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AMD caramel man pulled through edition!

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--FAQs for Robinhood--
Visit the website first -
If you're not into robinhood -
> How is it free?
They invest your unsettled funds after a trade.
It's also pretty basic software.
> When is it coming to my country?
Probably never. They only have plans on an Australian beta (
> It's been X days, why isn't my account isn't verified yet?
If it takes more than 3 days, try emailing their support. They are very good.
> Is this the right place to pump and dump and/or shill a worthless stock?
No, please go to Stocktwits, Plebbit, or one of our many chat groups.
> I hit sell when the stock was X.XX, but it actually sold at a lower price, am I being jewed?
No, that would actually be illegal. Robinhood graphs are just shit and only show you an average, not-really-realtime price. To get Bid/Ask prices and important things like candlestick graphs, you should use a more robust platform.
> Where can I get better charting or bid/ask?
thinkorswim is bretty gud if you want to go open a second account with real broker.
Otherwise you should be using Yahoo/Google finance or even Stocktwits for your graphing in addition to Robinhood.
>How do I git gud?

> If I have Robinhood do I need to worry about 'Free riding' violations?
No, its not applicable for limited margin accounts (instant), and if you don't have instant, RH won't let you buy with unsettled funds
> Can I use Robinhood on my PC?
Yes, download an android emulator. Setup is extremely easy.

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POO IN LOO edition

I have $8 in buying power. What get?



>tfw went on /rhg/ threads everyday since wednesday and made very little profit and then I stopped and began using fairly easy methods to make $100/d in 5 minutes.

Feels good senpai.

I need your methods. Teach me, bro.

My nigga you gotta hear me out on this.

Everyday there is always an extremely volatile stock (recently OPTT, KONE, OPGN, etc) , either a P&D or running on high volume from other day traders. You gotta view that volatile stock and make sure its constantly making gains. At about 12-1 you gotta make your move. As it goes up a shit ton, which it will, wait for it to dip. Find the right time and get your ass in there with around 400-500 shares. Within 5 seconds after the dip it will usually go up around 50 cents, which is common for volatile stocks after a dip, and you get out. Easiest money made.

2 things, yes it also has potential to fuck you in the ass, but if you buy the dip then it will most likely go up again briefly.

Idk how robinhoods day trade rules work, I think its 3 for every 5 business days. If so do 3 and wait a week. I dont have to worry about that luckily.

Cant believe I used to wait months holding long for stocks to go up 5 cents. Lmao literally $100+ for the past 3 days ive been doing it (1 trade a day). My mood has changed dramatically. I feel rich senpai.

Yes my dude that is called scalping. I usually make one good trade a day for anywhere to 100-500 dollars and it's all in 5-10 minute time period typically.

Can happen a lot right at market open, and power hour.

Today for example got in GBR at 2.25 and it hit 4.00 shortly after and sold for almost 100% profit all in less than 30 minutes. My only trade today

Yeah senpai I got in GBR today too at $5.60 and sold at $6 right before it crashed. Yesterday I missed out on $1000 just if I held KONE 10 minutes longer :(

>I usually make one good trade a day for anywhere to 100-500 dollars and it's all in 5-10 minute time period
Same bro. Works so good. Knock on wood it keeps going.

How much money do you use?

Considering the avg volatile penny stock is around $5 and up and you'll want 200-300 shares for at least $100 youll want at least $2000.

I swear to god this method works if you are careful. literally within seconds these volatile stocks shoot up a dollar and rarely decline unless the market is about to close

Thank you, user. I love you, user.

Been thinking of switching to ustocktrade for that reason. I've been stockblocked by RH too many times with its day trading restrictions.

When is MGT going to hit $4 again?

How did you find out about GBR. Are you using a scanner or a chat room?

shilling $FBP for new memestock

Where will amd go from here?

SMIT to the moon next week

Reason being?

thanks senpai
We're all gonna make it.

