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Obligatory lewd Panzer

Time to ride cute tanks and advance!

Because I'd ride her if you know what I mean.

This thread is now under the jurisdiction of the Panzer nation



Just started playing, is this guy gud?

Wrong general

Flora Sakura SP range looks like larger than CE Miki.

So, someone fill me in this Panzer waltz thing.

Looks like it has been slowly gaining popularity and players here in /mbgg/.

The girls look pretty cute but are there guides or useful links? Japanese voices? And the most important part of all, how is the gameplay?

I'm considering trying it out but I need someone to sell it to me and give me the final push to install it.

>I can't make a decision by myself.

>guides or useful links?

Kancolle-style, so the gameplay is in resource management and planning rather than the battles themselves.

>Japanese voices?
Dunno, I don't play it.

What is the general for this?

>Kancolle style
Can you at least control your units? It drives me crazy that the battles in kancolle are pure RNG fests and praying you get lucky.

>Dunno, I don't play it.

It's an auto-battle resource management type mobage. The majority of the gameplay is going to revolve around deciding what tankgirls you want to work towards obtaining and how you want to customize them, as oppose to active gameplay.

It's great as a secondary mobage, but you can't really play it as a primary one with the way it is.
I personally find that playing it alongside more gacha-heavy games helps ease the stress of sometimes getting fucked over by bad rolls.

Yes. You can control your units to choose which mission they will take.

Only some are voiced right now.

I have it as something to chew at because I've never seen a mobage with gameplay as good as even handheld consoles.

>tfw you went past the story translation, can see N4 blueprints but still don't have a gold tank

Are they all going to get voiced in the future or is it something where only tanks above a certain rarity are voiced?

Seen games like that where only the highest rarity gets voiced or nice things.

That list is missing a few, isn't it?

fat ass
I like it

Does it have Stamina, fatigue, anything to limit your playtime or can you play it forever?


It just depends on what you're actually looking for in a mobage. After playing Terra Battle for six months or so I decided it's fucking stupid for me to keep playing a mobage that requires a lot of concentration, since I only really have time for that at home when I could be playing a real game anyway. PW works out a lot better with my schedule aside from the fact that it drains my battery so fast.

The higher rarity tanks are the ones who might get Live2D (though not all of them) but the voicing can be on common ones, in large part due to certain tank lines having identical voices for all variants, so the early ones still get voiced.

There's live2d coming to this game? You have my attention

It already has Live2D. How about you just try it out? A lot of the stuff you asked could've been answered if you tried ot out or looked at the Wikis.

Out of the 3 star tiers only the 3 and 2 stars are voiced right now and mostly the ones that appear in the story. All the voiced ones and some of the unvoiced ones have live2D.
They are still adding tanks right now.
That is from the dev's twitter but yeah, the Aya Hirano KV-5 is not in the english version yet.
There is fatigue on the girls and fuel for sortie but you get plenty of free corns that can be traded to restore it and later on there are kancolle like expedition which grants you a dozen of them daily allowing you to stockpile and use when needed.

Thread is a little dead so I thought I would ask some stuff and generate some discussion about the game while im at it. Maybe someone will read this and get interested in the game.

That sounds great, thanks.
Guess I'll be trying this out.

i got that Nico gold LAV from forge today. When will I get access to infantry?


funny thing is the global version is now filled with japanese, literally dead game in the west

The mobile-steam-browser game Shadowverse will destroy that mobile game I hope.

Shit game gets a early death, nothing to be surprised here.

Waiting for the company to cut their losses and pull the plug on that shit.

>I've never seen a mobage with gameplay as good as even handheld consoles.
Me neither and it's a massive shame. Puzzle and Dragons is the only one I know that has gotten very close and I played it for about 8 months and quit very recently because I managed to clear the vast majority of the available content without paying a cent in the game and wasn't interested in the very late game because it would've just required massive grinding (or paying). It's crazy when you think how long mobile games have been around and how badly most of them play.

So far Panzer Waltz has been an adequate replacement for PAD but mostly because I like the cute art and the military twist. Gameplay is non-existent at least in the same as in something like PAD but the collect-them-all angle is definitely attractive.

What about Granblue Fantasy?
Isn't it pretty much a good grindan RPG if you stop looking at its limited meme characters?

External slot armrest drops at 9 and cabin drops at 11.
Forge can also give you those equipments.

Not him, but I like RPGs and couldn't into Granblue at all.

>because it would've just required massive grinding (or paying)

This is the main, #1 reason why I end up getting tired of the mobile games I play.

