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First for RIP Wolf.

Has anyone made one of those Japanese things with the pain sounds for Clover?

She has all the lines for it, like 12 versions of, "Fuck me." and one of her "ONE." lines is, "It's in"

Ryona or something,

Clover a shit

DonAcDum is the best track.

GOONMOD is always the answer

>implying blt mods aren't the answer to everything in this game

7th for the Beagle being the best pistol of the game.

It's not the answer for Transporter Aced.

OVK devs can't figure out how to implement carrying two bags at once so they're getting rid of it.

This is my favourite Clover image.

>they needed three years to finally get a fix for the (!) that plagued your inventory,

10/10 company.

I think they didn't realize it bothered people for that long. We had that OVK employee in here a week or two before the patch hit and they said it would be brought up to the team.

>see the PD2 hardcore henry trailer,

Hoxton's lines where he insults Jimmy when ?

>Not "And now we run"

Plebeian tastes.

>join Hoxout
>host is some Brazilian faggot who tries to instruct another guy to put his ammo bag on the car
>the game starts, we roll through cops a few stops
>the guy drops the ammo on the road, missing the car
>host restarts because of it

>3 years
>They were talking about Safehouse Customization before the open beta started.

>Play a build with Doctor Bags and Inspire
>Everyone has Doctor Bags, no one has Shaped Charges, a Saw, or Ammo

>Play a TechForcer Tim the Toolman build with Saws, Shaped Charges, and Ammo
>No one has Doctor Bags or Inspire


Holy shit, same here.

>See guy in a suit
>oh good he should have inspire aced
>nope he's a fugforcer

>Have C4
>Have Inspire
>All right

Where are the fucking Wolf lewds, lads?

Does using better bots get you listed as a bad goy?


>Using any mods besides Hoxhud.
Not Overkill approved. Bad goy ;)

Cool, thanks

I never bothered with it, I never check the hud for anything besides the clock and to see of cops are freeing hostages. Some of the features seem nice, but I've gotten along this far without them. Also, I think you just memed me.

>no one has Shaped Charges, a Saw, or Ammo
But you have 4 Inspirefags so it matters not.

I join pub Transports just to carry them while they drill and lockpick.


Hello heisters! New side jobs are out!

Today's Daily Side Jobs are:
- I Am The One Who Knocks (halloween_1)
- Painting Yourself Into A Corner (pink_panther)

Keep those helmets flying! ;)

stop die

Why are people so butthurt about blowing up the bus even if there's no money in it?

Annoying ass blinding flash.

>literally FREE flashbangs

Okay, I copied the blt hook into the game folder. I added the dll and the mods folder. I added no mods. Now the game doesn't start.


I can't seem to find an answer on google.

Akimbo Judges when?

That is truly overkill.

Mainly because there is no enemy in the game that can survive two Judge shots to the face.


I believe this thread only has like 20 people. I wouldn't be surprised if it was less. I'm almost able to figure out who is who

>it's a "taser getting you from the tiniest angle imaginable and across the map" episode

You can't figure out who I am.

thank forklift wolf

what happened to us? it wasn't this "slow" 3-4 months ago

No good content releases.

Akimbo SMGs are neat, but there hasn't been any heists or anything.

Not from that, no personality is showing through.

>no good content releases
>disregards Jimmy safe and hardcore Henry trailer

>giving even half a shit about the safes

thanks zyzz bird of maximum gains

how do i improve this build

this is what i've been using pre-beta

>yfw those peoples are all Muscle CTVfags using silent killer aced on their Val assault rifle.

The worst nightmare.


I don't understand the hate on Silent Killer other than it being usually unnecessary. I get decent use out of it on my SMG build with Jacket's Piece.

Though I need to find another concealment mod for it so I can actually use 80's calling and still be in LB/SB range

new skill build.. r8noh8
maybe i'd drop the silent killer for low blow...

>jacket's piece
>that 4 seconds reload time,

this smg is a fucking mess, you would have a better time just using the Para or the Krinkov.

>Silent Loaded Medic

Probably autism from a silenced gun more powerful than its unsilenced counter part.

That and the emphasis some people put on break points(if it wont hit 80 don't bother pushing it past 40 or whatever) so if you're using a raven(which I believe is 60, off the top of my head) a 15% increase you have to spend skill points on won't help you kill something faster.

i changed to lb now


u copied me

Four seconds is only if you're loading from a dry mag. It's probably the fastest SMG reload so long as you reload before you run out.

well your reading comprehension is shit..take a good look again...

