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So thanks to that kind user (who will hopefully do a better job with creating Raya-O sprites than I did), I decided to resume my project to put Cissnei into the game. I'm still missing some poses and I'm not very happy with all of the sprites, but I'm glad to have this qt on my team now.

Calm down

Good luck on your Lucky Banner pulls tonight, kupo!

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I'm jealous of how talented you and that other nice user are.


it's a fucking sprit. a child could make it.

>Nothing wrong with that, but having at least some freedom to ignore the story and fuck around for a bit never hurts.
That and if exploration got you hints of things that you could do later.
But, take IX for example, there are a ton of open areas that just flat out have nothing interesting about them outside of maybe a chocograph with some potions and a crappy weapon in it.
The only real minigame it has at that is chocobo hot and cold, so the only time exploration winds up being worth anything is after spending an hour or two grinding chocographs and unlocking a new ability.


Yes. This is perfect.

>Being this butthurt nobody ever compliments and thanks you.

Rude, desu

>all the sidequests in bravely second have a pragmatic vs. compassionate framing
>i always end up choosing the compassionate side

I guess I'm just a big softie at heart.

Threadly reminder that Vayne Solidor did nothing wrong.

I hate morale choices in games, as I always play the goodie two shoes. If you want me to be an evil dick, just write the game that way.

or you could perhaps just try to not self insert yourself into every game

I try. I'm just shit at role-playing

stick to your point and shooty games

>not just following your own morals for the first playthrough, then trying different options on subsequent playthroughs

Do you guys play games while traveling?

Not while driving. That's dangerous

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Reminder Reddit is keeping RK alive

Red Mage best job

>slams into somebody, snaps his neck
>person ahead of him too busy playing FFRK to notice

>try to play the evil route/options
>end up playing the same diplomatic saint all over again
Needless to say, I never gave a shit about muh role playing options in WRPGs.

RK Queen shows you how to upgrade your character in stats. Can't wait for this feature, eventually.

hey guys look at me casting mid tier shitty spells! oh boy you'll just LOVE me come endgame

>best job


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It has enough fans in Japan that SE is now getting hatemail for daring to admit that it was underwhelming. Lightningfags, not even once.

I'll never forget getting invited to a Escha NM Party as a Red Mage
>"Just throw out Haste IIs & Flurry IIs I guess, just make sure you're out of range of the NM."


is that mine


First tier down. Just a bunch of physical attackers. Visage himself can petrify once he's below a certain HP threshold, so I had to take him out quickly. The arms just attack. This is the easiest tier.

You're not entirely wrong, but you're also overanalyzing it. Matsuzawa (the guy who drew it) commented that it shows both two different generations and also two very different people who like and respect each other, but are also somewhat distant and remote.

Escha NMs were pretty fun. I wish I could go back to XI soon

You can do it!


Tier 2 down. This one is definitely more annoying. Power is barely worth noting, only attacking over and over again for less than 200. Tiger launches a bunch of elemental attacks that I null but zombifies when at low health. Magic can Haste his friends and Imp/Poison/Stop me as well as casting Gravity and Drain. Machine is the worst of the bunch because he can cast Delta Attack to petrify right from the start.

I took out Machine ASAP, then worked on Magic, then Power, then Tiger. I was able to exploit Machine's weakness to Stop since I had the Merit Award. I still got pasted a few times with Delta Attack.

I'll try

just hurry up and post the last 2 instead of dragging this out.

Don't forget to steal from Lady

I've liked watching you go through VI solo since you seem to know a lot of the mechanics for VI's bosses. It's one of the reasons I enjoy V's Four Job Fiesta because I love V to death and know all of the tricks

I'm just posting them as I do them. I got Doomed like 10 seconds into the third tier, it's going to take a bunch of repetitions.

Yep, that's the plan.

Thanks, I'm looking forward to the Fiesta this year as well.

I'll be posting my Fiesta run this year. I'm really excited about it

Terranon, when you're done with this are you going to move onto something else?

