Find niche

>Find niche
>Create facebook page
>5 posts a day
>15 facebook bots that add friends until max (5k friends)
>Invite all of them to like facebook page
>10-50k facebook likes in a month
>Shill shit on the facebook page
>15k USD a month
>8h a week max
>Register offshore company in Hong Kong
>pay 15% income tax

Why the fuck aren't you getting rich yet Veeky Forums?

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nice plan, pajeet

>biggest website in the entire universe
>biggest audience you will ever find

It's not a plan, I make 8k dollars a month and my bots don't even have max friends yet. I'm still in the scaling phase. 40k+ a month by 2017.

How do you go about finding a niche to do something like that? And is this your personal Facebook account or are you using a fake one?

Also, what do you usually shill -- affiliate links that pay out money?

>How do you go about finding a niche
The most difficult part is finding a niche but it's not actually all that difficult, anything can do. Think like a normie, self insert as a normie and ask yourself what you would want to see from a facebook page. An internet friend of mine who helped me out with the bots told me that he makes a few k with a fishing page. Your first 5 pages might only generate very little income but once you get the hang of it you can earn a lot.

Affiliate links are good, I once earned like 3k from the affiliate programs of these lootbox kind of surprise boxes. But the income was short lived.

I have a blog that gets 50k-200k views a day and that earns me a lot from ads etc.

How to make bots? Learn some basic python, buy some very old facebook accounts from someone on the internet for maybe 200 bucks (I bought 15 account from 2008 for 300) and don't overdo it. Facebook loves to ban bots but when you're careful you won't get caught, worst case - buy more accounts.

You can do this as much as you want and scale it up. I'm still scaling it up, talking atm to someone who will sell me 100 facebook accounts but I'm a bit lazy to set everything up.

Very insightful, thank you for the information.

>>Find niche
>First step is literally the hardest.
If I had a niche of course I would be doing it.

Just how the first visit at the gym is the hardest one.

Once you get past it and dedicate some time and money to learning this stuff it's easy and you get a hang out of finding niches.

Anyway. Do you sell anything physical or it is just affiliate stuff and ads?

Used to sell some shit from Aliexpress myself and dropshipping but then I realized how much time you spend getting frustrated at retarded chinks that don't do their job properly. You can make a lot of money from it though.

Sorry bro, 15k a month is a joke for Facebook marketing. Let me give you some tips:

Use a cloaker and run skincare, nutra and casino CPA offers with aggressive pre-landers on paid Facebook traffic.

I'm pulling 5-6k a day and I'm considered average compared to some of my friends. 5 figures daily is easily reachable on Facebook.

Only thing you need to worry about is your accounts. They will get banned along with the credit cards attached to them so you need to keep farming accounts and figure out a way to get new credit cards. 3-5 weeks is the max lifetime of an account running volume.

You can buy accounts for 1k each that have been aqeuately farmed and come with a payment method attached.

Buy a subscription to AdPlexity Native and use it to rip pre-landers to modify. Never mention your offer directly on Facebook, make it as compliant as possible using attention-catching headlines and images. Advertorials are your golden arrow. Fake news sites with fake interviews with winning gamblers etc.

This should give you enough to get started making some real money with Facebook. No I will not answer any more questions, I don't know why I even gave you this much.

>buy monero

I have 10k usd in DOA, Monero and Blackcoin each.

Where do I buy your eBook?

>Things that never happened: The post

I met alot of guys that were into this kind of stuff in Chiang Mai, Thailand. But they always seemed to be selling their training services quite cheaply.
I always wondered, why is someone supposedly earning $1,000,000+ per year spending their time training newbie internet marketers for a small fee.

yeah this is horse shit
might have sort of worked in like 2009

How do you handle verification on all those accounts?

If you have any kind of floating IP, you will get verification triggered?

I suppose you either churn and burn accounts, or have many sim-cards for verification, or have fixed proxies where you always log on from same IP?

Does it matter if its a group or a page?

I've tried this, doesn't work. Facebook will ban your account in one day or two if you add that many friends. You need to buy like 5 year old facebook accounts and these costly.

And then you have to ask yourself this. Why would people sell facebook accounts that have 5k friends for below 100$ if they, like OP said, could make literally thousands of it? It's because you can't. You make more money making facebook accounts with that many friends and selling these to idiots,

You will probably get banned from Facebook before you even get past the 1 week.

