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never forget edition
>What is this game?
>How do I play?
>How do I play? (advanced)
>Tweaks and optimizations
>Weapon stats and vehicle weapons
>Weapons chart some user made


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well now all of miller plays on memerald so fcc u

so when is the ANT update, you fucking faggots?


The ANT update and Indar revamp are coming out at the same time. Devs said the update should be out before the next server smash which is next Sunday.


>before next sunday
i want to believe


They did another playtest today, so who fucking knows

>tfw you will never aim better

i know that feeling ;_;

are burgerbricks the best ESF or do they just have the best pilots

2 letters


burgerbrick is strongest because of the combination of fastest speeds and best colors

flying manta is best profile and hardest to hit, and it also has the PPA

elongated fish is the cutest and has the best sound but it sucks

>tfw I didn't notice until after you logged/
hey snyder, I'm alive again

>tfw played like shit today
>back sightly below 2000
feels bad man


>tfw you're enjoying the scattercannons with your NC alt but no engineer ever heals you
I've just jumped up and down in front of an idle engineer behind a turret, still no reps.

It feels like it when I'm trying to pilot. Just getting insta rekt by rotary.

>aim better
>kill enemy mans before they can damage you
>no need for enginerds
>problem solved

>go back to spawnroom
>get autorepair

Any tips or whatever for someone new to PS? Had a shootan and vehicles itch for sometime and no other shooter ever has vehicles anymore.

>attacking a base
>back to spawnroom
even the sundy was out of reach god damnit

aim better

aim worse

aim the same


BFR's when?!?

logging on now

if you get memed within then next hour or two it was probably me memeing u

sorry in advance

jk not sorry get memed kid


Apparently this was the final test run.

>tfw still have to play on Connery
Server merge when?

I thought about waiting for one but in the end I just deleted my connery toon and rerolled.

>spending all that time getting everything certed up again
not worth it desu...

It's a bit painful starting out but I got over it quick. I even somehow kept a bunch of shit that I had unlocked. Yeah I lost a few guns but it wasn't anything too big. I dunno at least just roll a alt since you know what to do you can farm certs pretty easy to cert your shit out easier.

> nearly 3000 recently aquired certs sitting there taunting me

let me fucking put down a bunker and modules already goddamn.

>waiting for vapourware

>tfw dunking shittaz wit mh VX

hey it's me again
reaching down to touch you from above

i came

"sumtiemz u r the memer, sumtiemz ur the meme"
t. sun su




>7:00 Yuro time
>log in and notice Indar bases being ghostcaped by 4 people
>wipe them several times
>finally die once
>they proceed to tea bag me

Miller TR everyone

What kind person would ghostcap in a dead game at 7:00 AM when the game is extra-dead?


I play a lot of HA on VS and I want a new rocket launcher. Are there any launchers worth getting that shoot homing missiles and are also effective against both land and air vehicles?

The Nemesis is the only launcher you will ever need.

Lancer is the best launcher in the game.

some RLS outfist. Later on there was like 8 of these guys caping whole Indar

Oh boy, different opinions. Care to go into detail as to why these launchers are great, and why I should get one over the other? Also, it seems that there IS a launcher that meets my criteria. Is the NS Annihilator any good? I don't mind losing the ability to dumbfire and judging by the description it's everything I want.

homing missiles are bad user.

are you the new guy who wrote about getting rekt with orion yesterday ?

Swarm does more damage

Lancer is the longest range launcher in the game and can kill at 700 meters. Also the only launcher able to kill a MAX without reloading.

It's 100% balanced.

>t. prowler main

you can fire 2 decimator shots in time it takes lancer to fully charge twice

>charge once
>spam shots
>dead MAX

>charge once
>spam weak shots that dont really do anything
>pray that he wont kill you


>fire one shot
>hide and reload
>fire second shot
>max ded

Do you guys listen to music while being a planetmans?

What is your faction and what do you listen to? What do you play when you have to go full tryhard mode?

>hat do you play when you have to go full tryhard mode?

Full tryhard mode means no music because it fucks with your situational awareness since you don't hear audio cues.


What faction would be the most accommodating to people that love Monster Girls? Vanu shitters need not apply.

Vanu love shitters of any shape as long as they're BIG and ROUND

TR are the ones who can't stop thinking about dicks and dildo's shoved up their asses. Go join them faggot.

yeah, I like to listen to either Sabaton or The Heavy on Pandora
TR and don't ever go full tryhard, retard

>don't ever go full tryhard
Always go full tryhard when you need to. Or be a whiny faggot like like 95% of the nogf faggots who shit up the threads.

In the end it doesn't matter about fun or good times, only whether or not you shat on terrans.

TR have dildo's shoved up their asses unintentionally though. VS are the ones that embrace faggotry on an industrial scale however.

You have dildo's up you ass because we put them there. And never forget we put them there and all you can do is whine about them faggots.

>unironically whining about whining

go on...

>If you ever say anything about us you are whining

Eat three dicks nigger.


Yes, that it how this works. People who bitch are bitches.

you a bitch, nerd

>TR wins alert
>NC and VS so mad they commit 100% of their forces against us
>one lonely NC runs off to start a ghostcap



I started playing about a week ago and have been toying with possible builds/strategies.

In VR this seems to work pretty well:
>be Engineer
>grab Valkyrie
>park it on top of some mountain or mesa or something
>shoot at mans from odd angles/difficult-to-fire places with Battle Rifle from distance
>infinite ammo

Would this work well in the real game or nah?

No need for headshots when you're in a vehicle :^)

>in a vehicle


In reality
>get shot by sniper
>get killed by passing aircraft
>get blasted by a tank
>Some LA sees you on the map and decides to give you a shotgun enema
>Miss half your shots on stationary targets because Battle Rifles have a .1 standing CoF
>As soon as someone gets hit once by a battle rifle they run to cover chugging medkits

But who knows maybe it'll work for you, I just dont see it going well. Battle rifles are basically joke weapons.

>sent from my death screen
Cry more infantry peasant

>sent from my crutchwagon

aim better

lol why would I need to do that when I have splash damage
Get memed on shitter

Oh well, that's why I asked.

aim better?

aim better

*aims better*

I wonder why most people seem to think the BRs go well with engineer. From my experience they work excellent with resist heavy as you can afford to stand still for a second, as you can tank a sniper headshot. It also works really well in CQC if you put a laser sight on it. it was a really fun aurax for me at least like that

>tfw drunk
>aim improves
>head shootin
>adad'ing faggots

Evolve or perish.

only after the first six pack or so
after that its all down hill

>48 minutes later
>NC and VS still have not fought each other

Cry more faggot.

It happens nearly every alert. You'll get used to it.

NC being the most populated faction's bitch, nothing new

>halberding that shitter from across the map who keeps pestering your harasser with lock notifications
familia, feel w/me

i fucking hate double xp, it brings all the tryhards out in full force
in 6 hours i didn't have a single decent fight

>I wonder why most people seem to think the BRs go well with engineer
because it's only got 120 rounds ;--)

>not combining ass and magic with the magical iwin shield



shit man, that's like 60 kills, pretty crazy

>mostly gwar