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Saint George's Day Edition

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whose saint george

what's that

It's all about that Saint Pablo

..Post Medics

whose saint george

saint muselk


*does that*

awful op baka desu senpai

Saint Viva

What a nice OP.

dont tell kiriikp but i think she is kind of cute

kys yourself please

i have already shot myself many times for far less than that

though granted it was only airsoft

*keeps your secret*



buy my hat before i leave ty

attention is nice

also it made me less ashamed of myself and stuff

i always aspired to be an attentionwhore though, but it was only after transitioning that it actually came into full force

in my opinion being trans is a result of being an attention whore

like, all trans people are attention whores because being an attention whore is a prerequisite to being trans

i like attention

why not

its because they think that girls get the most attention out of everyone, and saying that you're a girl on the internet is very easy so they do that

^ so much this
im not sure its exactly that tho, i think its more like they know trans people or traps or faggots or whatever also get attention

i mean, i truly hope they dont really believe they're girls

tfw XXY chromosomes

This is the best joke in the comic and you can't convince me otherwise.



what does that mean


So you have downs syndrome


alright downy

Somebody buy my thing on the market.

lmao retard

Best vocaroo around. Of all time


*buys your thing*

dont you just LOVE opinions?

buy me

*buys you*

am i a transgender freakazoid motherfucker

Spy without gloves makes me uncomfortable.


Maskless spy when?

neverpleasethankyo u

england knight man

thank you

shut up

what did he do

killed the last dragon

How can brits celebrate such a bigot, racist, misogynist evil Islamaphobic man

Lmao enjoy being v&d for nationalism

i bet he SUCKED DICK for a living or something gay like that

I mean he is EU



post yfw europe got btfo

>Saint George's day edition
>only 1 minute 49 seconds left of Staint George's day

i ship b4nny and rando desu

>half left sucks muslim cock everyday
is there anyone on tf2g who isn't a degenerate in any way shape or form

only experts will remember this meme

me (kiriikp)

explain what happened


-10 fuck saint george

i ship b4nny and me_____

>pinto cutting DEEP



jesus what is wrong with b4nny
did so much tf2 affect his brain

!add 2

good players are allowed to have massive egos imo. If you're the best at the game and can trounce anyone, I think you deserve to be confident in yourself

as usual, europeans can't take the banter

!add you


you rolled noclip!

is the /v/ server going to be playing today


you rolled explode
youre fucking dead



nighty night tf2g!


oh damn

post drawings of your loadouts
you are not me

everybody knows the only good plugin command ever created was !rocketme

>b4nny: im a good person
>b4nny: i just resist idiots

post yfw europeons cant handle the banter

!setpriority 10 muselk

I don't understand valve's reasoning for giving weapons benefits and then adding penalties that totally nullify those same benefits

for examples the liberty launcher having 5 rockets is totally useless when it does like 25% less damage, making you use more rockets to deal with enemies, making the fifth one useless

and the pocket pistol increases your health but then you take 15 ou 25% more damage ALL AROUND, making the health increase useless

what the hell logic is this

5:31 AM - FROYO b4nny: why propogate this dumb meme


shuckle scored


*is sad*


Would you play a Attack/Defend map that's basically a giant tower? RED team defends the top, BLU the bottom, having to work their way up through multiple CPs. You'd be able to run along various ledges on the outside of the tower, or take vents to carry you up quickly. Wanted to make sure the idea wasn't complete shit before I started working on it.

me under

That might be cool, but can be pretty shit if Red could just stay on top spamming down on Blu.

why you gotta post hairy titty trans pyro

post tf2 gifs



Made a trade today and I don't feel very good about it, despite making ~8 Keys profit.

Traded about 50 cosmetics for a 24-29 key unusual, which is cool, I just feel like I'll have a hard time reselling it (Haunted Ghosts Birdcage).


I wish I could be decisive :v

tftv is a stupid circlejerk
t. b4nny sub

this is what tagg meant when he said b4nny is going 500mph and not braking for turns

>pyro unusual
>birdcage no less
i'm so sorry
at least the effect might carry you to profit

chubby people exist