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Is there any mod that lets me set penis size by race?
>Bosmer smallest cocks
>Nords, somewhere inbetween
>Redguards and Orcs, horse cocks

Thank you very much. I was able to grab Raeza from the site.
Does anybody have a link for Amanassi follower? I don't see it.


If I take the waifus off, will it die?

Didn't realize a new thread was made.

Fuck me the only princes I can worship are the ones with shrines at Raven Rock, none of which I am interested in. I think I need to take a break from Skyrim, how are FO4's mods coming?

Banditry mod that lets you take over a stronghold and run your own crew when?

Elf post

>cumtears' screenshot for OP image

nope, nope.

>Bosmers not having literal horse cock
>Altmer not having the smallest

baka desu senpai

When the fuck has Cumtears ever posted a Bane character?

I also am interested in this. You can at least be a group of kidnappers tho


whats that re-texture of the food from?

Why do Altmer have to be so tall? I want to play as a qt Elf maiden with vivid green eyes and a literal magic touch, but in both Morrowind and Oblivion, they are fucking huge and hidious. Nor do I want to buttfuck them by making them shorter nor can I make a copy/custom race that is shorter, as the game won't recognize my waifu as a Altmer anymore.

Shit sucks. Guess I'm stuck with a Dunmer.

Who the fuck cares? Just... stop, you circlejerking faggots. Take it to the Steam Chat or some shit.

Im pretty sure its just the vanilla textures with the ENB and lighting making it look better


best mod in skyrim

It would be extremely pleasant, because this place will finally turn into a serious thread about Elder Scrolls games and not waifu shits.



>It would be extremely ded

The first 7 levels of a new character where you feel so immersed are the best

Everything after that just feels like a grind v.v

unless you establish characterization so that the first 7 levels are making the character, and the rest is telling a story

Doesn't work for Morrowind. I'm trying to do an entire series playthrough. I got two-thirds of the way through with a Dark Elf Nightblade, but my harrdive died. While I am tempted to retread old ground and do it better, avoiding companion mods and not rushing this time, I'm unsure I want to use the same character concept.

There are few characters that feel as tied to the plot of Morrowind as outland Dunmer, and it felt like a legit Nerevarine characrter.

As we haven't even visited Sumerset, outside Arena, I'm not sure if an Altmer would really feel right as a series spanning hero. Same for Bosmer. And it has to be a Mer, because a lesser race would be old and withered by the time of Morrowind and the Corprus stopping the aging process.

Still, a sorcerer/mage really does appeal.

I gave Aiko smaller tits. Don't hate me.

Tell me about your character, /tesg/.

Tell me about their backstory, their motivations, their goals, their strengths and weaknesses, their personality and their future.

hes a dragoon

She looks like a genuine Down's in that picture.

>Don't hate me.
why would anyone hate that.

She's my little idiot.
Not sure, might post some examples later for feedback.

gimme a hug man

do eet. I'm sure a certain someone would be willing to hold the camera. ;P

Raeza is cute!!!! I wish she had a unique voice so I could take her on adventures

Jo'Sien Catraso was the son of a wealthy khajiit merchant whose company was based in the Empire, in Skingrad (and, as you might image, frequently operated in the Imperial City itself). Raised with a silver sugarspoon in his mouth, Jo'Sien was given everything he could need- an education that covered everything from swordplay to myth to music and poetry. He became spoiled, and in his thrill-seeking, killed another noble boy. Exiled for his crimes, he relearned to live in Skyrim, taking life from the bodies of elk and wolves which he slaughtered to keep warm in its hard lands.

For a time, he fell pray to its wiles, but in time he joined to companions, learned to fight, fought for the Empire despite his crimes (as he saw the Stormcloaks as more worth adversaries) and eventually retired to bardom, playing for pleasure and coin as he traveled the land.

Jo'Sien Catraso is an aggressive, greedy, power-hungry betmer, but is not without sensibilities and compassion. He is fast to strike and slay an enemy, but has little endurance and is quick to be put down. He survives by acting faster and harder than others do. Dominance is why he fights, and will take time to drag fights out in order to torture his enemies, exacting every sweet moment that he is in power, even if it means risking his name and body in doing so. This has frequently gotten him in trouble, giving enemies the opportunity to turn the tables when he takes too long to finish them.

Backstory: A girl that was left in an orphanage by her parents for the sake of her own safety

Motivations and goals: Finding her parents

Strengths: Slightly stronger and more durable than the average adult human male, can temporarily use vampiric skills (as a human), kinda like the Gray Prince from Oblivion, but much weaker

Every strengths and weaknesses of a Vampire Lord, with the exception of her unique ability to drain vampire blood to absorb their power (as a vampire)

Personality: Cheerful, reckless, and daring

Future: Determinant

There's a literally a whole fic about it actually, but it's not complete yet.


Oi m8, I wore that costume first! >:(

>Making an FCOM bashed patch takes 10 minutes
I want off the Oblivion modding ride

I suppose it's a good thing she's now in my game. We might be able to work something out.
Ah sorry, I took the picture whenever someone asked for her in the fox one.