>tasers look like old guy mega man
>cloakers look like that pretty cool guy splinter cell
>greens have similar color and proportions to Halo
I know saw a video game character that looks like a dozer years ago

You're wasting 30-48 into the Ghost tree to make the suppressors maybe viable when you could spend them on useful skills. Most people only spend a max of 8-10 points just to get the mobility skills. That's a large chunk of your available skill point pool that you could've used on something better.

It's akin to going that high up on the Fugitive tree for Counter-Strike Aced and not getting the more useful skills like SB and LB. You're not going to seriously run around a DW charging your melee anyway, investing points into it is a waste, same for not wasting your ammo firing at cops with suppressed weapons.

>a video game character that looks like a dozer
MW2's juggernauts, maybe?


What are your build sets named and what do they do?
mine are currently:
>1: plzinspireme (master/fug)
>2: stealthisboring (stealth)
>3: shapecharging (experimental fugitive/tech build with bullet proof, shape charges and 75 armor + 15 dodge with ex-pres)
>4: gettingkrinkey (fug/forcer retrofit with basic akimbo for akimbo krinks)
>5: petclass (master/tech with joker and partner in crime aced)

I change up my builds every infamy, except my master/fug, which remains mostly the same

>His gun doesn't have 8 sights
Literally why

>Houdini (Techforcer grinder with C4, saw and expert driver asset)
>The manager (classic Fugmind grinder build)
>Nixon (boring stealth build with yakuza perk deck)
>Dog's day (Fugforcer with the judge benefiting from Overkill and Low blow basic)
>Safe Crime (sentry build with fully loaded aced and GL40+china lake)

Post gun in inventory, can't even recognize what this nightmare is based on.

Have a better pic you nerd

looks like the electric brass knuckles melee wep

>tfw no taser gun

non-lethals dlc when

Bean bag and that taser shotgun shell, T-Rep or something ammo for shotguns.
Rubber bullets for most guns.
Tranquilizer rifle.
Doughnut launcher
Pistol Taser
Pepper spray melee
Pocket cocaine throw that 'poisons' cops

What's the point?

Either you beat them up enough to kill them or they just get back up and shoot at you again.

Any mods that would change the flashbang effect to black screen or something? I don't want to get blind because I play a video game


Are you playing in the dark or something? Why would a white screen actually blind you?

Well not him but there's also the possibility or triggering seizures, white is not good for some people

Let's be honest here, if you're an epileptic trying to play video games where a fundamental part of the gameplay experience is getting hit by muzzle flashes 24/7, you're not going to make it to the flashbangs before you have a seizure.

killing them just isn't fun anymore, user

Here. It's not that I'm epileptic or anything similar, it's just that I do mainly play in the dark and having to endure rapid fire flashbangs sometimes does get annoying as all hell.

Wear sunglasses.


So I've been bothered by Jimmy's face ever since I first saw it in the trailer and was wondering where the fuck I've seen him before.

Finally realised that he's the guy from District 9.

I wish I wasn't so bad at recognising faces. Must've taken me like two months to remember.

83th for Kiss the chief achievement

>1 hour

Just joined those people after they finished their fifth bag and were 18 minutes in.

>that feel when "I will give you my all 2016" never

not that guy but i think so...is there any other game that has you killing or using an EOD suit other MW2 during that time period?

Is the Saint Francis achievement actually going to lead to something or is Overkill just teasing us?

>Have the achievement
>Kill them and get em on bodybags to get in the bag and say a meme about "isn't working guys"
Fucking faggots ruining stealth because of that shit

>Get a ! in the map
>Fucking panic and everyone thinks that we are fucked so they act dumb when its was a damn civ

Sounds like a teaser for incoming John Wick heists or another devs game starring Wick.

Same thing for the 9 rings on Point break, they wouldn't do that kind of shit at random.

>use weapon mods on the chicano compact,
>it end up as visible as a bronco despite being the same size as a hand with other average stats.

Fucking piece of shit, totally worthless.

Get a Gruber instead.


Who da handsomest heister in the game?
I'm gar for Dallas

How do I make this better?


Respec and pass me the mouse

>not jacket

>liking a murdering psychopath
wew the edge...

t. Russian mobster