This general introduced me to colopl stuff and I've been pretty satisfied with these two plus discussing them here with people is pretty fun. Haven't had time (or space) to pick up more but I've been wanting to pick up Chinkcolle and Panzer waltz because they both seem like fun and have cute girls.

Yes both of them feels nice because you don't need to grind like a mad man.
I think I am gonna drop BGHS because I don't like its point grinding event.

The point grind events aren't bad if you have one card or two from that event.
Just stick them in your party, do your 5 helper runs every day and you'll get the top reward without effort.

You need to have a maxed out card though but once you do then everything after that is easy. Unless you want to do the test events then you need to become the esports.

PC version is out.
Still pretty popular in East(kr,jp,tw) so they can sustain themselves for another year or more. I don't know if it's a new feature but the non-rookie pvp is real time so getting rekt by those japanese is more humiliating. And now you can trade with actual peoples thanks to personal shop system.

Don't even really need an event card. Just dump your autos into an easy stage often to get your repeat bonus up fast, so you're getting more out of the early friend runs.

It does sometimes add up when both games have grindier events going on, though. I've meaning to do some extra Caravan Rune grinding, but I keep putting it off to kill pirates.

There's a stealth stat. You can actually make the enemies target the highest armor tanks you have by tanking their stealth stats specifically while improving the stealth of your frailer tanks.

Actually hitting the enemy also works by these same mechanics so sometimes you'll find enemy teams that employ this exact strategy.

Generally, your goal is to completely annihilate the entire enemy team so it's not an issue on that end though.


I have this problem with Shironeko and Rune Story where the loading screen will often get stuck for a long time (especially when there is a new content ingame) until that error and retry button come out. It can take about 10 minutes or more, but I never get some connection problem with other mobile game. Any help?

Internal, external, and cabin slot equipment become available after your first 2 star promotion.

So get to level 25 if you haven't.

Well I think kind of a problem with mobage is that most of the people expect them to be f2p. I'll be honest, I don't know shit about game-development, but I think it's a difference if you make a f2p game with IAP or if you make a game with a set price.
Sure, there can be great freeware games and shit non-free games but I still think that might be connected.
Also a further problem: the endlessness of mobage. Most mobages are expected to have no end and be played infinitely. Imo it's also a bit harder to develop a game with this in mind instead of having a set goal story-wise.


is it out yet?

some time between may 1 to may 31

thanks, gotta find something to do in the meantime

iqdb and google search failed me.

>There was a period that this was posted in every 2ch thread
>During that period I'd only hunt for image links to get an idea of thread discussion
>There is no image preview
I have since forgotten the details but I still know what that is.

You're not going to want it.

For Shironeko Project, there was a server issue since people want to have fun in 12* and 13*.

Whew, after trying Bahamut Descended for 3 times I finally got the fucker. And my team wasn't even that good.

Another 'server issue' ?

Are those difficulties rank limited?

I doubt that, this already happened to me since NY event.

Finally got around to playing my MA2 account and leveled everything up so I have 30k+ hp. How do you get past the massive wall from the 30qp stuff which is a joke to the 35qp stuff?

Is it just making an entire deck that is the right element in addition to all the cards that counter the boss's gimmicks and getting 3+ chains on everything every turn?

Mumi's face shopped onto a scat pic.

Photoshop injustice should be banished

>farming gold but turned on double drop boost instead
>realized just after the tickets are gone

What to play?

Google search バトルガール むみ
Click on images.

Still one of the highest grossing in the East. Some people here don't like the art and Nexon, so they just shitpost it whenever it comes up, and it's not worth the effort to argue.

Wow this look so good. The one schmup mobage is also good but they are all in chinese.
I can't get into it if it's not English.
Why can't west make good character design mobage

Because the west is shit when it comes to videogames.

You'll feel better when you accept this fact.

>Spit on Supercell the greatest mobile game creator ever where people of nearly all ages and country play their CoC and Clash Royale

The infinite grind for coop runes in Shironeko is unbearable to me.

I didn't touch the BGHS Deep Connect event until the last half became available. After clearing all the stages and doing 3 days of friend assists, I got all of the rewards.

Pirate invades and the Valkyrie event are examples of where they tried to do something different. Pirate is okay, but it's at least 40 minutes of grind if you have a good setup. Valk has nothing to do once you're done so we never saw something like that afterwards.

The grind in shironeko isnt that bad. I normally get all the runes in 2 hours of grinding after weeks of slacking off.