Can you make me a s a n d w i c h

Wouldn't Altmer have some of the largest?

>unique ability to drain vampire blood
Drain (spell) works on vampires in vanilla Skyrim, with no error, as intended, what makes you think this is unique

Fester is a former Forsworn who found new purpose in the service of Peryite.

He called himself Turegnich when he was still within the ranks of his fellow tribesmen, who despised him for his penchant for foul magic, even by the standards of the Forsworn and their Hagraven allies. Slowly but surely, the magic that coursed through him made him ill. In his feverish dreams, he was approached by Peryite, who foretold great things in his future and that three portents would visit his tribe before his initiation into his service was complete.

The first of these was a horde of plagued rats sweeping through the camp, infecting many of the tribesmen. Turegnich, in his stupor, found that the sickness around him was feeding him with power, making him feel invigorated yet no less sick.

The second visitation came in the form of a carrion bird, which observed the camp for many days and nights. Each time one of the tribesmen succumbed to their afflictions, the bird let out a warbling croak, which to Turegnich sounded like a sweet lullaby, lulling him into a deeper trance.

The third and final portent was a change within Turegnich himself. Upon stepping out of his tent after a full week of feeding on the pestilence that hanged over the campsite, he looked at his former comrades and some part of him still felt for them. As he wept, tears of caustic pus flowed from his eyes, which darkened and grew cold.

Turegnich was no more. Something else festered within, and yearned to be shared.

Hey, it's okay. It's not like I can own the right of being the only guy who can post a girl in a fox costume here.

I'm not talking about the Drain spell, I'm talking about literally biting a vampire's neck and "extracting" the essence of their blood and converting it to more power for my character, which is possible thanks to Better Vampires.

I'm the bard now

Shes a a huge mystery

There a stories of her appearing everywhere over skyrim out of thin Air

Sometimes, people see her standing still for Hours, and if they get close they see her face moving, shaping, changing
Then all of sudden she moves without using her legs in what seems some kind of"pose". Then shes vanishes again.

There are also reports of flickering lights, turning on and off when shes around

>Try path of sorcery
>Disapointed in some of the perks
>Want to try going back to regular Ordinator magic

How is Ordinator's magic trees? I never got far enough with it. And is this possible to do mid-playthrough?

I wish she had a unique voice, too, but I'm too lazy and undependable to risk asking someone to voice her.

Ylfa is a big girl.

Why don't you at least give her a voice that doesn't make her sound like a 40 year old?

Some say her expression hasn't changed since she was born.


what mods make combat not feel like 2 guys slapping cardboard at each other/

Thats what happens if you do too much Alteration.
All the Skotox paralyzed her facial muscles

lazy and undependable.

Try playing a different game

What is the likelihood of us ever again seeing a game which relies on tabletop inspired inspired dice-roll based combat like in Morrowind, instead of the click-to-kill style?

>Follower goes into sandbox mode
>unlocks a gate so he can sit on the chair inside
>Get a 5 coin bounty for this


All it takes is a dream, a patreon, experience making videogames, and about 4 or 5 years.

Real-time diceroll combat? Probably never again.

Suzette was a student attending the college of Winterhold who's lust for knowledge lead her to cause the accidental death of a friend. She attempted to resurrect her but found herself unable to. After several "mysterious murders" she sadly left the college on a quest of her own to seek and study the necromantic arts. Unfortunately a certain Daedra found her and promised to unveil the secrets of necromancy to her if she pledged herself to serve him.

She did, however it seems that Mora has other plans for her as he marked her with the words of a black book which corrupt her skin and grant her the appendages of a seeker. She will continue to do as Mora sees fit until the day her transformation into a seeker is complete.

yeah after playing dark souls 3, that combat feels so solid and heavy. I wish elder scrolls had that sort of collision between weapons/enemies.

Instead it doesn't even feel like my character is even hitting anything.

Hopefully never.

My character is a spoiled son of a wealthy merchant family who, after constant ridicule by his peers for being such a worthless layabout, set off for Skyrim to SHOW THEM ALL and become rich without the help of his parents. The problem is, he's kind of an ass, can't fight for shit, and gives up easily. He'll always choose the snark option if there is one, and if he tries and fails at doing something he probably won't attempt it again. On the other hand, if by some miracle he makes friends with someone who isn't a total cuntbasket, he might end up growing to become a better person. Strengths would be anything related to bartering/merchanty stuff, weaknesses are anything involving strength/bravery, anything involving not being a dick, dealing with the poor, and affluenza. Hobbies that aren't money-related would include magic (since it doesn't require strength to use and is just so cool you guys), crossbows (since it's the only weapon he could actually use if pressed), and lounging about in his mansion (that he doesn't actually have but someday that will change maybe.)

This is Haar. He's a jerk, and everybody loves him.

