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It is located in the Czech Republic and is currently on the AQ launch event. There is currently a Veeky Forums guild on each faction, to join one "/who " and whisper someone.

/krog/ guilds:

- Horde
- Alliance


Questions to avoid asking:
>What class should I play?
>Is Nostalrius coming back?
>What is the best class for PvP/PvE?
>Why don't we roll on X server?
>Is Kronos pay2win?
>What class does X guild need?

FAQ: pastebin.com/YbPhHZ7j
ADDONS: pastebin.com/pvfNSeN0

Client Download and Connection Guide: pastebin.com/3vpxc0jG

BiS Lists: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1j81TgG0p_HrYKajiUiQfYIoSUx1culzy2u_Fc4wtiS8
Leveling Specs: imgur.com/a/aNm8V
Leveling Guide: docs.google.com/document/d/1-Z2vplxWZACKmCpw1B8vexKQ2vwjRqFRjcJhHjAxxJg
Grinding Spots: capnbry.net/wow/gspots.php

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1st for nelf sluts

Alliance master faction.

Reminder that Cuckington is powerleveling while using the penis pump he bought with the money he got from scamming a Taiwanese maplestory player so he'll be able to fuck you hard ingame AND irl
t. /msg/

le aunt poisoner has moved to /krog/

xth for trolls

ganome meme for u guys fresh out of the oven

>MFW there are no feral druids to violently breed my priestess

Why should I even continue on? ;_;

young happy private server play, says she'd rather stay on kronos rather than switch to stormrage-wow because of the population....


Added to the album, very nice! :~~~~)

what the fuck is with the use of Clone Stamp on the right side of that image?

can any1 plvl me to 10 for world chat?

- matt

... surprise, she was found DEAD waiting in queue. time and money her parents wanted to spend on stormrage-wow now spend on funeral. don't make the same mistake

Hello I asked last thread but why should I trust kronos to stay up? I will be very depressed if a level another 60 for the server to close again


lots of private servers get the same threats blizzard does, the only difference is nost chose to capitulate. twinstar won't because it's a revenue source for them

also blizzard has gotten a lot of negative backlash (plus the streisand effect) from shutting down nost, i doubt they're keen to come off as even more cold and cruel by shutting down yet another server right after nost

if bliz releases legacy servers they close kronos,
if bliz doesnt release legacy servers they close kronos
these stormrage shills are out here for your own good

stormrage-wow will make totinos round again

nth for pure virgin human girls.

except this time it's a for-profit server and no one will care

>going through stonetalon
>people in general chat are losing their shit over being ganked
>one guy asks for help at the barrens border
>go there
>hunter from salty doges
>lvl 23

if you're reading this jsut leave these faggots alone so they stop spamming my gneral chat

This stormrage shilling is getting out of hand. Seriously.

I just spent 90 min testing the server and making videos of initial Mulgore content and server mechanics. Honest opinion incoming once the last of it's uploaded. Just god, stop with the images for a half hour will ya?

what professions should i pick for my cute dwarf priest?

Titfucking and anal.



Those are female Night Elf professions only ;)

ETA on this? Also, do you know anything about the dev team? Where's this bitch hosted?

it's viable against clothies in wpvp, but kinda suck vs any decent pvper

resto is literally the only valid option if you wanna 1v1 pvp

you'll never beat any decent pvper as feral or balance, except maybe some frost mages and warriors


loli butts


we could have been friends, I never wanted to hurt you. But your ganking was clogging my general chat

ew. Neps>lolis

kill me pls

Is it really true that Nost is coming back?


Woops. Those are cats, not neps.

absolutely my friend
see you on the other side

>Hello I asked last thread but why should I trust kronos to stay up? I will be very depressed if a level another 60 for the server to close again
Because it's run by a company which sells shit for real money to make massive profit on it. So they'll just exploit various loopholes to keep it running, just like every other p2w server always did.



But there's an announcement... it has to be something :(


but cats and lolis are better than neps.

I don't wanna get my hopes up. It will hurt a lot more...

even sadder version

there was no need to fear my elven friend

it's just gonna be some memorial vid

kronos doesnt work for me i want to kill myself

If it turns out to be just that, there's going to be an even bigger backlash against them than it was against Blizzard.

Okay, I'm motherfucking done. Playlist of my testing (about 18 min to watch) is here.


The TLDR version is the ending video.


Remember to use HD settings. I just gave back to the Veeky Forums community and the public at large. Be grateful.

If the fucker above keeps spamming the --- KRONOS --- game thread with shit about a non Kronos server, that's out of my hands. I'm also not a part of the staff, or the bugs in the video wouldn't have made it. Later.

They're asking for screenshots and videos, it's going to be a shitty tribute, pretty obvious...

The salty struggle is real, boys!

Thanks for the input bro, I like how during those videos it looked like a single player game, not my cup of tea, when I play an MMO I like to see other players..that's just me, though

Also you sound like a bro, I'd buy you a beer anytime!

I'm more than likely never going to see the light of day in a raid. So I'm gonna go either shammy or druid. Which is better for leveling? My friend is a hunter, so I want something that can keep up easily.

thank bro I fucking love you

>even if stormrage gets a healthy population it will just be ambushed by chinks
>over sensitive developers and players will try and pardon their behavior and shout out opposing views
>nostalrius will repeat itself

play druid and RP as your hunter friends pet.

youtube.com/watch?v=jAWPbr-cKIQ IT BEGINS

Thanks. I like your voice and concise presentation.

