, even if I won't know how to read it yet.

I am a man, half-human.

It means you have good taste, user. Chaos is truly cancer.

It'd be weird if you didn't

Merkabah didn't look that good until Doi redrew him/her.

I dunno about that. It looked fine like this. Its face looked better in the original, I think.

On second thought, I agree with you. Something about the guest designs is really cool to me and they go well together but Doi's blend in with the rest better.

I like this design too but I remember she looked a lot worse in the game.

I've beat the good and evil endings on Devil Survivor should I try the other endings as well?

Honestly I think it looks better in game, since you can see less of how weird it is on closer inspection.

Merkabah is really cool, but the asymetricalness of many of the guest designs is really tedious. For instance, merkabah looks like an unfinishd fusion together. Why? Is this its real form, or a hasty fusion? Does it even have a real form? I get that its meant to look surreal, but it actually just looks like its designed to look cool by someone who has an asymetry fetish, not make sense even within the logic of looking like a demons. It doesn't help that the angels and lilith were asymetrical too, which made it not even unique on this front.

Honestly, I wish doi's redraws weren't so literal. They should have been obvious that they were meant as depictions of the same entities, but different actual forms. Ones that didn't look like an art student was desperate to seem creative.

Does anyone know if this is the Ryota Kozuka that composed SMTIV's soundtrack?
Wanna know if I should stalk him or not.

That one is nowhere near as bad as Medusa's old design

Nothing is. But medusa's design being the worst doesn't prove the others are good. It more highlights the overall problem that things that bad were allowed in.


Is that what kids call them these days?


>trying to bait chaosfags
>in a lawfag and nuetralfag general

try i hear it's where the cool kids hang out

They're so easy to bait though.

>so easy
>2 replies

I wasn't the one who made the first post. I'm just saying that baiting them is easy in general.

he meant /v/

Hoyposting is even worse when you don't post an image of a Hoy.

Just another peaceful day in SMTG


Y-you too

Why did they turn Lucifer into a nigger ?

More importantly, is the chair literally welded to him?

I wouldn't lift my ass out of such a nice throne either.

Where do I put my points in Megami Tensei II (Kyuuyaku)?

The usual. STR, VIT, a few in INT, then some in luck and agility.

Hiroko's build for the girl as well?

You can make her more balance between INT and STR if you want. Her magic isn't that great and it helps to have all physical for the bosses.



I'm at day 7 in DeSu 2 RB
is it too late to get Io to rank 5?
I wanna get Titania

Just a reminder to you guys who are singing: put your heart into it. Even if it ends up bad per se, it will be a million times worse and genuinely cringeworthy if you half-ass it. Own what you do, don't whisper like those poor saps who did the #FE /v/ sings.

I'll be doing mine in a bit.

I'm not the user running the thing, just someone who had the misfortune of hearing 4 people whisper FAIAA EMUBUREMU and wanted to save some shy anons possible embarrassment.

i wonder how its going to sound, should be really different considering that song was originally sung by Microsoft Sam

>Microsoft Sam
But it was sung by Albert. And they'll probably accompany them.

Did we ever figure out who Albert is supposed to represent in Nocturne?

Albert who?


OK I did mine
Hope it's not too whispery, I can't raise my voice too much here.

Forgot vocaroo link


Singing dude posted a place to upload last thread.



It's a big chair.



Has anyone here emulated Digital Devil Saga? I'm having a problem with the game.

The game is running at 30FPS (despite it saying it's running at 60) and has horrible blur whenever I move the camera at all. Whenever I hit F4 or Tab to change modes, it speeds up to 60FPS (says 120-140) and everything is double the speed. The blur is gone at that point, but with everything running at twice the speed, it's just not playable.

I'd suck it up and deal with it if I knew I was getting proper performance out of the game (like I do with games that run at 30FPS on Dolphin, for example) but I see really nice looking gameplay on the pcsx2 YouTube channel and wish my game looked like that.

I can record this and upload it if it makes that makes understanding what I'm talking about any better.

What the fuck did I just say as my last sentence there? Jesus.

I can record and upload gameplay if that makes what I'm trying to explain more understandable*

There's some setting you can do, but I don't know what it is. Help will come, I'm sure of it.

If it makes you feel any better, even the PSN version is fucked lol

Buy a ps2 and mod it. Ps2 library is huge so its more than worth it for all the megaten on it and other stuff.

Wants to make Geirin proud and fumbles it all the time. Even High Pixie was given to her by Geirin so she wasn't naturally strong enough to summon one.

But RPGs are so much more tolerable with fast-forward...

The chin is more manly in the original.

Yes you should also do Atsuro, Amane, and Gin's ending.

Because he's half of Satan and Satan is black.

Merkabah and Michael got the dragon part.

I want to fuck that Pixie.