My facebook page is up and running since 4 months already. Facebook only bans the friend bots if you're not careful enough, they don't give enough fucks to investigate further.

I think everybody can post on a group so others might disturb your money making. And I think you can't advertise a group post as well. Don't know why someone would choose a group instead of a page but it's possible to make money with it I guess.

I buy old accounts, mostly hacked or abandoned ones.

I don't have an eBook.

Where is most of the money made on things like this?
Here's my page so far (I'm gonna make more):
facebook /RCPlanesClub/ ?notif_t=page_fan¬if_id=1469275738108432

I really appreciate some advice you've given so far, I need money to get through college.

I've got Amazon affiliate links, but I don't know how to REALLY monetize. The friends are bots btw, should I just buy an acct?

Thanks for the information you've shared in this thread user.

I've been very interested in this for a few months and have already set up a page that I hope to grow.

Is there any way that we could e-mail or Skype? I'm really interested in learning more!
I'd be willing to work for free, posting or interacting with fans on your pages, just for the opportunity to learn about your business.

>he downloaded free bots

have fun raided by the police and going 15 years to jail with the bot net ddos'in websites and routing CP searches through your PC.

Don't do this shit. You will never earn good money doing illegal trash like this and spamming. Instead create something useful and work on that. Might take longer but atleast you wont get this

Okay, first things first, you need organic likes. Actual people that are interested in your stuff and might drop some money on their hobby. In my experience buying bot likes are a complete waste of time and money. Post interesting shit and a lot of it, it doesn't have to be high quality stuff, nobody on facebook is used to high quality.

Use the facebook ad system, it costs like 2 dollars to advertise your post (These posts should be the only ones you put in some effort), getting a viral post through an ad isn't all that difficult and can get you a shitload of interested people. Try to get likes and shares to build your fanbase (don't be ashamed to post cringy posts, some of them get surprisingly big exposure).You need to build a fanbase and this can take some time, especially if you're new to this. Learn some python if you want and start writing your first few friends adder bots (this is how I get most of my likes), it isn't actually all that hard.

How to monetize? Understand that you won't get much money in the first few weeks (maybe even months) since you need to build your fans and learn how Facebook works. I get the best results from creating a blog and posting some articles there and just passively shilling my product, learning SEO can be incredibly beneficially. People don't trust a facebook page, they do trust a nice blog though.

WRITE REVIEWS AND POST LINKS TO BUY IT FROM YOUR AFFILIATE LINKS. Don't just praise something and give them 10/10, make it believable, but you don't actually need a lot of knowledge to write reviews (just copy one and rewrite it). If you get an audience that subscribe to your reviews you're golden since they most likely are consumers and are looking for recommendations on what to buy. Creating a blog is easy as fuck, buy some cheap hosting for 2-3 bucks a months and get a cheap .com domain, use Wordpress, download a nice free theme and done.

This whole thing is all about learning what normies like and want to see and how to abuse their poor buying habits. Try a lot of stuff, tools and strategies and learn what works and what doesnt. You can learn a bunch about this on Blackhatworld and similar forums. Think yourself as well, having great ideas can really pay off.

I code all my bots by myself or with some help of some friends, I understand all the code I'm using. Most bots you find are safe anyways, if you know where to search and aren't a retard.

What's this shit attitude of "create something useful and you'll be rich xD", only numales think like this. Money is money, business is business, if your goal is to make money, you focus on making money not pleasing someone.

All I do is completely legal. Even if it were illegal, if you're not retarded and greedy you shouldn't get caught, nobody cares about a small fish that pulls 10-20k a month. The government only seeks and destroys big fish like the KAT guy (estimated 23-50 million a year). You can't imagine how many 16 years old there are out there just pulling 10k a month by having set up some streaming website and using third party servers.

nah thats bullshit, keep dreaming and making pathetic social media accounts ;-)

Dude, do you really think there's no money to be made on a website with BILLIONS of users?

Python is easy as fuck, you can teach yourself it in 2 weeks and write your first bots.

Look at some blogs and see how much fucking money they make.

This is not mine but just look at this.

This is a way for smart people to make huge money

United States $40,000.00+ American Dollaridoos (US) a month?! Are you shitting me man?

If not, that is genuinely fucking impressive.

I'm not making that much yet. Know guys that make much more than that doing similar shit with instagram and twitter. It's all about scaling things up. If you can make 1k a month, you can make 10k a month.


Alright I'm trying to understand what's going on here but I don't know shit about any of this.

