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>KF-ParkingGarage kf2.gamebanana.com/maps/187054
>KF-DanceFloor moddb.com/games/killing-floor-2/addons/kf-dance-floor-contest
>KF-Fog_Rig moddb.com/games/killing-floor-2/addons/kf-fog-rig-contest
>KF-GreenStreet moddb.com/games/killing-floor-2/addons/kf-greenstreet-beta
>KF-Antarctic moddb.com/games/killing-floor-2/addons/kf-antarctic/
>KF-Nuked moddb.com/games/killing-floor-2/addons/kf-nuked-beta

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Pubshitters refusing to focus fire raged zeds makes me upset.

>wew is about to die from a Scrake
>fire a crossbow bolt into its head and kill it before it hits him

lmfao sit down patty
fucking dork

That dying camera shot is absolutely perfect.

I think I figured it out.

No. I see how you're taking this, so I'll just spoil it real quick for you. Here's a word that I've come to hate thanks to you greentexting it in the in-game /wotg/ channel 2-3 years ago - waffle. Even then it was too late to change it, so now I'm stuck with it. Somehow ended up on your [social media] profile and thought you were pretty cool. Keep on being pretty cool.
Sorry for derailling.

Thank you, my mind is at ease.

>regen for boss wave

>Implying regen isn't almost always the better option for Support because the Medic has much more important targets to heal before you

mfw thats me and it gave me a heart attack
I posted the image and played poorly with, but whoever you were talking to past that wasn't I

>because the Medic is shit

Also a fair point if you're not playing with people of trust, yes.

>be slinger
>zerk stumbles every big guy on sight
>firebug panics and molotov them

>trying to kill Scrake
>people keep strumbling it, blocking my line of sight, or otherwise walk too close and get hit by it
>they die and I have to kite it around for several minutes

>tfw your two friends and you work flawlessly together
>pub shitters fill the other 3 slots
>things start going downhill immediately as they can't carry the new zeds they bring in once we all start shouting about not having ammo
I'm not sure if HoE is hard because of the tele zeds or the pubbies increasing the zeds per wave then dying instantly

Just the teleporting zeds and knockback.
I could carry a team just fine pre-patch but now you need a REALLY good team to pull a victory off.

make your own server then

>When tripfags enter the thread

>tfw stalkers bully you into a corner and start sexually harassing you

Gee, I sure miss healmeme

Where are my commando bros?

There's something oddly satisfying about being the guy of the team without any of the responsibilities. If shit goes down, it's never your immediate fault, but someone else's. That also makes it so that clutching waves on your own makes people praise you harder for being the perk with no real added benefits who just carried everyone else's asses.

Also, popping heads and all that.

I would be one but then I discovered Medic and Funslinger.

commando is so relaxing to play

>playing sui game as gunslinger
>2 zerks insta-raging scrakes and fps and just killwhoreing
>medic trying to play gunslinger with magnums, barely healing anyone
>team wont stop being retards yet they manage to survive up to wave 10
>get tired of their shit and just wander around the map doing fuck all, only see 1 scrake the entire time
>wave ends, trader calls me mvp for doing literally nothing

>surviving to wave ten suicidal in a pub
I dont believe you. Usually they die around wave 7 when double fps spawn and they split up and fight both at once instead of focus firing

I need help
I did this
to try to make the med pistol sound less like a toy. but since I made it, I'm biased and can't tell whether it's worth working on it more
so can I get some anons' opinions?


>think I'm reading some strange foreigner moon language
>realize what I'm reading


i don't understand
I've been trying, but I honestly am drawing a blank

It definitely sounds like it has a bigger punch to it, but it really doesn't match the gun itself

I know what you mean
I couldn't tell if it's because I've been using the normal sounds on the med pistol every game for the last year
but it doesn't seem to fit, does it?

Post yfw the scrake points at you.


>Senpai noticed me!




So this is how /kfg/ dies.
With thunderous staying tuned.

No dying, not on my watch.

It's time to let go.

There is nothing to be salvaged here.


user I can't. I love this place to much to just ''let go''. I have to keep fighting. I have to keep fighting to the bitter end until there is no update in sight. Until Tripwire is nothing but an old bankrupt company only known in whispers of abandonware games. Until all 10 perks are out and I've seen sharpshooter come out, get nerfed, get buffed, then nerfed again.

Until user stops healing me and just lets me die already

First time on /kfg/. How many of you still play KF1?


tell me about the new map

>when you're looking for an obscure manga and nobody sells it
just fuck my life up
fuck up my whole life up

>it never even got licensed in north america

I would be interested but i suck at it

Aye I'm down for KF1.
I'm nowhere near as good at it as I should be though, after 250 hours.

>always running with rpg/c4/deagull combo
>try out a run with lar/m79/c4
M79 is so bad, why is this weapon even in the game
Are there any viable demo loadouts with LAR?

The LAR is the meme weapon that TW gave us to help us spot shitters.


Oh fuck sorry, I meant

The M79 is the meme weapon that TW gave us to help us spot shitters.

Commando and sharp are best buds. Together they could take on many fakedplayers in KF1. Every other perk relies on gimmicks.

