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Is moxy the new Chazo?

First for please kill me.

Palucina a cute!

>Smash has 0 muscle girls
Shit game.

Lucina would love Palutena more if she could use customs in tournaments.

Fuck me forgot to add last thread;


ZSS could have been a muscle girl, but Nintendo fucked that shit up.


Who was responsible for such a massive fuck up?

>hated the anime
>hated FE
Thanks guy

Video games!
they're right about nigger dicks last thread desu.

There were arguments of them being good and bad.
Which one do you agree with?

Also, hosting.


They're bad desu. No thank you. Not a fan.

Give me just a couple minutes, I gotta take my dog out.

I'm not them, but I want to die too.
My entire life is a wreck. I've ruined it, and it'll never get better.

Aww come on user. It'll get better. I have felt that way too

Whoever did character design for Zero Mission.

Here is a question that answers your question:
why not?

user, I'm 25.
I've never been employed.
I'm in debt due to a hospital visit which in turn has ruined my credit since I can't pay off the debt.
My ruined credit has made it near impossible to get a job along with the fact that I live in the middle of nowhere.
I don't have a car because my parents never provided me one, and I haven't been able to get employed to purchase one myself.
As I mentioned, I live in the middle of nowhere. There's no public transportation, so the number of place of employ can be counted on one's fingers.
The older I get without a source of income the less options I have for retirement.
You can't just wish that all better. It's already been done.
This has nothing to do with Smash.

>Kiyotake Hiroji
Fuck that guy.
He's probably dead, as he should be.

>take my dog out
What are you implying?

Even doggo has to piss.

Host whenever you're ready.


Who /420/ here? Don't be shy.
Tell me a good or crazy about smash bros while you were under the influence

It could be worse
>be me
>30 years old
>mom kicked me out
>been recently fired from the job i barely made money
>no young girlfriend to spend time playing smash with
>anytime the police can come get me for illegal reasons
At least you people still love me, right? :o)

Customs are silly.

If you wanna take them off you can tell me.

Samus should look like Ronda Rousey. That is literally the only realistic appearance for her. But HURR DURR TITS AND ASS BOIS

Kirby customs are even sillier.
Nah, they're fun.

>using the completely inferior custom Kirby


>tfw meteor stone

GG no re Nagal
not being able to do stuff properly suddenly made me not want to play.
>tfw constantly slipping up at the ledge because i flick the stick too fast and the latency doesnt like that

>implying ice breath isn't top tier

>all those sds

i wish smash 4 had pokken netcode but you can only deal with it sadly

>chazo johnning
What else is new?

"I wonder if this meteors"
it doesnt

Yeah buddy.

>Ice Breath over the Jump & Suck

>he doesn't want to blow and chill

Just to plan!

>Wolf is dead

>I took that stock

She loves her girlfriend no matter how many movesets she can use competitivly.

Wolf is so fun, I might just main him...

This desu.
Palucina has the best yuri.

>using the chazo smiley

Wolf was a wasted slot
It's good he's gone
Who we needed back was Snake.

Also how do I jab Dragon. I haven't played with Jacob in forever I couldn't pretend to be him

>using Wolf's moves on Fox
>pretend it's Wolf
>"This is Fox..."

I can't be Macfag with customs fuck

>Wolf was a wasted slot
You deserved that.

Wolf a shit. He shouldn't of been added.
w a s t e d s l o t

>Dash to the ledge and dash attack
>Offstage and Forward Air

Take that back.




I can think of a good way to get the apology out of you.

Was that how?
Turn off customs and I'll give you a proper reach around.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

is okay


But changing the rules is literally the loser's job.
I can't turn off Customs if you keep losing.

Come on then, no customs, both Lucina.

>shouldn't of

Fucking poverty education.

>both Lucina
Both Fox.

>when the music fits the gameplay to the point the song ends as you smash the final blow
I could of fucking cum all over the room right there and then

What happened here?

fox fast falls btw

Contracts aren't valid if you don't sign them.
So who am I beating you with?


where do you think you are

We were supposed to do Lucina dittos a while back.

Apologize, whore.

Apologize right now, in front of everybody.
And while you're at it, tell them what a filthy masochistic slut you are.

>mfw Hoody is Fishy's slave

You can't make me.

I don't have to.
You'll do it out of your own volition by the time these games are over.

You always roll after you miss a Shield Breaker.

Maybe in a "pets our actually our masters" sort of way.
I do fuck him whenever he asks me too.

I know, I haven't played her in a while, I'm making the mistakes I used to make.

Mango is hilarious on commentary

>goes AFC
>doesn't let me return to neutral before she attacks

>Esam wins a game
Good for him.

>ESAM eliminated 0-2
Lol to those who voted for him

One or two more, Hoody.

Yeah, this is the last match for me too.
Humiliating you really tuckered me out.

Thanks for the fun games Hoody
>how bad my Lucina has gotten
I need to stop playing Marth for a bit, my Lucina is suffering



>I need to stop playing Male Lucina
>My exact clone of that character is suffering
I don't get it but sure.
Can I call myself the best Lucina in the general now?


>poverty players being best anything

*spikes you*
*you almost remover*
*spikes you again*

Their swords, obviously, launch you and rack up damage differently. I've played Marth too much and its fucked with how I play Lucina.
I dunno, it just does fuck my Lucina

No, I'm the best Lucina in the general.


>shitposters thinking they have a say in anything

>it just does fuck my Lucina
Actually, my Lucina fucks your Lucina.

And how does the best Lucina in the general lose Lucina dittos so badly?

shut up
I'm the best

1v1 anyone?

I want Lucina in her yoga pants to sit on my face after having her workout.

>ssbg is dead
>discord and skype groups are dead/cancer
>fg is free
>anthers is shit
>locals are a meme
Why is there nowhere good to play?