In FF3, is Dragoon/Dark Knight/WMage/Geomancer a good party?
I'm currently using Viking instead of DK because playing without a tank just feels wrong to me.

This is in the remake, if that matters.

Cool, I look forward to seeing it.

I dunno, probably not anytime soon. Solo runs are fun but they're annoying at times and they don't work for many titles.

Four Job Fiesta?

Basically it's a randomizer run through where you can only play the 4 jobs you are assigned, with each character using a different job after all 4 crystals are unlocked

It's okay. By the end of the game every member of your party should be one of two jobs so don't think you can stick with that party forever.

III = god tier

okay maybe just high tier

Ah, does that mean once you get the second tier of classes three of your characters have to jump or at least one has to be each class?
I guess I should really work on this first playthrough, because this sounds kinda neat.

At least one has to be each class. For example, once you get the first job, everyone in your party must be that job. Once you get your second, everyone must either be the first or the second, and there must be at least 1 of each. And so on.

Here's my victory photo from last year. Samurai, Ranger, Monk, and Summoner. That was a fun run through

Sure are a lot of faggots in this thread dissing best girl and best game.


You seem to have posted the wrong image

Ah, you're free to flip them around then, even after having all four sets.

I wonder if you can get screwed over by your rolls?

Yeah you can switch em around. And probably should to combine abilities. You can get screwed over, but no class in FFV is truly bad and you can do a lot of cool stuff even if you get something like Thief/Geomancer/Bard.

Good, yes. Best, not even close.
And I know you misclicked your image for best XIII girl, but don't worry, I've got you covered this time.

I meant to post this one.

Not really. Some set ups might make you level more, but I've never had to grind very much. It'll also teach more about oddball setups. I basically soloed Exdeath at the end of the 2nd world with a Dragoon with Aegis and Elven Cloak. Jump spam and evaded a shit ton of attacks

My favorite scene in the game.

Is the best version of FF5 GBA with modded sound? Or is the SNES fan translation a good one too?

GBA with modded sound is best

>best anything

S-stay away from the goddess, Fang! Her only task is to defend and save souls, not to dabble in such ludicrous acts!

She is so amazing.

not even best hallway simulator

Get rekt fag. XIII is perfect. Acquire taste.

Here's for the combat lucky draw senpai. The odds are stacked very heavily against us this time around since its a sausage fest of a cast. Believe in the qts though, good luck!

I just downloaded FFIX and started playing.

I'm in the Ice Cavern but since one fight in the forest I start evey single battle with all my characters in trance. Is there a way to turn this off or is it a bug somewhere?

You turned on the cheat, I'm not sure what the command for that is though

Check under the Boosters. You probably turned on one that makes them Trance all of the time

Maybe not the best, but the OST is pretty top tier.

Thanks buddy. Have Light and Fang already. Hoping for some good shit for Agrias.

I'm still debating if I care enough to pull on the banner.
SG is the only thing I can say I'd really use.

Thanks senpai! I'm gonna hope I get Light's SSB, since this is going to be my third time trying.

Speaking of Light's SSB. She's my MVP in the Rufus fight and I have Cloud's BSB.

Alright I fixed it it was f4 I think.

Thank you.

Oh wow, my MVP in any fight is Vanille, due to her restorative powers. My offensive capabilities suck, due to not having any SSBs.


Why do retards draw like this

>6 girls
>29 guys
wow sausage fest is an under statement. And Refia doesn't even get a SB weapon ffs

Ninja/Sages aren't as outright OP in the remake, though. I was using a Knight even at endgame because of the great weapons it gets.

It's supposed to be a banner.

what banner are you guys talking about. vincent's 2nd is already out...

11x 25 mythril lucky banner

sages are pretty op with dual books hitting an elemental weakness.

and this is coming tonight?

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How do we even know that the nightmare dungeons are happening tonight

estimate based on the timings for jp