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Prince is Dead, Long Live The King Edition

>What is BDO?
Black Desert Online is an MMORPG by Pearl Abyss that was recently released for western audiences, with additional changes. It's a sandbox MMORPG that features action-oriented combat, open world PVP territory control, trading, player housing, and more.
Info from the site: i.imgur.com/r7VvB6h.png

discord.gg/0vYcIJNhxt5cd4pK (join at your own risk)

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>Maps and nodes

>Useful Links
Wiki: blackdeserttome.com/wiki/BDO_Tome
Database: bddatabase.net/us/
Skill Calculator: blackdeserttome.com/calculator
Class Armor Sets: wodox.imgur.com/
Else: Google it before posting

>BDO KR/JP info + differences between NA/EU

Previous thread:
**Please ignore the user saying your waifus are ayylmaos, he obviously prefers Bioware faces**

>waaaa someone called my waifu an ayy lmao waaa

man the fuck up

why does all the fucking hair glow in the dark, is it just my ultra shit graphics settings?

bad game engine, thats why.

>tfw I will never recreate the perfect blondfu preset afte rI lost it

shamefur dispray


you gonna stab someone with that chin and then hook their dead corpse up to your face chain and drag them around like a fucking retard?

Special deal drops are too good. Why don't people do this more?

Now at 54 I realise I might have made a huge mistake rolling Berserker.

This ''wait for awakening'' cancer posters arent helping.

I just love the Eastern European women's chin

That doesn't look anywhere like pic related

I know. I lost her and she will never be replaced


I built the Agerian armor thing in Heidel and tried to upgrade/enchance a green Agerian chest piece. Nothing happened. I still have a normal green chest piece in my storage.

Is that normal? It didn't say if it failed or succeeded.

Is there really a chance of it not even upgrading?

Edan newbie ERPer still around?

Tier 1 stone is random, it can give you green, blue, or gold
Tier 2 is 100%, you pick what blue you want, and it can't fail
Tier 3 brings you to orange, it's random, but if your item is blue it won't go back to green if you fail

nigga you mad because you don't get as much pussy

How thick is too thick?

Keep in mind she's 7 feet tall

Oh, ok. Did not know that. Thank you.

By the way, did you mean gold when you said orange in your part about tier 3?

Is there a level above Ultimate?

That's too thick, especially the waist and calfs

Be thick. So when you wrap your legs around somebody, even a giant won't be able to pull out.

I did mean gold, there is nothing beyond ultimate.

Depending on the height, as far as I understood.

Around 42-56 tick (or % if you like) is a good thickness, remember you character will be running around and doing a lot of exercise so she can't be that fat.

Ok, thanks. Was just making sure. Haha.

Is it cheaper to craft a blue piece or just straight buy one?

It costs 150k to upgrade to blue

>too thick


One more question. If I upgrade a piece of armor I already have to +3, will it stay +3?

Final question, I promise.

that's not thick, that's obese

this is thick

It will, but don't upgrade unless it's +15, you'll eventually regret it

No that's fat, not thick.

Why not upgrade? Why would I regret it?

yes, do it at +15 to save on repair costs though

It costs 50k extra per max durability repair

don't you dare fucking call nozomi fat ever fucking again

That's not thick, pic related is

This guy gets it.
Will be fun to see thick dark elves when they come out.

that's not even fucking human

Well, you decide. How thick do you like your women? Breh...

>just because it has dark skin it's not human
that's racist

girl, spread those legs

>hides the brows
We know who you are

How are tamers? I keep hopping between classes and I really wanna like tamer, but something just seems off about the way it plays.


It's the worst class in the game.

how thick can a ranger get?

this thick

when you get the master rank of bolt and jolt the class gets better.
you can start cancelling animations using that and legendary beast power

don't listen to people that say tamers are garbage, if played correctly using cancels and knockdowns you can beat anyone in 1v1
they also dominate pve farming as well and can compete with anyone

only place they have issues is group pvp since your dog will kill itself by walking into aoes

What is Berserker for 50 points.

Non of those are thick, they're all 2D and fake.

this man gets it.
fat girls are not thick girls.

Are you implying 2D pictures can't accuracy represent 3D images?


Tbqh thick and bbw and full-figured etc etc etc are all euphemisms for fat girls. I just like fat girls and ya'll who use these other terms like fat girls too.


Enough of posting fatties, let's go back to discussing the game.

Where should I fish for max shekels?

>let's go back to asking the same fucking question over and over

velia docks

hey fuck you v2

i dont mind fat girls if the curves are still going inwards and they have a good face 2bh

was up Justin?

But why?

Naaki I know you did erp on steam. Come erp again


How come most EU characters are good looking while NA character always tries to make a special snowflake?

I don't think mines cute, but here it is.



Cultural differences.

Do the math and understand the why.


>ring finger



This class is already funnier than my ranger.

erp valk?

Who's this erp valk?
This is the biggest mystery in /bdog/

>tfw someone else posts unironically your character replying to this post

there's a couple, one ranger and one valk pretty much clones. The valk does erp but denies it I have seen you do it slut

Right or left?

Only thing different is eye shape and pupil size.

inb4 someone says something else is different

If erp valk did erp, I bet it was vanilla. So it shouldn't be bad I think.


Should I keep the pupil size from left?

>it matters if someone erps or not


Then you're wrong. Thick is ebonics for curvy.

Yo, I really like this. Looks very different from the usual maehwa crowd. Very good.

Both are too big.

Make them smaller and use this circle on my picture and make it bigger, the irregularity I believe it helps look more realistic to real iris-pupil connection.

And curvy is another euphemism for fat lmfoa

>he's a regular on the channel chat

That only makes sense if you're a gay fashion designer, so try again

wait til it smiles

Looks weird with the art style.

No, sorry to disappoint you.

Can you show it then?

Can I call you... m-mom?

No one answered.


Too small.

Make it bigger with Area on 100.

Adjust with that maxed Area. Real eyes don't have that "Lens" so black.
And grey eyes are not literally grey like that (but if you are not looking for realistic eyes, nevermind it)

Area is at 100, the lens is black unless you mean opacity 0.