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>Touhou Soujinengi V PV

>Caligula details

>The Sun and Moon release date!

>Flash Sale

>One Piece: Burning Blood ‘Golden Luffy’ gameplay

>Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization launches this fall in the west

>Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS Force launches July 12 in the Americas

>God Eater: Resurrection launches June 28, God Eater 2: Rage Burst launches August 30 in the west

>Air Combat Shooter Last Wings Coming In 2016

>Dragon Quest Heroes II ‘Carver, Torneko, Meena, Maribel, Gabo, and Angelo’ gameplay

>31 minutes of ClaDun Sengoku gameplay



>PS+ Current Offerings

>PS Store Updates

>PS Store Weekly Sale

>PSN Friends List

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This has got to be the objectively most useless rumour combination in SSD.

You can increase the chance of making the Bamahut appear, then you work dark to dismantle all his cursed parts, and then when the rewards are given out after the battle, you get none of his spells you worked hard to get.

Have a great night vitagen


>work dark

I don't see what turning them inside out would even accomplish.

I'd only have it on Veeky Forums to stop spammers, I wouldn't do it elsewhere. Considering IDs are for one thread only, I think it would be a good way to stop the shitposting.

Also holy fuck I'm nearing the end of Nep Nep Rebirth 1 and I'm still getting new characters, christ. I have lost all interest in any new characters that may appear because I stopped giving a fuck long ago, I can only use 6, jesus.

"This wouldn't happen if we had accounts"

Just don't use underwear.

Your post legitimately confuses me. Are you quoting me by using quotation marks instead of actual quoting or just saying that?

This. Going commando is always the way to go.

It's that time of the year again for vgl6. Poll will be up soon.

>Boot up Project Diva f intending on unlocking more songs because I still haven't done that.
>Just play Remote Controller and Summer Idol about five times each and turn it off.
Every time. At least it's better than the first Project Diva when I did nothing but play Hato for about 6 months before dropping the entire game once I got bored of that song.

Would you say that you're good at the game?

Rebirth 1 have 16 characters plus 3 DLC
Rebirth 2 have 22 characters
Rebirth 3 have 10 characters plus 18 DLC

For the bingo card.

Not even slightly. I love playing rhythm games, I'm just not that good at them. Average rank at the second highest difficulty is generally my zone in most rhythm games I play.

22 fucking characters? God dammit, I'll use the first 6-8 and leave the others to rot.

Also Compa is best girl, my favourite was IF until I played Rebirth 1, but Compa just strikes the balance of cute and lewd.

I always just use the main goddesses the others are bench tier

If your party doesn't include Cave, it's basically a non-party

RED is one of the first 6 and sucks ass, Broccoli isn't much better despite being cute as fuck

In rebirth 1, I've found that Compa for healing and MAGES for EXE guage also have uses apart from the main goddesses. IF is strong early on but drops off a cliff around 66% of the way into the game and everyone else you get too late to give two shits about.

That's why I liked Nep U the most. It had a small cast, the main Neps and 2 side chars. I never gave a shit about any of the non-main cast members like all the humans you meet. I couldn't finish Noire since there were so many random girls that I couldn't care about.

In Rebirth 2 you have to do some things to get everyone
If you don't you will only have 9 characters throughout the whole game

You must not wear jeans ever, one zip when you aren't paying attention is all it takes to ruin your week

I didnt like Nep U for how basic it was. Senran Kagura could be better than it is, but Nep U was a watered down SK.


>I couldn't finish Noire since there were so many random girls that I couldn't care about.
But that the best part of GN

You posted the girl you need if you wanna completely wreck shit in Rebirth 2.

I couldnt finish noire because I didnt like the gameplay, and it was too tedious to redo a failed mission.

i really wanted to meet all the girls. only Nep ive played i havent finished or plantniumed yet.

Caligula looks so cool, I hope atlus gets it quickly.

in b4
they're the only ones localizing furyu games

>sun and moon get release date in OP

holy shit, there is a vita version??

>You posted the girl you need if you wanna completely wreck shit in Rebirth 2.

and she wrecks more shit in the original game

MK2 is so good

Same, it's basic as shit which is fine but only if theres story in between each fight. Fighting through all those missions with nothing going on just sucks.

Hopefully blanc is better.

>rebirth 2
>uni hangs back and does lots of good combos to raise the EXE meter fast, other characters use it

>rebirth 3
>everyones exe meter is separate


I adjusted but Uni felt like she practically became worthless at first compared to last game


Yeah I'm hoping so too. Its not even more story I wanted, i just wanted more to the gameplay.


