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fuck off gerg


>no one day premium time event in the op

Jump jets are why the others got fuck all quirks.

PGI really overvalues jump jets. They're useful on like two maps, on the rest they just get you to go uphill faster.

So what happened to Connor?

Threadly reminder that Kakos is Clay's most european normie.

Oxide subjected to the Trial of Annihilation when?

Never. Piggy makes to much money of it.

Speaking of:


Mitigate your grind.

When there's something newer PGI wishes to generate money from, of course.

>increased turn speed
>jump animation shifts your hitboxes
>better map movement speed than normal
>don't have to worry about getting stuck on rocks and shit
>slightly better hill humping

They're pretty useful, just mostly trash for actual jumping and thus rarely worth taking more than 1 of.

Rate my Scout Nova mwo.smurfy-net.de/mechlab#i=179&l=ef0c7a5751aba55e6788fccc1e8e3faa0b02a729

Is this a new trolling meme?

No why would it be?


A single LB-10X is junk, may as well just plug an LPL in there, go up to 21 heatsinks and actually armor the SL arm to full (rather than zero).

>'scout nova'
>4 ERSL and and an LBX10 with twice the minimum ammunition needed

small pulse or go home

Which Hunchback IIC should I buy first?

Its done me quite well, specially against pesky lights. Also helps focus down Griffins left torso easily as well. Specially once you break that armor.

Stop recommending spl builds, I fear they'll nerf them and I'm having so much fun.

>play a shit tier build on a mediocre chassis
>ask for rates
>expecting favorable replies

Are you sure you aren't piggy?

Fine fine i'll go with your Small Pulse build.

user trust me, I've tried the ERSL laser LBX10 meme build before and it's fun but it's just not worth it. You can do 6 times more damage with 5 small pulses or 6 ERSLs than with a single LBX10


I laughed more than I should.

I always vote conquest.

What Modules are best to have? I have Radar Dep, Target Decay, Improved Radar, Advance zoom.

Same here, conquest is actually the best one.

Radar Dep and Seismic

So to accompany a Gauss Rifle is an AC/2 any good? Or should I just dedicate the extra space to Gauss ammo?

its usually a bad idea to mix ballistics, because they're all really ammo hungry. what mech are you using?

I'm using a Cenurion CN9-AH.

I'm new so I may be a dumbass

No it's not. The ac2 is a pure dps weapon and requires constant facetime to be worth its tonnage. The goose is an alpha weapon. You want to shoot and get into cover/start torso twisting the moment your shots out. The best weapons to accompany the goose are all kinds of large lasers, (er)ppcs and er medium lasers or just another goose if your mech allows for it..

with the AH you're better off using an ac20

The AH is a pure brawl machine. You want to go ac20 + 3x srm4, alpha people in the face at close range and shield with your arms.
Its major problem, besides being a cenutrion, is that it's low on ammo.

Alright thanks for the input.

Is MWO still this more tonnage = more win garbage?
I miss the times where I could run laps around large mechs, just heat lasering their ass to death.

I like conquest because sometimes it splits the blob into smaller battles and that's fun.

It may be a small sample size of what, two, but I think there's an actual bug with the Marauder's portrait that substitutes it on other mechs.
Too bad PGI doesn't offer rewards for finding bugs since their game is so goddamned broken they'd be giving out a reward every day, maybe even multiple times.

Overall I would say the game is dominated by heavies.
The most meta of light are quite usefull.

Anybody here watching Votoms?
We need to ban Vassago Rain, he is still a threat.

Guy, I enjoy playing a Gargoyle... am I bad?


It's like a bovine car alarm at the end.

A lot of the high-missile lights (Jenner IIC, Oxide, Huginn to some extent below the other two) are outright dangerous considering how fast and/or how many SRMs they can put into a target in rapid succession.

A pack of Jenner IIC/Oxides is a legit threat to much larger 'Mechs.

Arctic Cheetahs and Firestarters are still dangerous, too.

Like I said, when the game was relatively fresh I ran a laser Jenner (and I think a hunchback even) which were exclusively used to laser people to death. It was kinda Hilarious.
Like what? 6 months ago or so, I tried again and just got blown up every single time. No real chance to run circles around them.

How when the superior sExecutioner exists.

You can still do that, you can't just immediately throw yourself into the enemy team like a retard like the old days because 12v12 and improved netcode.

The Executioner can't do the Garg's fun builds for shit though.

also no kwerks that matter



>get on mumble
>have been on mumble for the past 30 minutes
>only clay, huecast, and karnwheel are in active channels
nice meme

It's because you're there Greg

I love colors.


How much Scheckels is that irl?

He memed me a while back so I opened Mumble and there was only a handful connected so I didn't bother even connecting. He's just some retarded Discord shitposter, there's a solid chance he doesn't even have mumble installed.


I bought a Hellbringer, what kind of builds you can do with this thing? I have 3 ERLL, LRM20, ECM, AMS and bagel probe on it right now and it seems to perform alright.


