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"Dumbass" Edition

Previous Thread: Life is Strange is an episodic interactive drama from DONTNOD Entertainment. Set in the Pacific Northwest in the town of Arcadia Bay, the player follows the story of Maxine Caulfield and her seemingly newfound ability to turn gay and rewind time. At the prestigious Blackwell Academy, Max must prepare with Chloe Price for the incoming storm of returning to her hometown after five years. Available on Steam, PSN and Xbox Live.

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Tradition is important!

Eventually I will put together a flowchart of similar music, like the /mu/ ones. Got a few ideas working, but to busy to do anything with them.

If you want to contribute, please contact me on steam, or reply to this post.

Thanks to photoshopgril for putting together the background image and the second chart,
polaroidgril for assembling the album covers/artist names/etc. onto the background image,
Dr. Zaius for helping in general.

I have a torrent of all the games music, Morali's OST, the Vortex Club party, all the licensed songs (most in lossless format), and all the albums they were taken from.

Magnet link:

I will be seeding this for the foreseeable future, so even if it says no seeds, leave it up long enough, and I'll come online. PC can't be on 24/7, you know?


Alternative download on MEGA, if you get it from here, please add the files to your torrent folder to facilitate easier downloads for others.


Spotify playlist of the licensed music here:
It's better than the official one. Really.

FLAC rip of official OST from the limited edition, courtesy of polaroidgril.



The idea of Kate and Victoria together is starting to grow on me...

Hey, I wanted to make a thread!

Just kidding. Asking was very considerate of you though.

You should, I'm running out of good editions.

What is "it"?

>tfw no Max to cuddle with

Stop with the ellipsis, please.

Ok, I'll if I'm around for the next limit!

>Kate.jpg and Chloe.jpg deleted again.
Just fuck off already. If a post doesn't explicitly break a rule then leave it alone.

How annoying

Samuel will delete posts if they contain as much as a reaction image that he doesn't like.

B-But they've been a part of posting on this Mongolian fingerprinting imageboard f-for a long time now...

They trigger my PTSD

What does Alice think of Victoria?


Autistic people make bad cuddlers.

Even David had to learn to deal with it..

Orph pls. That was just a game!

Yet another case of writers flipping the 'Make a character a retard' switch.
David is so much smarter than that.

Good night, /lisg/

Well Jeffershit is a dev self insert.

Gotta make him look as smart and strong as possible.

Goodnight user

Good night user! Have a nice dream

You now realize that if you choose the bay ending that Max will almost defiantly end up dating Warren. Not that anyone here would choose that ending but Max is such a push over that his constant pestering would eventually guilt her into going out with him. Especially considering that in the bay ending, everything she's done is erased and everyone still sees her as the weird quiet girl. Even though she clearly is into the skater guy, she'd never work up the courage to talk to him. Which is pretty sad.

No way. Max would just die in the Bay ending. Too much guilt of letting Chloe die in that state, madness that she cannot talk to anyone about what happened, and fear that she will cause something else bad to happen.
Then her, Chloe, and Rachel party for eternity in the afterlife.

At least they would get married and have a nice family.

And Max would be in a loveless relationship. Thank you for caring about Max.

Max and Chloe will get married and have a nice family. NOT Max and Warren.

Warrencucks are selfish... just like Warren.


I posted them in the wrong order


Max and Chloe can't even have biological kids.

They would have to adopt.

>implying they need kids to be happy

There's probably a way to do it, or one will be developed, but I think adoption would be in character for them. Especially for Chloe.

They don't need the but think of how awesome of parents they would be!



>As Max and Chloe are leaving the ruins of Arcadia Bay behind, there's one more tragic story unfolding
>Alice and Lisa stuck in Max's room, Alice hasn't eaten anything in days, the dorms are destroyed and no one comes looking for them
>"No one's gonna come save us, this is the end, we'll starve to death..."
>Alice...you can survive this and go back to your owner. All you have to do is... all you have to do is eat me."
>"What? No, fuck that. Lisa, you're my number one priority, I'm not eating you!"
>"Alice, think about it... how many times this week did you try to nibble my leafs? I'm a plant, Alice, you're a bunny, maybe it's time I accept my destiny... OUR destiny."
>"Lisa, I can't make this choice!"
>"No Alice, you're the only one who can"

>eat Lisa

>eat your own foot

Victoria has a secret soft spot for cute animals. Alice would grow very fond of her third mommy.





