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Dueling Network General #2150 - "Kaiju the Ophion" - Edgar S. Brelm Edition
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Reminder that Xyz is masterrace.

Monster Gate and Reasoning staples in Houkai y/n?

Here for eternally unfinished sketches and Kozmemes.

Reminder to Kaiju the Ophion

It is the most consistent out after all

Based Kaz does it again.

Homo end confirmed.

probably the best meme this general has ever had

Reminder that devotion to your waifu makes you better at card games

What about husbando(s)?

Could anyone pls save all of Edgar's salt from last thread?

That shit is for posterity


Daily reminder this retard should kill himself wherever he is.

You fucking rehost that shit Edgar
How the fuck did we just instalose?
I thought we were at 8K still, the fuck?

Same concept

Duja in grave is a dead deck.

Summoner monk is much better.

You were at 5300, I attacked Dark Doriado with Alt Rock and ShadowLiM used Solemn Strike.

yeah, just building another deck, tired of Blue-Eyes

Good to know

I already knew, I just wanted an excuse to post Yuya

That was an awful performance on my part, for all of the one turn I had. Sorry, partner.


Just need this one

This is the most amusing part.

>meme magic
>implying it's not just you being an absolute retard and not capable of logical tought when considering and discussing a new card

I don't wanna bully him, but he makes it so easy.

It's because he's a MMexican

You were direct attacking.
I had Rippling Mirror Force facedown.
How the fuck did we instadie and I didn't activate it? I have no idea what the fuck happened there. We shoulda survived, with all 3 of your monsters sweeped out.

It's not your fault. I wasn't paying attention. I expected the proc for Rippling Mirror Force to pop up, and I had a Gren Maju facedown to tank one hit. I feel cheated out of a tag duel with that shit.
Maybe ygopro screwed up the proc there, I have no idea.
I'm rehosting now. A match.
Join if you want.

>my sides

You little slut

Nigger everyone thought Cupidity was trash, I'm just an easy scapegoat. And I always admit I was wrong about Cupidity and how I got BTFO by Atmos. Not my fault that I'm right about most everything else

He's right though.

>mfw "Kaiju the Ophion" is the /dng/ equivalent of "POO IN LOO" and Mexico is the new India
Nice, I never draw into Samsara or Mandala it seems, and Fusion Reserve seems like a cool choice for searching. How is Duality working for you in this build?

It wasn't a direct attack. You had a face-down Gren Maju da Eiza.

I apologize for Edgar's behavior.
I am his father, and he's had a hard time learning English, he would much prefer to study Spanish.
He always felt inferior to others due to his hard time reading and understanding English, so I pray that you please accept him as he is and don't make his problem worse.
Pablo Gonzales

Hosting tag

16000 hp

us server

trip on, Edgar

Nha, we're going to make fun of him anyway.

>everyone retarded


well this is weird but thanks user

Do you know how hard it is for me to choose between yuya and sora? These are the 2 cutest boys in the yugioh franchise.

Pic related, here's my build thus far
No you aren't

>not "t. Pablo Gonzales"

Shit post.

>replying to yourself

holy shit, this going from hilarious to sad

Release the Kaiju

I'm not him though. Is it baffling you that more than 2 people think you have down syndrome user?

still hosting?

Yeah seriously where the FUCK are the rest of the TCG Exclusives? Did Konami order a hit out on the Mexicans who were doing the leaks? Is that why Edgar is being so pissy today? Did he lose his eses?

we're on the middle of one

I almost never run into problems with Duality, because I can always just normal summon Duja and dump Combination, or set vijam and hope for the best. Worst case scenario it's either fodder for Summoner Monk or I just straight do not need it.
I'm trying 1 Mandala and 1 Samsara almost purely for the fact that they are 2 different cards with "Cubic" in the name, but I haven't drawn them lately either.

A neat tech you can do with Fusion Conscription too is use it after you've summoned a Crimson Nova so you don't burn yourself in the end phase.

Damn, you really don't even try to hide it, Edgar.



Didn't I tell you the last time that Kozmotown is still a legal card retard?

I hate twin twister so fucking much
Why is konami printing good cards

Hosting tag again

>mattering against the Dragon Spiritof Banish )
Can't recover those towns or anything now

us server
16000 hp

note dng

pass vidya

if you didn't know before

>Pendulum masturbate for 5 minutes
>still lose because you're a shitter who doesn't read
That was good.

>using Spells to revive Dragon of White
Dark Planet
>trying to use monster effects to bring out Dragon of White
Dark Lady

Do you understand more clearly now retard?

>I will always have dark planet and dark lady on the field

How does Kozmo not brick hard with its new support being high level?

Kozmo town.

>normal maiden
>Use sage effect
>Instant Twin Burst

So what's the best server?

Salvation or DevPro?




Salvation is buggy as fuck and DEVpro is disgusting.

>lose 800 LP to recover a card that needs to use up 3 more cards again

It's 1000 to recover first off, and you do realize that Dark Planet can actually banish other copies of itself for its cost right? Gosh what is it about Kozmos that just makes /dng/ more retarded than usual?

That was against Planet you idiot. Against Lady its even easier. Please give me an opening hand combo that shits out both Planet and Lady
It is still better to banish it. If you run over it, it shits out either Dark Destroyer or Dark Lady.

You're never gonna have both on the field with a healthy supply of grave monsters to use the effect, let's be honest here, Kevin

Dark Planet only searches, not summons.

Why not both?

>it shits out either Dark Destroyer or Dark Lady.
It searches
It "floats" in the same sense Dark Eclipser does

Alright Kozmofags, what opening hand gives Dark Planet and Dark Lady.

Im waiting. You should be able to solve this.

Hosting tag again

Goddamn I love Ancient Leaf so much

Farmgirl, 2 slipriders, darklady and planet?

E-Tele, 2x Planet and 1 Lady

Thank god for 4 card combos!

need 1 more to start

2 Dark Planet,1 Tincan/E-tele, 1 Dark Lady

Loaded yard for 2 spell negates, free search from Tin, and 1 monster negation along with a monster that can also dodge into something else

still need 1 more

16000 hp

us server

note dng

pass vidya


That's what you get when you try and make an unbreakable board.

>Ask how to get the combo
>People tell you how to get the combo>NUMBER OF CARDS IN COMBO

OK lad

that's how it works you stupid fuck
or do you seriously expect to open the same set of 4 cards out of your 40 card deck first turn on every duel?

You didn't ask how practical it was faggot, you asked how to get the specific combo in the first place. Motherfucker are you dyslexic?

I know people who honestly believe they can open exodia every single game.

Believe in the heart of the cards user.

Hosting, need 1 more again

it wasn't me
(it wasn't me)

>you can

That's why.

Yeah I guess you can use duality if you aren't planning on doing anything else. Didn't realize that about Crimson Nova/Conscription though, thats pretty nifty.

Hosting tag again

Where's the rest of the Kaijus?

consistent outs to ophion:

Raigeki/spells in general


Bull Blader ;)

give me your petdecks answer to ophion NOW /dng/

Revolution Falcon



Do you guys think the Silent Magician retrain will have good synergy with Dark Magician?

I was really impressed with the new Silent Swordsman cards and they're really good so hopefully Magician gets the same treatment.