Stocktwits. Also it's a live chat room so it helps.

Whatever you do, the biggest mistake anyone can make when doing this method, is the stock goes up a shit ton so they panic and try to jump in too late when it already peaked. BUY THE DIP.

Also put a stop limit about 30 cents less than you buy in for in case it crashes, which has never happened to me.

No problem. Good luck my nigga.


Nigga I did this with KONE, bought at 8.50, set a stop loss at 8... sold within 2 minutes of purchase. It went up to 12 or something later that day.

CERU CRLX101 tumor shrinkage btw.

Holy shit I should have held

Everyone has pictures to make it look good! Even....HTBX.

Meme magic

My brain is changing. I am becoming obsessed.

Every night I go to bed thinking about it. I wake up at 9:30 every day and I can't stop thinking about it. Stocks. Options. Futures. Precious metals. Bitcoin. I want to live and breathe the financial markets. I want to be like Neo and see the code behind how the whole world works. I want to have a team of disciples who will pool together our brain power to produce a windfall of profits.

Veeky Forums what is your trading style? What sorts of things do you stick to? What's your time frame on investments?

people are still buying MGT?


meme stock

this weeks gonna be the week senpai,
0.84 here we go

but why what makes you think this will happen

The PR you dip. They're either getting bought out at $1.20 a share, or they're buying world foundries, boosting their shares to around 90ยข

Sorry, didnt htbx sky rocket, whats your argument?

Previous RHG i introduced you guys to SPU when it was a $12 something. See:

It ended at $14.68 a few hours later which meansit gained over 33% that day. Every other day of the week it has made at least 10%.

If you want to make money bros, get in on monday.

There is still plenty of room on this rocket.

It will probably double before the end next week.

I wake up pretty late on weekends and super early on weekdays, at least I'm productive and always get to work on time.

I follow some long-term holds and stocks, looking to start putting my savings in some ETF's and good dividend-providers while keeping 40% of my port available for short-term holds, swing trading, and very promising growth stocks. I try my hardest to find winners here like AMD (which I did amazing on) and not chase memes like shit chinese pump and dumps (which hampered my AMD gains).

God those amd gains were staedy and true...even if you didn't play all the dips and rebounds you still would've made good money just holding them...

So this week I bought into $COSI, $TLOG, $MSTX for my gamble plays.

Bought into $SAN for my long term hold.

I'm buying twitter for the quarterly report gain.

I refuse to buy twitter. I still feel like it's a ticking timebomb. It's become more and more spam.

I think the presidential campaign in the USA led to good performance for Twitter as well as their new streaming app Periscope.


Everyone's going to ignore this because it's not a meme but Yahoo is getting bought by Verizon tomorrow soooo jump on Yahoo

I love squack on the street so much. I try and always watch it going into the opening bell. Always gets me pumped up and ready to trade, even if the info they give isn't particularly useful for me.

It's too late at this point.

You need up know this will happen before it does to profit.

Is anyone even reading my post??

Its like you dont want to make mad money.

$SPU is going through the roof on monday like it had been doing every day of last week.

Mark my words, I will be back here tomorrow to laugh at you as I make my way to the bank.

Be careful this rocket could give out. May not double.

Already pumped it will dump hard this week I'm jumping back on the xcom money train

I don't trust the shifty Chinese.

How much money do you think one needs to be a full time stock trader? 100k.

SPU still had a PE ratio of just 8. Which means it had a long way to go before its considered overbought.

No prob though. Guess ill be the only one ITT making over 1k a day. :)

Tfw nxtd has made actually want to buy a wocket.
Who nxtd here?
Also is anyone still into cprx?

made me*

MSTX p3 data should come out sometime between Monday and Friday of this week. If the results of their study are good the stock is going to go from .44 to $1.20 overnight.

Worst case scenario park $100 into MSTX tomorrow morning. If it tanks you lose $50 if it sky rockets you make a couple hundred.