Sharpshooter main here.
As someone who is powerful yet also vulnerable, I'm best buds with everyone, I'm interested in every man who can offer me the suitable protection I require.

Except you, Firebugs, blasting your flames everywhere and obscuring my vision, you horrible little insects.

I found demos to be much worse than firebugs, as soon as a clot shows up that level 6 demo shits out 50 grenades and blinds me with smoke for 3 minutes.

Is it wrong if i jump in between a teammate and sc/fp as a lv25 commando?
it's not my job to even care about them but i always try to take the hit for someone if they are not zerk and somewhat low on health, the health bonus really change things for commando

What's the worst official map and why?

If I'm commando, I stand between medic and big zeds, my death is way cheaper and less impactful than medic getting publicly fisted

As Demo, how can I be credit to team? I usually clear trash with the HX25 and try to go for C4/RPG to keep Fleshpounds away.
In reality though, my team's commandos overlook 40 Stalkers that make it really damn hard to land any shots.

outpost because meme holding spot

you know that one spot EVERYONE holds at, even though there's no open space and you just get pancaked by scrakes and fleshpounds.

Well, let me consider each individually,

Very good at wiping out the hordes and useful at intercepting stalkers. But, he's sometimes a little too eager to join in on big guy killing instead of doing his job, forgets his role in the relationship.

Definitely my personal favourite. I'm always happy to have someone bigger and stronger at my side, although while he is certainly good at stunlocking the scrake, he often gets a bit short when I tell him that my headshots killed it a lot faster than his brutish swinging ever would have.

Well, it's always nice to have some company with another who spends all their time behind the others, they make for good conversation. Sadly, they're only really useful for healing, and I'd rather not get hurt in the first place.

Very useful, nice and strong, handles big impressive weaponry, like me. Welding is a plus for ensuring my safety from flanking threats. However, he's also a big guy killer, so he's sometimes prone to fits of stubborn competition.

While his explosives are certainly breathtaking, his interest in showering small mobs with enough fire and smoke to embarrass the Dresden Bombing can be a little overwhelming on the senses, not to mention he gets bitchy if I snipe the Fleshpound before he manages to unleash an explosive holocaust upon it.

NO thank you, I'm not fond of someone who insists on painting everything with fire and ruining my aim at every opportunity with walls of orange and yellow. I'm not sure what kind of partner would suit him best, but it certainly isn't me.

literal testmap

First rounds are knife slicing with hx25 nukes desu famalam

Well it depends

Normal time:
>Hide at the back with RPG, use on giant mobs if no one else is engaging them
>If Scrake comes, fire dud rounds into its face/chest
>If FP comes, blow it to bits, that's your job

Zed time:
>Nuke ready? Good. ROCKETS OUT.

Is Nuke the most crutch skill ever?

you're gonna need crutches once i'm done with your bum


>be level 14 commando on hard
>go through 3 waves well and good
>player has joined
>level 18 commando
>this player also picks briar and is suited up with tons of cosmetics, even golden pistol
>not sure whether to be happy with his choice of character and perk, or mad that he may have only picked all this just to ''one up'' me
>things go fine, he fucks off on his own, I got the scrake spawns, he groups with me on wave 6
>I take one side he takes another, I pistol down group of trash, he runs to my side and full autos the headless bodies with scar then fucks back off to his side
>scrake spawns on his side, he runs over to me and full autos more headless trash and keeps running
>I deal with scrake and he comes back slightly injured from siren and heads to his side
>fleshpound roar is heard and, like clockwork, he runs over to my side, passes me, and runs out if sight into building
>nearly die to fleshpound cause of gorefasts bullying me around while I'm trying to crossbow fleshpound but it's fine.
>player has drowned in bodily fluids

Why the fuck do these people spend hundreds on cosmetics when they suck so hard at this game. Do medics in kf2 actually prioritize you more if you're using expensive cosmetics? TL;DR: high level commando player with golden gun dies to trash on hard and I'm mad




So why the fuck do they have this weird headshot does less past 4m but stays the same on bodyshots for supports guns?


who the hell knows, why would TW force supports to go for bodyshots when everyone knows headshots are better?
even if there wasn't damage falloff, not all the pellets are hitting the head like having nospread.
doesn't shotguns also have no hitscan too?

>pic related
>never ever in KF

I'm sure there already is a desert map as a custom map somewhere, user.

KF2 makes me want to kill people in real life

shut up white bitch


4k hours KF1 smart-ass here.

can do more than killing trash, but simply there for shooting full auto and taking aggro away from almost anything before big fierce closes into the teammate. Can kill mowing down Scrakes off from teammates with headshots and provides focus fire for Fleshpound with nade barrages.

a good half of them are there for smoke screen spam with M79, then switch to 9mm to troll teammates then dry nade spam on FP to enrage it. A good demo can kill multiple Fleshpounds and the massive horde of Husks following it, also capable of slow-raging Scrakes.

a good amount let's say 80%, is there for; inviting big targets in the middle of a hold point then bail it and spamming M79 on kited horde causing the front spawns burst with Fleshpound/Scrakes /Sirens and kill the leading teammates. A nosy zerk is just a bane of a Sharpshooter.