So you're making money off of ad revenue? Or from selling something? Or some affiliate program? Or a combination of all these things? What are you monetizing exactly?

And so your main goal is just to drum up traffic and get people to come to your Facebook page?

I'm getting into this and I already own a couple old Facebook pages. One has 159 likes,then 50 likes,and the last has 29 likes. Should I start whoring these out to get started?

Thank you good anons for this info.

You should not add more then 50-100 friends to facebook a day.

And even then chances are high you'll get banned.

I reach 800 once, than I got banned.

Make money with whatever you like the most. Try everything out and see how it goes. I make most money right now with ads and affiliate programs. I used to do dropshipping kind of thing but I got so pissed of at wasting hours and hours just fixing the fuck ups of chinks. Too frustrating for me, but might go well for you.

That's nothing, my page first earned some real cash at like 10k likes, and even then it's not all that much. Once you get into 50k+ real likes it can really start taking off depending on your niche.

All I can say about this is that there are tons of techniques and all kinds of people swear on different types of techniques. Check out forums like Blackhatworld (making money, BlackhatSEO etc.), the information there is insane and it can really help you get an idea.

Oh and try learning Python, there are tons of guides out there. You don't need to be a genius or be super skilled to be able to tinker together bots to automatize things for you and they are very precious. Most bots works just fine even if you write some buggy shit code, you're not planning on releasing it but just using it personally.

Try, test and experiment. See what fails, see what work and see what might just pay a shitload, don't hold back on things you might find cringy or degenerate, this is about making money and frankly, a lot of people that are into fucked up shit spend a huge amount on it.

I agree, unless you buy some old accounts they get banned easily. That's the beauty of this though, everything is free or super cheap, so you can experiment and find what works and what doesn't.

Once you get really into this stuff, you'll get amazed what some people can actually pull off.

So you have both a blog and a facebook page? Do you post the majority of stuff on the blog, then link to it through your facebook page, where you've already gathered friends? And for picking niches, are these things you're personally into, or just random things you know normies are into and research it enough to sound like you know what you're talking about?

Is this possible only in US or in other countries? For example Russia/Finland/Baltic region?

I was thinking about doing this on twitter a while back but never did. Do you have an email or something I can contact you on to just get some basic advice? Thanks user

Where do you find bots / what do you use?

...having read the rest of the thread, thanks OP

Do you need stolen accounts for this?

Would it be possible to purchase the friend bought off of you? PM me a price if so.

[email protected]

God dammit I have a FB page with 2500 like atm for somthing niche and marketable but I have no fucking clue how to make money off this

Yes, use facebook to get an audience and get them to go on your blog and then earn money through affiliates and ads. LEARN SEO if you want to compete in google searches. Your niche can be whatever you want, something you like or not it doesn't matter since you can actually write a lot of content by just stealing other's. Just be creative.

Yes, all my pages are in spanish and I'm working on a japanese one as well.

I have absolutely no idea about Twitter, got banned once and just stopped bothering after that. Might want to try blackhatworld or other forums for more advice on that stuff.

Code them myself and get help from some friends, might find some on the internet but gotta be careful and it's difficult to find a bot that does exactly what you want.

I only have Spanish accounts so no.

No you dont, you can use them though, you will not get into trouble for using stolen accounts anyways.

Keep on posting, maybe pay some money for facebook ads and scale it up. Create a blog, review or write articles, incorporate affiliate programs, ads etc.

I have a blog with good 25+ original articles I put time into and this blog is 3 months old. All content on it is OC. I too have twitter and facebook account attached to it and right now I am growing my twitter account with 100 followers a day with a script and a program, hope I won't get banned.

How do you do "maintenance" of your fake FB profiles? Do they regularly publish fake news about themselves to look credible? Or do you just shill your stuff once, then let the profile die?

It looks like big work to publish fake news on dozens of profiles, even with a bot.

I'm guessing you use your bots to republish news from various websites you selected previously. So link various bots to various blogs/etc. depending on the interests of the friends you're farming.

Find some home & living blogs, designer blogs, fashion news sites and randomly feed articles at random intervals. Add people from groups and pages related to the content you're forwarding, you can probably get away without writing more than one actual post a week/month.

I am interested though OP.. How do you handle the IP's/masking of so many profiles? Surely facebook will get wary or catch on easily if you log in to so many accounts from the same proxies, or if the proxies are shared between known bots? You need unique, dedicated proxies for every bot.

