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>Shit no one reads, like FAQ and a pastebin:
pastebin.com/UvruiPky (embed)

>Current cup info:
implyingrigged.info/wiki/2016_Veeky Forums_Spring_Babby_Cup


>Archived games:

>4cc MUGEN thing that SDA is doing:

April 18th-23rd - Second export deadline (ANY team in Spring can submit another legal export if they want to)
April 24th - Draw
April 23rd - Aesthetics Deadline
May 6th - Opening Day

>Test draws everywhere
>Boris cannot into schedules
>People copy exports
>People whine about copying exports
>We're still not quite as bad as /utg/

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>putting another general in the OP
Wew lad, learn your Veeky Forums culture


>>Boris cannot into schedules
>says the OP that put the 24th before the 23rd

Hi Rorona

pfft i just copied the last guy

Randomized T E S T C UP: Multiple Curses Broken Edition

3 hours until the deadline right?

Hint: it's SoCom

lmao do you really have to hi rorona every time anyone mentions /utg/ negatively

enjoy doing it a lot soon :^)

nth for Myuer fanfics when?

it's still export time my dudes
/trv/ surprising everyone by actually having an export at all, and even going far enough to make slight changes from the Fetus.

Fuck that was quick.

>It's a sensible, offensive 4-3-3

The game doesn't know what to do with CMFs. see you in autumn trv

This isn't the McBox I know

user please, you've giving your hard earned (You)s to someone else.

my nigger

>Man City

Veeky Forums Veeky Forums Veeky Forums!!!






a live look into the feedback household.

some big exports now, here's /b/

>that preset 1
wat da fug :DDDD

and we also got /a/
all their presets have fluid varients, preset 1 is pretty much a /u/ clone

Preset 1 shouldn't have fluid on, what the hell?

oh it doesn't don't panic, i turned it on and forgot to take it off

I'm afraid I'm in another state from my desktop at the moment so I don't have access to PES to make the change. I'm sorry.

There's been an open invitation for anyone to manage aside from me since I came back for Summer 2015. No one has stepped up though, and I was planning on stepping down anyways after because as you mentioned, I don't browse /g/ any more these days and it really shows.

>not leaving it on anyway because it's a blatant /u/ clone.

>/g/ isn't uploading an export

rip in ip

/g/ uploaded an export for the first deadline, they don't need to submit another

Can you withdraw so Veeky Forums can play instead? :D

I mostly put the /u/ fluid l-lewd in that preset for shits and giggles, prolly not gonna be used.

>playing basic mindgames with exports
>not playing the ultimate mindgames by uploading early so no one suspects it

My mindgames operate at a higher level.

Of course not silly, we have to get into Summer still.

I browse /g/ and made like 90% of the suggestions in your short lived thread. When do I become new manager?

Get in touch with Lear, he can help you get verified. It may or may not be too late, I can't speak for him.

The signup deadline is pretty much the manager deadline as well iirc. Not sure if that means the original one or the 'spring' one, but I'm not sure you'll be able to get in touch with him in the next 2 hours.

It never hurts to try though. I'll endorse it if that helps.

Well if Lear considers you enough of a #toplad to bend the rules a little then anything's possible

Hey guys check this out

>tfw back to back months of digital footy with Spring 16 and VGL6

/trv/ did that in Winter 14


that's a scary flan

Reminder that if new VGL teams wanna sign up right away they have to have a team page ready.

2 hours to go

Huh, so this is how it works? I always thought it was some random minimalism image that just said "paint it all black"

The shades of red are probably different by one point on any of the RGB colors, which makes MSpaint consider them different colors.
Shit like green is my pepper, or photoshit have a color tolerance, which is why this image might not work in them.

>have a color tolerance
forgot to put slider after that.

Veeky Forums should use this... for something

>that image
reminds me of that /b/ user who lived in a house so messy and unclean the fridge was full of maggots and the toilet had never been cleaned
the images haunt me to this day

That was from that thread I think


Quality group A

/n/ /c/ (/p/ fetus)
/a/ /m/ (/r9k/ fetus)
/w/ /i/ (/cm/ fetus)
/e/ /wg/ (Veeky Forums fetus)
/vp/ /v/ (Veeky Forums fetus)
/sp/ Veeky Forums (/soc/ fetus)
Veeky Forums /x/ (/k/ fetus)
/vr/ /jp/ (/adv/ fetus)

I believe

/n/ Veeky Forums, /c/ foetus.
/a/ /m/, /r9k/ foetus.
/g/ /w/, /cm/ foetus.
/wg/ /e/, /int/ foetus.
/vp/ /v/, Veeky Forums foetus.
/sp/ /gif/, /soc/ foetus.
Veeky Forums /x/, /trv/ foetus.
/b/ /jp/, /adv/ foetus.


>/r9k/ getting fetus'd over Veeky Forums
ayy el em ei oh

Note: when I said "I believe" part of it included Veeky Forums being good enough to not get fucking fetus'd

and /c/, and any vidya board

Do you have the full image compilation?

Wait, we're talking about the teams at the bottom of the group getting fetus'd, but that's not how it works
Group A from Autumn had no fetus teams whereas Group H had 3 (although /3/ died, they were scheduled to play in it)
Group E also had 3

kaguya > mokou

Have you suffered a head injury?

Spring's fetus teams were done from the bottom of the final rankings (pots 4-5 of the megababby), since originally (as in, after megababby became a thing) there was no regular fetus and no actual relegation to the fetus

Now there is a regular fetus so teams are actually going to be relegated to it from the bottom of their groups which is going to lead to some ebin bullshit if/when a 4-4-4-4 happens and a team that literally would be pot 3 in the next babby has to play a fetus

>liking Lunarian scum
You deserve anything bad that happens to you

That is bullshit desu. It should be the 8 worst teams rather than the bottom of every group just for the chance of that scenario.

Another one.

It's something I've never understood
For example, Veeky Forums in Autumn 13 were destined for the Spring 14 fetus before the Mega-Babby happened, despite Veeky Forums, a team with just 1 point and finished above only 3 teams, were going to avoid it
implyingrigged.info/wiki/2013_Veeky Forums_Autumn_Babby_Cup#Group_H

I mean, promotion/relegation works based on where you finished in your group, should the same apply to the babbies/fetus? I mean the Spring fetus we just say could have had a completely different lineup but no one said until now
We should probably sort it out and set it in stone for future before this cup starts, so we know for Autumn.

>no CF's in the entire team
So much for the favourites.

>literally upside down /u/

>calling every diamond /u/
fuck this is like when people called every 4-2-2-2 /mlp/

>upside down /u/
On the contrary. /n/ is about as far from /u/ as you can get while still being a narrow diamond. Their playstyles are all different (that, and gold AMF, no CF, silver striker etc).

No, mate, /n/ is literally an upside down /u/

I want the /u/ Defence Force to leave.

oh for fuck's sake

wrong, you're thinking of \n\

>implying you need SSs
bro, team of false nines. We gucci nigga

You've been sitting on that joke for a good couple of hours, haven't you?

Factual incorrect
/n/ is a 180 degrees /u/

Nah. If he'd been sitting on it that long it would be ___ instead.

Fuck off Carlos

>needing SS's
nigga all you got is SS's


>>implying you need SSs


Legit laughing pretty hard out loud you cheeky devil

Nigga that's all you need

1 hour

For what?

Until it's bed time.

Just open it up, Were all fucking tired.

>implying you need SSs

this guy knows what's going on

What PES is that? That's a cool GUI, better than the material design bullshit PES 16 has

I can't believe they actually used that
And the manager didn't get sacked

Looks like PES13

PES14 you dum dums