You just need a group willing to farm that shit with you so I normally grab people from the #colopl channel and drag them into doing coops with me.

Anyone want to do coop with me in Shironeko?

Speaking of, anyone up for one hour of caravan runes grinding?

got 250 did the roll and got this, I really want Joshua and Char. She's pretty good right? I'll just level her up and get her to carry me best she can.

Not sure how she's rated but i have her and she is pretty strong not to mention her skills are quite unique and interestin. Can't compare with the top 3 in terms of strength of cours.

She's nice to have leveled her up to 60, but her attacks feel slow unlike a fist character or swordsman but she's still fine.

If anyone wants to add me and we can coop or something.

One thing about warriors, you pretty much don't want to ever use their normal attack combo.

They were considered the worst class due to their speed, but their recent buff gave them two new ways to attack.

Now they can jump-spin (roll then attack) or charge smash (charge up when you're safe, then you can walk around with it charged at full speed.)

I got stuck there for a long timw too. Finally managed to get past it after I get flora hinata and kurumi's flora hammer. I just spam hinata's active and stun with thunder. If I ran out of SP, I switch into my staff with onsen staff and spam waterball charge.

Eshiria's fun to play but she's severely lacking a mean to help her recover SP, especially since she' a skill type who's very dependent on spamming skills.



Yeah I saw that but her attacks are pretty nice, I'll try to give her more SP and try to balance out attacks by switching characters.

I see that very well and I've tried the other attacks instead of the plain normal one, I was half tempted to start all over and re-roll but I'll stick to this.

I don't understand.

I was looking at guides and saw this, I'm kind of jealous this guy has both versions of this, if only I started playing sooner.

>I don't understand
Go to the Chaguma 2016 screen and sit there for a while.

Eschiria will greet you with a really loud JAAAAAAAAAAAAAN overlapping with 4 other characters talking all at the same time and you will wish they would shut up while you select a mission.

Feeling kinda useless as Viper in coop. SP regen is kinda butt so after one nuke I can't keep up with anyone.

>Started for the brown girl
>Got an amazing first roll
>No brown girl, all rolls after that were Charlotte dupes
Feels bad.

>I don't understand
You will soon.

Oh, I've heard that but slightly. I had my head phones next to me and heard a loud yelling and she was bouncing around on screen.

When you roll you have to want it bad, you didn't want her hard enough.

Chaguna 2017 when?

I'll roll for dragon rider Peak

Yeah, I went into Chaguma wanting Mireille most of both sets.

Ended up spending 2500+ not getting her.

Hopefully I have better luck with some later version.

Its going to be Tsukimi on the new class they announce in july.
And she's going to be even more broken.

Characters that were already in get excluded.

There probably will be some new broken Tsukimi by then, but not from Chaguma 2017.

>Ruushe got completely outclassed by Mar

New version when

What do you think the next chaguma characters will be?

Nemo, Noah and Ruushe is a given.

Weren't Peak and Premio made to promote chocolate, isn't it unlikely that they ever get released again?

Dragon rider Peak
Mage Ruushe
Crossaber Premio
Warrior Nemo
Archer Noah

All the POPULAR memorials excluding Peak and premio.

So Noah, Nemo, Ruushe and ???

Jellyfish rider Noah could happen too

Tsukimi is shit.

I have 3 of each set and maybe 500 more gems to roll before they go away.
>Charlotte x4, Mea x2, Ogre 1250 gems
>Tsukimi x2, Viper, Vice President 750 gems
Kinda neat how I got the pairings in Kyoto, would be even better if I could somehow get Mireille and Shizuku, but splitting 500 between the two gacha would end up being disappointing.

Well, if they got included again, that means a free promotion right? Plus I want to get another Aoi Yuuki Pocky girl and

Marl is bretty good, huh?
Glad I have her.

Aoi Yuuki pocky girl and WAHAHA since I couldn't get them last time.

Yeah she's super shit
Why would anyone ever want her



You're going to make me think I won't be able to get Joshua before Chaguma ends.

>unlikely that they ever get released again
I wouldn't totally rule it out. But yeah, way less likely then more Charlottes and Tsukimis.

I'm also not sure if they'd need to coordinate with Glico to make it happen or if they could just do it on their own. If they do, they might just make all-new choco-themed characters to use instead.

Lico didn't get a new version for that collab, after all.

Wow, quickfire ammunition is ridiculous. It even affects penetration level considering Archer has 200 more pen than T-60.

>SP regen
It shouldn't be a problem with 6 SPR and S1's Camera