I would really appreciate an answer, thanks for all the info so far. Good thread if I've ever seen one.

And how do you connect bank account with the profile? Does each profile needs a different bank account connected to it?

Where can I buy/get old facebook accounts?


There's a really neat option in facebook, it's called "invite friends to group", it's surprisingly how many people actually like your page when you invite them. like 1/5 to 1/3 will just straight up like your page.Then you share your facebook page once in a while and forget about the account.

I'm afraid I don't follow.. You get your bots to join your group and then push your content from the group, through the bots, then onto their friends?

Besides, the question was if it isn't suspect that the bot accounts never actually post anything of their own. Is them auto-pushing content from a bunch of groups really enough?

So I started to research some of the stuff you gave me and a lot seemed a bit blurry. For how long have you been doing this? I'm kinda newbie to anything of this.

What about proxies? So every webpage/blog needs its own proxy or each facebook profile needs its own proxy?

1. bots add friends
2. bots invite friends to group through pic related
3. people like your page and from now on get your post on their wall.
4. people will like and share your content as well and get you more likes and people interested etc.
5. you can share some posts from your page as well or just straight up share your page
6. Repeat.

Never had a problem with just sharing my own posts on my bots but I dunno. You can post some shit picture of Jesus with "like if you love jesus, ignore if you love satan" on your bot profiles if you want but I have no idea if facebook really cares all that much.

I've gotten some bots banned because I used new accounts and added friends super aggressively but never got any of my pages suspended (Just make sure to create the page on a non bot account)

So Facebook doesn't give that much of a shit if the bot account only comes online to add friends and invite them to groups?

Thanks for the great info either way, I really appreciate a quality thread on here for once.

Another question: what do you do about IP and verifications? Does FB not care if the bots log in from one IP? Or if the IP is different every time? Or hell, if the IP is different and shared by many people, some of which are previously banned bots?

I'm guessing you need to source clean, stable proxies somehow. One per account. Correct?

I've been doing this since around October last year (and I'm still a big newb compared to others), in the first few months I haven't earned much (or anything at all) and have just tried to experiment and learn as much as possible.

I usually have multiple facebook pages on a single account. You don't need proxies for each blog, webpage or facebook page.

I have never used proxies for any of my stuff but the only reason I think they would be useful is if you want to really scale it up big.

Try and learn is what I have to say about this stuff.

Haven't had a problem with facebook yet because of my bots that add friends and just invite them.

No clue about IPs and Proxies since I haven't bothered with them just quite yet. Can't say much about this because I haven't gotten punished yet for not using proxies so I don't bother because proxies for me would just be unnecessary cost.

Sounds like me

>Find niche
>Create FB Ad
>Make 200% ROI
>Spending ~$1k/day for ~$2k/day profit

Yes, FB ads are very useful once you get a hang out of them.

People still click ads? I can't even remember the last time I saw an ad, let alone clicked it.

Facebook ads are really sneaky, they just show up in your wall and it looks like a normal post, as if a fanpage you liked posted it. Has to be one of the most useful ads on any website.

Exactly. People even tag their friends in my ads.

Yeah but don't people notice it's not from one of their friends/liked pages? It's usually fairly obvious to me.

Rule 1 : People are dumber than you think and don't think a lot especially on the internet.


Why are you making posts in Spanish? Is it some kind of click bait or are you basically translating lesser known English posts into Spanish, adding some images and getting profit of it?

mfw people don't have a mental model of all their liked pages' post styles, immediately flagging posts which don't fit the general standard to be double-checked and promptly ignored and scrolled past

I'd be willing to bet that you'd at least stop scrolling and look at my ad. Taking advantage of popular things atm (hint hint).
Making 200% ROI.

do you advertise any affilates? tell me more about it

>satured niche in English
>isn't represented at all in Spanish

Easy niches, that's why I do it in Japanese now too, I'm good at languages.

I have this idea about architecture. Posting some pretty pictures of buildings, writing some reviews and some articles about them. What do you say? Or should I go after more complex niche?

It's alright, you have to think how you will earn money. I have no idea about architecture and you'll have to find affiliates or other things to make money with it. Ads pay only well if you have a huge amount of people. Don't think too hard about quality posts, quantity over quality should be the rule. The only thing that should have quality is the articles with the affiliate links. Don't worry too much about your first niche, try shit out and try to get a big audience. Your first month or two might just be you experimenting with shit and seeing what works and what doesn't. Don't shy away from using facebook adds, they're not expensive at all and easy to use. Don't limit yourself to only facebook. Just because I use it doesn't mean you can't use youtube, twitter, instagram W/E. See what works and what doesn't, every niche can be extremely different.

