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what the FUCK is this op


what shes playing sc2 on her ps4

literally one of the best ops in recent memory


starcraft 2 legacy of the void................

oh look sojung turned in to a whore like all women as soon as she gets a little attention

>ps4 controller

starcraft 1 was on the n64

*turns on ps4*
*boots up sc2*
damn this is great >:D

i used to play wol with my xbox controller

just got back from eating lemon chicken with my dad


it was good man thanks for asking

*takes another sip of beer*

that was some good zah

do you still kiss your dad?

only on his benis

what toppings?

this will determine our entire freidnship


it's like i want to learn how to play sfv....but i also don't because i know it'll take forever to get even decent....

i have a stick already too

not him, i like bacon-pineapple or plain cheese pizza

what's pizza?


fuck that other guy!!!

reminder that if you ever eat pizza without meat on it ur an idiot

lmfao are you 5 do you scrape the sauce off too and not eat the crust

reminder that REAL pizza just has cheese and no toppings

i'm a young man that doesn't like peppers, onions or olives on pizza at all.

i prefer plain over pepperoni
but like other meats

you described crazy bread

its one of the easiest fighting games out there just play that shit

now if you want to learn the real korean master race shit get into this

imagine the smell

stop arguing about pizza

i would but tekken 7 isn't out yet on ps4...


i could really use a pizza right now...

i had some pizza earlier, it wasn't very good...

should've got it without the sauce

youre a fucking idiot obviously i meant just cheese with sauce

kill yourself


wow calm down :/

pizza is serious business...

how the fuck would you play wings of liberty with an xbox controller

idiot you can't

americans literally believe THIS is pizza

youre a fucking idiot obviously i meant just cheese with sauce

kill yourself

that's the classic mustard and bread pizza, you've never had it?

yeah you can i got in high silver even

i wish i was a pizza...

why did sojung delete all her old tweets?

no you didn't you fucking loser

fuck yes i did and it as actually gold now that i'm remembering it correctly.

im a fatty boi!!


fuck that other guy hes an IDIOT

how the fuck would even play at all with an xbox 360 controller why are you lying to me
shut up idiot don't encourage that other idiot

youre a fucking idiot obviously i meant just cheese with sauce

kill yourself

can someone please post the link to AOA at the Starleague finals?

hey moron? you install drivers to use it like a mouse and keyboard?

millenials i swear...


shut up you DID not

explain how you did anything

I really hate picky eaters tbqh it's like just stfu and enjoy it baka



i played protoss

heres my post about it BITCH

that's cheese...

dead game dead general lmao

lmao people actually really did play with a controller

although you cant see the controller so i guess it could be a lie, but the way the cursor is moving kind of does seem to be controlled by a game pad stick

Do you think if I went to Korea and propositioned sojung to take my virginity she would accept?

only if you paid enough

u wont know if u dont try

fine i give

you played with a controller

you fucking loser why did you do that

i'm watching this atm........

literally the best series

sick freak sojung will NEVER sleep with you

I miss life...

wow you sure look like a real idiot now

leave him alone man he owned up

Is that the one that he threw?

he won idiot WOOOOOOOOOW

bet life matchfixed this too

god DAMN i feel like playing some starcraft 2 now!!! *boots up lotv*

haven't played in a while

is protoss still the babby race or has it gotten better with LotV?

is life banned

protoss is even easier now but zerg is still the strongest

so if i wanna earn my wins i should still play terran?

essentially if you're not playing mech then you are a dirty ass cheater

said no one ever

i don't even know how to play zerg

do you make two queens only per hatchery?

guys i think avilo is going to deep...
some things are better left unraveled...

woopr: im not even me......

you mean better left raveled then?

just lost 30k meme souls...

i lost 140k yesterday breh it aint shit. put on the silver serp ring and the sheild of want and go farm for 10 mins and u BACK
this is so cool

*imagines sojung*

not watching


when youre watching the wire heh... you can just skip season 2


how could you just leave me standing...alone in a world so cold...


>literally reads made in france