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Halo game based around Sigmund when?

Hey bb, want sum fuk?

All you have to do is put your controller down when playing SWAT and you're playing the Sigmund game!

Not my fault I need two hands to play the Backup game

Vand I thought we were friends. Well right now I'm waiting for my batteries to finish charging so I can start playing again.

KI Lobby when

>bias still banned for pony posting

get fucked spic


Shame you barely need one to play the Backup game on just yourself!

What kind of game though?
A dating sim?


Sounds like some nerd needs an ass-kicking.


>Sigmund dating sim
What are the routes?

Better not challenge people to SWAT, then!


They're all bad ends where he dies

1v1 Swords only on Torque


But I hate bad ends in Sims, I always want the characters to be happy at the end


I'd like to play swat

You're gay


Weakest bantz I've seen all day, see me after class

I'd play some with you, but I'm only good at swatnums and it wouldn't be until tomorrow

Why the fuck you do faggots turn every thread into some homo erp bullshit? Keep your gay shit in the discord chat you fucking degenerates.


>challenging people to 1v1's in Halo because someone insulted your halo skills is homo erp bullshit

Fuck you

Wanna talk about Halo?
Which was the last book you read, user?

I wasn't necessarily talking about this thread. Not that you haven't ruined it already with your avatarfagging


fucking nerd

Oh, so you're just shitposting then.

What's your favorite gachi song?

>I wasn't necessarily talking about this thread.
>"every thread"
Oh? And which one am I?

It's private. Kai & Friends only. ;)

All you had to do was ask

this, we only post gayporn and gachimuchi anyways.

I always wanted something competitive in this general, but I know not many people would play in it.

Why doesn't Cuckmund put it in the OP?

Invites expire after a set amount of time

Get out of that jabroni outfit and I'll show you who the boss of this game is

Well, I'm always down for betting games.
I never win though.

Then get a perma-invite link, not that hard.

This is actually true
>yfw this company is run by a bunch of european cucks and their american lapdog, Sigmund

Fuck you

No, fuck you leatherman.

>he forgot Tangee

It was always run by a brit dude.

Is Xbox live back up yet?

Not yet, some regions seem to be down still

Damn. I swear, Xbox Live goes down on me more often than my hypothetical girlfriend.

I see what you mean, user.
It never goes down for me, just like my hypothetical girlfriend

Haha, funny original joke!

Who /hasfinalssoonandcan'tplaymuchHalo/ here?

you know, you get out of high school eventually

but you don't have to share that fact with anyone else.

>high school
There's finals in college, you know.

He wouldn't know. He never got accepted.

not my fault you didn't get a fucking trade.

Mine are coming up next week, so I still have a while

>a trade

lmao good luck supporting your future wife and he son with that trade you fucking loser.

>he doesn't know
You can make double a whitecollar worker if you're not retarded.
But anyways, back to Halo

Good luck supporting nothing without a job.

Do you really think that the last 2 decades of kids getting the same degrees if you will have not soaked up every job on the market by now?

It's even more funny cause my trade is my backup job, my current job doesn't even require a high school education.

>it's a trade shills episode

>he fell for the trade jew

>he fell for the GO TO SCHOOL AND BE GOOD GOYIM jew

I mean, the fact that I've never been in debt and I lived on my own through trade school is proof enough I'm not being fucked by jews, I think.

>Adjacent trying to shill wall building jobs again.

How many people are gonna be playing Super Fiesta and commendation grinding this weekend?

That's literally the only reason why I play it.

None, if Xblox keeps doing this shit.


I've been playing it all day famalam.

Shame nobody on /hg/ is on to party up though.

Well, XBL is pretty fucked right now

>open warzone daily win pack
>get these

I never get certs out of mine, probably because the only ones I have left are legendary

Didn't know you could rares out of them.

>he fell for the go to college and rack up tens of thousands of dollars in debt for a useless degree jew

>he fell for the "his parents took a trade and couldn't afford his college" jew
No debts. Handed a fancy internship personally by the head of our accounting department.

You guys need to chill, you'll burn down the building with all this fire

>paying for school

One of us will have money to burn.
The other fell for the trade jew.

>Going to school in the US.

College is free in the EU cuck.

How the fuck is an elite supposed to hold the plasma caster? That grip looks build for human fingers

I wonder why.

I never actually noticed that until now.
Fucking 343.

aww mommy and daddy's money paid for it, how cute

>being a nigger

yeah broooooo, I'm feeling the bern too :^)

>aww mommy and daddy's money paid for it, how cute
Yeah, feels good having parents who can provide and didn't settle for nothing like you.

I'm sure it was the niggers that prevented you from getting a full ride.

>settle for nothing
Kind of hard to settle for nothing when you're making more than any deskworker, have a lower rate of suicide, and a higher rate of job satisfaction :^)

I can taste the salt.

You should try getting those, then. Because at the moment, you're trying to insist that a trade is better than a career on an anonymous imageboard, and are very clearly on the edge of the abyss.

>it's one person

Both of you shut the fuck up and just join the Army.

What's the rarest req anybody's got out of a daily pack?

>/hg/ fell for the Jewish tricks

>implying I'm not a reservist
Keep paying my paycheck, wagey

I'm going active, weekend warrior.
Hideki is that you?

Have fun adjusting to the real world where everything isn't handed to you by mommy and daddy :^)

Might just be the cum you gargled earlier

No, not Hideki.
I'll be signing the papers soon.
You should know who I am.