Neptunia General #888 /nepgen/

Previous thread: Hyperdimension Neptunia Downloads (Skins, Artbooks, Manga, Guides, Soundtracks, etc.):

Four Goddesses Online: CyberDimension Neptune confirmed in production. Platform and release date not yet announced.

Geki Noire Steam release date: 26 April 2016.

MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies release date:
10 May 2016 for the NA.
13 May 2016 for the EU.

Limited Edition now available for preorder:

Superdimension Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls releasing in October for NA.
EU still unknown.

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Vert is best goddess.

I wish I wasn't so useless.

Fuck off.

user that picture was stolen from my facebook.



Again with the stolen links.

I wish nepgear would murder me


Reminder that Overheat is about as on-topic as all the other non-video game posts that are tolerated or shitposted about

Let's make this a safe and happy thread. How are you all doing today, /nepgen/?

Post link.


Not in a thread that has that linkstealer's pastebin

The only one stealing link is you unless you can prove where you get each link mainly the Singles music.

This. These posts aren't as good as Overheat is though, so they don't deserve to be labeled the same. Overheat is Overheat, non-videogame posts are non-videogame posts.

Keep whining, linkstealer.

Fuck off to /u/.

I'd like to take Rom to a nice movie. I enjoy Rom.

From my point of view I'm ok, just fine.

Fuck off to /h/,/s4s/ or /b/.

More stolen links from the real pastebin?
You're as low as anyone can possibly stand
And you manage to dig yourself even deeper

Which is where your fanfic belongs.

So that's your best answer? You don't even want to prove that yours are original? As expected from hypocrite.

she has the voice of an angel

I'd take Ram to amusement parks and ride with her on everything even if I'm scared. I relish Ram.

Someone add this to the pastebin

It's about time already


Waddle the fuck out of here and back to /u/ you fat piece of garbage.

After The Proposal is added.

No one likes that garbage and Overheat is better.

I don't speak Engrish, try speaking English, linkstealer.

Damn, this picture makes me want to grab a nice bubbly soda.

Nah, Overheat belongs in any Nep general and on /u/ equally

Don't forget the Overheat resources

Does your mother know you're using the PC again to be on the 4chans without supervision?

Will include for next pastebin
Are there any resources available to enjoy the story more? What about the spin-offs?

Oh I didn't have these links. Thanks user

>Overheat resources

For the people that didn't play GN.



Not everyone knows the GekiNoire girls by name and design
So Kuugen made an easy to browse imgur album for those of the GN girls that are in Overheat
I had to use that in the beginning too

So you know what you're getting into by sucking OP's shoes.

I want to abduct Rom and make her cry.

Every thread and so forth

Does taking Rom hostage really work if I want her to pull the trigger?

I took to the shores. Trailing along on my belt was me old beam sword. I can barely even remember its name anymore. Gehaburn. I can hardly think. All I know is the stab those fuckin' Lowee soldiers once to make them stop moving, a second time to make sure they're dead, and a third time for ol' Uni.

Also fuck you fallout spear user

Pastebin updated with the Neptunia U CD and the boing.

look what I bought

Where's the Overheat link I gave you?

give it to me

Where did you get it?


Jungle was selling a few of their stock but they seem to be out now, the link I used is dead

>madooky kooky on the back wall
There's no saving you.

I'm jealous

here we go then

I gave up on having good taste or spending money responsibly long before I got into nep

Well can't wait for more shitposting
thanks dude

I want to bury my face here and die.


it's just a question of flavor nowadays
It's all off topic and shitposting

I don't like Overheat.

it's too late to escape

I hate all fanfiction, it's a staple of shitty fanbases.

Games being released onto PC is also a staple of shitty fanbases.

Ignorant bastards that endlessly shitpost are also a staple of shitty fanbases

Fucking this, holy shit! Every single game, once introduced to the fucking Pee Sea has had its fanbase gone to absolute shit. Fuck.

Guess we're all a shitty fanbase then

people who have computers that they're on all day have more time to shitpost, they can just alt tab


10/10 VN

I like it.

>console elitism

Was there ever any doubt?

>saying facts is console elitism


Nice blog. If you don't like it, don't post about it.

Because dubfags are mixed in with them making both sides incredibly toxic.

People who like it get to post about it, why can't people who don't like it post about it?

Do you want neps to be real?
I sure don't because they would see how horribly autistic you all are and get tainted.

Because yurishits are self-righteous, arrogant pricks. Every single one of them.

Because it shits up the thread, duh.

Because if that happens the thread would die
And i like that bias, using yurishitters instead of yurifags

Where the fuck are her legs?

>Adult requests

>yurishit and waifufag
>namecalling only one of them

Because that's what you freaks are. You're shit. Waifufags are at least friendly people. You dickheads are pure, distilled faggotry given keyboards.

I wouldn't want them in this horrible, fucking world

Couldn't agree more

Yes, but only because then I can bully Nepgear until she can't take it and asks Neptune that she wants to go back home because people are being mean to her..

>hetshitter cancer circlejerk plus projection

>Implying all the yurifags are like Nepnowayfag, or the Overheat shill(ers)
No u

Let's talk about Lady Noire's lovely legs.

She's precious.


Proving the point

he was an alright MC

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting, unless you post Plutia.

Okay then, they're nice.

And look. Here's one of the cancerous tumours desperately trying to defend from what everyone else already knows.

How ironic that it's the Overshit shiller himself, too. Your very existence proves me right. If you don't want that to be true, you should stop posting entirely.