He doesn't make more than 100 a month. I provide fake traffic for both kik/facebook and pretty much anything else in exchange for money on two forums and I know that this simply isn't possible. OP is a lying retard.

Thank what is possible? tell me

If you have high amount of visitors per day than potential advertisers contacts you or you contact them?

You aren't making 15k a month by getting 10-50k facebook likes on your posts. And even then, what are you monetizing? You keep dodging all the normal questions and just answer people who ask you about your money.

If you had the decency to actually read the thread instead of just mindlessly saying that everything is fake just because someone makes a lot of easy money you would see this link: (this is not my website, just something I found)

I'm sure you're going to say that that's fake too. Youtubers make millions, why do you think that bloggers and facebookers can't? As I said before, there are a bunch of 16 years olds that make a shitload of easy dough by setting up streaming sites.

When I first started I thought that all of this shit is fake too, but you realize after a while that it's not.

What would be the point of me posting and lying in this thread for multiple days already? I'm not even selling or shilling my own shit in this thread . I give out (fairly basic) information that I know and maybe help an user or two out. I'm not scared that any of you will be actual competition to me because I'm not doing any of this in English.

But go ahead, say all I post is fake and ignore everything, instead of maybe doing some actual research.

As I said beforehand, I'm not making 15k a month but 8k because I haven't scaled it up, I'm expecting to earn 15k in the next few months though. I have 15 bots with all of them having around 4 thousands friends (5k is max) and am working on setting up many more, that's 60k people I can instantly invite to a fanpage. I post 5 things (images, memes, articles) a day per page and get this way a lot of likes and shares and people reached.

I'm not dodging any questions, aS I said multiple times already I'm monetizing ads and affiliate programs. Do you know how many different affiliate programs there are? Just make a google search and you'll find hundreds, if not thousands - amazon, aliexpress, crunchyroll, lootbox etc. etc. etc. .I think ads are very self explanatory - Google adsense, infolinks and many more.

I'm not answering only people that are asking about my money, can't you read? I'm trying to answer as many questions as possible, of course I don't know all about this quite yet because I'm still a newb compared to others (only about 10 months), that's why I said multiple times that Blackhatworld and other forums have a shitload of information on this and if anybody is really interested in it they should check out and participate in these forums.

I really hope you don't believe that making 8k a month through the internet is impossible, I hope you didn't fall for the silicon valley startup meme.

k USD a month

Read more than just the OP, or don't, it looks like you don't want to make any money this way anyways, I'm sure your business or economics degree will land you a comfy 40h a week 70k a year job.

how much do you spend monthly on ads hosting software electricity etc.?

Thanks again OP for the precious information.

The only problem in your plan (IMO) is the Hong Kong company. If you live in a Latin American country, it's not that important, but if you're from Europe... the local tax man will find out at some point (with AEOI or through other means) and claim much more than the 15% corporate tax + make you pay penalties, since the company isn't really operated in Hong Kong.

I guess it's worth moving to a zero-tax country (and moving your corporation there too) once this kind of business really flourishes.

Interesting. A profile like that would look really off to me... but I'm too suspicious to buy or even like anything from Facebook in the first place. So I guess it's okay for more gullible or careless people, there are the ones that will pour money anyway.

OP do you have advice or recommendations for a good scraper tutorial or bot that I could use with python?

Around 2k.

Tons of tutorials on youtube and google, if you don't know python yet I learned it through "python the hard way"

How big was your first investment?

Like 50 bucks for a website

Can I see what kind of features your website has or at least pm me on [email protected]? I have never made a website so it's kind "fogy" for me.

scrapy ftw

Just install Wordpress and install a theme maybe install a module or two. Wordpress is literally all point and click. Very easy to install, very easy to use.

If you buy fb ads you're an imbecile

Twitter bans when you abuse their API or try to scrape.

Use or buy a responsive theme tho

I like WP too, just be mindful if you ever want to add back end or expand LOLOLOL. Also incompatible with some affiliate stuff or more work to shoehorn it in than just putting up a site in 10 minutes w/bootstrap using a them you buy for $15 on themeforest

facebook doesn't give a shit unless you post some kind of offensive/illegal content. You can fucking spam away. Twitter will ban tho