Don't lie, that dude only picked it for the armor bonus. You ain't getting any heals because he has to reload for 5 seconds after shooting 10 bullets, everytime. And he'll try to steal kills from you under the gist of trash clearing. Let's not forget the Scrake tanking ones, or the ones who try to enrage and tank Fleshpounds before anyone could react.

a meatshielded Siren or Husk behind a Fleshpound or Scrake pretty much shuts them down but none of them are aware of it. Most of them have no idea about target prioritization or ammunition management, or anything called a sidearm for that matter. If they have not enough space to stack nades they be needing a tank too.

I believe you can also find firebugs who picked the perk solely to troll demolitions and sharpshooters when they're trying to combo. Besides blasting off projectiles, they can also cause massive framerate drops when they unleash it fully, which makes the frontline zerks to stay alive even harder. Only can be good when paired with zerks and supports and if they're willing to shield at front line.

Well Mr 4K, I wasn't asking for a lecture on all my boyfriends.

But since you're here, and you like talking, do you see any of the dynamics between Sharpshooter and the others changing in KF2?


to be honest I don't.
They'll be same buttbuddies with mandos but they'll ditch them for the sake of competing with GS. For Supports, they'll be their answer for long range instead of firebugs.
I hope Sharps don't have plenty of hard hitting cheap ammo like KF1 this time. And God forbid them to have band-aid abilities from all other perks, TWI should be more creative than the current design doc that leaked.

What design doc? I haven't heard of this.

There was some placeholder notes about Sharpshooter abilities in the game code. Can't remember how you reached but I bet it's still there and it's still the same.

\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\killingfloor2\KFGame\Localization\INT - KFGame.int


EXPAction1="Dealing Gunslinger weapon damage"
EXPAction2="Head shots with Gunslinger weapons"

SkillCatagories[1]="Basic Technique"
SkillCatagories[4]="Master Techniques"

Passives[0]=(Title="Headshot Damage",Description="Headshot damage increased by %x%");
Passives[1]=(Title="Recoil",Description="%x% less recoil");
Passives[2]=(Title="Weapon Switch",Description="Weapon switch speed increased by %x%");

StationaryAim="Stationary Aim
StationaryAimDescription="10% more damage while stationary."

TriggerDescription="Shoot speed and movement speed increased by 10%."

CrouchAim="Crouch Aim"
CrouchAimDescription="10% more damage while crouched."

StunDescription="30% more stun power with perk weapons."

RhythmMethod="Rack 'em Up"
RhythmMethodDescription="Rack up the headshots: each consecutive headshot increases damage by 17% up to 68% with Gunslinger weapons."

TacticalReload="Tactical Reload"
TacticalReloadDescription="Be cool. Be quick. Reload faster with perk weapons AND look more elite while you're at it."

ScopedDescription="Recoil reduced 10%, headshot damage increased 10% when using scope or ironsights."

AmmoPouch="Ammo Pouch"
AmmoPouchDescription="25% more ammo and grenades."

ZTKnockdown="ZED TIME - Knockdown"
ZTKnockdownDescription="Headshots with perk weapons will knock down any zed."

ZTStun="ZED TIME - Stun"
ZTStunDescription="Headshots with perk weapons will stun any zed."

That's strange, I can't believe I wasn't aware of this until now. Hopefully some kind person will come along and fill me in.

Speak of the Devil.

I guess it's not THAT bad. I guess?
>Sharp could have 6 grenades
>Sharp could have more grenades than anyone else
>Sharp could have more grenades than Support

My how times have changed.

Fun fact, if you add up all damage bonuses and assume the damage bonus SS gets is 25% more headshot damage, he can stack damage like this:

>+25% from being level 25
>+10% from being stationary
>+10% from being crouched
>+68% from a full ReU combo
>+10% from being scoped in
>x1.1 from the base headshot multiplier

So in other words, a possible 235% damage bonus on headshots with a max combo.
Would be enough to kill an FP in 2 shots or so with the Crossbow alone.

Well when you put it like that the mood changes!
Did I say not that bad? I meant HOT.

I might add that Fleshpound would be 2shottable on 6p HoE. On most difficulties with less than 6p it would probably oneshot it.
Though since the first Crossbow headshot stuns and you probably won't always have a full ReU combo it's a bit overkill, plus that build pretty much requires you to be completely stationary.
So let's be realistic and assume you only pick one damage perk or two, maybe ReU as well. You'd still 3shot an FP easily.

TWI in charge of being original and not reusing the skills of other perks.

>No one even fucking plays VS mode
GG Tripwire

>Playing solo on a server
>Doing alright
>Anime joins
>Plays Berserker but is afraid of everything
>Keeps running off solo
>Nearly dies twice
>Complete wave basically alonw
>Some other shitter joins
>Gunslinger with LAR oh boy maybe they're competent
>Nope, dies next wave
>Solo 2 FP as anime also dies
>Spend 5min kiting 2 scrakes, 4 sirens and a horde on my ass
>Apparently if you spend too long kiting with team dead the server insta-kills

I really need to pick up DaS3

>slutty demo boys

this is what i had to do, fucking pubs