Both have painful early games but reach a point where it's smooth sailing. For shaman that range is 1-30, 30 being when windfury starts to carry you to victory. Shit gets even easier once you hit 40 and can equip mail and stop getting chunked by every mob.

For Druids it's about 1-20. Cat form speeds things up tremendously. I've seen people complain about Druid leveling but I just think they're bad. It's honestly pretty fucking fast with little downtime, good enough damage, and the ability to solo more than most classes can if you're smart with mana and shifting.

thanks m8

Alright, world pvp is pretty much what I'm looking forward to as it is, so I guess I'll just be a druid. Played a warrior on Nost and the shit was unforgiving, questing wasn't bad. But people are still retarded in 10 year old dungeons, I don't know how warriors put up with that sort of nonsense.

When will white self-hate end?

I triggered someone...hard

wow, Salty Dogs guild chat goes straight from bretty gud to pure cancer as soon as NA people start logging on.

>salty dogs
>logging on
>talking in guild chat
its dead m8 get over it

Apologies with the quality of the final video. Youtube is taking their sweet time in converting it to HD.

Doing God's work user, ty. Kronos is full while that isn't. I'll be sticking with Kronos, despite its flaws.

Both do then.

Don't say Furasshu is NA. The EU players were the ones sperging out last night, not the NA late night players.

>he hasnt liked the stormrage promo video

>or thumbs upped this bromeister

Good work man

someone fucking invite me the alliance guild IGN papermilli

Private servers are weird because there's no 'customers' you should work to appease. There is a population that generally makes positive contribution to a server, as in creates drama, people to play with, groups to run shit, etc, and a group that is incredibly insular and has a disproportionate amount of cynical shitheads that sell accounts and gold and fuck up battlegrounds, and that latter group is full of xiaos.

This isn't a racist fact but it will always be misrepresented as one and the narrative stops being about how Chinese players are disruptive and becomes 'evil Veeky Forums racists hate asian people', in addition to sob stories about how all the good Chinese players, who don't talk to anyone anyway, will be locked out and can't play wow on a western server abloobloo.

It's fucked, need some server owners with a backbone willing to enforce region locks like every other sane MMO.

>stormrage2016[S] 2 points 22 minutes ago
>youtube.com/watch?v=4UQiqOtdrAY Stormrage vanilla wow just got a HUGE endorsement from a fellow geek testing out the bugs
I thought that the original Stormrage guy was just doing it ironically, but he's spamming threads on Reddit and posting user's video all over too. I think it might be an actual developer

No, its literally just me

there are a few people here and there that join in on it bc it makes kronos kids angry, but ive been doing the devs leg work for a short while now

>HUGE endorsement

>Guy has no subscribers and only like 5 views for each video except 11, which has 50


Been AFK'ing in IF all day just to keep que longer.

Oh come on. They'd say if it was that. And why would the developers be working on a video.


hurry up and start on your stormrage char b4 the crowd get here

>It's fucked, need some server owners with a backbone willing to enforce region locks like every other sane MMO.
I used to play Path of Exile.

I have never seen anyone speaking Chinese. Why?

Can i send gold from Ally to Horde on Kronos?

Neutral AH.

Dude. My Testcow channel is just the one I set up when I originally did testing for Kronos during the 26 day Open Beta. I hosted videos for bugged content (that fucking undead on top of the dreadmist peak or whatever that kept killing off all the orc cultists on top), etc.

I'm not a Dev of any current project (the old project I was a dev of was Bloodcraft, as a tester and researcher for Svannon and Talonsco)


I just fucking HATE the decision Chero made into turning Kronos ( a fucking fantastic server ) into Nostalrius 2.0 because he wants the fame and 'success' of a massive clusterfuck.

Just kind of drifting right now looking for a new project I'm interested in.

Does either Veeky Forums guild ever not talk about politics in gchat?

The thing is they dont actually know what their talking about they just spurt the generic memes to make it seem like they have an idea on whats going on.

lel triggered

Yeah no shit.

>whisper for an invite to Salty Dogs...

>no reply


Im having mixed emotions about joining the guild.

I don't want to be cringing 24/7 by the child mentality discussions.

Do you guys actually have meaningful discussions?

Which guild?


The issue of chinese farmers fucking over a server is twofold. The first is that yeah, in comparison for work spent on a successful server farming to turn around and cash it in for USD or Euroes is a really good deal for a lot of regions in mainland China.

The other part of the deal is their culture. They firmly equate purchasing gold or other services as a convenience and time saver and that it's an acceptable (and expected) part of playing the game.

The yellow fucks aren't content in adapting to the a game's current culture and expectations. They come barging in setting up shop according to their own culture, fuck the rules, fuck the police, fuck everyone else.

There's time of the day when there's nothing but shitposting and memes, but a majority of the day is actually civil conversation. people help one another as much as they can too

I don't know why you'd join a Veeky Forums guild hoping to avoid memes.

That said you aren't going to fit in anywhere else so you might as well join.

Its not about memes or shitposting, i can handle that.

Its when its on and on 24/7 and regular can't communicate via guild chat but need to whisper eachother.

I've tried them both, and this sums up a basic conversation


Have fun!

I don't think either guild is like that, desu.