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I love Dia!

Umi is rabu.

I want Eli-chi to buy me a parfait!!!


I like Ellen Baker so I like this thread more

Best girls

Reppin' BiBi!


Praise your new goddess.

>not buying eli-chi a parfait
baka desu senpai

Just got back into this game after a couple months. When is the x4 medal song supposed to be up?

>Do 11 BiBi scouting
>get 2 SR Eli
>New R Nico
>All Maki dupes

>I'll never be as gay as Nico chan
why even live?

>I'll never be as gay as Maki chan
why even live?

>roll on worst subunit
>get shit

Looks fine.

That's what you get for rolling for memes


>worst subunit
That's not NicoRinPana

Like 13 hrs and 30 mins from now.

>he doesn't like the Navigators
Shit taste.

Nico is an angry midget

The gayest Magnets.




Say that to my face and not online.

>hates the best trio
sod off

>Go look at the catalog
>another thread war
>4threads up
We should just get banished to /jp/

Except there wasn't a thread war, the excess threads were ignored.


Who is this cum connoisseur?

>putting dead hags on your body and not even good art of them

They could have at least chosen better girls.

They couldn't have chosen better girls.

Get that reddit shit away from here.

The Makifags and Umifags war continues.
Thank you user.

Go back to your containment board leddit

Source: My ass

Can you draw an user doing intense investigation of the JAV to prove/disprove that its Emi?

SideM when

Me on the right.

Why? They already got the female audience.

I want her to crush my head between her thighs


Which SideM Raibu would you fug?

I want the aqours idols to kick me in the balls

Why was this deleted? Are honkfags realy that mad?

google the first line of that post.

I'd be scared of You's leg strength desu senpai

I don't know why but that male burd reminds me of that free guy

Are there any characters you wish we had more duets from?

I wish there were more KotoPana duets. They both have amazing voices, especially together. Puwa Puwao is great too, even if not quite a duet.

the two's voice combined makes me want to kill a cat

worst possible duet ever

You can stop this. Muse is dead.

Don't kill Rin you asshole.

I want more Ruby/Maru duets.

Maybe they're not for everyone but sisters are cute.

RinPana and HonkUmi duets.

They aren't sisters you delusional fuck.

The cutest sisters.

Is it wrong to love an idol?

I want to play with Yohane too.

Don't sexualize my gf okay?

Okay Rin.

I thought Umi and Haru are more obvious.

Please don't sexualize the sisters.

I'm sure Rin did say something that she sees Umi as her big sis but I don't know where kotopana came from.

hagfags just being delusional again

They have like a sisters relationship when they are together.
It's cute.

I don't remember if it's Pana's or Kotori's SID, that Hayano mention that Kotori feel like a big sister to her.
SID is also the only place that we learn that Rin is allergic to cat and that's why she act like one.

Fuck off to /@/, 63fags.

>Pana's SID

So only moon people that could read this, huh?

Hanayo's SID, she says she sees Kotori as her older sister.

Are there no translated Hanayo chapters?


Best bros.


>be sober
>stupidly miss notes and fuck up combos

>be drunk
>FC every time

I'm confused.


Nico-chan is the #1 idol in the universe!

I wonder how many guys that actually turn on Emitsu?


I wonder how many actually bought the CDs I'm guessing roughly 100?

Stop fucking posting already you dumb cunt. Her name isn't even Emitsu.

why Uzuki look like Kotori

They look nothing alike.

Because Kotori is a likable character.

why Umi look like Chihaya

Because cute blue haired girls.

umi is cuter than chihaya tbqh

With challenge festivals what's the reward for going all the way to song 5 rather than ending at 3 or 4?


You get more chances at silver/gold reward

what's the reward from finishing all difficulties of the 4x event songs loveca or friend points?

Loveca. You can get 8 total Loveca from Token Event EX.

I cant FC EX tho, barely survive it

Practice makes perfect. Can't learn to FC EX without playing it

>trouble busters at 4x now

That'd be great if we could actually practice more than twice every 4 hours

Nani sore?

You can when you level up.

Thats just what I want though

By finishing you mean surviving or FC?
Also, all difficulties including EX?