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Which witch would you hitch Edition

Last map: >2.2.2 Patch Notes

>Ascendancy Offline Skill Planner

>Helpful links

>"Hey guys what's the price on this piece of shit item"

>Read this before asking for build advice


>Rough mapping guide (ignore IIQ advice if it's still in there)

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Necromancer is the only right answer. I call Necromancer, enjoy being wrong everyone else.

More like Necrophiliac, amirite?

Elementalist's tits are too small.

Elementalist for sure. Occultist looks like she's never taken a bath and Necromancer is literally wearing bones.

Occultist > Necromancer > Elementalist

Enjoy your disease ridden pussy.

do NOT buy mtx

do NOT support GGG's p2w gimmicks

poe is dying and it's all because of their GREED


>game is dying
>more people playing than ever before

more =/= better

"dying" means it's losing popularity
No one said anything about "better"

Keep trying.

fuck these fotm builds
What's the most contrarian memebuild I can do?

Dominating Blow Hierophant dude I dunno
Just throw some shit together

Wander Bleed Gladiator.
I don't even know if wands can apply bleed.

They should be able to. It's a hit.

From the Gladiator node they can, but the other ones near Bloodletting and Dirty Techniques are only melee, though they're only 8% apiece so it's probably not much lost.

Maybe Bleed on hit from Tora?

Oh yeah, howsabout that.

What's coin ratio on HCP right now?

>all popular things are good

literally lmao out loud @ this logic

Can't unsee elementalist as lava girl.

Come on man, at least try.

You're the only one making that association, famalamarino

Worth? I only have ~1k

Just ends up being a worse version of atziri's disfavor EQ bleed.

lel I'm smart

please, play a couple hundred hours more before posting in this general


>poe isn't dying
>player numbers are higher than ever

lmao and hilary will win the election despite losing the vote

Enjoy your ban

>Enjoy your ban
what the fuck are you even on about?

Oh shit he's dyslexic, too
I'm so sorry I didn't know
Go fuck yourself, kid.

>40% reduced critical strike chance per power charge

So you get 10% per charge instead of 50%.

MoM builds with power charges, I guess.

>What's coin ratio on HCP right now?
What's coin ratio on HCP right now?What's coin ratio on HCP right now?What's coin ratio on HCP right now?What's coin ratio on HCP right now?What's coin ratio on HCP right now?What's coin ratio on HCP right now?What's coin ratio on HCP right now?What's coin ratio on HCP right now?What's coin ratio on HCP right now?What's coin ratio on HCP right now?What's coin ratio on HCP right now?What's coin ratio on HCP right now?What's coin ratio on HCP right now?What's coin ratio on HCP right now?What's coin ratio on HCP right now?What's coin ratio on HCP right now?What's coin ratio on HCP right now?What's coin ratio on HCP right now?What's coin ratio on HCP right now?What's coin ratio on HCP right now?What's coin ratio on HCP right now?

>do solo tora mission
>go into the monsters den
>it spawns fire ground
>deals 95% of my hp as damage
>die in two hits and lose 20% within 1 minute
>hours and hours literally lost




>taking tora as a master

even if you haven't

>doing non-daily mission

can i haz your shekkels?

Holy shit buying coins is shady as fuck.

Thanks for your cadiro item senpai!

>tfw you will never be able to buy points at 80% again

80% off rather

>oy vey goyim, you shouldn't have said that >:^(

6 million edit is good stuff

GGG has always been a shit company but that's just my opinion

That's objectively correct, dumb catposter.

im playing inquis void battery ll storm call

it depends. usually everything is on the up and up if you buy through poe trade. i never had an issue yet.

just don't deal with the trade chat and party board in game. you shouldn't ever be doing this anyway since it's only scammers and flippers

Depends what metric you are using to measure them.

I have to agree

there was a witch fan art here a few days back, watercolor, was the best one ive ever seen but the thread was too old. anyone know what im talking about?

How does this look for an earthquake maraduder tree? first build ever, be gentle.



Seems fine on first glance.

>spend $2k on a new pc
>still get

>Occultist looks like she's never taken a bath
That's what makes her hot as fuck.

>in parties
Can you stop being a shitcrow for once in your life? Real players roll solo.

dumb tibetan fox poster

I'm in a good mood, so I'll give you one advice:
Don't ever post that again. There's an offline tree planner in the OP for a reason. Use it or fuck off.

ty for scam ;^)

i forgot how stupid leveling with infernal blow and melee splash is

OP as fark

nice game optimization, poetards

Is this worth a lot ?

why is this allowed

it's 2016 for fuck's sake


is it every worth corrupting rings or are there no good possible outcomes?

Why the hell is my distillation distillate buff fading randomly? it lasts 4 seconds but... just vanishes.

Because it's a hybrid flask. Life or mana flasks effect ends when you reach full life or full mana. You want a reliable way to be under full life/mana for the full duration of it.

you can check the site poe.trade for similar ones!

Don't steal my pathfinder meme build

>mfw the most difficult thing shitcrows have to do is hit their distillate at the same time they cull a boss


Well it's a +4% max all res flask, if you don't see why that might be good for hardcore, perhaps you're the shitcrow here


Pretty sure this is a meme, see it in chat alot.
Wish it were true

So for CA MF builds what do you find the trade off on andivarus makes them worth it?