>1x LPL
>5 erMed
>fill with heatsinks




build #1 and #2 are especially spicy

Takes a bit more stalking nowadays.

In solo queue, it's worth it to endrun and hit the back of the usual column NASCARing it's way towards the rest of your force, as frequently people are PUG-dumb enough to leave slow assaults on the tail end, clumsy and exposed. Lasers are capable of steady DPS, but missiles deliver hideous amounts of damage in single large blasts.

The Jenner IIC is C-bills and one variant can literally put 36 SRMs into a target in a single salvo. If that hits someone in the backside, there's gonna be serious hurting happening. Oxide can't do as many missiles and is buy-only, but it also can spit it's smaller payload out frighteningly fast thanks to quirks.

Lights tend towards either SRM or SL/SPL builds at this point, both of which can lay down some serious pain. MLs are less common on the 35T lights-of-choice because you're fast enough to slash people up close and personal and smaller lasers are better damage-to-heat and burn time.

Whatever happened to the discordians? They suddenly just stopped shitposting. Did they all get week bans?
>mfw most of the discord faggots are Reddit newfags who don't know how to circumvent bans

>build 2
Wow, I really like it.

So it's better to build for a knife fight than for long range?

Do you not have a lust for brawling?

Hellbringer pokes well, 4x er-L is a perfectly acceptable setup. Fire 2 at a time to avoid spooky heat. It just bores me to tears.

No, knife fighting is not better than it's just more fun.

That depends on your playstyle. If you enjoy knife fighting and and tend to build you mechs that way the Hellbringer can do it, but if you prefer having distance from your enemies there's also the klord Kako "Kaelus Kolos Kuckos" Kolos 6 medicine pulse laser approved build

You're being rused.

>4x erll + ecm
>1x lpl + 5x erml + ecm
>goose + 5x erml + ecm
>2x uac5 + 4x erml + ecm
These are very gud.
If you really want to do memetic brawling try:
>lb20x + 6x spl + ecm
>2x asrm6 + 6x spl +ecm

What about 4 ERPCCs

So how outdated is MetaMechs clan list stuff?

Atlas noob from yesterday here!

Thank you /gerg/, you have taught me well. I'm already averaging triple the damage I was doing yesterday and surviving more because of the armor in the front.

Patience truly is key. Take it easy, cut their advancement route, pop out of cover when they get aggressive over your heavy/med bros and unleash hell. Simple yet very effective.

well if you're an absolute madman and want to meme extra hard go for it
I wouldn't recommend it though

Which one?

Just no. CERPPCs spread damage, are incredibly inefficient in their heat to damage, and will basically bake you before someone with lasers burns you crispy.

Better 4 LPLs (or as noted, 4 ERLLs) than 4 ERPPCs. The CLPL is almost always the better choice if you're considering something you'd mount a CERPPC on. Like with CERLLs, fire them in 2's to avoid spookyheating yourself to a crisp.

>Better 4 LPLs
Can you even fit 4 LPL on an HBR?


don't see why not

no problem


1 tonne free for either ecm or armor or something

Pray to god you don't drop on terra therma.

The last i've seen up an updated clan list, was for the Hunchback IIC

>using my Kamen rider W screen cap
>implying you've seen Kamen Rider W
Please stop.

What is the best dual gauss mech to piss off that one shitter that was whining about them?

Hunchback IIC

ebon jag

Yeah. Honestly, you're better off with three LPLs if you do that, what with the extra tonnage LPLs have vs. ERLLs. Plus there's the whole thing about getting most of your firepower BTFO if they shoot out the ECM torso, but...


...this ain't bad.

hello there
I am here to ask you fine gentlemen for permission to manage a team in the upcoming VGL league representing this general.

hello yes, the k.lords approve of a futbol team

>three LPLs

I dunno, but for some odd reason the IS is way more powered than Clan. Least it feels like that to me.

>greg don't post this
>no greg don't post this either
>stop posting that greg
I have rights you know

WHM-6R works.

What game are Karnwield and HUCast playing

What's all this then?
shu did nothing wrong

>I have rights

no you don't

the k.lords have agreed that you are subhuman

Well every so often Veeky Forums has there only little mini cup for bragging rights and placement on the main team(If you mean the cup in general just look hereimplyingrigged.info/wiki/Main_Page)
Also Your damned right shu is/was a good guys

Your 1337 leetness requires a response.

You put two LPLs in one group and one LPL + ERML in the other. Module up accordingly just like you would most standard Clan LPL/ERML laservomit boats. LPL cooldown, ERML range.

Or just be completely boring and run 2 LPL + 3 ERML and add more heat sinks to the whole thing.


Probably Final Fantasy MMO again
>Karn literally playing with his MMO e-GF as we speak
Fuck off Greg, everyone knows we only keep you around as an emergency food supply and for sexual relief.

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where are proofs

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