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Dominions is a fantasy turn-based strategy game created by two dudes. One of them is a teacher.

The game combines a simple presentation with an extremely wide array of strategic options, including over 2800 units, 800 spells and 300 magic items. Turns are resolved simultaneously, with players planning battles rather than directly controlling them.

It has simplistic graphics but is easily moddable and extremely deep.

Basically, it's an autist’s wet dream of a strategy game.

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>Dom4 Manual

>Dom4 Inspector
This is a community resource that has every unit, spell, and item in the game in an accessible database.

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>Debug Mod:
For testing battle formations and spells

>Where do I get it?
It is available on Gamersgate and Steam. Desura may or may not be ded.

>Read the manual
>Read the wiki
>Read the pastebin
>Watch some LPs by Maerlande or NuclearMonkee
>Start playing multiplayer games

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First for the allure of the blood vortex.

Second for frogs.

Does EA Caelum have particular pretender priorities I'm not thinking of besides D4F2 for summoning Daevas? Yazads and Amesha Spenta would of course be nice but they are expensive and you don't have native astral for site searching. I was thinking of going monstrous scales (O3P2C3G3L2M3, Dom7), is there any better way to use the points that I'm not thinking of?

If you don't want an awake expander, not really. Mega scales is the way to go.

Doesn't seem necessary, I just expanded 24 provinces during the first year in a test game (on empty map but that probably isn't a major problem for Caelum due to their mobility).

What is going on

Defense rolls get reduced by 4 for every unit that attacks the one being attacked that turn
Lammashtas have invuln 20 so they probably don't care too much even if they do get attacked by random stuff

>i had perfect expansion in a test game
Top lel

That was pretty hilarious. I'm 100% dead of course but seeing all my mages Blink around the battlefield because you didn't trigger gem spending was... interesting, at least.

Unfortunately the lammashtas all got instagibbed. I'm not sure what got through the invulnerability and ethereal so easily. The sleep vines are magic weapons but I didn't see anything that did damage which was a magical weapon.

Sleep vines put them to sleep and then they get crit and instagbbed?

Perfect expansion would be 50 province Pangaea/Vanheim or something like that. Anyway, the point is that, if you can expand that much, it demonstrates your expansion speed isn't capped by your ability to conquer indie provinces but rather encountering enemy players and having to turn around, at which point being "stronger" (like the strength you'd get from awake monster pretender) doesn't really matter.

semi-noob here. I've never scripted Blink because I got the impression my mages would teleport themselves to the worst place possible. Is it normally used?

It is pretty awful, but off-script astral mages have an unfortunate tendency of spamming it, even though doing literally nothing would universally be better.

I have only ever seen blink used to hilarious effect with a Skratti communion that had a shared soul vortex up.

Phoenix Pyre + Soul Vortex + Blink + Beefy Mages = Fun.

Play your turns



I've done nothing useful for the past year or so
But at least I do my turns

this smell, is the smell of someone who DOESN'T TAKE THEIR TURNS

Awoo always takes her turns promptly, what's your excuse you little bitch.

Anyone have that picture with the million skeletons stretched over distant hills?


Thanks mate.

>waiting eternally for Ulm

Now in blitz form too.

Its cool, he took his last turn after only 30 minutes.

>Pick Meropis

otherwise known as

>Free wins for Atlantis


So many fools trying to kill me.

Would anybody be interested in a game using a modified version of One Age that trimmed it down to just the UW nations? Land would be present, of course, but water would be the dominant terrain.

>Cutting off the death statistics
They all died in that battle, didn't they?

>Screams Ithillidly

UW nations are actually very imbalanced.

MA Pelagia's aquatics are so much stronger than other UW nations that it'd either have a global alliance against them from the word 'go' or they'd run over all the others.

MA Atlantis, by comparison, will probably want indies over their national troops in most cases.

I know that Dominions isn't considered super well balanced in general, but the difference in strength is even wider under the sea than it is on land.

>lots of different high quality indie mages available to an extent that it's hard to justify national recruitment
>not a single scout province


I won a 60 turn EA game without being able to recruit a single independent scout.

When I reach the point that I can no longer afford a mage from every fort, I'll sometimes just buy national scouts. Did that with atlantis a few times.

I was EA Marverni, what's "no longer afford a mage from every fort" mean?


I've built forts specifically for scouts before as well. If you have palisades it's not so bad, since you don't need the temple or lab, just a 600g fort.

>bottom right
Is that 3 attacks per unit on a size 2?

