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/sthg/ #441 - TL;DR Edition

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>Merlina as a fox

How do we make /sthg/ good again?


You don't.

Elect Eggman for President. He'll make /sthg/ and Mobius great again

>wait til SEGA announce the new game
>cut the amount of people posting here in half

So you want /sthg/ posters to be in the single digits? I can't imagine what that would accomplish

Sage pls go

You know what I meant.


>Sonic's world

A better idea would be to literally cut the people posting here in half. I'll get a saw.

Fuck off Iizuka

That's pretty fucking good!

Look at that cute dork. I wanna bully him

Why not?

Because making a human a mobian for no discernable reason is dumb

But there is a discernable reason.
"Merlin" in Archie is Tails' uncle.

No sense of good design at all.

True, but it still feels wrong

Cute Saffron but hair on the chameleon looks weird

Kinda looks like a feather duster is attached to her.

Not really.
I mean, God forbid someone has fun and makes a Mobian design for an otherwise unusable human character.

>I mean, God forbid someone has fun and makes a Mobian design for an otherwise unusable human character.
If that was the only point of it, then fine, but this is from those Archie Sonic Online guys and some of them are seriously considering making it a thing. Granted it's not the worst idea they have (Not even close) but it's still questionable

Ehhhh okay these are all pretty bad

I think the Mina looks cute, but not really a fan of the others.

I'm fine with the idea of Antoine. I mean he did get pretty fucked up from that explosion so I'm okay with him missing an arm and maybe an eye, but why a musketeer motif?

>/sthg/ this is all your fault!
>Oh how could I stay mad at you?

>bases Antoine off of a legandary samurai
>removes the wrong arm
>he's fucking french
>changing Bunnie's blaster into a gun
>changing Mina from a punk rocker to some j-pop shitter
God damn. If there was one thing good about Mina it was her general design.

>>changing Mina from a punk rocker to some j-pop shitter
I think it's the other way around. He turned her from J-pop to Punk. Maybe it's just the hair, I dunno

No, that is straight early 2000s j-pop garbage.

What if Sonic 4 was made in 1995 for the 32x? Story, badniks, characters, levels, power-ups, music, and would it be any good?


September 27th. That's when Fire and Ice is coming out

Why not at that point?
Seriously, it's just as silly as fucking Danny from Sonic X getting into the main comic. You're taking things way too seriously.

Yeah maybe I am taking things a bit too seriously. Just feels weird is all
Also I'm surprised Ian gave that shout out to X.
We have Not!Danny and Not!Topaz so far. What's next, Not!Sam Speed?

You ungrateful slogs just got a Sonic game that was blessed by the presence of Mario set in the Olympics with no swimsuits what more do you entitled Needlemouse fans want?

Like a proper Sonic 4?

Or the same Sonic 4 we got, except made in 1995?

TSSZ please fuck off

Could also be on the Saturn as a precursor to Sonic Xtreme/Adventure

Eh porn artist or not, Sonic art is Sonic art, it's not like they're immune to criticism and viewer opinions nor do they unable to improve their art like a non-porn artist.

>It's better Sonic discussion than "What's your fetish?" at least.
Yeah but it was fun save for that one user who spammed r34 pics, not sure if he was trying to get the entire talk deleted because he hated it or what but it failed and everything continued like it was normal.

The other kids are going to be in charge of Uriel and whatever the other one they haven't done yet was.

Probably would give Sonic CD a run for its money regarding the visual look and art style on the 32x. Wouldn't really know where they would go for a story or badniks, etc. But assuming it's still 2D, I'm sure it'd play good.

Also, NiGHTS into Dreams likely doesn't get made (at least, not when it did).

3 (three) days until Sega 3D Classics Collection!
Give it up for three (3) days everybody!


Should really shorten that news section up next thread.


What's this image from?



Bed bump

I was browsing the drawfag wall, and saw Ian Flynn's OC in a Wonder Woman costume. He has an OC?