If anyone is on the edge of buying NG1+2 in the flash sale, I'd highly recommend.

I'm having some fun with all the bra/panty collecting. Bazooka's are the best.

I enjoyed Nep U's gameplay a lot more than SK. Even though Nep U is so short, it felt a lot more "fun" than SK was. I couldn't play much of SV and I'm kind of forcing myself through Estival Versus now.

Nah I felt that way too, her and vert were awesome for rush attacks to stack exe but then they fucked it. Also seems like vert did less damage.

How did we go from this...

>Buy P4G as my first Vita game
>Open it up
>No booklet

Is this a common thing with Vita games, or is Persona the only one?
There is a hook there for a booklet.

to THIS?

nothing comes with booklets anymore

I don't own a single Vita game that has a booklet

blame moe

Riu a cute

Every single NA Vita game doesn't come with a manual. It's actually part of Sony's to ask publishers not to include one for whatever reason.

Trails of Cold Steel was recently released on PS3 and Vita. It included a nice manual in the PS3 version but not the Vita. When someone asked Tom about it, he said that was SCEA's policy.

Japanese Vita games frequently have mini-manuals included though.

Blame anime.

>The Vita is discontinued and support dropped in Japan and the West, but the PS4 Neo can play Vita games.

What would be your reaction?

Death of vitagen.

Sometimes they come with one like my PDF2nd has a booklet.
Sometime there's an ad on it like Danganronpa's.

about fucking time something good happens to the vita

I'd love it.

I would finally be able to switch accounts in seconds instead of all the bullshit hoops I have to jump through now just to access my US games.

But who needs Cavve if you have NIS and Gust

I don't see the issue

Good for getting SE/LE

Wouldnt matter cause like hell am i buying another ps4.

>Japanese Vita games frequently have mini-manuals included though.
>tfw Innocence R didn't have one


I want that poster. It's gonna be so cool having it next to my Disgaea 4 one

>Japanese Vita games frequently have mini-manuals included though.
all of my games are japanese (25+) and I only have two

Thanks for posting this and reminding me about that. I got some good mileage out of it

due to how thinks work in mk2, if Cave's spells hit a certain amount of targets, she gains more SP than what the spell originally cost

Anyone has tips for Taiko Drum Master? I keep failing at the part where 3 dons are really close together at Hard mode ;_;

fuck off addy

>Touhou games on consoles

Sorry, but that makes me feel physically sick.

Become faster.


that your shit will become normal? that you will get a new influx of shitty fans?

Years too late for that

Just fan made games and 14.5 on ps4

Why doesn't vitagen like them?

It's Britta Approved though

kys addy

Cause i'm not a poodle kinda guy.

>Why doesn't vitagen like them?
No one dislikes The Vita Lounge here you retard.

It's just ports and sequels of doujin games.
Still makes me sick though.

No one ever talks about their magazine here though, even though it seems like something a Vita community might enjoy.

start with your dominant hand and alternate

X-DAY2000 is a good practice song

how about you kiss yourself for a change?

Because it's shit?
Cute dog though.

Maybe because it is 2016 and no one reads magazines anymore.

You can read the magazine free online...

Who the shit buys print magazines in 2016 other than the elderly?

Agreed, I hope it does well.

Just lost Perpell to Trillion but I managed to almost take out 100 million in the three fights.

Just hope I made the right choice in using Final Strike over a body seal

Magazines in the west hasn't been a thing ever since the internet got popular.
Even the news papers are feeling the heat.
We're 20 years too late.

Yeah, I know you can read their magazine online. But no one here ever brings their articles either. Sometimes they have some good interviews with indie devs.

>But no one here ever brings their articles either.
There's literally multiple links in the OP

Yes, exactly.

And even if its just fan games, they used to be limited to doujin PC scene only and ZUN forbid any kind of cooperation with any bigger company. Now they are going full out with western releases and Sony exclusive content.

This isn't the Touhou scene I loved. This is the console scene I despise.

>m-muh exclusive klub

I must ask what is favorite game in the series?

>This is the console scene I despise.
Literally why are you posting in a console scene thread?

kys addy

IN and UFO.

I still enjoy dungeon grinding games and the Vita is pretty handy for watching movies in bed.

Not him, but SWR

I also love UFO
Too bad I suck in the fighting games

So why aren't you forcing timestamps? There's literally no point if people can just grab shit from google.

So what does that have to do with anything?