None of them are amazing, but that attack density is scary.

bottom right's fire lance is one time use and recruit anywhere, top right is recruit anywhere, and I didn't even show the really really OP sacreds (there are two nations with ones similar to lizard lawn mowers)

How much fear on the two spoopy ones?

My sides.

Fear 5 basic value for none-mage daevas

>one time use
Ah, not so great.

Still 6 attacks per square though. Could end up really nasty with W9B9.

>I didn't even show the really really OP sacreds (there are two nations with ones similar to lizard lawn mowers)
Lizard lawn mowers aren't amazing. The 45g fear sacreds in your picture worry me a whole lot more.

those 45 gold fears are not sacred

Huh, missed that.

Regardless, they're still a lot more dangerous than some tramplers.

Flying 135 gold chaos powered space marines are shit.
Expensive + chaos power = never enough money to recruit. Low attack density, shit def.
Bottom right ones have awful stats for 50 gold.

Computer is suddenly crapping out on me this weekend. Can't fix it in time, currently phoneposting. Truly sorry.

the chaos space marine also includes a Recruit anywhere chaos power Hog knight who's sacred

Extensions are available if you ask nicely enough.

These sacreds are kind of trash tbqh. They range from 'okay but ridiculous expensive' to 'garbage'.

I wanted to show off the flashy strange stuff more then the OP stuff, sorry no 4 attack sacred elf cav to reveal yet

That's just Vanheim, aka 'lmao thor says fuck you'

It means you haven't built enough forts, lad.

I postponed by 24h. If you're permanently fucked let me know.

The nature assassins look dope. Charm your way to victory!

I like penis

Do you prefer Enlarge or original size?


Sneaking that giant chariot into the enemy base and running an enemy commander over with none the wiser.

>H1, assassination, pretty good stats

post seed

Needs a flying carpet. That would be perfect

Sure, you can't recruit much else when you get these, but imagine that incredibly feeling when everything in your neighbor's territory gets run over by a giant jewish elf chariot in the same turn.

Play your turns!

Post memes.

user casts Raise Dead.

I haven't played for a few months. What's the news on the next patch? Any new nations?

Supposedly the next patch will add Ys: a MA UW elf nation. It sounds like the the new Therodos, OP for a little while, then nerfed to the ground.


>Google Ys
>"Ys was the most beautiful and impressive city in Europe, but quickly became a city of sin under the influence of Dahut. She organized orgies and had the habit of killing her lovers when morning broke. Saint Winwaloe decried the corruption of Ys and warned of God's wrath and punishment, but was ignored by Dahut and the populace."





I seem to remember someone mentioning it being possible to teleport into a fort to kill troops inside without sieging, am I crazy or is this real?

yeah, Shrambler thralls only work against indies, and barely.

T-thanks for solving my upkeep problems.

>9 lictors
>8 censors
>can count at least 30 in the image
fake as fuck

It's 9 devils, user. And 1153 lictors. Go to sleep.

it's one thousand+ lictors.

well, shit

Please kind anons, I need to know

probably crazy

as far as i know, if you tp into a province which is yours and has a fort of yours sieged by the enemy, your teleporter gets inside of the fort.

maybe that confused you

>arco again the last one to send his turn

>playing as Tribless Ermor
>being legit very peaceful
>keep getting invaded, push them back but don't counter-invade
>finally get tired of their shit and go on offensive instead
>two people AI already

Being a no-skill scrub feels good sometimes.


Wittymemename Ermor is D9.

Ulmscrub, in the game i'm in. We're down to like four human players now, last markata standing.

I don't know who the admin of MastersofMoM is, but half the players are chainstaling and the other half don't want to go on. See . We might as well just call it quits.

Fire lance is AoE 1

>being peaceful
>as tribless

To be fair, the ones that could have done something about it in Makarta were retards, instead fruitlessly attacking C'tis all game.

Yup. Was happy to just sit there and have a peaceful empire of undeath. Got my borders set by rivers so stopped there and just...that was it. Was happy to react since i'm a scrub.

Oh, is that what happened to C'tis? He's one of the few that never touched me so I never touched him. Was wondering.

Attack density, the monkey.

W9B9 here I come. Are they cap only?

Unfotunately they are, but have a second cap sacred as well.

Oh, lame.

I was prepared to make an offensive towards you at the point TC was flagging, but Marignon opened up on my Western border. Xibalba followed up soon after (possibly in cahoots with Mari) eating my Eastern provinces and I ended up being the delicious lizard meat in a veritable douche sandwich.

Think F9 would give flame weapons to their sticks and stones?