70% MF?

it's probably not worth much. the extra physical damage is worthless since it's a caster stick and the 4 life on hit isn't worth anything either

Thank you

so surprised he didnt die, unless theres a grace period when entering

>tfw you spend more time theorycrafting about builds than actually playing them

Hardy har har. You sure showed him hoss!

Your post is even more pointless than my pointles post, pointing out how sad of a lost soul you are exile. Bet your dad is so happy that your mom refused to abort you

Typing in all caps lol.

"I'm not very good at this game so I'm going to go on 4chin and post in all caps that Im going to uninstall the game, that will show... everyone? Yeah everyone.. Hahah fucking KEK GAME UNINSTALL.EXE.. STALE MEMES ARE MY SHIT!!!!!"

Why is everyone always so fucking angry here?

They like to make the general as toxic as possible to try and ward off new players

Game is dying due to poor design choices yet has really great parts, past mid-league, challenges were pretty grindy and gay. Fun for the first 50% of a league and perandus was great fun. Would have been better 2-3 months and not so grindy challenges (full clears).

At least thats what I tell myself except they are always asshole elitists every single league and no one here has gotten 100 in HC yet rags on SCfags.

There are ways to make 100% certain that dude can't go into your map or area with Cuckdiro. And of course shit is shady. That is how people operate when they don't have to be held accountable. It is human nature to take shortcuts and easy way out of shit. And (I dunno I don't scam myself, I personally just dont find it fun to have obtained items in an ill-gotten method)... It is PROBABLY.. .FUN.. To scam people. You should try it. Probably more adrenaline rush then almost/actually ordering Riparoni Pizza on normal game mode (not "soft"core)

Oh and here is the easiest method of all, if you have any decent amount of currency in this game. Just go ahead and drop 20 or 30 chaos into Coins.. BEFORE you need them. It is what I have always done... And 3 times people *tried* to get into my map and find Cuckdiro.. Usually I will buy some coins when Cuckdiro has an offer for me, but it's not a good deal (can buy the item for chaos orbs for cheaper than coins) ...

One time, the "scammer" buddy guy, had actually bought the item for like 1350 coins, and one Poe.Xyz.Trade.Senpai.GayFam.Nigger, had the item and cheapest was 2 chaos... Top rolls on item was like 5 chaos... So dude probably just assumed since I was buying coins, that the item was worth it. He didnt have enough time to check I guess.. Was bretty funny. Probably doesnt work cause scammers probably know prices and shit off top of their head... But the 1/10 or 1/20 times that a scammer would be dumb enough to just HURRY AND BUY AND SCAM ME... Top kek.. Btw this didn't really happen. Ttoally made it all up. Cucks ...

Point of it all is, it's only shady if you aren't smart enough to figure out a way to do a trade without peple scamming u.. GG, GGG

bored of poe? try warframe! it's f2p and *NOT* p2w

It's all the grind with none of the depth!

Nuh-uh bro(or bitch.. ur prollably a bitch hehue) UR opinions is WRONG. GgG is the BEST COMPANY AROUND YOU DUMB FOKRING NIT_WIT BASYIRTARD. Get a fucking clue Mr. Goober McFatkins.. (That is your cat name, pussy)

Goober McFatkins.. The putty cat poster pussy sllit shit nit-witter fucking rhinocerous

If softcore players are 'shitcrows' then hardcore players would be golden eagles

>no one here has gotten 100 in HC
we've had at least one 100 this league alone

>no one here has gotten 100 in HC
There have been multiple people reaching 100 in hc here before. They've all left, however.

the p2w argument is the same in both games

aka both not p2w and only retarded poster think it is

Well yeah, there are ways to avoid it, you can move your portal device next to a wall to prevent someone from entering it. I saw this when I bought manor entry for 5c. You could also follow the poe.trade anti-scammer guide and just have them add you to their friend list.

This league has been a blast for sure. I've spent a damn lot of time playing, even took many days off work to do so.

I've had at least 6 fully geared chars (with high end stuff). I've died to my own mistakes a couple of times (atziri - palace dominus); other times to DC; but, the others, which were 70-80 chars (including the last of my rips, which happened a few minutes ago) came to blade sentry traps.

I'm seriously annoyed at such kind of rubbish bullshit. It doesnt matter how much hp-armor-regen you have: you simply cannot stand in a trap for more than 3 seconds. This is complete nonsense and is a godamn bitchslap to players who spent 50+ hours on a character (not counting farming hours to get their gear) to lose it due to 2-3 seconds being hit by a trap. This is absurd and really needs to be addressed.

If lab is supposed to be rippy just for the sake of it, then I consider this a very lousy game design (which is only consequent with the upcoming "statistics" showing -with some weird pride- how many characters died). This is seriously unreal and I fail miserably to understand how game developers could be so pleased and "feel accomplished" with having people dead to nonsense (2-3 seconds being hit by a blade sentry is enough to drain 10k ES with 14k armor? seriously?).

>6 fully geared chars (with high end stuff)
>70-80 chars
>spent 50+ hours on a character (not counting farming hours to get their gear)
>14k armor

Yeah I know what your talking about. A watercolor Wizzleizzitch fampai fan-art. Good for u brah..............