Yeah. I'm not on my computer right now so I can't post it but he showed up in 174 as a background cameo at Bunnie and Antoine's wedding

What would human Sonic characters look like as Mobians?

Here's a list for reference:

Eggman Nega
G.U.N. Commander

Er, thanks?

You missed Madonna, the Unleashed cast, and Katella. Though they're a bit more stylised.


Back at my computer and here you go. Ian's on the left and Aleah's on the right

Can Veeky Forums program games at all? If so, I think we should make our own Sonic 4.

Like this? Has the mobian/animal characters as humans as well.

I don't think any of us in here could do it. Go to /adg/ with that shit.

>that Nack

I was trying to stick to games-only, and the Unleashed cast is extremely large.

Technically Madonna is a game character. If you want to stick to her game version you can use the original concept art

Now I'm wondering what type of animals Yardley and the other current artists would be,

>looking through the drawfag wall for ideas
>these requests
People actually want to see some of this shit?

Can't always account for taste user

I imagine a lot are one-off requests that aren't thought about much after they are posted. There's not that many that are brought up more often after they are requested.

Still waiting on that Scratch crawling out of hades

Some of them are okay, like a cookoff between Sally and blaze
But others.....just--

>There's not that many that are brought up more often after they are requested.
Personally, I don't do this to not be annoying. It's there and if a drawfag feels like it he can go, check out the pastebin, and pick.

>Personally, I don't do this to not be annoying.
I do the same a bit for some, as well. I don't like feeling like trying to force a request to be done.

That said, there's quite a few I've thought of that's just spur of the moment and not really brought up again.

I'd really like to know how often drawfags check it, if they do at all. And why some do not and just opt for asking for new ideas all the time.

Like, is it laziness, lack of knowledge of it, or like where the ideas simply aren't good to them?

There#s something really weird about this guy's style, but i can't quite put my finger on it.

Manaita beat him to it.

Well I don't drawfag often for this thread, but I'm getting into the habit of looking over the wall rather than beg for ideas

>draw mature female character
>always end up drawing similar clothes to Vanilla's
Every fucking time...

Sorry for the late reply. It's from this book, I highly recommend it.


I check it every now and then. It's just I only have so much free time to draw, so most of the time I want to work on something of mine own. If there's a really cute idea of one of my favorite characters on the wall though, I try and make time to fulfill it. I really want to do Sticky Bump vs Auto Sage one of these days.

Well, it's good to know some use it.

Is there any hope for Whiteheads Sonic 3 remaster coming out for the 25th anniversary of Sonic?

>Is there any hope
Not in this general.

I doubt it, user.

>It's just I only have so much free time to draw, so most of the time I want to work on something of mine own.
I can understand that. Your own projects should take priority.

Not likely.


>Antoine doing the Hook routine
You know that's just silly enough to get laughed at instead of cussed out.

Tick Tock goes the Metal Sonic...

>actually designed like a Sonic character
>actually designed like a Sonic character
>realistic human with a cartoony face
>an actual fucking real-world human
>almost designed like a Sonic character, but with a head that's way too realistic
>almost designed like a Sonic character, but with a head that's way too realistic
Humans in the Sonic universe don't have a unified art-style.

That doesn't look like a Sonic character in the slightest.

She's from Sonic the Comic.

Sonic the Comic had a knack for doing that.


Well that explains it. I don't read the comics, but from what I've seen of the "Dark Ages", some of those old artists just went full-retard.

Those are some large breakfest meals.

No, no. You're mixing it up with the Archie comic. The term "Dark AgeS" applies to Archie
Sonic the Comic is the British Sonic comic

>eight-year-old boy married to and fucking a twelve-year-old girl
Love is a beautiful thing.

Wrong Sonic comic.

I've seen some of Sonic the Comic too, and it's even worse in that one. Did they do it on purpose or what?

The "Fark Ages" was a Archie Sonic the Hedgehog thing. Sonic the Comic by Fleetway was a UK comic with a good number of Sonic unfitting and weird design choices.

Oh please, not another dump.

So which would you pick then friendo? Pick your literal poison