It will go beyond 4$ come august when his bitcoin mining operation starts. Dvasive has also released a product aswell.

He has an upcoming conference in China and Defcon aswell.

His D10 conference had 10 000 chinks streaming live aswell.

He will be a hit in CHina since bitcoin mining is huge there aswell.

No it's not. I just found my Monday day trade idea. Just gotta get in and out quick and not get greedy.

Yeah that would be a comfy amount and would easily tripple if you hit the right meme stocks

Yeah. At 100k you can make an afk living(2% of 100k is 2000 fucking dollars), or be more aggressive and break through to the 1%. The later requires a lot of luck though.

There's no magic number honestly. Depends on how smart and how lucky you get in the stock game. You could start with 1k and multiply it by x10 in a week or you could potentially lose it all in a day.

Anyone have any picks for monday? Where are you frogposter


> I dont have to worry about that luckily.

Who do you trade with, where you can make all these rapid trades and not have to wait?

All the frogposters do is spot pump and dumps early and then hop on for the ride. You can't
"predict" a pump and dump the night before

I have stuff on my watchlist. Mostly low float stuff. But honestly not gonna know until the last second. Usually when you see a good post on here it's already too late.

What do you nig nogs think of HTM?

I have watchlist things, but its alot easier if people would combine things they are reading about. If I knew of anything good coming up Id post it here.

>not buying the mgt dip

Do you even want a Porsche Panamera

The stock seems dead though....

They are making no money, and no good news has been released in 3 weeks.

It could be 6 months before MGT does anything worthwhile that brings revenue.

What makes you think a rise is coming?

>not investing all your money in meme magic

AUG 1st is bitcoin mining operation beginning.
been a bagholder since 4.19 so kill me now senpai

but i think it is quite undervalued desu

Can you give a single link to that

I'm there with you but averaged down to 3.76 at 1k shares

MSTX muh niggas either moon bound this week or taking a 50% shave off the stock price when p3 data is released.

2000 stocks of nxtd. Moon next week, mars by the end of it.

If you got like 200k you can keep daytrading BRK.A every 5 minutes for like $200+ each time you do it

Look at yahoo finance's top gainers and do what this guy said

Thank you myserious frogman

Going to work rn. Watch for ceru consolidation. When it breaks 3.37 expect outbreak.

Here i am.

To laugh at you.

$SPU is up 33% premarket.

Im up over $1500 and the market still has to open.

Why didnt you listen senpai?

Sorry, im up now $2000 bucks.

Its insane. Ive never made this much money this easy.


Holy shit

Is MSTX still a meme stock, there is a lot of buzz on it over at stocktwits.

Never mind it was a slipt

Rip oil

Tfw sgy

I want to buy BP if it keeps falling.

Nice job senpai

So pumped about MNKD . If you guys want to make serious money you should invest while it us still low. It is going to sky rocket soon, but when it starts it will be hard and fast. So get in on it while you can

Cool, I'll check it out.



I was so hopeful about those earnings reports. hopefully the price spikes from people trying to buy in while the cost is low. or is it just a pipe dream at this point?

hey, i have problem doing my assignment here, can i ask you guys a few questions?

1) What are the objectives of cost classification in costing system?

2) What are the principles of cost classification in costing system?

Your help is kindly appreciated. Thanks

Sprint is up ~4% after earnings report. Sell at open or hold?

Let me guess, you've been bagholding since May?

Hoping to dump yahoo and NXTD today. Probably will dump both.

Well, shower time
While I'm naked, any chance I should sell something to meme anew this week?

What are some oil short etfs?

Why is yahoo going down pre-market? The verizon sell is now official. I thought that was why the price was creeping up.

Because this isn't exactly your typical acquisition. Everyone knows yahoo is just spare parts at this point.

God damnit David Faber don't you know how to enjoy a vacation?

Fucking workaholics.