Threadly reminder to keep it alive

I think Chloe just realized what she's in for



Depends what the definition of lewd is. I'm fine with kissing, hugging, and some suggestive stuff but full on porn is not good on blue boards and I do not like it of LiS characters in general.
I can enjoy a well-written in-character fic with some NSFW stuff though.

Look what I found in the first results of the kate marsh tag.


Lewdness, obviously, is a very subjective thing and I didn't feel right defining it for everyone in the context of a poll question. I guess the best way to frame this question is: "You see a post and think 'well, that's lewd.' What is your next thought?"

We need a poll with more choices
>Lewd pictures (Kissing only)
>Lewd pictures (Insert your sickest ideas here)

Depends on the type and degree of lewdness really. Degree should be easy since this is a blue board. Go to /u/ for that. Or if you are looking for dicks (i. e. cringy SFM porn) go wherever people go that want dicks.

Playful and aesthetic and strictly pertaining to LiS girls with each other :^) lewdposts are fine with me. But I don't think anybody here wants to read about your wet dreams and humping pillows and how much you want to get in bed with a character and stuff.

Seeing Kate that happy is something magical.

Is there any other game (or other medim) that has made you care so much for the characters as in LIS? I can't think of anything for myself.

To be honest I was a little more invested in some characters from MGS, New Vegas, KOTOR and Mass Effect.

As long as Max is there for her, I'm sure she'll be happy.
Steins gate.. But still not as close


>my theatre prof looks, acts, and speaks exactly like marc jefferson
>what do

Ambush him in his house and slice his throat.

I'm often invested in characters when I read, but that doesn't last too long beyond having finished the book. The visual component obviously does its part. I did care in one way or another about fictional film/game characters in the past, but never like this.

Hand in your damn picture.

Ask him if he frequents abandoned farms and misses the 1990s


>Place photo of petite qt under a mousetrap. >Laugh your ass off when he walks around the next day with bruised fingers.

>Max taller than Chloe
She must be standing on a create or something
That is a really nice picture regardless

I mean, artistically, it would look unbalanced if max was shorter. You can just imagine that they're jumping


guess i'm back for a while don't die on me /lesg/...


Let's balance it out with one where Chloe seems to be on a crate.

I stared at the loop by her right thigh for way too long trying to figure out what was wrong with her butt.

It's her suspender. AKA the thing Max lightly tugs when she's trying to get Chloe out of somewhere or when she misbehaves.
Also something that doubled as a wrist-tie one night where Max was feeling assertive

Daily reminder that everything that happens past chloe getting shot is in max's head, trying to deal with her best friend dying after she waited years to contact her, even after she got back to arcadia bay. The "nightmare" at the end is her subconsciousness trying to get her to back to reality. Sacrificing chloe is accepting her death and moving on, and sacrificing arcadia bay is letting the tornado (her grief) wipe her out and going insane. All the people in the cafe in her dream represents the people that will "die" for her if she goes insane, and the edgy "cereal" max she is talking to is the part of max's mind that wants to accept reality and snap out of it, while chloe represents the opposite part.

Going from max the socially awkward to being max the awesome superhero saving the day and befriending everyone with her time powers reflects her delusion that she can make everything perfect and reverse chloes death. Those being mad about the endings and that the choices you made didn't have an effect on it is missing the entire message the game is trying to convey. Being left empty at the end is your way to feel max's pain and hopefully also accept chloe's death in the same painful way she did.

way too lewd.

I know, it's just the color of the fence looked too much like the color of skin and for far too long I was wondering if she'd ripped her pants or something.

>Damage control beyond even Michel's imagination.

yeah...i'd get some glasses bud.

You are quite silly. They'd like you. Maybe.


G'night /lisg/

Good night user


blast the fool

Always take the shot.

couldn't have said it better myself

certainly using your IMAGINATION there aren't ya

Depends if it's about stuff happening between game characters or some sick fuck's lonely fantasies. And even then I hate SFM stuff.
Basically, this

Kate certainly wouldn't like the thread on page 10.

Well, gotta respect the wishes of the dead.

Kate wouldn't want to see someone die again so she would ask for the thread to be saved.

This was my initial rationalization of the ending as well.

I prefer to just consider ep5. noncanon though.

Can someone post the max autism pic?


>ywn a chloe

>ywn an anyone


What the hell