That's all I got so far. I'm bad at storytime

Bethesda is not known for actually being competent at anything.
They should just make a huge big Sandbox, lay out the foundation for great Possibilities and then release then biggest, most powerful modding tool ever. As long as we are not able to change the hardcoded stuff, we wont get good combat.

>Someone asks you how to uninstall your mod

you forgot to list "having semen for tears" as one of her strengths. :^)

Are you well prepared for your adventures?

I like to pretend he's a creation of some magic group used to transfer themselves to protect their power, so his schizophrenic hallucinations are really just other people. That's why he can learn basically anything and accepts whatever is told, from being a reincarnation of a chimer to having the blood of a dragon.
If that's not fun, he's just a crazy freak who can't even cast a fireball but has literal delusions of grandeur.

doesn't sound like the adventuring type

>samefagging again

Of course not silly. That's what the help is for.

You are obviously not
Carrying so much shit on your back when there are Horses everywhere is full retard. If someone sneaks up from behind you wont hear them, and simply pulling at all this shit makes you fall over.

2/10 prepare again

Oh come on, I thought that this meme was killed in the previous thread?

you needn't carry anything
with proper survival knowledge

That ain't my back. That's my mule. How would I kill mages and elves with all of that shit on my back.

Stop samefagging, Cummy.

Can anybody recommend an RPG which does real-time combat well, apart from Dark Souls?

10/10 did not see that coming

chivalry medieval warfare


Dragons Dogma

10/10 resting bitchface.

I can't tell I think you'll need to post an album.

Brutus is an unusually heavily built Imperial who was sold into slavery to a Telvanni master when he was a child. The wizard raised him like an attack dog and trained him to be his personal muscle and bodyguard. He is mute and has a crude understanding of language in general. The conditions of his childhood also left him rather simple and he's on the mental level of a ten year old.

During one of their usual supply runs to Skyrim, his master was apprehended by the local authorities and he was set free. Not knowing what to do with his newfound freedom, Brutus wanders the land in search of new and exciting experiences that he was denied growing up.

Despite a life of forced violence and manhandling, Brutus hates to cause suffering. He would much rather be friends with everyone and everything, especially animals of all kinds. This does not mean he is unwilling to defend himself should push come to shove, however, and has found himself a rather large maul to apply his considerable strength with.

A literal man-child, Brutus has no goal beyond finding out what is behind the next hilltop.

Warband, of course.


>Tell me about their backstory
Not much honestly since I haven't fleshed it out yet.
Right now all I know is that Veitizion lived his life in the Marsh fascinated by weaponry, creating tools and tinkering with certain materials for his hobby. Growing up though, he ventured into several provinces so his trade could develop into something more. Possibly to learn more from other blacksmiths as well.

Essentially he's an accomplished mercenary for hire as well as a blacksmith in Skyrim. Ended up as a werewolf due to joining the Companion's Circle and kept the gift ever since.

Veit's pretty carefree, determined, and always looking for a good fight. Never really turns down a decent adventure too unless he really wants money out of it.
Damn that's pretty harsh.

What mod?

The Witcher 3 is mostly just R1 spam, but is kinda similar to DS3, just simplified.
Then there is Dragons Dogma, some kind of a singleplayer MMO with fun climbing around on larger enemies and lots of interaction with your pawns and their spells. The world, however, is really bland and has no soul. Combat is definitely fun.
Never tried Dragon Age so i cant say anything about that. I think DS kinda ruins other RPG's since they all really cant compete, so you always have this "this is worse than X" feeling.
And then you also have the problem that most games released lately in the RPG genre are either MMO's, Survival games or CRPG/JRPG stuff.

And lastly there is M&B Warbands. A mix of RPG and Strategy game, really good. The world map is one ugly motherfucker but you forget about that fast.


Dark souls 2
Dark souls 3
Dragons dogma
Witcher 3
Two worlds 2 lol, but good magic
Not skyrim

I'm waiting for him to drop a backhanded compliment about someone's fashion sense.

That didn't go the edgy direction I thought it would. Cool.

who /adventure/ here?

Granddaughter of Donus Serethi from Mournhold.
Got caught hanging out with some Stormcloaks near the Skyrim border and brought over. She did odd jobs for a few years, mostly entertaining patrons at inns for drinks at night. Then she decided she would stop doing that stuff and become a pure innocent full time adventurer instead.

>Never tried Dragon Age so i cant say anything about that.
First one is turn based and the other two are spam left click and occasionally hit 1-9

she's a waifu and she's pretty and has kickass powers for some reason

Prest "Goaty" is noncanonicaly the illigitimate child of Hircine and a nord woman.
being the offspring of hircine, she is stricly carnivorous
everyday is a struggle against boredom and traveling is the cure

strength: hunting game as well as humans
weakness: social ineptitude

That's pretty cute.

Honestly she's content with her situation.

Glad to see that you've finally dropped all the pretense of giving a fuck about your waifu's backstory, Cumtears.

How can I safely remove and switch perk overhauls? Should I just make a new character?